Locavore Menu Prices

The Locavore menu is a Filipino restaurant and bar that takes pride in serving food made primarily from organic products sourced from the country’s own farms. The restaurant’s name refers to someone who, whenever feasible, consumes foods produced locally. Therefore, locavore eateries are establishments that are mostly stocked with producers from the area in which they are headquartered. The seasons and new arrivals influence their meals. Most frequently, the producer will send the goods directly to the eatery.

Anyone who consumes food that is farmed or produced nearby, or within a specific distance, such as 50, 100, or 150 miles, is known as a locavore. The locavore movement urges people to buy their food from farmers’ markets or even cultivate their own because it believes that fresh, locally produced food is better for them and tastes better. Local cuisine is defined as food that is produced nearby to the point of consumption and frequently comes with a social structure and supply chain that differs from the large-scale retail system.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Locavore menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Ensalada ni Andres320


Salted Egg Gabi Chips350
Gabi Chops145
Singkamas, Mangga at Bagoong175
Street Food Platter190
Fresh River Shrimp220
Kalibo Oyster220
Kinilaw Platter370
Oxtail Sisig350
Kare Kare Wings275
Baked Scallops525
Pulitang Lamang Dagat295
Oyster Mangga255
Bacon BBQ Skewers520

Best Seller

Gising Gising275
Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken270
Sugpo Con Mayonesa980
Boneless Lechon Belly650
Sizzling Sinigang550

Pinoy Brunch

Champorado ni Speedy190
Duck Lugaw320

Mga Ulam

Garlic Butter Sugpo850
Gising Gising275
Sinugbang Bangus395
Diniguang Lechon550
Tinola Chicken350
Green Curry Bicol Express480
Kanto BBQ Rib Fingers550
Garlic Baby Squid450
Corned Bistek550
Pho Lalo670
Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken270
Ginataang Kalabasa420
Sugpo Con Mayonesa980


San Miguel Light90
San Miguel Pale90
San Miguel Premium110
San Miguel C. Negra110
Brew Kettle90
Sierra Madre230
Fish Rider230
Pivo Praha -Classic160
Pivo Praha - Dark160
Kalinga Kolsh160
Tuff Tuko180
Exit Wounds205
Andy Cola120

Signature Cocktails

Sexy Sili180
Diwata Alab180
Juan Bulag180
Mnago Mojito180
Watermelon Mojito180
7shot in 7seconds1220

About Locavore

Their goal was to rework traditional staples to appeal to a wider, more varied palate while preserving the spirit of home-cooked Filipino cuisine. Due to Chef Mikel Zaguirre’s training in French cuisine and his passion for using local, fresh ingredients, Locavore is renowned for giving traditional Filipino meals a distinctive touch. The eatery, which debuted in hamlet Kapitolyo in Pasig City in 2014, is renowned for its contemporary interpretation of Filipino cuisine.

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In addition to its sustainable dining philosophy, the locavore is renowned for its selection of regional goods like craft breweries and its use of food from nearby farmers. The new branch clearly has a fresh appearance. With cozy couches, private dining rooms with wallpaper, and furnishings constructed of natural materials, it provides a cozier vibe. The other Locavore locations have a more industrial vibe. The Locavore DNA requires a full bar, which is still present on the new branch. The traditional menu is still available, however, there are four additional meals that are only available at the new branch. According to the restaurant’s executive chef Mikel Kel Zaguirre, he based the new dishes on the area’s history.

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Locavore Menu Best Seller

Boneless Lechon Belly – It is prepared in the Cebu-Lechon style and served with pickled red onion and cucumber, Pinakurat vinegar, and bagoong dipping sauce.

Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken – One of the restaurant specialties is glazed boneless fried chicken. It had the soy-garlic zing we frequently yearn for. It’s ideal for folks with a sweet tooth because the sauce is obviously sweet and contains both soy and garlic.

Gising Gising on Locavore Menu Philippines Pin

Gising Gising – Each bite is bursting with gata flavor with just a tinge of spice, which works nicely with the overall mild sweetness.

Kare Kare Wings – Deep-fried kare kare-glazed chicken wings served with green mango and crunchy singkamas as well as two dips (buttermilk ranch and bagoong). Irene likes kare kare, but it’s typically made with beef, so she doesn’t eat much. However, this meal offers the best of all worlds because it coats her favorite chicken wings. This meal, which has nutty and creamy flavors, can be served as an appetizer or as a main dish with rice.

Ginataang Kalabasa on Locavore Menu Philippines Pin

Ginataang Kalabasa – The kalabasa/squash was pureed but had already been cooked, making it tasty. It was topped with a variety of vegetables, two pieces of fried pork chop (liempo), and deveined shrimp. This dish at Locavore offers the best value because it has copious portions of veggies, beef, and seafood. It is a fantastic idea to order fried brown rice because this forces you to consume way too much rice.

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Locavore Sizzling Sinigang Menu

The lunches at Locavore typically revolve around this dish, which consists of beef short ribs with sauteed French beans in a sampaloc sauce with garlic confit. It features a viscous soup that enables the meat and vegetables to be gripped by the sharp, sour goodness. You might need to take smaller amounts more frequently to moderate the powerful experience. French beans, Sampaloc gravy, and confit garlic are served with beef short ribs. Never eat this dish without rice to help the flavors blend together because it is a taste explosion. Strong flavors that are almost salty still manage to come through even with rice.

Locavore Sugpo con Mayonesa Menu

Due to the sauce’s substantial content of crab fat, butter, and garlic, it can be served as a meal on its own with just a generous serving of rice. It is a very rich and delicious dish, therefore the next best thing is to duplicate it with the intention of producing something that is at least as good as the original recipe.

Locavore Beer Menu

Brew Kettle – Brew Kettle is naturally hazy and flavorful with orange spice that will transport you to Belgian taverns in the fourteenth century. Citrusy, a little light, and with bitter aftertastes, the flavor is.

Pivo Praha – Most individuals who brew tmavé pivo use pilsner as their base malt, which often makes up around 50% of the total. While some people make it quite sweet, I find that it tastes best when it is only mildly sweet and has a lovely, very faint caramel flavor.

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Tuff Tuko – A contemporary take on the traditional American pale ale style is Tuff Tuko Pale Ale. The CCB Pale Ale delivers the right amount of punch to the drinker thanks to its robust bitterness, citrus and pine hops, and crystal malt.

Boneless Lechon Belly on Locavore Menu Philippines Pin

Locavore Menu Delivery

To taste the menu of this delicious Filipino restaurant, you need not go to the physical store especially when it is inconvenient for you. You can order via:

  • Phone number: 09178470807
  • GrabFood
  • Lalamove
  • Angkas Pabili

Social Media Pages

For more details about the latest news, promos, or foods, you can visit their Social Media account below :

Facebook: https://facebook.com/locavore.ph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/locavore.ph/


There are Filipino dishes on the Locavore menu that are unavailable at home or elsewhere. Look no further than Locavore to sate your appetite, whether it be for something completely different or the chance to rediscover an old passion. As word of this innovative, aspirational approach to Filipino cuisine spread around the city, Locavore built a second location in Bonifacio Global City to meet demand. The opening of Locavore’s second location exposed the eatery to a larger, newer market and demonstrated the great appeal of Filipino food to a larger, more international palate. True to its moniker, one of Locavore’s most distinguishing characteristics is its commitment to using only fresh, locally grown, and raised products in its cooking. Their dedication to providing clients with organic goods extends to the relationships they maintain with nearby farmers and growers. This guarantees that every mouthful of each dish tantalizes the senses with a flavor that is not only bold but also organic and sustainable.

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