Txanton Menu Prices

Are you a wine enthusiast or do you love cold cuts and jamon? These items are really good, right? If you wanna know more about these foods I want to recommend a place for you to visit and know more about these types of items. Txanton is the first jamoneria in the country, this place offers a variety of jamons and wines for their customers. The Txanton menu has a wide variety of great selections of wines, cold cuts, olive oils, jamon, and other items they also have a shop where you can buy their products which is a great gift idea.

In this article, we are going to get to know this place more, so those of you who are interested in our topic could have an idea about the products that they offer. Let’s take a look at their menu what they can offer, and of course their price. Ready? Then let’s go! 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

D.O Bellota Tasting (Meat/Wine)

Jamón Ibérico De Bellota795/575
Lomo Ibérico De Bellota795/575
Chorizo Ibérico De Bellota795/575
Salchichón Iberico De Bellota795/575

Jamon Bellota Tasting (Meat/Wine)

Ibérico Bellota Guijuelo (Salamanca)1195/660
Ibérico Bellota Extremadura1195/660
Ibérico Bellota Pedroches (Córdoba)1195/660
Ibérico Bellota Jabugo (Huelva)1195/660

Jamon Experience Tasting (Meat/Wine)

Gran Reserva1395/950
Ibérico Bellota Guijuelo (Salamanca)1395/950
Bérico Bellota Extremadura1395/950
Ibérico Belota Pedroches (Córdoba)1395/950
Ibérico Bellotajabugo (Huelva)1395/950

Jamon Plates

100% Ibérico Bellota1995
Ibérico Bellota Castro & González1695
Ibérico Bellota Extremadura1695
Iberico Bellota Belloterra1695
Ibérico Bellota Sierra De Jabugo1695
Ibérico Campo1075
Gran Reserva595

Raciones De Conservas Premium

Navajas Al Ajillo1395
Alcachofas Con Salsa De Foei1395
Carpaccio De Pimientos Del Cristal1195
Habas Salteadas Con Huevo Frito Y Jamon Iberico 1195
Zamburiñas Con Pisto1095
Mejillones En Escabeche Con Crema De Coliflor795
Espárragos Calientes Con Evoo Oro Del Desierto Y Vinagre Forvm795

Raciones De Quezos Y Embutidos Selectos

Torta Del Casar2295
Super Tabla De Quesos1395
Cata De Lomito895
Tabla De Quesos845
Tabla De Manchego845
Tabla De Cabra750
Cata De Lomo795
Cata De Chorizo595
Cata De Salchichón595
Daditos De Bellota495


Paté De Jamón195
Chili Relleno145

Entrantes Frios

Cojonudos Del Navarrico775
Carpaccio De Presa Ibérica595


Ensalada Verde Con Puerros De Navarra1195
Rollitos De Jamón Rellenos1195
Ensalada De Atun En Escabeche595
Ensalada Con Queso595

Apologia De La Anchoa

Pimiento De Piquillo Confitado Con Anchoas1995
Gildas De Codesa1595
Hummus Con Anchoas1495
Ensalada Con Anchoas1495
Plato De Anchoas Serie Limitada995
Escalibada Con Anchoas755
Crema De Anchoas195

Chuchara Caliente

Sopa De Pescado595
Lentejas De La Abuela570
Lentejas Vegetarianas395
Sopa De Ajo295


Puntas De Esparragos De Navarra Con Jamon1445
Morcilla Frita De Soto Palacios795
Arroz Cremoso Con Setas Y Foie795
Huevos Rotos Con Jamón850
Boquerones En Vinagre695
Chorizo Picante A La Brasa595
Rebozaditos De Dehesa De Los Llanos595
Pisto - Pisto Vegetariano575
Tortilla Española635

Pescado Y Marisco

Trucha Del Atlantico1995
Vieiras Con Calabaza1095
Pulpo A La Brasa995
Bacalao A La Vizcaína895
Tuna Ventresca895
Bocaditos De Pescado795
Txipirones Rellenos795
Gambas Al Ajillo695


*Rib Cap5695
San Jacobo De Solomillo De Vaca1395
Carrilladas De Vaca En Su Jugo1195
*Presa Ibérica De Bellota3895
*Pluma Iberica3895
*Secreto Ibérico3895
Costillas De Cerdo Ibérico1395
?Cordero Lechal Asado10795
Costillas De Cordero5795
Jarrete De Cordero Asado995
Rabo De Toro995

Bocadillos Calientitos

Pepito De Ternera695
De Lomo Adobado De Cerdo Ibérico695
De Chorizo Picante595

Pan Y Aceites

La Cata De Los Tres Olivos625
Knolive Epicure525
Oro Del Desierto Single Estate525
Torello Arbequina Y Sabatera475
Neus Priorat Natur Olive Oil475
Aubocassa Arbequina475
Oro Del Desierto Coupage475
Oro Del Desierto Arbequina425
Oro Del Desierto Picual425
Oro Del Desierto Lechin De Granada425
Oro Del Desierto Hojiblanca425
Romanico Arbequina390


*Tarta De Manzana Con Helado De Vainilla350
Los Helados Del Chef280
Pastel De Chocolate Caliente295
Crema De Queso275
Tarta De Queso225
Crema Catalana195
Tocino De Cielo195

Cerveza Y Agua

Antipodes Still / Sparkling 1l 530
Antipodes Still / Sparkling 500 Ml 395
Estrella Galicia 330 Ml 250
Engkanto Hazy Ipa 250 Ml 255
Engkanto Lager 250 Ml 200

Bocadillos Frios

Anchoas Con Tomate 995
Jamón Ibérico Bellota995
Lomito Bérico Bellota 750
Lomo Ibérico Bellota695
Mejillones Con Mayonesa695
Jamón Bérico De Campo 695
Chorizo Ibérico Bellota 375
Salchichon Ibérico Bellota 375

About Txanton

Txanton is aiming to be the reference in the expanding jamon and wine market in the country. Their goal is to provide the finest jamon, wines, cold cuts, and other products with the aim of helping customers enjoy them in a conducive and unique environment in their store. They want to share their expertise when it comes to jamon and wine and to inspire their customers to seek the best products that they offer.

