Angrydobo Menu Prices

Even months before it debuted to anxious and enquiring diners, the Angrydobo restaurant dominated the social media sphere. The Angrydobo menu has the potential to leave a lasting impression thanks to its wide selection of cuisine. However, there is more to the restaurant’s popularity than just its food. Actually, one of the main factors in drawing in more and more people is the food’s price.

The Philippines is renowned for its delectable cuisine. There are countless outstanding restaurants throughout the nation. Adobo, sometimes known as Angrydobo, is another establishment that tops the list of eateries that satisfy customers with delectable fare. With a unique twist, Angrydobo serves hot meals on the Adobo platform that include rice and toast.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Angrydobo menu prices.











Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Angry Bowls

Angrydobo Classic (small)275
Angrydobo Classic(medium)375
Angrydobo Classic(sharing rice tray)1145
Angrydobo Chicken Thigh(small)265
Angrydobo Chicken Thigh(medium)355
Angrydobo Chicken Thigh(sharing rice tray)1045
Angrydobo Shortribs(small)325
Angrydobo Shortribs(medium)485
Angrydobo Shortribs(sharing rice tray)1425
Angrydobo Flakes(small)240
Angrydobo Flakes(medium)345
Angrydobo Flakes(sharing rice tray)995
Angrydobo Tofu(small)185
Angrydobo Tofu(medium)245
Angrydobo Tofu(sharing rice tray)725
Angrydobo Sisig(small)195
Angrydobo Sisig(medium)275
Angrydobo Sisig(sharing rice tray)795

CrunchTime Bowls

Spicy Crunch Pork(small)235
Spicy Crunch Pork(medium)285
Spicy Crunch Pork(sharing rice tray)850
Sweet Spicy Glazed Pork(small)235
Sweet Spicy Glazed Pork(medium)285
Sweet Spicy Glazed Pork(sharing rice tray)850
Classic Flakes(small)220
Classic Flakes(medium)270
Classic Flakes(sharing rice tray)820
Spicy Chicken Flakes(small)220
Spicy Chicken Flakes(medium)270
Spicy Chicken Flakes(sharing rice tray)820

Whole Cakes

Butternut Bakery 5 Layer Original Brazo137.5
Butternut Bakery 5 Layer Ube Brazo1,562.50
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme2,437.50
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme2,437.50
Butternut Bakery La La Leche Flan Cake2,312.50
Butternut Bakery Mocha Chiffon Cake (with French Buttercream)1,562.50
Butternut Bakery Moistiest Carrot Cake Ever218.75
Butternut Bakery Pandan Mango Swoon Cake2,312.50
Butternut Bakery Single Origin Chocolate Cake250
Butternut Bakery Ube Chiffon (with Ube Halaya Filling)206.25
Butternut Bakery White Chocolate Tres Leches175

Breads and Pastries

Almond Ensaymada118.75
Banana Bread (Whole)175
Cheese Cupcake (8 Pieces)175
Cheese Rolls106.25
Classic Ensaymada118.75
Macaroons (8 Pieces)175
Pan de Coco (3 Pieces)118.75
Raisin Cinnamon Roll181.25
Ube Ensaymada106.25
Yema Bread (8 Pieces)150

Bnut Bars

Butternut Bakery Assorted Box562.5
Butternut Bakery Double Chocolate Brownies437.5
Butternut Bakery Ube Bliss Bars475

Baby Cakes

Butternut Bakery Classic Red Velvet Cake493.75
Butternut Bakery Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Creme Baby Cake493.75
Butternut Bakery La La Leche Flan Baby Cake493.75
Butternut Bakery Mocha Chiffon Cake (with French Buttercream)431.25
Butternut Bakery Moistest Carrot Cake Ever475
Butternut Bakery Pandan Mango Swoon Baby Cake487.5
Butternut Bakery Single Origin Chocolate Cake431.24
Butternut Bakery Ube Chiffon (with Ube Halaya Filling)431.25

About Angrydobo

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Angrydobo, a restaurant owned by actress Judy Ann Santos, has taken the food world by storm. The pricing of the meal is what really attracts people. The restaurant’s unique idea revolved around serving piping-hot adobo bowls. However, these aren’t your typical adobo rice toppings; the pork is served with traditional Filipino vegetables like laing, gising-gising, and kangkong. The rice is covered in Judy Ann’s homemade adobo sauce to give it a flavorful kick.

