Ninetea Menu Prices

Dive into the vibrant flavors through the heart of Chinese cuisine here at Ninetea! It is a well-known restaurant that features a wide array of Chinese delicacies as well as amazing teas that will bring a tantalizing experience to your day. Every dish in the Ninetea restaurant is served with the finest ingredients to give you a remarkable quality of dining with an exclusive tea selection! Here is the menu collection and its price that is waiting for you to be adorned.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Fried Food

Deep-Fried Fish Cake180
Deep-Fried Pig Blood Cake180
Deep-Fried King Oyster Mushrooms180
Deep-Fried Marinated Tofu180
Deep-Fried Thousand Layer Tofu180
Salt and Pepper French Fries180
Deep-Fried Mackerel180
Deep-Fried Turnip Cake200
Crispy Chicken220
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken220
Deep-Fried Bread Bun220
Garlic Pork Ribs220
Deep-Fried Chicken Wings250


Pan-Fried Glutinous Rice Sausage160
Pan-Fried Taiwanese Sausage220
Homemade Dumpling320


Pig Blood Cake180
Marinated Tofu180
Braised Fish Cake180
Braised Vegetable Assorted220
Duck Gizzard Salad250
Spicy Braised Duck Blood280
Braised Intestine280


Taiwanese Dried Noodles (Thick Noodles)280
Vegetarian Noodles320
Preserved Egg Noodles (Handmade Noodles)320
Crispy Pork Rib Noodles (Yellow Noodles)380
Spanish Mackerel Noodle (Yellow Noodles)380
Taiwanese Beef Noodle (Handmade Noodles)480

Extra Toppings

Yellow Noodle50
Preserved Egg50
Mackerel Fish100

Hot Pot Toppings

Mushroom Combo Hotpot450
Kimchi Hotpot With Rice (Beef)500
Peeled Chili Chicken HotPot550
Bitter Gourd Chicken HotPot550
Taiwanese Mutton Hotpot600
Szechwan Style Spicy Hotpot (Pork)650

Hot Pot Ingredients

Duck Blood100
Enoki Mushroom50
Chinese Cabbage50
Hongxi Mushroom50
King Oyster Mushroom50
Thousand Layer Tofu50
Taiwan Petchay100
Dry Tofu Skin100
White Mushroom100
Mix Hot Pot Ingredients200

Rice Set Meal (with Side Dish)

Taiwan Minced Pork Rice380
Dried Prunus Pork Rice420
Crispy Fried Chicken Leg Rice420
Claypot Fish Fillet Rice420
Sweet and Sour Fish Rice420
Ribs with Perilla and Plum Rice480
Braised Beef Rice480

Extra Toppings

Minced Pork100
A la carte main course250

Fresh Tea

Roasted Black Tea130
Iced Jasmine Green Tea130
Iced Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea130
Mountain Tea130
Oolong Tea130

Bubble Milk Tea

Tie Guan Yin Bubble Tea230
Jasmine Bubble Tea230
Oolong Bubble Tea240
Ninetea Bubble Tea240
Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea250

Milk Tea

Ninetea Milk Tea190
Jasmine Milk Tea190
Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea190
Oolong Milk Tea190

Fresh Fruit Tea

Pomelo Lemon Tea230
Iced Lemon Green Tea230
Passionfruit Green Tea230
Apple Jinxuan Tea230
Lemon Ruby Tea230
Mango Green Tea270
Iced Grapefruit Tea270
Orange Mountain Tea270
Grapes Fruit Tea310
Fresh Fruit Tea330


Smoked Plum Tea270
Yakult Green Tea270
Yakult Honey Lemon270
Lemon Calamansi Tea270
Iced Honey Lemon Tea270
Strawberry Smoothie270
Nutella Smoothie270
Brown Sugar Bubble Fresh Milk300
Winter Melon Lemon270
Winter Melon Latte270


Rose Grapefruit Soda280
Kyoho Grape Soda230

Salted Cream

Salty Cream Black Tea270
Salty Cream Jasmine Tea270
Salty Cream Tie Guan Yin Tea270
Salty Cream Oolong Tea270
Salty Cream Pineapple Tea300
Salty Cream Apple Tea300
Salty Cream Mango Tea300
Salty Cream Grapes Tea330


Black Tea Latte270
Jasmine Latte270
Tie Guan Yin Latte270
Oolong Latte270

Extra Toppings

Honey Jelly30
Big Cup50

About Ninetea

Ninetea is a very recommended Chinese restaurant that is the perfect place whether you are looking for family dining or a romantic date. It is a restaurant that takes you to new and vibrant flavors of China with its amazing platters that are perfectly curated by its skilled chefs. There is so much to love in this restaurant from their Fried food to their noodles along with the wide range of available tea. 

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Ninetea Menu Best Seller

Make the best of your Ninetea experience with their best-selling collections that I curated for you. Unleash your inside adventurous instinct by savoring these beloved dishes from Ninetea.

