Xin Tian Di Menu Prices

Are you craving some authentic Chinese dishes and want to know where is the perfect place to go to fulfill your Chinese food cravings? No worries I find the perfect place for you. This restaurant is serving authentic Chinese food during lunch and dinner. A great place to go with your friends and family who also love Chinese foods or just wanna try how authentic Chinese foods taste. Have you heard about Xin Tian Di? If not please take time to read this article and let’s see if after this you’ll make up your mind and try the Xin Tian Di menu. Let’s get to know them more, their history, their foods, and a little bit of everything. Let’s not delay things anymore and without further ado, let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Xin Tian Di menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Chinese Roasting Special

Roasted crispy chicken Chinese style520
Over cooked slow roasted duck1945
Home seasoned roasted suckling pig4200
Barbecued pork loin with wild honey520
Home seasoned roasted suckling pig750

Lu Soi Spices Soya Cooking

Homemade spinach tofu with five spices soya sauce390
Cuttlefish with XO spicy soya sauce420
Sliced boneless pork, knuckles with vinegar garlic soya480
Drunken soya beef shark550
Lo sui combination platter880
Divine platter1280
Barbecue combination platter980

Wood Oven Roasted Duck "Peking Style"

Stuffed minced duck in lettuce cup2090
Duck bone with soy milk and vegetable soup2090
Stewed shredded duck with udon noodles and wild mushroom in abalone sauce2150

Chinese Hot and Cold Appetizers

Deep fried crispy stuffed crab shell (per piece)350
Deep fried vegetable roll in beancurd wrapper500
Blue ginger600
Hot prawns with mango yogurt dressing1480
Braised beef brisket in refreshing spicy sauce680
Shredded sea abalone with jelly fish in sesame seed sauce and pickled ginger850
Mango tiger prawn salad1280

Soup Selection

Buddha jumps over the wall3000
Sweet corn with chicken asparagus soup320
Hot and sour with sea abalone330
Conpoy eight treasures shredded duck soup350
Seafood with bamboo fungus, silky beancurd and pumpkin soup350
Homemade siu kaw dumpling and fish maw with wolf berry and bokchoy soup350
King scallop with wild mushroom, bamboo pith and red dates in fish broth 380
Double boiled native chicken conpoy with barley and white fungus soup480
Double boiled black chicken with Chinese herb soup480

Taste of Birds Nest

Shredded chicken and wild mushroom birds nest soup1500
Crabmeat and conpoy birds nest soup1750
Shredded abalone with bamboo fungus birds nest soup1950
Birds nest with tiger prawn in fish broth and red caviar2950
Birds nest with african abalone in wild chicken broth and Chinese ham3200
Double boiled african abalone fish maw birds nest clear soup3200

Different Cooking Abalone

Stewed African abalone and tiger prawns with black pepper oyster sauce1200
Braised whole abalone with abalone sauce3600
Deep fried crispy abalone roll dipped in mango yogurt1580
Sliced sea abalone with homemade spinach tofu topped with dried scallops sauce1800
Wok fried sea abalone and fresh scallops with XO sauce in taro basket1980
Braised spiced abalone with sea cucumber in oyster sauce2400

Home Style Cooking Special

Stuffed boneless chicken in brown sauce1580/pc
Stir fried garden vegetables with homemade tofu in garlic sauce520
Sauteed pork loin with fried tofu and salted fish in sizzling plate540
Stewed boneless chicken with Chinese sausage and bamboo shoot with xo sauce580
Pan fried beef fillet with sesame soya sauce in sizzling plate820
Steamed prawns in golden garlic with glutinous rice and in bamboo leaf1280
Deep fried halibut with golden garlic dipped in honey black vinegar1300
Steamed Cod fish fillet with wild mushrooms in soya sauce2200

