Ling Nam Menu Prices

Another day for exciting flavors and new experiences that will leave a mark on your dining table. Today we are going to talk about a recommended restaurant that is famous for its Chinese cuisine that offers the true essence of China. They offer a wide array of Chinese and Cantonese cuisine that will surely bring a savorful moment to your tiring day. So let us start and make this enticing dream to reality with their menu options curated for you!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ling Nam menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

All Day Tsinoy Breakfast

Longganisa Meal205
Pork Tocino Meal205
Chicken Tocino Meal210
Beef Tapa Meal225
Longganisa Macao225


Wonton Soup225
Siomai Soup120
Beef Brisket Soup235
Beef Wonton Soup265
Chicken Corn Soup300

Crabmeat Corn Soup


Spinach Soup


Hot & Sour Soup



Asado Siopao90
Bola-Bola Siopao90
Lotus Siopao80
Mongo Siopao80
Pork Siomai90
Chicken Feet190
Ham Suy Kok205
Fried Dumpling205
Seafood Roll210
Taopey Roll205

Noodles with Soup

Plain Noodles180
Chicken Noodles225
Beef Noodles225
Wanton Noodles225
Asado Noodles230
Beef Wonton Noodles265
Noodles with Beef Sauce230
Wonton Noodles with Beef Sauce235
Wonton Hofan235
Any 2 Combination265
Any 3 Combination295

Sauteed Noodles

Bihon Guisado250
Sate Bihon255
Miki Bihon Guisado255
Pancit Canton260
Crispy Noodles280
Sate Hofan255
Chopsuey Hofan295
Beef Hofan320
Sate Beef Hofan325
Sauteed Noodles with 3 Kinds of Mushroom255

Noodles in Bilao



Lemon Chicken330
Ling Nam Fried Chicken305
Kung Pao Chicken305
Lumpiang Shanghai200
Sweet and Sour Pork330
Minced Pork with Eggplant315
Spicy Spareribs with Salt and Pepper320
Mandarin Spareribs330
Beef Ampalaya330
Beef Broccoli365
Beef Curry320
Beef Stew in Hotpot330


Fish Ampalaya325
Fish Fillet with Tofu and Taosi Sauce in Hotpot350
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet345
Fish and Corn Sauce345
Dragon Shrimp Balls390
Broccoli with Scallop360
Salt and Pepper Squid335
Honey Squid335
Eggplant Ala King330
Crab Egg Foo Yung330


Broccoli with Garlic280
Broccoli with Oyster Sauce280
Spinach Garlic215
Pipa Tofu305
Home-made Tofu with 3 Kinds of Mushroom310


White Congee130
Bola Congee215
Halo Congee215
Chicken Congee220
Bola-Chicken Congee220
Bola-Atay Congee215
Kidney-Atay Congee220
Fish Congee220
Fish-Bola Congee235

Rice Meals

Chopsuey Rice220
Porkchop Rice240
Sweet and Sour Pork Rice250
Ling Nam Beef Rice250
Beef Curry Rice255
Sweet and Sour Fish Rice265
Boneless Bangus Rice245
Fish Fillet Taosi Rice265


Yang Chow Rice295
Fragrant Harbour Rice305
Steamed Rice (per bowl)80
Garlic Rice (per bowl)90


Gold Feast4,450
Pearl Feast4,450
Coral Feast4,650
Jade Feast4,550


Buchi (Serving: 4pcs)125
Almond with Lychee120
Almond with Mixed Fruits115
Almond Jelly105
Mango Sago105


Togue / Egg55
Sate Sauce60
Asado Sauce65
Beef Sauce75


Black Gulaman120
Iced Tea80
Ling Nam Purified Water70
Ling Nam Brewed Coffee70

About Ling Nam

Ling Nam invites you to savor the finest flavor of China from their iconic collections of cuisine that will surely bring comfort and warmth to your long day at school or work. They offer varieties of mouthwatering dishes such as Dimsum, Noodles, Meat, Congee, Vegetables, and Rice meals that are top-notch of colorful quality. Ade from Chinese cuisine, they also offer a Tsinoy Breakfast which features a Filipino and Chinese fusion of breakfast that is a must-try on their menu.

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Ling Nam Menu Best Sellers

Savor the best flavors with their best-selling dishes that will surely immerse you in the iconic flavors of China. I am sure you will be delighted with this list as it also offers safe options for every first-timer who wants to take a first step at these iconic dishes.

Beef Noodle – Indulge in a comforting bowl of Beef noodles from Ling Nam. It features a rich and savory as well as aromatic broth highlighting tender slices of beef and varieties of fresh vegetables. It has a satisfying and flavored experience that will surely leave a mark on your noodle experience.

beef noodle soup Pin
Photo Credits: Ling Nam Facebook Page
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Hakaw – Next on the list is this Hakaw, it is a delicate art of dim sum featuring translucent and thin dumpling wrappers. It boasts flavorful shrimp and a classic dim sum taste.

