Trabi Café Menu Prices

Looking for a cozy café experience that’s enjoyable and fun? At Trabi Café, you’re in for a special treat with their range of classic coffees, milk tea, frappes, basic and fruit teas, cold brews, as well as a delightful selection of cakes and pastries. They also offer extras like brown sugar pearls, whipped cream, and various fruity add-ons. If you’re a coffee lover, you can even get an extra espresso shot. They have a variety of menu like cheesecakes, cream puffs, and cashew milk. And if you’re interested in more than just food, they’ve got cool stuff like tote bags, collections, and books suitable for all ages. It’s a great spot to enjoy with friends and family!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Trabi Café menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Americano (Short)90
Americano (Tall)110
Belgian Chocolate (Short)130
Belgian Chocolate (Tall)150
Brewed Coffee (Short)90
Brewed Coffee (Tall)110
Ca Phe Sua Da (Short)120
Ca Phe Sua Da (Tall)140
Caffe Mocha (Short)120
Caffe Mocha (Tall)140
Cappuccino (Short)110
Cappuccino (Short)110
Cappuccino (Tall)130
Caramel Latte (Short)120
Caramel Latte (Tall )140
Dirty Matcha (Short)140
Dirty Matcha (Tall)160
Espresso (Short)80
Espresso (Tall)100
Hazelnut Latte (Short)120
Hazelnut Latte (Tall)140
Latte (Short)110
Latte (Tall )130
Peppermint Mocha (Short)130
Peppermint Mocha (Tall)150
Sakura Matcha (Berry Matcha) (Short)140
Sakura Matcha (Berry Matcha) (Tall)160
Spanish Latte (Short)120
Spanish Latte (Tall)140
Sparkling Piña Matcha (Short) 130
Sparkling Piña Matcha (Tall) 150
Toffe Caramel (Short)130
Toffe Caramel (Tall)150
Uji Matcha (Short)130
Uji Matcha (Tall)150
White Mocha (Short)120
White Mocha (Tall)140

Milk Tea

Cookies & Cream (Short)110
Cookies & Cream (Tall)130
Dark Chocolate (Short)105
Dark Chocolate (Tall)125
Java Chip (Short)110
Java Chip (Tall)130
Okinawa (Short)110
Okinawa (Tall)130
Salted Caramel (Short)105
Salted Caramel (Tall)125
Strawberry (Short)105
Strawberry (Tall)125
Taro (Short)110
Taro (Tall)130
Uji Matcha (Short)110
Uji Matcha (Tall)130
Wintermelon (Short)110
Wintermelon (Tall)130


Chocolate Hazelnut (Short)130
Chocolate Hazelnut (Tall)150
Cookies & Cream (Short)130
Cookies & Cream (Tall)150
Dark Mocha (Short)130
Dark Mocha (Tall)150
Double Chocolate (Short)120
Double Chocolate (Tall)140
Espresso (Short)120
Espresso (Tall)140
Java Chip (Short)140
Java Chip (Tall)160
Matcha Green Tea (Short)140
Matcha Green Tea (Tall)160
Peppermint Mocha (Short)130
Peppermint Mocha (Tall)150
Salted Caramel (Short)130
Salted Caramel (Tall)150
Strawberries & Cream (Short)140
Strawberries & Cream (Tall)160
Toffee Caramel (Short)130
Toffee Caramel (Tall)150
White Chocolate (Short)120
White Chocolate (Tall)140

Basic & Fruit Tea

Berry Slush (Short)130
Berry Slush (Tall)150
Black Lemon (Short)115
Black Lemon (Tall)135
Blue Lemonade (Short)140
Blue Lemonade (Tall)160
Longan Love with Nata (Short)130
Longan Love with Nata (Tall)150
Lychee & Berries (Short)115
Lychee & Berries (Tall)135
Poppin Lychee (Short)115
Poppin Lychee (Tall)135
Rosenberry Lemon (Short)140
Rosenberry Lemon (Tall)160
Sparklin Apple Berry (Short)130
Sparklin Apple Berry (Tall)150
Sparklin Lychee (Short)130
Sparklin Lychee (Tall)150
Strawberry Pop (Short) 115
Strawberry Pop (Tall) 135

Cold Brew

Black Mocha (Short)115
Black Mocha (Tall)135
Caramel (Short)115
Caramel (Tall)135
Classic (Short)100
Classic (Tall)120
Hazelnut (Short)115
Hazelnut (Tall)135
Latte (Short)105
Latte (Tall)125
Spanish (Short)115
Spanish (Tall)135
White Mocha (Short)115
White Mocha (Tall)135

Add Ons

Almond Milk 30
Brown Sugar Pearls 18
Cashew Milk 30
Cheesecake 33
Coffee Jelly 18
Cream Puffs 33
Extra Espresso Shot 36
Nata De Coco 18
Popping Boba Lychee 22
Popping Boba Strawberry 22
Rocksalt & Cheese 33
Whipped Cream 22