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Adobo is most frequently a braise made with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and black peppercorns in the Philippines, which the Spanish conquered in 1521. The ratios of these items will vary based on your personal tastes as well as those of your family. The accurately represent islands that make up the archipelago’s regional diversity are depicted in adobo, which is commonly recognized as the national cuisine of the Philippines. Adobos do not always contain soy sauce, and adobo sa gata may include coconut milk. For adobong pula , adobong dilaw, or adobong puti, fish sauce, and annatto can be used in its place.

Angrydobo Menu Best Seller

Angrydobo’ has the potential to leave a lasting impression thanks to its wide selection of cuisine. However, there is more to the restaurant’s popularity than just its food. Actually, one of the main factors in drawing in more and more people is the food’s price. Here are a few of its best-selling products:

  • Angrydobo Original – They make superb angrydobo that is properly spiced and generously marinated. If you eat the meat by itself, it could be too powerful, but when you combine it with rice, it becomes well-balanced. A highly recommended Angrydobo menu.
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Sardines Egg on Angrydobo Menu Philippines Pin
  • Angry Sardines with Eggs – Despite how simple it may appear, Angry Sardines with Egg is a fantastic recipe. It has a very rich tomato flavor that goes great with hot, steaming rice. The kangkong may make your side dish excessively dry, so you might want to choose either laing or gising-gising.
Angrydobo Tofu on Angrydob Menu Philippines Pin
  • Angrydobo Tofu – Angrydobo Tofu is a great substitute for people who are attempting to avoid meat It has a sauce that is flavorful with a touch of sweetness. This meal tastes even better when served with fresh chili garlic dipping sauce. A form of soybean food called tofu is shaped like a block or slab. Then, it is cooked in water until it is tender. It frequently serves as a meat substitute or filler in meals.
  • Choconut Srival – Sans rival is a Filipino dessert cake comprised of layers of buttercream, meringue, and chopped cashews. It has layers of Crispy Chocolate Peanut Meringue, Chocolate Butter Cream, and Crumbled Chocnut. The cake can be adorned, left simple, or topped with pistachios; its name, which translates from French to mean “unrivaled,” is contested.

Angrydobo Menu Chicken Galantina

One of their most popular menus is the chicken galantina. It is a well-known stuffed chicken recipe from the Philippines. The ideal way to consume this dish is cold, and you may pair it with rice or bread. Chicken galantina preparation requires persistence and some time.

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Deboning the bird seems to be the most difficult step for me. Without making any cuts, it requires accuracy, a little talent, and a lot of time to remove every bone from the chicken. I accomplished this by working on the cavity in the lowest portion of the chicken, close to the pope’s snout, with a paring knife. The wing was the most difficult component to debone, but it feels nice to have completed the task as planned.

Classic Adobo on Angrydobo Menu Philippines Pin

Angrydobo Menu Delivery

Sometimes it is inconvenient for the customer to go to an Angrydobo restaurant. This may be due to a tiring day, bad weather, or it is too far to go to the nearest branch available. This, however, is not a hindrance because thanks to apps like GrabFood and Foodpanda, you can now order your favorite menu items from Angrydobo such as their adobo, chicken galantina, champorado, and many more at the comfort of your homes.

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The Angrydobo offers a wide variety of alternatives. It is among the greatest Filipino eateries in the area.  These eateries specialize in meals like crispy pork belly, chicken rice bowls, and chicken adobo. A wide variety of Filipino wines, beers, and cocktails are also available. A Filipino restaurant is the ideal destination if you want a taste of the Philippines. Angrydobo has the ability to dazzle, particularly with its popular Angry Bowls. As you dig your spoon in, you can see that each bowl is hot because steam is coming out of it. In fact, the final mouthful was still warm, preserving the rich flavor. You should try eating at Angrydobo for what makes it good is that it gives you a taste of what home is like.

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