102 Izakaya Menu Prices

Japanese restaurants have been popping up across the country, many of them showcasing authentic Japanese cuisine while competing on pricing. However, have you found the right place to go offering delicious Japanese meals without spending too much? That’s what I want to recommend so if you’re looking for a place I have something here for you so look no more. Have you heard about a place named 102 Izakaya? Probably some of you do and for some who don’t have the slightest idea about them then this is the right article for you. 102 Izakaya menu has a lot of delicious and mouthwatering options for you. This place offers a lot of Japanese dishes that will surely satisfy your Japanese food cravings plus as I said just a while ago they are actually cheaper than other places that I’ve been to. Let’s get to know this place more and let’s find out what they offer. Let’s go! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of this Japanese restaurant’s menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Kani Salad299
Chicken Karaage265
Squid Karaage368
Yasai Itame196
Cabbage Salad167


Tonkatsu Curry Udon368
Tori-Katsu Nabe386
Gyuniku Udon340
Tempura Udon328


Salmon Aburi Maki380
Kani Crunch Maki305
Crispy Shrimp Maki322
L.A. Maki265
102 Special Maki518
Beef Bulgogi Maki343
Spicy Salmon Maki368
Maki Platter804
Special Sushi Platter1173


Creamy Udon With Bacon & Mushroom 328
Creamy Udon With Seafood363
Bacon Yakisoba259


Wagyu Cubes587
Ribeye Saikoro Steak573
Beef Usuyaki483
Beef Niniku409


Buta Shogayaki437
Buta Kakuni518
Ebi Tempura328
Agedashi Tofu271
Grilled Salmon420
Chicken Teriyaki271
Pork Loin Katsu317
Chicken Katsu276
Chicken Katsu Curry305

Rice Bowls

Chicken Teriyaki-Don317
Tori Cheezy-Don317

Rice, Vegetables, Sides

Seafood Fried Rice299
Chahan (Meat)161
Chahan (Vegetable)138
Kimchi Fried Rice With Bacon271
Gohan (White Rice)75
Miso Soup75


Chicken Thigh75
Chicken Liver75
Chicken Skin75
Chicken Ass75
Pork Negima90
Bacon & Quail Egg90
Fish Tofu69
Shiitake Mushroom69
Yakitori Platter458

About 102 Izakaya

102 Izakaya is a place that offers Japanese foods that you can find in the busy mall of Glorieta 1. You don’t have to travel far to go to an authentic Japanese bar. Since they are so accessible any day of the week since they are at the mall, it’s easy to come to their place. This place is great for barkada hangouts for a few drinks while enjoying their delicious yakitori, sushi, and other delicious options. At the Japanese town section of Glorieta you will find them, the rooftop is where they are located actually. In there, you can find a variety of restaurants that serve Japanese cuisine and it gives the ambiance that you’re actually in Japan.

Their place looks like they came straight from Japan and just relocated here in our country in a flash, the theme and ambiance of their restaurant are colorful displaying Japanese pop culture that gives the vibe. They also offer al fresco dining for customers who want to stay at their outdoor roof deck. Truly this place is the epitome of a great Japanese restaurant serving high-quality food without compromising the taste of what they serve. 

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102 Izakaya Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some samples of their best-selling dishes that everyone should try. 

Special Sushi Platter – A special sushi platter is a great choice if you’re going to visit 102 Izakaya in the group. This has a combination of delicious sushi which are: salmon sashimi, crispy shrimp maki, kani and tamago aburi sushi, and spicy salmon maki.

The serving is quite plenty, this is also great with their cocktails so you can enjoy the company of your friends while enjoying great and delicious sushi. This is also one of the top items on their menu and also a must-try. 

Yakitori Platter – Yakitori Platter could be your new favorite just like me. This item is served with a selection of their yakitori favorites. Yakitori favorites include chicken liver, chicken skin, chicken thigh, and chicken ass. This is not actually the ass its the bump on the tail of the chicken, some quail eggs, bacon, shiitake mushrooms, fish tofu, and of course vegetables. This one is also recommended for sharing and is also a top-selling item on their menu. 