Cali (Apple)70
Cali (Light)70
Cali (Pineapple)70
California Crunch (Barbecue)90
California Crunch (Sour Cream and Onions)90
Cassava Chips 35
Chicharon 75
Curve Coffee Altitude Blend (1 Kilo)1450
Curve Coffee Altitude Blend (250 grams)390
Curve Coffee Altitude Blend (500 grams)770
Curve Coffee Italian Blend (1 Kilo)1180
Curve Coffee Italian Blend (250 grams)300
Curve Coffee Italian Blend (500 grams)600
Curve Coffee Sweet Shot Blend (1 Kilo)1450
Curve Coffee Sweet Shot Blend (250 grams)390
Curve Coffee Sweet Shot Blend (500 grams)770
Curve Drip Coffee (Makisig) (Philippine Arabica and Robusta)380
Curve Drip Coffee (Marikit) (100% Philippine Arabica Blend)380
Da Vinci Caramel Sauce (2L)820
Da Vinci Chocolate Sauce (2L)820
Da Vinci Syrup (750 ml)550
Dilmah Arana Series (Awake)220
Dilmah Arana Series (Detox)220
Dilmah Arana Series (Digestive)220
Flowers (Ecuadorian Rose)250
Flowers (Gypsophila) (Baby's Breath)180
HOPE in a Bottle 25
Horoyoi (Hapikle)105
Horoyoi (Peach & Pear)110
Horoyoi (Summer Lychee)105
Jack Daniels & Coke (320 ml)120
Lemon-Dou Signature Lemon (330 ml)100
San Mig Light (Lychee)70
Sminoff Mule 90
SOLA Iced Tea (Lemon)70
SOLA Iced Tea (Peach)70
SOLA Iced Tea (Raspberry)70
Stellinas (Old Fashioned Lemonade)70
Stellinas (Pink Lemonade)70
Suntory Strong Zero 150
Tanduay Ice 70
Torani Sauce (1650 oz)400
Torani Sauce (189L)1000
Torani Syrup (375 ml)349
Torani Syrup (750 ml)465

Cakes and Pastries

Breadsticks (Beef Taco)160
Breadsticks (Chicken Pesto)160
Breadsticks (Cheeseburger)160
Breadsticks (Tuna Melt)160
Breadsticks (Pepperoni & Cheese)160
Blueberry Cheesecake 160
Belgian Chocolate Cake 140
Burnt Bassque Cheesecake (Slice)180
Burnt Bassque Cheesecake (Mini 4 Inch)200
*Add On Topping: Chocolate10
*Add On Topping: Strawberry10
*Add On Topping: Caramel10
Cake Candle 10
Cake Toppers 75
Churro Pops (Ready-To-Cook)140
Churro Pops (Ready-To-Eat)150
Oreo Cheesecake 160
Churro (Ready-To-Cook)140
Churro (Ready-To-Eat)150
Devils Food Cake 145
Mocha Tiramisu 140
Death by Tablea 130
Deep Dark Classic 110
Green Tea Mousse 130
New York Cheesecake (No Toppings)150
New York Cheesecake (With Toppings)160
Nutella Cheesecake 170
Red Velvet Cake 130
Red Velvet Cheesecake 160
Salted Caramel Chocolate 140
Strawberry Cheesecake 170
Triple Chocolate Mousse 140
Ube Fiesta Cake 140


Camomile (Short)70
Camomile (Tall)90
English Breakfast (Short)70
English Breakfast (Tall)90
Lemon and Ginger (Short)70
Lemon and Ginger (Tall)90
Peppermint (Short)70
Peppermint (Tall)90
Pure Green (Short)70
Pure Green (Tall)90


A Via Claris Collection 140
Barista Series 100
Coffee Series 100
Funko Pop (BTS 223 V)800
Funko Pop (BTS 224 Jung Kook)800
Funko Pop (BTS 219 Jin)800
Funko Pop (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald 14 New)600
Funko Pop (Harry Potter 106 Patronus: Hermoine Granger)500
Funko Pop (Harry Potter 104 Patronus: Harry Potter)500
Funko Pop (Harry Potter: 88 Fleur Delacour)800
Funko Pop (Harry Potter: 99 Cedric Diggory)500
Funko Pop (Harry Potter: 99 Ginny Weasley)500
Funko Pop (Harry Potter: 104 Buckbeak)900
Funko Pop (Harry Potter: 87 Fawkes)600
Funko Pop (Jack Synder's Justice League 1124 Diana Prince)650
Funko Pop (Marvel Studios Spiderman: No Way Home 913 Spider)900
Funko Pop (Marvel Avengers: Infinity Wars 287 Iron Spider)700
Funko Pop (Marvel Avengers: Infinity Wars 305 Iron Spider)1000
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 733 Druig) 900
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 727 Ikaris)600
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 734 Makkari)900
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 737 KRO)500
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 730 Gilgamesh)500
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 738 Dane Whitman)500
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 736 Phastos)500
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 729 Thena)500
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 731 Kingo)500
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 732 Sprite)500
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 735 Ajak)500
Funko Pop (Marvel Eternals 728 Sersi)600
Funko Pop (Marvel Spiderman 395 Spider-man)300
Funko Pop (X-Men 422 Phoenix (Green))600
Latte Art (Tulip)140
Stella Series 100
Trabi Cafe (Black Tote Bag)275
Trabi Cafe (White Tote Bag)250
Trabi Cafe (Cream Tote With Thick Rope Strap)300

