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Our country’s food has a lot of influence from other countries, just like Chinese cuisine. We adopted their food many years ago our ancestors used to trade goods with Chinese people, and also, as we know, there are a lot of Chinese people that have already migrated to our country. Are you intrigued by how authentic Chinese cuisine tastes? I actually found a restaurant that offers Chinese cuisine, and the great news is that the food that they serve is affordable. The Causeway menu has a lot of varieties to choose from, so if you’re worried about the food, no worries, they have a lot. Stay with me in this article because we are going to get to know this restaurant and their foods. Let’s go!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Causeway menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Vegetable (S,M,L)

Taiwan petchay with salted fish260/390/520
Polonchay with garlic 260/390/520
Lo-han vegetable260/390/520
Bamboo fungus with seasonal vegetable300/450/600
Broccoli flower with garlic 300/450/600
Dried scallop with broccoli flower 350/525/700
Crab meat with seasonal vegetables 300/450/600
2 kind egg with polonchay 260/390/520
Kaylan with oyster sauce 250/375/500

Beancurd (S,M,L)

Fried pipa beancurd 270/405/450
Mapo beancurd250/375/500
Braised beancurd with bamboo shoots & black mushroom 270/405/450
Steamed minced shrimp w/beancurd300/450/600
Braised beancurd with black mushroom250/375/600
Steamed fish fillet w/beancurd300/450/600


Sizzling chicken with sweet sour sauce 300
Sizzling prawns490
Sizzling sweet and sour fillet 330
Sizzling fresh squid with sate sauce 330
Sizzling assorted seafoods with sate sauce350
Sizzling beef tenderloin with black pepper sauce 360
Sizzling garlic shrimp 400
Sizzling frog legs350

Roasting (S,M,L)

Honey roasted asado280/560/840
Assorted cold cut370/740/1110
Whole suckling pigSeasonal price
Suckling pig cold cutSeasonal price
Peking duck (2ways)Seasonal price
White chicken 105/210/420
Soyed chicken105/210/420
Seaweeds with century egg200/400/600

Rice in pot

Spareribs rice in pot115
Black mushroom with chicken rice in pot115
Chicken feet with spareribs in pot125


Yong chow fried rice230/345/480
HK salted fish with chicken cube fried rice 240/360/480
Fried rice with minced beef230/345/480
Causeway 2 kinds fried rice 330
Fookien fried rice330
Pineapple fried rice 390
Plain rice 40


Braised noodle with assorted meat280/420/560
Beef hofan250/375/500
Braised noodle with crab meat 330
Chicken cube fried noodle 330
Fried noodle with tausi spareribs 330
Braised noodle with assorted seafoods 300/450/600
Seafood hofan280/420/580
Shredded pork fried noodle 330


Lean meat century egg congee110
Pork halo halo congee110
Lapu lapu fillet congee125
Bola bola congee110
Sliced beef congee110
Sliced chicken congee110
Pork blood congee105
Sheered seafood tito congee110
Pork tito congee110
Plain congee55

Noodles with soup

Beef tendon with beef brisket noodle soup 130
Fresh shrimp dumpling noodle soup 130
Fish ball noodle soup 130
Fresh shrimp wanton noodle soup 130
Asado noodle soup130
Shredded chicken noodle soup 130
Fresh shrimp wanton dry noodle 140
Beef tendon dry noodle 140
Beef tendon with beef brisket dry noodle 140

Authentic dimsum

Asado rice roll85
Asado siopao 70
Beancurd roll70
Beef rice roll85
Chicken asado roll70
Chicken feet with tausi70
Chiu chow dumpling 70
Crab roe shomai 70
Egg yolk pie70
Fresh shrimp rice roll90
Fried spring roll70
Minced beef ball70
Mini glutinous rice pork roll70
Pan fried radish cake70
Seafood roll70
Sesame prawn roll83
Shark's fin dumpling 70
Siao long pao70
Spareribs with tausi70
Steamed shrimp dumpling 83
Kutchay dumpling 70
Garlic with pig blood70


Crab meat with sweet corn280/380/520
Hot & sour soup260/380/520
Minced spinach with seafood soup270/405/540
West lake minced beef soup280/380/520
Fish lip soup280/420/550
Assorted seafood with beancurd soup270/406/520
Dried scallop with mashed winter melon soup300/450/600
Eight tresure with winter melon cube soup 270/405/640
Chicken asparagus soup270/405/640
Assorted vegetable with crab meat soup270/405/640
Century egg with lapu lapu fillet280/420/560

