Cafe Laguna Menu Prices

Filipino food is one of the most delicious cuisines in the world for me and, of course, for us Filipinos that grew up with our cuisine. Our food is slowly getting recognized all over the world because of how delicious and unique it is prepared. In our article today, we are going to get to know a restaurant that offers delicious and authentic Filipino cuisine. The Cafe Laguna menu has a wide variety of dishes that are truly delicious, so for sure you’ll find what you love on their menu. Have you heard about this restaurant? If not, and if you’re already interested, stay with me in this one, and together we are going to get to know something about them, their delicious food items, and of course their prices. Let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Cafe Laguna menu prices.

Menu Items Price (PHP)


Chicharon bulaklak320
Hilaw na manga with bagoong195
Lumpiang sariwa165
Kinilaw na tanigue320
Crispy crablets275
Crispy kangkong275
Baked scallops 295


Cucumber 195
Green mango salad195
Guso salad195
Talong salad195
Ampalaya salad195


Bouillabaisse soup445
Bulalo soup545
Homemade corned beef tadyang soup 495
Halaan soup285
Sinigang seafood( shimp or fish)395
Sinigang bangus365
Sinigang hipon375
Sinigang tanigue375
Sinigang baboy395
Tinolang manok365
Beef kansi545
Tinolang isda395

Pagkaing dagat

Adobong pusit355
Grilled squid295
Alimasag with chili sauce395
Alimasag with coco cream395
Hipon halabos375
Hipon camaron rebusado375
Hipon with coco cream375
Hipon with chili sauce375
Tanigue grilled or sizzling 365
Bangus grilled/daing/sizzling in coco cream365
Bangus sizzling sisig365
Relienong bangus395
Sweet and sour fish fillet 375
Molmol fillet with ouster sauce375
Molmol fillet with tausi375
Pompano grilled/tinola/sinigang/fried with sweet &sour sauce375
Seafood kare kare545
Seafood platter 990


Binagoongan baboy375
Lechon kawai350
Pork adobo350
Crispy pata675
Inihaw na liempo365
Grilled spare ribs375


Beef kaldereta 396
Filipino steak399
Lengua estofado395
Kare kare with bagoong545
Bulalo steak545
Beef cocido545
Sizzling tenderloin tips450
Crispy tadyang395


Adobong manok350
Battered chicken 350
Laguna fried chicken 350
Pandan chicken 375
Rellenong manok350
Chicken pork adobo 350


Adobong kangkong275
Chopsuey a la laguna350
Ginataang kangkong285
Ginataang kalabasa285
Laguna express 295
Lumpiang sariwa165
Pinasingawang gulay296
Ampalaya with beef350
Lumpiang gulay na prito 250
Laing 350
Relienong talong350


Chicken arroz caldo 185
Dinuguang baboy at puto275
Lugaw tokwa at baboy275
Lumpiang sariwa165
Pansit palabok with puto195
Lumpiang gulay na prito250
Filipino high tea495
Puto bumbong165
Palitaw 175
Suman manga at tsokolate250
Turon (banana with langka)150


Pansit bihon350
Pansit canton350


Plain rice65
Garlic rice75
Paella (small)475

Platted meals

Set 1395
Set 2375
Set 3399
Set 4375
Set 5350


Buko fruit salad140
Buko pandan140
Mango pandan140
Fresh mango slice150
Fresh pineapple slice130
Fresh watermelon slice130
Leche flan140
Maja mais140
Mini halo-halo135
Coffee jelly 165
Ice cream sundae 150
Ice cream (2scoops) ube/vanilla150


Kape amerikano120
Cafe latte 120
Cafe mocha120
Hot chocolate 120
Fresh fruit shake130
Fresh fruit juice130
Coolers (for sharing)375
Iced tea100
Hot tea100
Sago't gulaman120
Soft drinks in can95
Fruit juice in can95
San Miguel beer95
Mineral water75

kakanin (preorder)

Sapin-sapin 850

About Cafe Laguna

Lita Urbina, the founder of Cafe Laguna, started her restaurant in 1991. Lita, the owner, comes from a family of food and culinary enthusiasts, and by opening her restaurant, she’ll get to share her authentic and delicious Filipino food with everyone. Of course, with the help of her family and loved ones, Lita started to serve home-cooked meals with love and expertise that will surely bring back memories of your childhood.

When she first opened her first restaurant, it became an overnight success through hearsay since a lot of customers tried their dishes and were really satisfied, so it’s not surprising that they would recommend the restaurant. After years, Cafe Laguna is now a household name that you will remember, especially if you have celebrations like birthdays or are just catching up with friends.

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For over 30 years, they have provided hearty dishes through catering, to-go meals, ready-to-cook meals, and, of course, their restaurant. This place simply proves that Filipinos really can’t get enough of good food and are still continuing to impress their patrons.

Cafe Laguna Menu Best Seller

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Based on our research, we have gathered Cafe Laguna’s best-selling food items to give you a list of their top sellers. Here it is.

