Landers Central Menu Prices

Are you a Landers shopper and missing Landers food items since you can’t go to their physical store? No worries I found a way for you to get your hands on their delicious food products without having to go out. The Landers Central menu offers a wide choice of delicious, filling, and affordable meals for you and your family. Interested in this? Then stay with me here on our newest topic and let’s find out what types of snacks and goods we can order at Landers Central, their price per item, and of course something about them. I’m actually excited about this since I usually miss their pizzas and sometimes I can’t go to the physical store since I am always busy. I’m being talkative again so so much for this long introduction and let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Landers Central menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


N.Y. Smoked Bacon Mushroom Pizza864.00
Cavendish Fries90.00
Half Bacon Mushroom / Pepperoni862.00
2pc Chicken w/ Rice229.00
8pc Chicken Bucket691.00
Chicken Roll-Up w/ Bacon173.00
Half N.Y. Cheese / Bacon Mushroom863.00
Creamy Truffle Pasta w/ Grilled Chicken233.00


N.Y Cheese deluxe pizza 624.00
Bronx Pepperoni Pizza743.00
N.Y Smoked bacon mushroom pizza861.00
Half N.Y. Cheese / Pepperoni745.00
Half N.Y. Cheese / Bacon Mushroom862.00
Half Bacon Mushroom / Pepperoni864.00
Central Garden Regular Pizza743.00
Wallstreet Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza Reg861.00
US aloha cheeseburger pizza833.00
Brooklyn bomber pizza744.00
Garlic four cheese pizza 798.00
N.Y cheese deluxe slice with drink 185.00
Bronx Pepperoni Pizza slice with drink 190.00
Brooklyn bomber slice pizza with drink 191.00
N.Y. Smoked Bacon Mushroom slice Pizza with drink211.00
Garlic four cheese slice pizza with drink208.00
Manhattan supreme pizza slice with drink190.00
Creamy shrimp pesto pizza862.00
Creamy shrimp pesto slice pizza with drink209.00
Margherita pizza874.00
Whole manhattan supreme pizza 743.00

Fried chicken and combo meals

2pc Chicken w/ Rice229.00
U.S. Angus Patty Peppered Steak229.00
Hickory Wings w/ Fries233.00
8pc Chicken Bucket689.00
2pc Chicken + Rice + Drink263.00
US Angus Patty Peppered Steak + Drink289.00
Truffle Trio Meal280.00
2pc Fiery Spicy Chicken w/ Rice189.00

Burgers, Sandwiches and More

U.S. Angus Beef Burger226.00
Chicken Roll-Up w/Bacon174.00
U.S. Famous Beef Hotdog + Drink291.00
U.S. Angus Beef Burger + Drink289.00
New Cheesy Smoked Hotdog174.00
Spinach Lasagna333.00
New Jalapeno w/ Cheesy Bacon Dog276.00
French Ham and Grilled Cheese Sandwich 163.00
Tuna Salad Multigrain Croissant192.00
U.S. Famous Beef Hotdog184.00

Pastas and salad

Creamy Truffle Pasta w/ Grilled Chicken235.00
Mixed Green Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad239.00


Cavendish Fries89.00
Gravy 2oz14.00

Doppio cafe

Classic Milk Tea137.00
Tropical Passion Fruit Tea157.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea163.00
Brewed Coffee85.00
Espresso Double Shot 60mL59.00
Cafe Americano 12oz99.00
Cappucino 12oz128.00
Mocha Latte 12oz168.00
Hot Chocolate 12oz115.00
Cafe Latte 12oz126.00
Machiato Caramel 12oz172.00

Soda and Water

Coke Reg in Can64.00
Sprite in Can64.00
Royal Orange in Can66.00
Sarsi 65.00
Minute Maid 65.00
Real leaf tea67.00
Sprite 66.00
Coke 67.00
Bottled water 42.00


Landers Central Bundle A771.00
Landers Central Bundle B770.00

About Landers Central

Landers Superstore is a warehouse-like store that aims to provide a blissful, convenient, and superior, membership shopping experience for families. Their mission is to give local consumers those international finds, exclusive services, and delightful perks on their store and even on their online store that will allow members to enjoy and save more since their items are mostly in bulk. A great selection of groceries, organic goods, and even home decor and appliances are found at Landers. This place offers top-quality products from different aspects of needs and lifestyles.