Asado Siopao – Savor the sweet and savory notes of this Asado Siopao that feature soft steamed buns and tender slices of slow-cooked pork. It immerses you in a flavorful and aromatic sauce that takes your bite to new heights.

pan-fried asado with egg siopao Pin
Photo Credits: Ling Nam Facebook Page

Kutchay Dumplings – These Kutchay dumplings are something to appreciate at Ling Nam. It features Kutchay Dumplings that offer a medley of textures and aromatic filling. 

Beef Wanton Noodles – Taste the flavors of Beef Wanton Noodles only here at Ling Nam. It features springy noodles that are bathed in savory broth and accompanied by plump beef wontons. 

Set Menu

Gold Feast – Delight in their opulent Gold Feast, a banquet of flavors featuring 3 servings of aromatic Yangchow Rice, 2 savory Miki Bihon dishes, 2 crispy and delectable Salt and Pepper Squid servings, a whole Ling Nam Fried Chicken, and 2 generous portions of their flavorful Chopsuey.

Gold feast set Pin
Photo Credits: Ling Nam Facebook Page

Coral Feast –  Dive into the flavors of the Coral Feast, which includes 3 servings of Yangchow Rice, 2 hearty Chami dishes, 2 servings of Sweet and Sour Pork, a whole Ling Nam Fried Chicken, and 2 satisfying portions of Beef Broccoli. It’s a vibrant, taste-filled celebration.

Pearl Feast – The Pearl Feast invites you to explore a treasure trove of tastes, including 3 servings of fragrant Yangchow Rice, 2 comforting Chami bowls, 2 servings of Fish Fillet Tofu with Taosi Sauce, a whole Ling Nam Fried Chicken, and 2 sumptuous portions of their Chopsuey.

pearl feast set Pin
Photo Credits: Ling Nam Facebook Page

Jade Feast – Embrace the lush flavors of the Jade Feast, featuring 3 servings of Yangchow Rice, 2 delightful Miki Bihon dishes, 2 servings of Kung Pao Chicken, 2 servings of Salt and Pepper Squid, and 2 portions of their savory Beef Broccoli. This feast is a gem of Chinese cuisine.

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All Day Tsinoy Breakfast

Start your day with enthusiasm and a great breakfast with this All Day Tsinoy Breakfast of Ling Nam menu that highlights an iconic Filipino breakfast meal featuring garlic fried rice and a variety of savory delights.

Longganisa Meal – Starting with this sweet and savory delight. This Longganisa Meal is a mouthwatering plate of Filipino sausage that is served with garlic fried rice.

Pork Tocino Meal – Next on the list is this Pork Tocino meal that allows you to immerse in a tender and sweet cured pork that is paired with garlic fried rice. 

Beef Tapa Meal – Delight in the rich and savory goodness of Beef Tapa featuring marinated to perfection beef strips that are cooked to utmost perfection.

beef tapa meal Pin
Photo Credits: Ling Nam Facebook Page

Longganisa Macao – For an extra unique twist for breakfast, why don’t you try this Longganisa macao that offers a tantalizing blend of Fulpino and Macanese flavors? It is sweet and flavorful and offers a joyful experience of dining.

Ling Nam Menu Delivery 

Craving for these delightful meals from Ling Nam? Well, how about I tell you that you can now order these Chinese dishes and have them delivered right to your home? Yes, you heard that right! You can now order these meals through third-party delivery channels such as FoodPanda and Grab Food. They offer an easy-to-understand interface as well as faster transactions that will surely bring comfort to your day.

Social Media Pages

Here are some of the reasons why you should follow Ling Nam on social media: Stay up-to-date on the latest menu items and promotions. Get inspired by beautiful food photos. Learn about the history and culture of Cantonese cuisine. Connect with other Ling Nam fans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Ling Nam offer? 

Ling Nam allows you to immerse in a vast collection of Chinese cuisine. It features a selection of Soup, Dimsum, Noodles, Tsinoy Breakfast, and more.

What is Seoul-Sky known for?

Ling Nam is famous for their iconic Dim Sum which is perfect as an appetizer and even as a meal too. Some of the famous Dim Sum are Pork Siomai and Hakaw.

What are the operating hours of Ling Nam?

Ling Nam operates from 6 AM until 10 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Where is Ling Nam located in the Philippines?

Planning to visit Ling Nam? Well, you can find them at 616 T Alonzo St, Binondo, Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila.

How can I reach out to Ling Nam’s staff?

For your inquiries, you can reach them at (0968) 324-9292 or (0949) 983-4431. 


In conclusion, Ling Nam is a restaurant that you can wholeheartedly recommend to your friends and family. It allows you to enjoy a dazzling collection of Chinese cuisine featuring Dim Sum such as Hakaw and Pork siomai. I love how they have established a diverse collection of meals from Tsinoy Breakfast down to Noodles, dim sum, and delightful desserts. However, I suggest that they focus on Facebook marketing as well as establish a good website of their own to leverage online marketing. I am sure that everyone will be delighted with the food they offer and I have to start with the confidence to properly market it. I was delighted and satisfied with the meals I ordered and I cannot wait to experience more from them.

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