Kare-kare with Bagoong – one of the most famous Filipino dishes, is included on their menu. Cafe Laguna’s version of kare kare is made with soft meat and oxtail that you can actually cut with just your spoon and vegetables like eggplant, string beans, bokchoy or Chinese cabbage, and banana hearts. It also comes with a thick soup base made with peanut butter and spices. They also serve their kare kare with bagoong, and if you’re going to ask about how it tastes, this one is absolutely delicious.

Photo Credits: Cafe Laguna Facebook Page

Crispy Pata – another famous dish in Philippine cuisine, is included in their best-selling items. The crispy pata of Cafe Laguna is first boiled with spices until it reaches the right amount of tenderness, then set aside for a moment for a salt scrub before deep frying the pork leg until golden in colour. The skin after the frying becomes very crispy; it’s almost like chicharon. The taste of their crispy pata is very light, just like how they prepare it. They also serve this with a dipping sauce to add deliciousness to the dish.

Lumpiang Sariwa – Another Filipino favourite dish can be found on their menu, and it’s not surprising that this one is also included in their best-selling food items. Unlike the also famous lumpiang Shanghai, this version of lumpia, which is called lumpiang sariwa or fresh spring roll, is made fresh and not fried. Though the inside is cooked. Made with varieties of vegetables like sweet potato cubes, cabbage, onions, and many more. It also has some meat, which is usually ground. Since this lumpia version is not fried, it comes with a thick and peanutty sauce that is sweet and slightly salty.

Crispy Tadyang – This Cafe Laguna menu is made with beef ribs that are boiled until very tender and then seasoning very well before deep frying. Unlike their crispy pata, their crispy tadyang doesn’t have a lot of skin since it is made from a cow’s rib cage. This could be the counterpart of crispy pata for beef lovers. They also serve their crispy tadyang with dipping sauce for a more satisfying experience.

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Photo Credits: Cafe Laguna Facebook Page

Pandan Chicken – Cafe Laguna’s Pandan Chicken is also included on their list of best-selling items. The meat of this pandan chicken is very juicy and, surprisingly, not dry. It is wrapped in pandan leaves before frying, which adds more flavour to the seasoned chicken. Also, the skin has a bit of crunchiness. Their panda chicken is also a must-try. They also serve this with dipping sauce for a much better experience.


A lot of seafood dishes can be found on the Cafe Laguna menu; they have an adobo or grilled option for squid, and they also have alimasag and hipon dishes. Aside from those, they also serve fish like tanigue, bangus, molmol, and pompano. If you’re going with the company, they also have seafood platters.

Photo Credits: Cafe Laguna Facebook Page


On their pork menu, we can find binagoongan baboy, our Philippine national dish Adobo, and their hearty lechon kawali and crispy pata. If you’re looking for something new, they also have embotido, and for a healthier option, they also serve inihaw na liempo and grilled spare ribs.

Photo Credits: Cafe Laguna Facebook Page


Cafe Laguna’s chicken menu has six delicious options. First is their adobong manok, which is famous worldwide and actually the national dish of our country. Next is their battered chicken. I’m not sure if this is buttered or battered; I just based it on what’s written on their menu. The next dish is their version of relienong manok, and this one is really good as well. They also have another version of adobo, which is their chicken-pork adobo, so if you like your adobo to be meaty, then this is the perfect choice for you. Cafe Laguna fried chicken and Pandan chicken are also included on their chicken menu.

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Photo Credits: Cafe Laguna Facebook Page

Plated Meals  

Plated meals are also included on their menu, and this is the best option if you want a combination of dishes. On their plated menu, they have sets 1 to 5. Set 1 consists of lechon kawali and pinakbet; set 2 is daing na bangus and adobong kangkong; and Set 3 is homemade corned beef tadyang soup. Set 4 is Laguna Fried Chicken and Pinakbet, and lastly, Set 5 is Vegetable Kare-Kare. All set meals are served with rice.

Photo Credits: Cafe Laguna Facebook Page

Cafe Laguna Menu Delivery

Want to order your favorite Cafe Laguna food items? Ordering is made easy simply by calling the numbers on the list that I will provide below.

Here are Cafe Laguna’s phone numbers:

Cebu | Laguna Garden, Ayala Terraces

(032) 233 8602 or 0908 880 9448

Dumaguete | Hotel Nicanor

(035) 421-0808 or 0919 066 4381

General Santos | Veranza Mall

(083) 302 5356 or 0917 511 3244

Aside from those, you can also book your favorite food courier for your online order.

Social Media Pages

From mouth-watering appetizers to satisfying main courses and delectable desserts you can check out Cafe Laguna’s social media pages to stay up to date on their latest offerings and promotions.




One of the most awesome restaurants I’ve ever been to. Too bad they don’t have a branch in Metro Manila. The Cafe Laguna menu has a wide variety of Filipino dishes to choose from, and not to be biased, but everything on their menu is delicious. Their place is also one to notice since it has that cozy atmosphere that I think is very customer-friendly. Very comfortable and spotless clean tables. The interior of the restaurant is something we cannot ignore; it’s great to be in this restaurant, honestly. Their service crews are very accommodating, and I love how fast and efficient their service is. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone who hasn’t tried Cafe Laguna. It’s worth every penny.

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