They have envisioned themselves to be the jamoneria in the Philippines partnered with the most exclusive wine cellar to evolve and surprise enthusiasts all around the globe. They believe that offering unique experiences with every visit of their clients will transform them into loyal regulars of their brand. They are also the first place in the country where you can learn a lot about Jamon Iberico.

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This place is an ideal venue for wine enthusiasts and those who share the same interest to gather and know more about wine and jamon. This is also a place where wine and jamon go into the spotlight. A place that is dedicated to the appreciation of the best wines and jamon even paired or individually consumed and also to enjoy the finest gourmet possible.

Jamon pate Pin
Photo Credits: Txanton Facebook Page

Txanton Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some samples of Txanton’s best sellers. 

Jamon Gran Reserva – Jamon Gran Reserva has a fine marbling of fat that makes this kind of jamon very aromatic and juicy at the same time. The meat is creamy and delicate with a melt-in-your-mouth feel. It also has an intense flavor that lingers in your mouth. 

Jamon 75% Iberico de Bellota Premium Pedroches – This type of jamon has a distinctive taste which is exceptional. It is juicy, savory, floral, earthy, and nutty at the same time with well-marbled fat that also melts in the mouth. It has that incredible flavor of a good wine or cheese. 

Jamon iberico de bellota premium pedroches Pin
Photo Credits: Txanton Facebook Page

Jamon 75% Iberico de Bellota Premium Jabugo – This menu of Txanton has a delicate and gentle taste with a very pleasant aftertaste. Castro y Gonzalez is involved in producing one of the best Jamon. This type of jamon is truly exceptional. 

La Tienda (The Shop)

Philippines first jamoneria is Txanton, they have taken the best Jabugo, extremadura, valle de los pedroches, and jamon iberico from guijelo. Those are from the 4 regions of Spain that are allowed to produce jamon iberico bellota. They also have the widest variety of wines including the rarest and the finest that you can find in different parts of the world. These wines bring exquisite experience which is also a great gift idea for your loved ones and family or simply for you. La Tienda offers everything that you want when it comes to wine, cold cuts, olive oil, and jamon Iberico.  

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Jamon iberico de bellota carrasco Pin
Photo Credits: Txanton Facebook Page

La Sala de Cata (The tasting room) Expand your knowledge at La Sala de Cata. La sala de cata or the tastier room offers a casual and relaxed environment, this place is the tasting place of Txanton where you can taste test their jamon, wine, caviar, and olive oil. This place is intended for their customers to learn and appreciate the art of making their products. However aside from that this place is also perfect for social gatherings and corporate gatherings, clients are to be guided by their experts on choosing the best wine pairings and other interesting information about their products. 

La Gran Añada (The Great Vintage)

One of the unique dining experiences that you might encounter at Txanton is their over 1500 special wines that you can try, this could be the best dining experience, to be honest, and I am still amazed by this. The wines to be tasted are accompanied by jamon or paired dishes, these are prepared in their state-of-the-art kitchen. 

Amontillado viejisimo tradicion Pin
Photo Credits: Txanton Facebook Page

Txanton Menu Delivery

Ordering your favorite dishes at Txanton is made easier since they offer delivery service, all you have to do is call them directly at 09176244270. You can also order their products at https://www.txanton.com.ph/ you can also order from Foodpanda in selected locations.

Social Media Pages

Txanton brings the vibrant flavors of Spain straight to your plate. Their social media followers enjoy exclusive discounts, seasonal specials, and a chance to win culinary adventures that’ll make your heart sing.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/txantonph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/txantonph

Website: https://www.txanton.com.ph/find-us

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@txantonph


Where is Txanton located?

Txanton is located at 2nd Fl. Alegria Alta, 2294 Chino Roces Avenue extension Makati City. 

What is Txanton’s contact number?

You can contact Txanton at 09176244270 or their landline number at (+02 )88122040 (Loc 112).

Txanton. Are they halal-certified?

No. Txanton is a non-halal-certified restaurant that offers alcoholic beverages. 

What are the payment methods that are acceptable at Txanton?

This restaurant accepts cash payments debit cards and credit cards. 

What is Txanton’s business hour?

Txanton is open from 11:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening from Monday to Sunday. 


Txanton is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for the best jamon in the city. This place is coupled with great ambiance and interiors, Txanton is definitely worth visiting. This place is also one of the best places to go and get imported wines. The Txanton menu offers a variety of choices that are hard to resist especially if you’re a wine and steak enthusiast. The place looks luxurious but simple, and the foods that they offer are of high quality and delicious. This place also offers comfort, the place is well-maintained and perfectly clean. One of the best places that I have visited for the past almost 3 years after the pandemic. Highly recommended for those who love to try different kinds of wines and meat dishes.

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