House of Us Menu Prices

Craving for Southeast Asian food? I got you. I found a place that serves them actually this place really impressed me because of the food that they serve, actually it’s like a one-stop shop for all of your Southeast Asian favorites and that is why I am pleased to introduce you to House of Us restaurant. This place has a lot to offer from Filipino foods, southeast Asian foods, great desserts, and pasta. House of Us restaurant menu will surely give you the satisfaction of choosing your favorite meals plus the great thing about this is they offer affordable meals so you don’t have to spend too much. Let’s take a good look at their menu and prices and let’s see if you will consider trying their place after this article. Too much for a long introduction let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of House of Us Restaurant menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Coffee Jelly Over Ice55.2
Boneless Bangus127.2
Baked Sushi California263.2
Pansit Bihon Solo79.2
Chicken Alfredo Pasta143.2
Pansit Canton Solo79.2

Platter sizes

16Pcs Shrimp Salad Rolls480
California Baked Sushi Platter560
Chicken Alfredo Pasta Platter560
Canton Bihon Mix Platter320
16Pcs Assorted Salad Rolls Platter480
Pork Sisig Platter440
Fish Fillet Platter424
Chicken Fillet Platter384
Mango Kani Salad Platter480
Carbonara Platter560
Pansit Canton Platter320
Pansit Bihon Platter320


Ham N Cheese Pizza127.2
Bacon pizza127.2
Hawaiian pizza143.2
Bacon N Mushroom pizza167.2
Overload Pizza175.2
All meat pizza167.2
Garden pizza151.2

Salad rolls and pasta

Chicken Alfredo Pasta143.2
Salad Rolls Fish & Kani274.2
Salad Rolls Kani Shrimp Combo263.2
Salad Rolls Shrimp247.2
Salad Rolls Kani239.2
Baked Sushi California263.2
Baked Lasagna263.2
Vietnamese Beef Salad Roll263.2
Carbonara Pasta143.2
Salad Rolls Chicken255.2
Spaghetti Pasta143.2
Salad Rolls Kani & Chicken247.2
Baked Sushi Garlic Shrimp287.2
Mango Kani Salad Solo Order231.2

Burgers and waffles

Hotdog N Cheddar Waffle88
Maple & Butter Waffle72
Honey BBQ Chicken Burger136
Cheese Burger Deluxe127.2
Chocolate Creamcheese Waffle80
Banana caramel 72
Strawberry Creamcheese Waffle80
Sriracha Spicy Chicken Burger136
TLCO Overload Burger135.2
Caramel Waffle56
Cheddar Waffle48
Bacon BBQ Burger136
Bacon & Cheese Burger136
Glazed Ham & Cheddar Waffle80
Scrambled Egg And Cheese Waffle80
Blueberry Banana Waffle72
Banana Choco Chip Waffle76
Classic Chicken Burger128
HOU Ultimate Burger159.2
BBQ Burger Deluxe127.2
Chocolate Waffle56
Blueberry Waffle56
Strawberry Waffle64
Creamcheese Waffle72
Korean BBQ Chicken Burger136
Banana Peanut Butter Waffle72
Banana Choco Chip Waffle80

Bibimbap and snacks

1pc Fried Lumpia Veggie24
Plain French Fries48
Pork Bibimbap167.2

Rice meals

Beef Mixed Fried Rice119.2
Porkchop With Egg143.2
3pcs Soy Garlic Wings With Rice151.2
3pcs Garlic Parmesan Wings With Rice151.2
Pork Tocino With Egg Rice Meal127.2
3pcs Korean Bbq Wings With Rice151.2
Buttered Shrimp191.2
Pork Sisig With Egg143.2
3pcs Sweet Chili Wings With Rice151.2
3pcs Salted Egg Wings With Rice151.2
3pcs Honey Bbq Wings With Rice151.2
Pork Tocino With Egg Rice Meal127.2
3pcs Korean Bbq Wings With Rice151.2
Buttered Shrimp191.2
Pork Sisig With Egg143.2
3pcs Sweet Chili Wings With Rice151.2
3pcs Salted Egg Wings With Rice151.2
3pcs Honey Bbq Wings With Rice151.2
3pcs Honey Bbq Wings With Rice151.2
Beef Pares Rice Meal175.2
Boneless Bangus127.2
Beef Tapa175.2
Burger Steak With Egg143.2
Fish Fillet127.2
Sweet Ham127.2
Original ham127.2
Chicken fillet 127.2
T] Jumbo Hotdog With Egg Rice Meal127.2
3pcs Sriracha Wings With Rice151.2
Hotdog Mixed Fried Rice95.2
Sweet Ham Mixed Fried Rice95.2
Bacon Mixed Fried Rice95.2
Spam Mix Fried Rice111.2
Shrimp Mixed Fried Rice127.2
Pork Bibimbap167.2
Seafood Bagoong Mixed Fried Rice127.2

