Ohayo Menu Prices

Japanese Dishes have a special place in our hearts as Filipinos. Most of the time they’re the comfort food that brings an absolute warmth to your tiring day. That is why I have a new recommended restaurant that is all about the brimming goodness and magnifying flavors of Japanese cuisine. Introducing, Ohayo! a restaurant that emphasizes your delightful journey through the heart of Japanese cuisine. I won’t make you wait any longer because here is the menu collection for us to start this gastronomic adventure.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ohayo menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Cold Appetizer

Potato Salad165
Kani Mango Salad195
Salmon Poke Bowl350
Spicy Salmon Tanuke280
Spicy Tuna Tanuke195

Hot Appetizer

Ebi Tempura410
Steamed Gyoza with Spicy Ponzu145
Chicken Karaage195
Tofu Steak195


Tamago Tantanmen390
Beef and Tendon410
Ebi Tonkotsu460


Ramen Noodles60
Chashu Pork70
Minced Pork70
Aji Tamago30
Japanese Rice50



Rice Bowls

Chicken Teriyaki Don290
Pork Katsu Don300
Beef Gyudon330
Chicken Karaage Don295
Beef Misono330
Tendon Tempura350
Miso Yaki Salmon470


JFC Curry395
Beef and Tendon Curry480
Pork Katsu Curry420


Cali Maki245
Salmon Torch295
Spicy Salmon310
Spicy Tuna310
Spicy Tuna Teka Maki310
Ebi Black Spicy Maki495
Beef Sukiyaki Roll320
Kani Mango Roll235
Ebi Furai Roll340
Spam Musubi195
Salmon Aburi265




Coffee Jelly90


Signature Red Iced Tea99
Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite60
Purified Drinking Water30
San Mig Light, Pale Pilsen80
Santory Grape, Santory Peach, Strong Zero Lemon, Asahi, Kirin180

About Ohayo

Ohayo is a casual dining restaurant that highlights the delightful fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with creative innovation to bring extra spice to your dining experience. Everything they serve is a product of authenticity, love for cooking, and passion to give you the finest quality of flavorful bite and delightful textures. From their iconic Sushi and Maki to the delightful flavor of Ramen, Ohayo is indeed the home of authentic Japanese flavors.

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Ohayo Menu Best Sellers

Let us bring the joyful Japanese dream into reality with these best-selling dishes from Ohayo. The bestsellers cater to a safe option, especially for Everyone who is taking their first step into Japanese dining.

Tonkotsu – Delight in this Tonkotsu Ramen that is here to give you the savory masterpiece that combines pork bone broth, ramen noodles, tender Chashu pork, along with green onions, black garlic oil, and a perfect Aji Tamago. 

tonkotsu ramen Pin
Photo Credits: OHAYO Japanese Comfort Food FB Page

Tsukemen – Dive into the classic Tsukemen, featuring Tukosei sauce, Chashu pork, homemade udon noodles, spring onion, Aji Tamago, and Naruto. 

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Tantanmen – For the spice lovers! Tantanmen is a fiery delight with delightful pork bone broth, sesame seed paste, spicy minced pork, and the perfect chewy texture of ramen noodles. 

tantanmen ramen Pin
Photo Credits: OHAYO Japanese Comfort Food FB Page

Spicy Salmon – This Spicy Salmon Sushi is a work of art, it allows you to indulge in delicate salmon, spicy mayo, cream cheese, chili leaves, Aunori, and eel sauce. 

Cali Maki – Experience a taste of California with Cali Maki. This sushi roll features Kani crab, cucumber, mango, Ebiko, and a tangy kick from red radish. 

cali maki Pin
Photo Credits: OHAYO Japanese Comfort Food FB Page


Experience the rolling-in goodness of Ohayo Maki menu that highlights its outstanding delightful bite from various selections of maki such as their iconic Spicy Salmon to Ebi Furai Roll.