Vibal Books

Boxer Codex: A Modern Spanish Transcription 1699
El Filibusterismo 1000
El Periodisimo Filipino 1811-1910 The First Cent 2200
Fabian de la Rosa and His Times 699
Fifty Shades of Phil Art Damian Domingo 550
Fifty Shades of Phil Art Francisco Coching 550
Fifty Shades of Phil Art Heritage Churches 699
Fifty Shades of Phil Art Isabelo Tampingco 550
Fifty Shades of Phil Art of Window 550
Fifty Shades of Phil Torti Cerda 550
Images of Nation Arturo Luz First Light 2275
Ninettenth-Century Masters of Angono Art 999
Philippine Cartography 1320-1899 Fourth Edition 2200
Philippine Cinema 1897-20202000
Pugot Head Taking Ritual Cannibalism and Human 1500
Sisa's Vengeance 399
Telling Modern Time the Life and Art of Botong Franciso 550
The Life and Art of Lee Aguinaldo 2900
The Life and Times of Purita Kalaw Ledesma 2200
You Shall Be As Gods Anting Anting and the Filipino 699

Vibal Chickiting

Ang Batang Ayaw ng Keso 100
Ang Nawawalang Krayola 100
Anluwagi 60
Bumabara Bara Bara 60
Cassy's Chair 100
Creatres at Home 60
His Friedn Eric 60
Isla Esperanza 100
Mariang Sinukuan 60
Maruray And Diwatang Hindi Kagandahan 100
Mga Laruang Papel 60
Mga Munting Lihim ni Gorio 100
Si Gino Gulay 100

About Trabi Café 

Trabi Café is a coffee shop situated inside Hiraya Restaurant in Binangonan Rizal, serving delicious food and beverages and providing various amenities such as free Wi-Fi, sockets, an art gallery, an al-fresco dining area, a co-working space, and a great ambiance. This restaurant’s name comes from the words “Travel” and “Bike,” as it was founded to offer coffee to bikers. 

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Trabi Café Menu Best Seller 

Trabi Café is known for its delicious coffee, milk tea, cookies, and pastries. These are some of this shop’s best-selling food and drinks that will give you a unique coffee experience. 

Classic Latte – Latte is a popular coffee made with a delicious combination of espresso and steamed milk and is loved for its creative presentation and appealing taste. The intense flavor of espresso and the creaminess of milk are perfectly balanced, making each sip enjoyable. 

Classic latte Pin
Photo Credits: Trabi Café Facebook Page

Cappuccino – Cappuccino is characterized by its creamy and smooth texture and rich coffee flavor. The foamy and thick layer of steamed milk on its top is one of the features of this coffee that makes it one of the sought coffee drinks at Trabi Café. 

Taro Milk Tea – It is a famous milk tea flavor with taro root added to a classic milk tea. The taro adds a mellow sweetness and nutty flavor that complements well with milk tea’s flavor. 

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Java Chip Milk Tea – Enjoy this Java Chip Milk Tea from this café with a yummy taste and satisfying crunch. The java chips melt faster than the regular chocolate, which is why its flavors blend well with the other ingredients in this beverage. 

Burnt Basque Cheesecake – Cake, pastries, and sweets are the best foods that pair perfectly with coffee, tea, or frappe, as their taste and texture are pleasing to the palate. The burnt caramelized crust, mousse-like filling, and tasty caramel note of this cheesecake make it unique and simply irresistible. 

Trabi Café Classic Menu

The classic coffees offered by Trabi Café, such as espresso, latte, americano, caramel latte, hazelnut latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, and Spanish latte, are all loved by its patrons as they are great-tasting and have a relaxing aroma. 

Espresso – Awaken your senses with this traditional espresso’s rich, robust, and bold flavors. It is available in hot, iced, and blended varieties, so it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

Caffe Mocha – Caffe mocha, also known as mochaccino, is one of the varieties of latte made with coffee, milk, and chocolate. The robust flavor of coffee cuts through the sweet and chocolatey taste of milk and chocolate, as its ingredients are mixed well. 

