Fiery Style Menu Prices

If you love steak and nachos and are still looking for the best, you might want to try the Fiery Style menu. It is one of the most recent cantinas to open, delivering a full-flavor fiesta to Metro inhabitants who crave Mexican food. The Philippines is a culinary paradise brimming with unique wild tastes. One local culinary heritage has been created by a variety of nationalities, demonstrating the country’s unwavering appreciation for food. Additionally, her culture grew diversified since the archipelago is situated on the untamed Pacific floor, which was a popular route used by early conquerors. As the nation grew with a strong link to Western civilization, its rich past appeared to ignite the wilderness. As evidence, Spanish delicacies like nachos and paella are now widely available in Filipino cuisine.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Fiery Style menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Crispy Chicken Strips218
Fiery Nachos408
Crispy Squid Rings348
Truffle Chili Cheese Finger268
Southwestern Baked Mussels308
Fiery Buffalo Wings Fillet Bombers318
Sticky Wings378
Deep Fried Stuffed Baby Squid288
Mexican Street Croquettes288
Southwest Chili Bone Marrow Sisig388
Southwest Chips Guacomole and Salsa218
BBQ Crisp Chicken Skin168
Salpicao De Mar Y Tierra418


Sauteed Vegetables268
Marinated Shrimps368
Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Chicken318
BBQ Pulled Pork348
Rump Steak448
Barbecued Beef Briskey458
Fiery Grilled Sisig338


Mexican Cheese398
Marinated Shrimps458
Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Chicken448
BBQ Pulled Pork468
Rump Steak488
Mexican Chili Beef418
Barbecued Beef Brisket518
Fiery Grilled Sisig408


Sauteed Vegetables218
Marinated Shrimps318
Grilled Jalapeno-Lime Chicken248
BBQ Pulled Pork268
Rump Steak348
Mexican Chili Beef298
Barbecued Beef Brisket378
Fiery Grilled Sisig258

Modern Mexican Specials

Quesadilla Burger238


Chili Burger218
Southwest Deli Burger298
Southwest Chicken Burger218
Southern Pork Burger208
Queso Grande Beef Burger308
Southern Fried Sloppy Burger268
Vefie Juicy Burger168
Fiery BBQ Bacon Mushroom Burger268


Combo Uno238
Combo Dos248
Combo Tres258
Combo Quatro268
Combo Cinco278
Combo Seis288
Combo Siete298
Combo Otso308


Onion Rings Stacker298
Amigo Sharer488
Lord of the Wings1218
Seafood Primera Al Diablo1468
Fiery Baby Back Ribs1418
Lava Grilled Chanos Chanos578
Southwest Platter878
Steam Ala Familia1218
Barbecued Beef Ribs1518
Baja Mixed Seafood608

Virgin Margaritas and Mojitos

House Southwest Margarita118
Mango Southwest Margarita138
Strawberry Southwest Margarita148
Lychee Southwest Margarita148
El Tamarino Southwest Margarita148
House Minty Mojito118
Flavored Minty Mojito138

Classic Horchata Supremo

Bora Horchata98
Mango Horchata98
Matcha Horchata98
Strawberry Horchata98
Banana Horchata98
Wintermelon Horchata98

Classic Horchata Ultimo

Bora Horchata118
Mango Horchata118
Matcha Horchata118
Strawberry Horchata118
Banana Horchata118
Wintermelon Horchata118

Specialty Cheesecake Horchata Supremo

Rocky Road Almond128
Black Forest128
Red Velvet128
Double Dutch128

Specialty Cheesecake Horchata Ultimo

Rocky Road Almond148
Black Forest148
Red Velvet148
Double Dutch148

Kids Horchata Supremo

Choco Chuckie128
Nido Cream128
Milo Chaptor128
Nutella Nuts128

Kids Horchata Ultimo

Choco Chuckie148
Nido Cream148
Milo Chaptor148
Nutella Nuts148

Primo Horchata Supremo

Purple Yam138
Winter Caramel138
Mango Taro138
Almond Caramel138
Mango Caramel138
Guacamole Graham138
Mango Graham138

Primo Horchata Ultimo

Purple Yam158
Winter Caramel158
Mango Taro158
Almond Caramel158
Mango Caramel158
Guacamole Graham158
Mango Graham158

Refreshing Horchata Supremo

Cucumber Honey88
Four Seasons88

Refreshing Horchata Ultimo

Cucumber Honey108
Four Seasons108

About Fiery Style

The greatest Tex-Mex and Southwestern food is served at the locally-owned restaurant Fiery Style. In only five short years, they have grown to eight locations around Metro Manila’s main malls, and they have further expansion plans. The newest restaurant can be located in the upmarket Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City, and just a quick glimpse at its attractive décor will tempt passing customers to eat there. Since it opened its doors in 2016, Fiery Style Southwestern Flaming Grill has unquestionably become one of Filipinos’ favorite restaurants for gatherings with friends, family, and even coworkers who are searching for a nice spot to unwind after a hard day at the office.