Rich Flavor Choices

Sliced pork with sweet and sour sauce520
Deep fried crispy boneless chicken in sweet lemon sauce540
Fried beancurd with minced chicken in spicy chili sauce540
Marinated pork spare ribs deep fried in garlic white beancurd sauce550
Braised pork spare ribs with barbecue sauce650
Braised fish fillet with homemade tofu with peking sauce in clay pot650
Stir fried beef fillet with natural vegetables in abalone sauce680
Slow stewed beef brisket with bean sauce in claypot780
Pan fried beef tenderloin in sweet onion sauce820
Wok fried beef tenderloin with goose liver in black pepper sauce1100
Stir fried scallops with fresh fruits and cashew nuts in noodle basket1380
Pan fried US scallops in taro ring with chuan sauce1380
Deep fried prawns dip with honey sauce1380
Prawns with cornflakes1380
Beef tenderloin with goose liver in A1 sauce1400
Steamed silver Cod fish fillet with black bean sauce1420
Wok fried prawns with XO sauce in noodle basket1480

Get a Different Taste of China


Healthy Starting

Steamed Cod fish fillet with egg white and celery sauce topped with wolfberry2450
Poached beef fillet and organic soya topped with homemaspinach tofu880
Braised beancurd stick, black fungus, natural vegetables with fish broth 580
Fried organic brown rice with asparagus, kernel corn and wild chicken meat 450

Vegetable Corner

Vegetarian dimsum platter320
Pumpkin soup280
Boiled green vegetables with bamboo fungus and barley soup280
Steamed long grain rice with lam choy preserved vegetables100
Stewed wild mushroom beancurd roll460
Steamed Chinese tofu460
Braised vegetables with namyu sauce in claypot460
Stir fried vegetables with pecan nuts in taro basket550
Stir fried wheat noodles with pechay and bean sauce560

Rice and Noodle Station

Teachow seafood soup rice420
Wan chai sui kaw and sliced sea abalone noodle soup580
Yang zhou fried rice490
Home style fried rice540
Cantonese fried rice540
Prince fried rice980
Hongkong style beef chow fan500
Xin tian di specialty noodles600
Chinese fried noodles600
Fresh shrimp chow mien680

Sweet Flavors of Chinese

Aloe vera jelly and sweet white fungus with coconut milk160
Mango tapioca160
Homemade sweet beancurd with black pearl160
Almond jelly with fruit cocktail160
Creamy coffee pudding180
Seasonal fruit platter200
Cashew nut sweet soup with glutinous rice balls250
Oven baked homemade custard egg tart200
Ampalaya buchi200
Deep fried crispy custard buns200
Deep fried egg puff ball with osmanthus syrup200
Birds nest with wil honey and almond tea3000

About Xin Tian Di 

Xin Tian Di is a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Chinese dishes and they are one of the most reliable choices if you craving something authentic. They are a signature restaurant for Crown Plaza Manila Galleria. They are located on the fourth floor. This Crown Plaza hotel is connected to Robinson’s galleria. Xin tian di became one of the favorite destinations of our Filipino Chinese community to celebrate special events and birthdays.

YouTube video

This restaurant has a classy and elegant venue. Xin Tian Di means new heaven and earth, this Chinese restaurant is known for its delectable and authentic dishes and also for its unlimited dim sum promo where you can enjoy all the dim sum that you want and can choose from 50 plus varieties. Chef Peter Yeung a Chinese national is the main man in the kitchen who specializes in modern Cantonese cuisine. You can avail of their dim sum all-you-can-lunch promo every day for 1188php only from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm. 

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Xin Tian Di Menu Best Seller

Here is a list of some of their best sellers that you should try. 

Divine Platter – If you can’t decide what to order then why not try their divine platter? This Xin Tian di menu is honestly the best choice for sharing with your family and friends since this is a combination of their hot and cold items. Dishes include jellyfish, soy chicken, bbq pork Asado, pecking duck, century egg, and their mouth-watering suckling pig. 