Yakitori platter Pin
Photo Credits: 102 Izakaya Facebook Page

Chicken KaraageChicken Karaage menu of 102 Izayaka can actually ordered in different flavors, you can choose from spicy, classic, and soy honey. This item is perfect with any drinks that they offer even alcoholic beverages this is fine. Their chicken karaage not only looks so good but this is actually delicious.

I like how crispy the chicken is but not hard, it’s still juicy on the inside. I like the spicy better since I love spicy food but of course your order should be upon your preference I’m just sharing my thoughts.!

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Chicken Karaage Pin
Photo Credits: 102 Izakaya Facebook Page

Beef Usuyaki – If it sounds new their beef usuyaki is actually a rolled beef that they stuffed with bacon and shiitake mushrooms then brushed with their steak sauce. This one is really good that I know to myself that I can finish the entire serving all by myself. If this is still not enough you can just add PHP 100 to make it a set. After upgrading they will include a serving of rice, salad, soup, and tea (hot/iced). This one is great with any drinks available as well. 

Beef Usuyaki Pin
Photo Credits: 102 Izakaya Facebook Page


102 Izakaya also offers noodle dishes, on their Noodles menu they actually have 3 delicious items to choose from, the first one is their Creamy Udon with Bacon & Mushrooms. This one is a Japanese-style carbonara with mushroom, bacon, katsubushi & egg yolk to thicken the sauce.

They also have Creamy Udon with Seafood, just like the previous item this is a Japanese-style carbonara but with seafood like squid, shrimp, crabstick, and nori. They also have Bacon Yakisoba Noodles, this one is a stir-fried soba noodles with vegetables and bacon. 

Yakisoba noodles Pin
Photo Credits: 102 Izakaya Facebook Page


The steak menu of 102 Izakaya has 4 different items to choose from. The first one is their wagyu cubes. This one is served with salad on the side. They also have Ribeye Saikoro Steak, which is made from grass-fed cow. The rib eye steak is also served with fries. Beef sukiyaki is another great choice this one is included in their best sellers. This is basically rolled beef with mushrooms inside with sauce. And lastly is their Beef Niniku, which is a thin sliced Beef in soy sauce that they serve with stir-fried vegetables. 

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Ribeye steak Pin
Photo Credits: 102 Izakaya Facebook Page

102 Izakaya Delivery

For delivery, you may call their number at (02)79437935 or +639563046739. You can also use Foodpanda if you want to order from them. However, not all locations are available for delivery. Make sure to ask first if they can deliver foods from your exact location.

Social Media Links

Follow and like their social media pages today, and you’ll gain access to a world of sushi, ramen, and exclusive offers that will take your taste buds on a journey through Japan.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/102izakaya

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/102izakaya

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@102izakaya

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to find 102 Izakaya restaurant?

102 Izakaya is located in Japan Town, Top of the Glo, Glorieta 1, Ayala Center in Makati City. 

What are 102 Izakaya business hours?

102 Izakaya is open from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm, 7 days a week.

What are the payment methods at 102 Izakaya?

This Japanese restaurant accepts payment through cash and major credit cards. 

102 Izakaya, Are they halal certified?

No. 102 Izakaya is a non-halal-certified restaurant since it serves alcoholic beverages and uses some ingredients that are haram for some customers. 

Does 102 Izakaya offer a delivery service?

Yes. 102 Izakaya offers delivery service simply by calling them at (02)79437935


102 Izakaya is a great place to go with your barkada to relax after a tiring day at work. They also have great selections of mouthwatering dishes to choose from. 102 Izakaya menu has so much to offer not just foods but even cocktails. The place has a great and lively atmosphere too. Crews are nice too. Highly recommend that everyone visit and try to understand what I am talking about. 

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