Xocolat Menu Price

The Xocolat menu consists of delicious dishes and chocolate-flavored desserts. It serves Starters, Churros con Xocolat, Eggs et al, Special/Main Dishes, Pasta, Cakes, Gourmet Brownies, Rejuvenating Juices, Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Coffee. The cuisines that it offers are best known for giving its diners a luxurious chocolate experience as some of its notable cuisines are infused with cacao-based marinade and flavor. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Xocolat menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


X Salad 275
East Meets West 295
Potato Croquetas 195
Patatas Fritas 225
Tortilla De Patata 265
Honey Spiced Sausage 265

Churros Con Xocolat

Bittersweet 195
Classic 195

Eggs et al

Herbed Chicken Panini 275
Grilled Eggplant Panini 275
Perfect Grilled Cheese 275
Croque Madame 295
Pig Out 345
Eggs and Sausage 275
Eggs and Mushroom 275


Garlic Beef Tapa Bowl 275
Chicken Salpicao 325
Xocolat Pork Belly 325
Spicy Beef Flakes 275
Spiced XOCO Chicken 295
Pork Stout BBQ 325


Chorizo Blanco 295
Xocolat Chicken Pasta 295
Gruyere Alfredo Pasta 325
Spicy Tuyo Pasta 295
Grilled Chicken pesto 295
Baked Lasagna 295


Classic Dark (Loaf) (8x4)345
Classic Dark (Square) (8x8)645
Classic Dark (Party) (12x10)1095
Dark Caramel (Loaf) (8x4)425
Dark Caramel (Square) (8x8)745
Dark Caramel (Party) (12x10)1295
Boozy-spiked w/ liquor (Loaf) (8x4)495
Boozy-spiked w/ liquor (Square) (8x8)845
Boozy-spiked w/ liquor (Party) (12x10)1395
Absolute Sugar Free Xocolat 695
Molten Flourless Xocolat 265
Honey Yogurt Cheesecake 265

Gourmet Brownies

Original Sin 125
Salted Caramel (Box of 6)745
Salted Caramel (Whole Pan)1445
Bittersweet Blisss (Whole Pan)1495


Dalandan Honey Tropic 115
Strawberry Mango 125
Lime Cucumber Mint 115

Hot Drinks

Taza De Xocolat 225
Bittersweet 195
Wicked 165
Old Fashioned 195
Hot Xocolat 195
Gaianduja 195

Cold Drinks

Xocolat Lava 225
Chocolate Mudslide 225
Xoco Dinosaur 225
Mocha Loca 225
PB & X 225

Coffee Libations

Cappuccino 125
Xoco Latte 195
Vietnamese Egg Coffee 185
Mocha Loca 195
Coffee Ganache 255
Iced Café Bombon 165
Café 95
Café Con Leche 175
Espresso 95

About Xocolat 

Xocolat is a restaurant founded by a group of friends who studied at Ateneo de Manila University. The concept of this restaurant was inspired by their travel experiences abroad, European culture, and their love for chocolate. They dream to build a restaurant where people can relax, enjoy, and hang out with their loved ones. The chocolate desserts and marinade of this restaurant make it remarkable and one-of-a-kind. 

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Xocolat Menu Best Seller

These are the best sellers of Xocolat that always impress diners as they are well-crafted and has a unique taste. 

Classic Dark Cake- Celebrate your special moment with this classic dark chocolate cake. The rich gooey Belgian choco sauce creates a luxurious touch. This confection has a sweet and chocolatey flavor that will fill your celebration with sweet and fun memories. 

Photo Credits: Xocolat Facebook Page

Xocolat Pork Belly – Tender slices of pork belly are paired with homemade cacao-bagoong sauce to make its taste distinctive and delicious. The greens on its side add a refreshing look making it enticing. 

Spiced Xoco Chicken – Chicken fillet with shitake mushroom is garnished with the restaurant’s special blend of spices. The sauce that is served with this Xocolat menu enhances its taste which sets it apart from other chicken cuisines.  