Sharks fin soup

Causeway braised superior shark's fin w/seafood soup1060/1576/2100
Braised shark's fin with shredded chicken soup960/1425/1900
Braised shark's fin with crab meat soup1060/1576/2100
Clear superior shark's fin soup1650/2475/3300
Braised sharks fin with breaded chicken and seafood soup960/1425/1900
Braised shark's fin with crab roe soup1300/1900/2600
Fried shark's fin with crab meat and superior soup1850/2475/3300

Hot pot

Assorted seafood and beancurd pot300/450/600
HK salted fish with chicken cube beancurd pot270/405/540
Goat brisket with beancurd stick in pot350/—-/700
Minced pork with eggplant in pot270/405/540
Causeway seafood hotpot330/495/660
Beef brisket with radish in pot280/420/560
Beef brisket with curry sauce280/420/560
Sea cucumber with chicken in pot300/450/600
Sate beef with sotanghon in pot290/435/580
Sparerib with taro in pot280/420/560
Chicken with black bean sauce in pot280/420/560

Chicken, duck, pigeon

Fried chopped chicken with beancurd sauce280/420/560
Causeway fried chicken 1/2-210/1whole 420
Fried chicken with lemon sauce280/420/560
Diced chicken with cashewnut280/420/560
Fried taro duck1/2-360/1whole 760
Fried crispy pigeon420
Chicken with kaylan280/420/560

Beef and pork

Pata tim 270/405/540
Sweet and sour pork270/405/540
Fried spareribs with pineapple 270/405/540
Causeway salad spareribs 270/405/540
Fried spareribs with orange360/540/720
Beef tenderloin chinese style270/405/540
Fried sparerib with salt and pepper 360/540/720
Beef tenderloin with garlic 290/435/580
Sliced beef with fresh mushroom290/435/580
Sliced beef with oyster sauce 290/435/580
Sliced beef & kaylan with sate sauce290/435/580
Sliced beef with black bean sauce290/435/580
Sliced beef with ampalaya290/435/580


Steamed suahe400/800/1200
Steamed prawns with garlic 480/720/960
Fried minced shrimp ball380/570/760
Prawns salad600/900/1200
Szechuan shrimp 400/600/800
Crystal prawns ball440/560/880
Causeway prawns ball with salad sauce440/560/880
Fresh shrimp with scrambled egg330/495/660


Steamed crab with garlic Seasonal price
Baked crab with ginger onionSeasonal price
Steam crabSeasonal price
Fried crab with chili (H.K style)Seasonal price
Fried crab with salt and pepper Seasonal price


Sliced abalone with sea cucumber 1200/1800/2400
Sliced abalone with vegetable 1100/1650/2200

Ala carte

Fried squid salt and pepper 300/450/600
Celery with shrimp and squid 290/435/580
Fried oyster cake fookien style250/390/520
Steamed minced shrimp with black mushroom 300/450/600
Fresh scallops with broccoli flower550
Pacific clam with celery 300/450/600
Fresh scallops with squid and celery650
Fried minced shrimp 290/435/580
Fresh shrimp with asparagus 380/670/760
Steamed squid with garlic 300/450/600
Fries frog legs with salt and pepper 350/525/700
Sesame prawns with lemon sauce440/660/880

About Causeway

Causeway is a restaurant that offers authentic Cantonese dishes, just like what you will get if you try a Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong. As of today, they have 4 branches all located in the metro: 3 in Quezon City, which is in Banawe, the Congressional and Acropolo Centres, and 1 in Manila. This restaurant has a lot of seafood and fish to offer, and when it comes to the pricing, according to their managing director, with the competition among Chinese restaurants here in the country, they don’t see any reason to increase their price, which is great news for everyone as we can expect affordable seafood.

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Some Chinese restaurants only focus on dim sum and noodles, but Causeway has a lot, including Chinese main courses. They also serve big portions of food, so it’s really sultry coming to their restaurant. This restaurant also has an aquarium full of seafood visible to their customers, so you can be sure that the seafood that you will order is very fresh. This restaurant is not just a Chinese food stop when craving Chinese dishes; they are popular among customers because of their special promo on dim sum items every Monday at 9:00 p.m.

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Causeway Menu Best Seller

Based upon our research and what we actually asked the staff about their best sellers, we came up with the list; here it is.

Hong Kong-style fried noodles – The Causeway version of Hong Kong-style fried noodles looks very simple, but when it comes to taste, this is also good. Very tasty and not too oily like other fried noodles, this goes really well with spareribs with tausi or any other dim sum.