Noodles and soups

Pansit Canton Solo79.2
Pansit Bihon Solo79.2
Canton Bihon Mix Large151.2


Fried Rice32
Extra crystals 16
Extra Peanut Sauce32
Plain Rice24
Extra nori pack48
Extra egg24
Extra pearl16
Extra gravy 24

Milk tea and fruit tea

Cookies & Cream Milktea No Sinkers55.2
Taro milktea 55.2
Blueberry Fruit Tea No Sinkers39.2
Salted Caramel Milktea No Sinkers55.2
Red Velvet Milktea No Sinkers55.2
Tiger Sugar Milktea No Sinkers55.2
Passion Fruit Tea No Sinkers39.2
Kiwi Fruit Tea No Sinkers39.2
Green Apple Fruit Tea No Sinkers39.2
Chocolate Milktea No Sinkers55.2
Wintermelon Milk Tea No Sinkers55.2
Lemon Fruit Tea No Sinkers39.2
Mango Fruit Tea No Sinkers39.2

Cream cheese collection

Red Velvet Creamcheese With Oreo87.2
Chocolate Creamcheese With Oreo87.2
Wintermelon Creamcheese With Oreo87.2
Taro Creamcheese With Oreo87.2

Sago gulaman coffee jelly

Sagot Gulaman In Crushed Ice55.2
Coffee Jelly Over Ice55.2
Iced Gulaman Over Ice32

Milk shakes N Coolers

Taro Milkshake127.2
Chocolate Cookie Milkshake127.2
Blueberry Milkshake127.2
Coffee Caramel Shake127.2
Mocha shake 127.2
Cookies&cream Milkshake127.2
Chocochip Milkshake127.2
Java Chip Shake127.2

House of Us Popular Menu

Here are some examples of House of Us famous meals that their customers love to order whether it’s dine-in or online orders. 

Boneless Bangus – This is one of their top-selling and most popular dishes to offer. Their boneless bangus version consists of fried boneless bangus with fried egg and garlic rice. The bangus is a crispy and great thing that they used boneless milkfish here so it’s more convenient and easy to enjoy since we all know that bangus has a lot of fish bone. They made this by marinating the bangus with their special spices before frying it until crispy and golden in color, the egg adds flavor to the fried bangus plus the garlic rice is so good. If you’re looking for something lighter this is what I can recommend for you. 

Buttered garlic seafood Pin
Photo Credits: House of Us Restaurant FB Page

Pansit Bihon Solo – Pancit bihon Solo of House of Us restaurant menu is their best-selling pancit. This one is made with bihon noodles and other vegetables and meat. First, they sauteed the garlic and meat plus the other vegetables and some broth before incorporating the bihon until it is cooked. Very tasty and really delicious and to be quite fair their pansit bihon is one of the best bihon that I tried though I’m a canton person. It also has a generous amount of meat and vegetables and the vegetables are not overly cooked since it is still crispy, this is also sprinkled with fried garlic and chopped spring onions for presentation purposes. 

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Chicken Alfredo Pasta – House of Us’ version of chicken alfredo pasta is really creamy and delicious at the same time. Their Alfredo pasta has a creamy and rich flavor with a little tanginess. This one has a bit salty taste because of the cheese but it’s not overpowering to be fair. The pasta is al dente and really compliments the savory sauce. This Italian pasta dish usually uses fettuccine noodles.