Spanish Latte – It is an espresso-based beverage that originates in Spain and is loved for its distinctive sweet taste as the coffee is mixed with condensed milk. The creamy texture and sweeter flavor profile of this latte sets it apart from other classic coffee drinks. 

Spanish latte Pin
Photo Credits: Trabi Café Facebook Page

Milk Tea 

Trabi Café serves various milk tea flavors that are packed with delicious flavors and appealing to the senses, such as Okinawa, winter melon, uji matcha, salted caramel, dark chocolate, taro, strawberry, and java chip.

Wintermelon – Treat yourself to this invigorating wintermelon milk tea with refreshing goodness and a grassy-like flavor. This is one of the milk tea flavors served by different bubble tea or milk tea shops worldwide, as the crowd loves its taste. 

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Wintermelon milk tea Pin
Photo Credits: Trabi Café Facebook Page

Uji Matcha – Uji is a popular type of matcha prepared using the youngest tea leaves, which is why it is considered one of the matcha in Japan with the highest and premium quality. It gives this drink a well-balanced sweetness, bitterness, and umami flavors and a unique aroma. 

Salted Caramel – A delicious beverage menu of Trabi Café that is made with milk, tea, and salted caramel, and is loved for its sweet, salty, and buttery flavors. You can make it more filling, flavorful, and satisfying by choosing your preferred sugar level and additional ingredients. 


The flavors of frappe this coffee shop offers are Espresso, Dark Mocha, Cookies and Cream, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Java Chip, Matcha Green Tea, and Horchata. The sinkers or toppings that you can add for free are whipped cream, nata de coco, coffee jelly, and brown sugar pearls. 

Cookies and Cream – Cookies and cream frappe flavor is a refreshing sweet treat that is a hit among all age groups. The cookie crumbs add a nostalgic twist and texture, while the cream imparts a sweet taste to this tasty frappe. 

Double Chocolate – Experience the luscious taste and chocolatey goodness of this delicious double chocolate frappe. The whipped cream on its top is garnished with chocolate syrup, enhancing its taste and presentation. 

Double chocolate frappe Pin
Photo Credits: Trabi Café Facebook Page

Matcha Green Tea – Matcha green tea frappe has a green color that makes it look enticing and refreshing. It is an excellent Trabi Café menu during hot weather as it has an earthy, distinctive, and deep taste that will surely freshen you up. 

Cold Brew 

Trabi Café offers cold brew crafted masterfully to give diners a satisfying drink with pleasing flavor and texture. It serves classic cold brew, where handcrafted coffee is steeped slowly in cool water for 12 to 24 hours to make its taste more pleasing. The other cold brew beverages it provides are latte, Spanish, hazelnut, black mocha, caramel, and white mocha. 

Cakes and Pastries 

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Cakes and pastries are some of the products offered by most coffee and milk tea shops to give customers a gratifying experience. The cakes Trabi Café menu offers include Blueberry Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Burnt Basque Cheesecake, and Belgian Chocolate Cake. It also offers cake toppers and candles so you can add decoration to the slice of cake and have a simple yet memorable celebration. Regarding pastries, this restaurant provides breadsticks and churro pops that go well with coffee and other beverages. 

Belgian chocolate cake Pin
Photo Credits: Trabi Café Facebook Page

Trabi Café Menu Delivery 

The heartwarming and refreshing beverages and delicious cakes and pastries of Trabi Café are available for dine-in, take-out, pick-up, and delivery. For delivery, place your order on GrabFood or visit its official website at, so you can enjoy your favorite food and beverages from this restaurant in your own space. 

Social Media Pages

Experience the delightful journey of culinary inspiration, special offers, and a taste of the Trabi Café experience from the comfort of your screen. Below are the official links to their social media channels that you may subscribe to, follow, or like their [ages.




What is the location of the Trabi Café? 

Trabi Café is located at 0905 Sitio Hangganan, Pag-asa, Binangonan, Philippines. 

Does the Trabi Café provide free Wi-Fi for customers? 

Yes, Trabi Café offers free Wi-Fi for its customers. 

Can I host private events or parties at Trabi Café? 

Trabi Café does not offer a service for hosting private events or parties, but you can have a photoshoot. 

Are pets allowed inside the Trabi Café? 

Yes, pets are allowed inside Trabi Café. 


The Trabi Café menu features a great selection of beverages and snacks suitable for people from different walks of life. It is a great place where you can find books you love, work or study, unwind, and bond with your loved ones. The artsy and fancy design of its interiors makes it aesthetically appealing and Instagrammable. Most customers recommend this coffee shop because its food and drinks have a delicious taste and are reasonably priced. 

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