Deep-fried bread Bun – These best-selling fried buns offer you a crispy outside with a soft texture inside. It has a slight sweetness that makes a perfect appetizer.

deep-fried bread bun Pin
Photo Credits: Ninetea 食久•茶 Facebook Page

Homemade Dumpling – Next on the list is this iconic Homemade dumpling. It is a classic Chinese dish that features a savory mixture of minced meat along with delightful vegetables. It has various seasonings that are delightful to eat.

Duck Gizzard – This duck gizzard is both flavorful and savory. It features the muscular part of the duck’s stomach. It is marinated to perfection giving you tender and juicy bites that you will surely love.

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duck gizzard Pin
Photo Credits: Ninetea 食久•茶 Facebook Page

Ninetea Milktea – An all-star and signature drink menu that you can only have here at Ninetea. It features a refreshing taste that allows you to indulge in creamy and sweet tea-based flavors highlighting cream, black tea, and a fusion of milk and sugar.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle – This Taiwanese beef noodle has a well-deserving spot on this list. It highlights a hearty flavor with this comforting bowl that features tender beef stewed with aromatic spices on a bed of perfectly cooked noodles.

taiwanese beef noodles Pin
Photo Credits: Ninetea 食久•茶 Facebook Page


Be delighted with the following menu of Ninetea that highlights savory flavors and tender meats along with varieties of vegetable medleys. 

Marinated Tofu – This marinated tofu is a perfect meal for everyone who is into vegetarian options, It allows you to indulge in tofu that is delightfully cooked and marinated in various Chinese seasonings.

marinated tofu with chopped garlic and shallot Pin
Photo Credits: Ninetea 食久•茶 Facebook Page

Spicy Braised Duck Blood – A bold and spicy experience awaits you in this Spicy Braised duck blood that features a fiery and aromatic sauce creating a unique delightful texture.

Braised Intestine – Savor the goodness this Braised intestine has to offer, it allows you to enjoy the tender and braised intestines that are delightfully cooked and flavored with various seasonings to give you a savory and rich flavor.

Braised Vegetable Assortment – This dish is perfect for everyone who is looking for a way to enjoy a delightful meal in the healthiest way. It features a medley of vegetables that are slow-cooked and enhanced with flavorful sauce.

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Fresh Fruit Tea

A refreshing sip of these beverages brings an intense boost to your day. That is why these drinks menu are very recommended if you are looking for a boost but you don’t like coffee.

Pomelo Lemon Tea – Start your experience with this engaging Pomelo Lemon Tea. This Ninetea menu has a citrus-infused flavor tea that features a blend of pomelo and lemon giving you a tangy and slightly sweet taste. 

Mango Green Tea – This Mango Green Tea is a famous delightful drink perfect if you are looking for a sweet mango flavor and refreshing tropical taste for a drink.

mango green tea Pin
Photo Credits: Ninetea 食久•茶 Facebook Page

Iced Grapefruit Tea – Be enhanced with this cooling beverage that allows you to take a sip and bring a zesty flavor of grapefruit tea that is served over ice for an extra refreshing experience.

Fresh Fruit Tea – This drink is a very recommended drink that features a brewed tea with various fruit slices giving you a comforting and satisfying drink to quench your thirst.

fresh fruit tea Pin
Photo Credits: Ninetea 食久•茶 Facebook Page

Ninetea Menu Delivery

Unfortunately, Nineta does not offer any food delivery service at the moment. But I think we can take that as a sign for us to take a delightful visit to this restaurant even just for one to experience the magnifying flavors of their best-selling dishes and other dishes that they greatly take pride in. I am sure you will be delighted with your entire dining experience here at Ninetea.

Social Media Pages

Get inspired by their photos and videos of their delectable bubble tea, cozy ambiance, and fun and lively atmosphere. And show your support for this local business by following Ninetea on social media today!

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What type of cuisine does Ninetea offer? 

Ninetea allows you to indulge in delightful collections featuring Chinese delicacies and authentic tea flavors that are brimming in flavors.

What is Ninetea known for?

It is famous for its iconic collections of fried food, Noodles, and of course Fresh Fruit Teas.

What are the operating hours of Ninetea?

Ninetea are operating from 10 AM until 9 PM from Mondays to Sundays.

Where is Ninetea located in the Philippines?

If you are planning to take a delightful visit to their store, you can visit them at their location at the 5th Floor Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, cor Aseana Ave, Parañaque, Philippines


In conclusion, Ninetea is indeed the way to go for an exciting Chinese dining experience. Their diverse menu collection allows you to enjoy a wider array of authentic dishes that highlight authenticity and origin. Ninetea combines famous traditional favors with an enchanting modern elegance that will mark it as one of the best dining experiences you ever have. From the delightful bite of homemade dumplings to the aromatic Taiwanese Beef noodles, This restaurant has always had something to satisfy every palate.

Their commitment to culinary excellence is served up to their ea collection which is one of the hallmarks of their business. They have delightful options of tea that are worthy of global appreciation. Whether you’re in the mood for a fulfilling bowl of a meal or a comforting taste of home, Ninetea is definitely a way to go.

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