Sauteed Beef Tenderloin With Goose Liver in a Black Pepper Sauce – Made with really tender beef cubes sautéed in a rich black pepper sauce and not done yet, it is served along with fried liver from a goose and freshly picked broccoli. The taste of this dish is awesome and is highly recommended to try. The tenderness of the beef in that awesome liver and peppery sauce is something interesting. 

Photo Credit: Xin Tian Di Restaurant FB Page

Hot Prawn Salad – This simple dish is made with deep-fried prawns then glazed with mayonnaise and sprinkled with sesame seeds, carefully prepared on top of fried noodles. This dish can also serve hot or cold whatever your preference is. Highly recommended for prawn lovers out there and if you want a lighter dish to enjoy. 

Wasabi Prawn Salad – This Xin Tian Di menu is made with fried prawns and coated with mayonnaise and some wasabi for a little kick. If you love spicy then this dish is highly recommended for you. What I like the most about their wasabi prawn salad is the taste, to be honest. Definitely a bomb and a must-try. 

Deep Fried Chicken in Coffee Sauce – their deep fried chicken in the coffee sauce is made with bite-size chicken fried until crispy and tossed with sweet coffee sauce. This delicious dish is also served in lettuce for a more appetizing look. This dish is so good for sure this could be your instant favorite once you tried it. 

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Photo Credit: Xin Tian Di Restaurant FB Page

Stir-Fried Vegetarian Mushroom & Cashew Nuts in Crispy Taro Ring – One thing that can describe this dish, is interesting! I love the freshness of all the ingredients mixed with cashew nuts. Btw the taro ring is delicious already by itself. This dish is recommended for those who are trying to eat healthier but still wanted to have a delicious meal. 

Peking Duck – This classic Chinese dish is served in two ways. It can be served with crisp skin and served with a wrapper and some condiments or it can be served minced with lettuce pepper and salt. It all depends on you. But I like the crispy skin version, to be honest. 

Xin Tian Di Cakes and Pastries Menu

Since Xin Tian Di is a Chinese restaurant they offer moon cakes in celebration of the mooncake festival. But this offer is only available every mid-autumn festival, a Chinese festival that includes family gatherings and sharing moon cakes that symbolizes prosperity for the whole family. It can also be gifted to friends and relatives as an expression of good luck and love. You may order their moon cakes which are packaged into a box and great for sharing. 

Party Platters

It is required for a day to order the party platter in Xin Tian Di. You may order from 11 in the morning up to 8 in the evening. Orders that passed 8 pm will be confirmed the next day. Their party platter is best for gatherings and getting together with friends. Each of their party platters is good for 10 up to 15 pax. A lot of yummy dishes await you for their party platter and this is more economical than ordering one by one as this party platter is designed for sharing. 

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Xin Tian Di Promo

Xin Tian Di offers dim sum all you can every day from 11:30 in the morning up until 2:30 in the afternoon. The recent promo that they have is 40% off on their dim sum lunch buffet, but this is only applicable with a minimum of two maximum of five dinners. This promo will run until December 2022. 

Xin Tian Di Menu Delivery

Upon checking I can’t find any delivery website but if you’re craving for your favorite Xin Tian Di dishes you may place your order thru grab foods or food panda. There are many third-party delivery services in the market these days just choose which one is more convenient for you.

The consumer is responsible for reserving the delivery rider. When placing an order, please specify a time and day for pickup in the “Cart Notes” section. Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Ortigas Ave, Corner Asian Development Bank, 1100. Please call +63 998 840 2135 or 8633 7222, extension 7306-07, with any questions or concerns.

Social Media Account

To start following them so you won’t miss any important news about the Xin Tian Di menu, promos, and updated pricing, you should start following them. Below, you will find its official social media pages as well as its website.





Xin Tian Di is a very nice place where you can enjoy their mouthwatering Chinese menu that is not just pleasant to the eye but definitely delicious. The restaurant is well-maintained and very comfortable. The customer-friendly ambiance and the crews are mostly quick, professional, and knowledgeable about their products. A good place to go with family and friends. Highly recommended for those Chinese food lovers and for those who wanted to try it. 

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