Shrimp Dumplings – Their shrimp dumplings are also known as some of their best sellers, especially in the dim sum category. One thing that I love about their shrimp dim sum is how they can actually perfectly make it. They made their dumplings in their kitchen, so they are served fresh and not frozen.

Photo Credits: Causeway Facebook Page

Fish Head in Tausi – This is a dim sum dish; it may look odd, but this is amazingly good. It wasn’t fishy, and that’s a great thing. It also has that savory flavor, so you’ll definitely find yourself liking the dish.

Fish Lip Soup – I don’t have any idea why they call this dish fish lip soup, since I didn’t see any fish lips, but what I notice is that this soup has some shredded meat, bamboo shoots, seafood, and mushrooms. I have tried their fish-lip soup in the past, and it is just ordinary. But the taste is amazing, even though some of the meat pieces were a bit dry.

Chicken Feet – The Causeway Chicken Feet menu serves three pieces of chicken foot per order. Some of you might not like the idea of this dish, but to be fair, this is pretty good. This dish doesn’t have a lot of meat, just the skin of the chicken feet, but how they prepare this dish is amazing. I also like how tasty the sauce on their chicken feet is, and this is also very soft—like falling off-the-bone chicken feet. Also, this one is not very spicy, just a bit, but I still highly recommend you guys try it.

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Spareribs with Tausi – Causeway’s spareribs with tausi are one of my favorite dishes on their menu. This is a dim sum favorite that I can also highly recommend, and for sure, it will not disappoint you. The meat in this dim sum dish is really juicy, tender, and very flavorful. This is also not spicy.

Photo Credits: Causeway Facebook Page

Causeway’s Sizzling Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce – This is my favorite dish on their menu. The beef tenderloin is very tender; it actually has that melt-in-your-mouth feel. The sauce is also very good, very lovely. Though the pepper flavor of this dish is really strong, we still love it. It has a slightly spicy flavor from the pepper sauce, but overall it is very good.

Causeway Seafood Hot Pot – It is also included on their list of best-selling items. This is a potted dish with fish, squid, shrimp, sea cucumber, clam meat, and other seafood. Being seafood lovers, we really liked their seafood pot. The seafood ingredients are in generous portions and very tasty; the broth is superb.

Causeway Congee Menu

Causeway has 10 congees to choose from on its menu. They have plain congee if you want to enjoy just the taste of the congee, or pork congees like pork halo halo congee; they also have beef congee on the menu, and even pork’s blood congee is included. They also have fish congee, like lapulapu fillet congee. Congee at Causeway is reasonably priced, with prices ranging from 55 to 125 PHP.

Photo Credits: Causeway Facebook Page


Noodle dishes are impossible not to find in a Chinese restaurant. Causeway’s noodle menu has eight noodle dishes to choose from. Starting with braised noodles with assorted meat, beef hofan, seafood hofan, and other delicious options like shredded pork fried noodles and chicken cube fried noodles. Expect an authentic flavor on their noodle dishes, and everything is good, as I can tell because I am a noodle lover and have already tried every single noodle dish on their menu, but my favorite is the braised noodle with assorted meat.

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Photo Credits: Causeway Facebook Page


When it comes to rice, Causeway offers different varieties of rice menu: yong chow fried rice, fookien fried rice, unusual pineapple fried rice, and even plain rice. Other options are Causeway’s two kinds of fried rice, fried rice with minced beef, and their HK salted fish with chicken cube fried rice.

Photo Credits: Causeway Facebook Page

Causeway Menu Delivery

One of Causeway’s branches offers delivery and that is their Metro Manila branch. You can call them at 02-82304871. You can also order on their website at

Payments for online orders are made through bank transfers or via Google Checkout.

Social Media Pages

If you’re a fan of delicious food and dining experiences, you won’t want to miss out on the social media pages of your favorite restaurants. By following their pages, you’ll be among the first to know about their latest promotions, events, and menu offerings. You can also keep up with their latest news, interact with other customers, and even share your own dining experiences.




Causeway Seafood Restaurant is a great place to go if you want authentic Cantonese dishes. Their place is spacious and comfortable, though it is full on Sundays. Foods are amazing. Causeway’s menu has a lot of delicious foods that I’m sure you will love. Their service crews are also friendly and polite, and they serve fast. When it comes to price, this restaurant is one of the cheapest that you can find, but the quality of the food is never compromised. Highly recommended restaurant for foodies like me who love to try authentic Cantonese foods.

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