Salmon Torch – Prepare yourself for a flavor-filled experience with this Salmon Torch. With Aburi Mayo and Tonkatsu Sauce, this meal sets your taste senses ablaze with crunchy Nori, delicate salmon, and the smooth richness of cream cheese. 

salmon torched maki Pin
Photo Credits: OHAYO Japanese Comfort Food FB Page

Spicy Tuna – Indulge in our Spicy Tuna, a flavor symphony of crunchy Nori, delicious cream cheese, and the hot kick of Aburi Mayo and Tonkatsu Sauce. Obboro adds a tangy flavor to complement the heat, giving this a spicy sensation you won’t forget.

Jani Mango Roll – This Jani Mango Roll will transport your taste senses to a tropical paradise. This delectable dish includes Kani Crab, crisp cucumber, Sesame Miso Mayo, and the crisp bite of wakame and shredded cabbage. 

Ebi Furai Roll – A culinary wonder, the Ebi Furai Roll. It mixes Ebi Furai’s crunchy deliciousness with cream cheese’s creaminess. A hint of heat from the chili leaves and the rich flavor of the Spicy Crab Fat Mayo make a tasty fusion. Fried prawn heads and Squid Ink Tanuki lend crunch and creativity to this extraordinary meal.

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Rice Bowls

Experience the fulfilling sensation brought to you by these delightful bowls highlighting the iconic Japanese rice bowls.

Chicken Teriyaki Don – This Chicken Teriyaki menu of Ohayo allows you to indulge in the smoky grilled chicken basted with a savory teriyaki sauce and Yasai Itame.

Beef Gyudon – Delight your dining experience with this Beef Gyudon that is brimming in beef goodness of teppan Sauce. It also features Sous Vide Egg, Onions Carrots, and Leaks.

beef gyudon Pin
Photo Credits: OHAYO Japanese Comfort Food FB Page

Pork KatsuDon – Don’t miss the crunch that will amaze your entire Ohayo dining experience. This Pork Katsudon features a Perfectly fried pork cutlet with miso sauce, carrots, leeks, onions, and egg.

Tendon Tempura – Experience the magnifying flavors of this tendon tempura which features shrimp tempura with carrots, potatoes, eggplant, and onions. It is made perfectly with a tempura glazed that elevates the entire plate.

Ohayo Menu Delivery

Do you want to experience a different level of Japanese dining while still honoring the classic experience? Well, this restaurant is all about authenticity with a touch of modernity and creativity. However, if you do not have the time or energy to experience the magnifying goodness of their collection by going out and visiting them at their store, you can always order through third-party delivery whales such as FoodPanda Philippines or GrabFood.

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Social Media Page

Let Ohayo’s social media pages be your gateway to a culinary wonderland where every bite is an explosion of taste and every dish a masterpiece.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ohayojapanesecomfortfood

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ohayojapanesecomfortfood

Website: https://ohayo-maki-and-ramen-bar.business.site


What type of cuisine does Ohayo offer? 

Ohayo allows you to dig into the classic collection of Japanese cuisine. It features the familiar and iconic Japanese food that you have loved since then and new flavors for your adventurous heart.

What is Ohayo known for?

This restaurant is known for its authentic collections of Maki as well as its Rice bowl that features an extra elevated style that takes your entire dining to new heights.

What are the operating hours of Ohayo?

Ohayo operates from 10 AM until 12 AM every Monday to Sunday.

Where is Ohayo located in the Philippines?

If you are planning to visit Ohayo, you can check them at 835 Banawe Avenue Corner Sta Catalina Street Barangay St. Peter 1st District (7Q63J2P2+R8).


In conclusion, Ohayo is definitely what we can consider a culinary oasis when it comes to innovation and tradition. They indeed never fail to satisfy us with their classic take but with a touch of creativity while honoring Japanese culture. Every plate they serve is filled with delightful and well-balanced flavors of Japanese cuisine that are packed with austerity and the finest craftsmanship. I love how their Jani Mango Roll is burst in flavors as well as how delightful their Chicken Teriyaki Don is. There are a lot of sides that are close to my heart and I love every flavorful experience I had here at Ohayo.

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