Limbaga 77 Menu Prices

As Filipinos, we all have memories attached to our country’s national dish adobo, tinola, liempo, and anything that is Filipino. Another restaurant that offers Filipino food is our topic in this article. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place that offers delicious food and affordable prices, right?  This restaurant is serving Filipino popular dishes so their restaurant is a great place to go if you’re looking for a place where you could enjoy Pinoy foods. Have you heard about this restaurant? If not then stay with me in this article and together we are going to explore Limbaga 77 menu, their price per dish, their best-selling food items, and something about them. Let’s stop delaying things here, let’s go. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Limbaga 77 menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Stuffed bulaklak ng kalabasa227
Sugbat kilaw377
Beef salpicao377
Crablets + nilasing na hipon227
Poqui poqui rolls227
Sizzling tofu with mushroom 227


Mussel soup 77
Munggo soup197
Kalabasa soup197
Halaan soup277
Chicken binakol477
Sinigang na salmon477


Limbaga 77 salad377
Pako salad277
Green mango pomelo salad377


Pansit bihon277
Filipino spaghetti 277
Bihon gambas377
Seafood pancit buko277
Pancit palabok277


Bistek tagalog477
Afobong tadyang ng baka377
Sinigang na baka sa pakwan477
Pares special377
Kaldereta de lengua377


Limbaga 77 baked lechon paksiw577
Baby back ribs577
Crispy bagnet477
Pork hamonado477
Pork sisig277
Grilled liempo277
Crispy pata677
Igado ilocos377


Roasted chicken 577
Four flavored wings277
Chicken binagoongan277
Chicken and pork adobo277
Buffalo wings 277
Chicken morcon377


Spicy seafood adobo577
Sweet and sour lapu lapu577
Prawns and garlic sauce477
Grilled tuna477
Tanigue steak477
Binusog na pusit477
Pampano in banana leaf477


Fresh lumpia277
Spicy bicol express 177
Seafood chopsuey 377
Limbaga 77 stuffed laing377
Traditional ensalada377


Danggit rice77
Bagoong rice77
Garlic rice57
Plain rice47

Best seller tandems

Limbaga 77 stuffed laing & adobong tadyang ng baka + garlic rice397
Spicy seafood adobo + adobong tadyang ng baka + garlic rice 397
Limbaga 77 stuffed laing + baby back ribs (1/4 rack) + garlic rice397
Spicy seafood adobo + grilled liempo + garlic rice 397
Limbaga 77 stuffed laing + toasted vigan Longganisa + garlic rice 397
Toasted vigan Longganisa + seafood chopsuey + garlic rice 397
Grilled liempo + seafood chopsuey + garlic rice 397

Blended drinks

Mabuhay smoothie 177
Minty mango waltermelon177
Lychee grapes shake177

Limbaga 77 juices

Grass citrus iced tea97
Fresh calamansi 97
Fresh dalandan97
Fresh orange97

Fresh fruit shakes

Ripe mango107
Green mango107
Watermelon 107
Pineapple 107


Coke regular77
Coke light77
Coke zero77
Sprite 77
Bottled water 77

About Limbaga 77

If you want to experience good Filipino foods then you should try visiting Limbaga 77. They are just located at Tomas Morato in Quezon City so finding them wouldn’t be a hassle since they are already in NCR. The place of this restaurant is an old house that they converted into a classic restaurant. Sonny Fortuna is the owner of this Filipino restaurant and according to him, they are sticking with the classic recipe that we all grow with, our classic Filipino cuisine that we all inherited from our logos or Lola’s.

Limbaga 77 is open every day from 11 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon then reopen at 6 until 10:00 in the evening. For your inquiries or reservations, you may send them a message on their social media pages (See the social media section for more information).

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Limbaga 77 Menu Best Seller

Here is the list of Limbaga’s 77 best-selling items that we gather based on our research.

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Stuffed Bulaklak ng Kalabasa – Limbaga 77’s stuffed bulaklak ng kalabasa in an appetizer that is made of squash flowers then they stuffed it with some cheese which we heard natively made and minced pork before dipping it into a batter and deep fried until crispy and golden brown on the outside. The combination of melted cheese and pork is really good. They also serve their stuffed bulaklak ng kalabasa with a dipping sauce which also highlights the taste of the fried bulaklak ng kalabasa. 