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Texan and Mexican, or Tex-Mex as it is more often known, is a fusion of Mexican and American cuisines that originated with the Tejano population in Texas. From border states like Texas and others in the Southwest to the rest of the United States and Canada, it has expanded. The Tex-Mex cuisine has been growing in popularity in the Philippines for years due to its layers of sour, spicy, sweet, and smokey tastes. When Filipinos eat out, they never simply go for one flavor; rather, they constantly seek dishes that are overflowing with flavor. If they come across a Tex-Mex restaurant, they would almost always prefer it over the others.

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Fiery Style Menu Best Seller

fiery style menu best seller Pin
Photo Credit: Fiery Style FB Page

Fiery Nachos – The Greatest NACHOS in town are served on the Fiery Style menu, and they truly are the best. With layers upon layers of nachos, the nachos are delicious. It’s excellent if you’re ill and don’t feel like eating but still need sustenance. Even cheese isn’t always the ideal ingredient for nachos. A well-prepared nacho is a true riot of flavor and texture, with one component opposing and enhancing the others simultaneously. It has a variety of textures, including crunch, chews, creamy, gooey, toasty, sour, and sweet.

Galleon Grills – Try The Galleon of Bones for the best-selling title that you just must get. This dish is amazing since it comes on a ship-shaped platter, contains BBQ Ribs, Chicken Wings, juicy Pork Hammers, and Beef Ribs, and is accompanied by Southwest chips or your choice of fiery rice, coleslaw, and Texan-style BBQ sauce.

Steak ala Familia – A rare roast beef’s distinct beef flavor may be detected in aged steak, as well as softer hints of other delectable flavors like warm buttered popcorn. It can occasionally taste cheesy and have a little nutty flavor as well.

Fiery Style Menu Crispy Chicken Strips

On their menu, this dish is listed under the appetizers category. It is a chicken breast strip with a Louisana-style coating that is served with Texan-style BBQ sauce and a dressed salad garnish. The term chicken tenders describe chicken that has been prepared from the chicken’s most tender section, usually the pectoralis minor, which is the area under the chicken breast. In contrast, chicken fingers are thin pieces of chicken flesh made from the inner breast muscle of the chicken breast.           

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Southwestern Baked Mussels

These are cheese and chili cheese baked delicate mussels. Mussels have a very subtle saltwater flavor with an undertone that is slightly sweet and mushroom-like. They make a great complement to many recipes because of their delicate flavor, and when paired with other components, they take on the characteristics of those other items. In many American dishes, mussels are a frequent seafood ingredient. They are delicious and incredibly healthful, and because of their distinctive flavor, they go well with a variety of foods. Mussels come in a variety of varieties, and each has a somewhat unique flavor and texture. Blue mussels are the common mussels that you would probably find at a seafood restaurant.

Sticky Wings

Their sticky wings are another appetizer on the menu. These chicken wings are so deliciously sticky. After being cooked until the chicken wings slip off the bone, a sweet and sour barbecue sauce is applied to them. For your upcoming game-day gathering, these wings make a wonderful appetizer. Even though they are juicier and have a concentrated flavor of poultry, like black meat, chicken wings are made of white flesh. When people think of this chicken component, they frequently picture Buffalo wings, and for good reason. There are four distinct flavors, including Fiery salted egg, Fiery BBQ, sweet chili, and Texan Style.

Fiery Style Chicken BBQ Menu

Even with just one taste, good cuisine frequently creates quite the effect. It is difficult to forget the scent, the taste combination, and the consistently enjoyable textures. And well-prepared chicken barbecue has the same memory quality—with just about the right amount of flavor and juiciness. Additionally, marinades are utilized to flavor and tenderize meat. In American grocery stores, rotisserie chicken has become more well-known and well-liked. One of the most popular barbecue recipes everywhere in the globe is chicken on the grill.

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Fiery Style Menu Delivery

Photo Credit: Fiery Style Mexpress Delivery FB Page

One of the best features of the menu of this restaurant is that you need not eat it at their physical store. Their best sellers, crispy chicken strips, baked mussels and many more can be ordered through the Foodpanda or Grabfood app. Through this, many customers won’t feel the hassle of going into a Fiery Style restaurant. They can already enjoy their favorite food in the comfort of their homes.

Social Media Pages

If you love the food menu list of Fiery Style restaurant, then we highly recommend that you subscribe to their Facebook or Instagram account. In this way, you will not miss any important news about their food, especially promos. To follow them, refer to the social media pages below:




The Fiery Style Restaurant menu is undoubtedly a destination for foodies looking to try contemporary, elegant, and reasonably priced renditions of their favorite Western-inspired cuisine. It’s also a fantastic location to remember the many different traditions and cultures we have. This culinary heaven is within your grasp if you chance to be along the Metro for only an hour or just a few minutes. The setting reflects a lovely union of modern and European architecture. It has dramatic exhibits and exquisite lighting that showcase the rich legacy of Mexican culture. As you sit at any table and look out over the dining area’s fine seats and tables, you will feel completely at ease.

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