Chicken alfredo pasta Pin
Photo Credits: House of Us Restaurant FB Page

The sauce of their chicken alfredo pasta consists of half and half, some butter, and of course heavy cream then grated with Parmesan cheese and flavored with pepper. One of the best pasta on their menu and quite popular among their customers this is also a must-try. 

Baked Sushi California – This one is so good and if you love California rolls you’ll definitely love this one as well. The House of Us restaurant version of baked sushi in California is creamy and savory at the same time and very satisfying. Every flavor that you love from a California sushi roll is also found in their baked sushi California, this warm and delicious treat will surely be your new favorite this is also meant to be eaten with sheets of roasted seaweed so it’s more enjoyable especially if you’re with your friends or family because this is made for sharing as well. One of the best food items to order and also a must-try. 

Baked sushi california Pin
Photo Credits: House of Us Restaurant FB Page

Coffee Jelly Over Ice – Coffee jelly is a popular dessert with a coffee flavor but not too strong. It is sweetened with sugar, and milk I am not sure if they used condensed or evaporated milk but the bottom line is this dessert is creamy and milky at the same time with coffee flavor. The House of Us Restaurant’s coffee jelly over ice tastes like a sweetened coffee with a lot of milk so if you love sweet foods you’ll surely love this one as well. It is also a bit bitter and has the right amount of sweetness so the bitterness is not too overwhelming.

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Noodles and Soup

On their noodles and soup menu they offer 3 noodle dishes. The first one is their Pansit Canton Solo which is my favorite, this one is a pancit that uses canton noodles. They also have pansit bihon solo which is their best-selling pancit in this menu and lastly, their Canton Bihon Mix Large which is a combination of pansit canton and pancit bihon

Pancit canton bihon Pin
Photo Credits: House of Us Restaurant FB Page

Bibimbap & Snacks

The Bibimbap and snacks menu of the House of Us has 3 options. The first one is their 1pc Fried Lumpia Veggie which is a Filipino favorite lumpia aside from Shanghai. They also have Plain French Fries. The last item on this menu is their Pork Bibimbap which is Not too spicy that they adjusted to the Filipino taste. 

House of Us Menu Pizza 

House of Us Restaurant also offers pizza in fact they actually have 7 pizza flavors to offer. If you’re a vegetarian their Garden Pizza is for you since this one is a veggies no meat pizza. They also have All Meat Pizza for meat lovers like me this one is made with Ham, bacon, beef & cheese. Overload Pizza is if you love your pizza with more toppings this one has Bacon, ham, beef, mushroom, pineapple & cheese. Other items are Beef N Mushroom Pizza, Ham N Cheese Pizza, Hawaiian pizza the all-time favorite, and bacon pizza. 

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Overload pizza Pin
Photo Credits: House of Us Restaurant FB Page

House of Us Restaurant Menu Delivery 

Placing your order is a breeze – just give them a call at 09694022013, especially if you’re around Valenzuela. And guess what? You can also have your favorite food courier, like Foodpanda and other delivery services, bring your delicious order right to you!

Social Media Pages

Enjoying the delicious dishes from House of Us? Well, here’s a cool idea – why not give them a follow on their social media accounts? It’s a way to show your love and keep up with all the latest news about them. Sometimes, they even share special deals and discounts on their pages. Don’t worry about missing out on anything important – just follow them on their Facebook page by clicking the link below:



Where is the House of Us Restaurant located?

They are located at Tamaraw Hill Rd. Valenzuela Metro Manila.

The House of Us Restaurant. Are they halal-certified?

No. Unfortunately, they are not halal certified since they are serving pork dishes and ingredients.

Do they offer delivery service?

Yes, all you have to do is to follow their Facebook account and contact them or contact the number indicated on their information. 


A very nice place to go especially for meryenda or light meal with friends and family. The place you enter the restaurant has a very warm and cozy ambiance also the place is well maintained since it is really clean. The House of Us Restaurant menu offers most of the most favorite and popular snacks so for sure you’ll find what you like and of course, their prices are affordable. They also have items that are great for sharing so it’s really sulit going to their place. Great venue, with good food, and nice people than what the House of Us restaurant can offer. Highly recommended for everyone. 

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