Photo Credit: Limbaga 77 FB Page

Paella – This classic dish is not very Filipino but has been around in our country for many years ago because of the Spanish influence. The Limbaga 77 version of this menu is made for sharing, one order is good for Five people.  this hearty Filipino-Spanish masterpiece is really good since it is packed with different kinds of meat like chicken meat, Spanish chorizo, hard-boiled eggs, and seafood like squid, clams, shrimp, and mussels. The paella grains at the bottom have that toasty crunch, to be honest I like scraping the toasted part because it’s so tasty. 

Green Mango Pomelo Salad – Limbaga 77 not only focused on the main dishes but as well as the salad. This salad menu has a combination of citrusy flavors from the mango and pomelo fruits and a bit of saltiness and smokiness from the grilled shrimp.  Some shrimp pieces are a bit over-grilled though and a little bitter but the citrusy flavor already overpowered the taste of the salad so it’s fine. 

Pochero – This dish is also one of the most popular dishes in our country, their pochero is made with rich tomato-based broth that provides a sweet and savory flavor on the broth plus the very tender meat (beef short ribs) which they slow-cooked, the vegetables are still crisp and that delicious saging na saba I can’t forget. When it comes to a presentation they served their pochero picture ready and Instagram-able. They only use fresh ingredients to keep the good quality of their pochero.

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Photo Credit: Limbaga 77 FB Page

Buffalo Wings – Though this is not included in our cuisine limbaga 77 decided to offer buffalo wings to appeal to their young diners. This delicious finger food is perfect for after-school or office hangouts.  They also serve this with a dipping sauce which is blue cheese, I noticed that they put some minced cucumber to the sauce maybe to add sweetness but overall this is delicious with or without the sauce. 

Photo Credit: Limbaga 77 FB Page

Limbaga 77 Starters Menu

Limbaga 77 has 6 delicious starters to choose from. First on the list is their stuffed bulaklak ng kalabasa which is also included on their best sellers, sugbat kilaw if you want something different, beef salpicao which is actually should be included in mains for me, crablets + nilasing na hipon that we all enjoy, poqui poqui rolls and lastly their sizzling tofu with mushroom. 


They have variety of soup choices as well, from vegetables to meaty soups. First, on the list is their mussel soup if you’re into mussels, mungo soup which is highly recommended because this one is delicious, kalabasa soup if you want something unusual, halaan soup which tastes like the mussels soup or am I wrong? Chicken binakol this one is great with rice, bulalo the all-time favorite soup in our country, and sinigang na salmon. All soups are good with rice. 

Photo Credit: Limbaga 77 FB Page


Since Limbaga 77 is a Filipino restaurant of course we will find noodle dishes on their menu. They have two kinda all-time favorite Filipino pancit which are pansit bihon and pansit palabok. They also serve Filipino-style spaghetti, bihon gambas, and seafood pansit buko. 

Photo Credit: Limbaga 77 FB Page
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Limbaga 77 has a lot of beef dishes. From pochero to karekare up to bistek tagalog they have it. They also have adobong tadyang ng baka which is very tasty and soft, kaldereta and this unusual dish called sinigang na baka sa pakwan that is surprisingly delicious, pares special and kaldereta de lengua which is made with beef tongue. 

Photo Credit: Limbaga 77 FB Page

Limbaga 77 Menu Delivery

If you want to order your favorite limba 77 foods all you have to do is message their Facebook page or you can text/Viber them at 09267158134. Then you’ll get to choose how you will receive your order, could be restaurant pick up or Lalamove or grab express or could be Limbaga 77 delivery. After that you have to choose your payment method it could be online banking or Gcash or for the restaurant pick up it could be cash or card. 

Social Media Pages

To demonstrate your support, we invite you to visit and follow Limbaga 77’s social media accounts. By doing so, you’ll receive the latest updates on their promotions and events since this is the primary platform where they interact with their customers. Check out the links below to connect with them on various social media channels.





Perfect place to go if you’re exploring Filipino cuisine, and affordable meals and the quality of their foods ate just amazing. Limbaga 77 menu has a wide variety of selections from appetizers to desserts. The restaurant itself has a great interior which gives a classic and homey feel while dining inside. I can’t complain anything about their service crews, they are the best and very approachable as well. The place is clean and cozy. Their foods are appetizing in appearance and when it comes to serving size they serve huge sizes so it’s also great for sharing. Highly recommended restaurant if you want to enjoy delicious Filipino dishes. 

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