They have a wide mix of local and imported brands on their shelves making every visit to their physical store a new opportunity to try new products. Some of the world’s most trusted brands are present at Landers such as Bright Right detergent, Badia spices, double rainbow ice cream, and more are offered at landers however aside from those they also have Landers Central. This one is an online platform where you can enjoy delicious products especially pizzas delivered to your doorsteps. Landers Central is a great choice especially if you are craving something affordable and delicious

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Landers Central Must Try Menu

Here are some sample items at Landers Central that you must try. 

Garlic Four Cheese Pizza – This one is really delicious if you’re a fan of cheese this is the right item for you. Landers Central’s garlic four-cheese pizza has tomato sauce as a base mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, and other cheeses that I am quite not sure about.

Garlic four cheese pizza Pin
Photo Credits: Landers Central – BGC GrabFood Page

It also has garlic making this pizza garlicky and cheesy at the same time. Mozzarella is pretty important in this pizza to make it more creamier and cheesier. If you want a clean flavor of pizza their garlic four-cheese pizza is the perfect item for you I am really sorry for not ordering this when I was younger. This one is a bomb. 

New Cheesy Smoked Hotdog – The new cheesy smokes hotdog menu of Landers Central is something that you will order in case you love to taste different flavors at once. This is made with hotdog buns then smoked hotdog, cheese, pickle relish, and mustard on top. I like this better with a lot of tomato ketchup though. The quality of the hotdogs that they used is really amazing they taste good and the smokey taste made this even more delicious. I can actually finish 2 of these don’t judge me. 

Creamy Truffle Pasta with Grilled Chicken – The creamy truffle pizza with grilled chicken from Landers Central is a great choice if you want good pasta. This has mixed flavors that you will surely love. The truffles actually give this pasta dish an earthy flavor more than other varieties of mushrooms it is creamy as well which adds to the great flavor of this dish. On the other hand, the grilled chicken is also good it is also flavorful and tender and not dry, the grilled chicken is perfect with the truffle pasta. 

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Creamy truffle pasta with grilled chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Landers Central – BGC GrabFood Page

8 pcs Chicken Bucket – Their fried chicken at Landers Central is some of the best chicken that I tried here in our country. This one reminds me of what I usually have at Costco but much better. An 8-pcs chicken bucket is perfect and good enough for family or friends.

The chicken tastes so good the outside is not that crispy but I am not looking for crispiness instead I am looking for the taste. Inside is juicy and cooked really well there’s no aftertaste or whatever. I like this with of course ketchup or just by itself. 

8pcs chicken bucket Pin
Photo Credits: Landers Central – BGC GrabFood Page

U.S. Angus Beef Burger – The US Angus Beef Burger of Landers Central is the perfect choice especially with burger lovers out there just like me. Made with Angus beef patty then assembled into a tasty bun with lettuce, tomato, and cheese plus their special sauce that made their burger so delicious this one comes with a drink as well. The beef patty is perfectly cooked and seasoned really well, great taste plus the added cheese really compliments the Angus beef patty. 

US Angus beef burger Pin
Photo Credits: Landers Central – BGC GrabFood Page

Landers Central Menu Delivery

Now, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on your beloved Landers Central goodies. Just hop on over to their website, where you can not only browse and buy but also enjoy the convenience of ordering. Keep in mind that the delivery options may vary depending on where you live. So, go ahead and explore their website to satisfy your Landers Central cravings!

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Beer-battered fish & chips Pin
Photo CreditsL Landers Central Facebook Page

Social Media Pages

Landers Central offers a wide range of food options that are not only delicious but also Instagram-worthy. By sharing food photos on your social media pages, you can help spread the word about their delectable dishes and attract more customers to their restaurant.







What kind of business is Landers?

Landers is a superstore that offers a wide variety of local and international products. Landers is a retail and wholesale store. 

Who owns Landers Philippines?

Landers here in the country is owned by Luis Yu Jr.

How many branches do landers have?

They actually have 7 branches nationwide. 6 are already in Manila and 1 outside of Manila however if you’re nowhere near their stores there are 3 new Landers Superstores branches coming soon. 

Can I shop at Landers without a membership?

No, unfortunately only members can shop at Landers but you can proceed with paying for your membership at their customer service booth. 


Landers Central is a great option if you’re looking for something delicious without spending too much. The Landers Central menu has affordable items to offer and everything is just delicious. Landers Central has a physical store and delivery at the same time making it convenient to access the delicious foods that they offer. Landers Central is overall a great experience and highly recommended for everyone. 

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