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Photo Credits: Xocolat Facebook Page

Xocolat Lava – The rich chocolatey goodness and authenticity of this chocolate milkshake always please the taste of customers making it the best-selling iced beverage. The chocolate syrup, chocolate wafer stick on its side, and cream on its top make it visually appealing. 

Photo Credits: Xocolat Facebook Page

Gruyere Alfredo Pasta Pasta is cooked in a light cream sauce, bacon chunks, and melted gruyere. The hint of truffle and creaminess of its cheese make this dish flavorful. It is ideal for those who want a quick and satisfying snack. 

Churros Con Xocolat 

These Churros Con Xocolat are made up of Spanish fritters that are specially created by the restaurant and served with your choice of decadent chocolate dips. 

Photo Credits: Xocolat Facebook Page

Bittersweet – The contrast of flavors of this bittersweet sauce gives a distinctive taste to churros. This chocolate sauce has a higher content of cocoa and a richer and creamier texture than its classic counterpart.

Classic – This fun and delicious snack menu of Xocolat comes with a sweet and warm classic chocolate sauce. Its classic and delicious taste never fails to satisfy the cravings of people of all ages, especially kids. 

Eggs Et Al 

These dishes consist of fulfilling eggs, panini, and sandwiches that are perfect for any time of the day. 

Perfect Grilled Cheese – Two kinds of cheese are stuffed in artisanal sourdough bread. The melt-in-your-mouth goodness of perfectly grilled mozzarella and provolone cheese and the texture of the bread make every bite pleasurable. 

Croque Madame – Artisanal sourdough bread is filled with bacon and topped with swiss emmental cheese and sunny-side-up egg. This is an ideal dish for those who want a quick and nutritious meal that can give them the energy to be productive. 

Pig Out – This is a perfect dish for those who have a big appetite as it consists of Xocolat French Toast, Bacon Steak, and 2 eggs. The perfect combination of these three dishes will surely satisfy your cravings. 

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Xocolat Special Menu

The signature rub, cacao-based marinade, and distinctive toppings of these main dishes make them special. 

Garlic Beef Tapa Bowl – This bowl consists of rice, greens, slices of tomato, and egg. The 100% sirloin beef in this dish is marinated in cacao making it extra special. The savory and chocolatey flavor of cacao enhances the meatiness of beef tapa. 

Chicken Salpicacao – Tender slices of chicken are cooked in garlic and infused with the special signature rub of the restaurant. This hearty meal is a must-try as its flavor makes it unique.

Pork Stout BBQ – It is a barbecue with a twist and unique taste. Pork belly is marinated in a special mixture made from cacao and dark beer. This special and unique marinade gives the meat a distinctive taste making this barbecue dish extraordinary. 


Pasta is a versatile dish as it complements well with different ingredients. The pasta dishes of Xocolat are well-crafted to ensure that it is visually appetizing and will amaze diners with their delicious taste. Its best-selling Gruyere Alfredo Pasta is a must-try dish for those who will dine in or order for the first time as its taste will not disappoint you. For those who want a simple pasta cuisine, its Spicy Tuyo Tuna is the perfect choice as it consists of garlic, olive oil, and tuyo. The other unique pasta dishes that it offers are Chorizo Blanco, Xocolat Chicken Pasta, Grilled Chicken Pesto, and Baked Lasagna. 

Photo Credits: Xocolat Facebook Page

Xocolat Menu Cakes

The cake is one of the confections that are always part of different celebrations. It is typically prepared during birthdays or given as a gift to the celebrant. The best-selling cake of Xocolat is the classic dark cake that is available in loaf, square, and party sizes. If you want to try something new or make your party extraordinary, you can have other to-live-for cakes such as Dark Caramel and Boozy-spiked w/ liquor. 

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It also serves an Absolute Sugar Free Xocolat, a chocolate cake that will not make you feel guilty about eating sweets as it is sugar-free and contains low carbohydrates. The other cakes that it offers are Molten Flourless Xocolat and Honey Yogurt Cheesecake. These cakes will impress your loved ones as each bite is filled with goodness. 

Photo Credits: Xocolat Facebook Page

Xocolat Menu Delivery 

Xocolat takes orders for deliveries so you can enjoy their special dishes anytime anywhere. For orders, you can Viber them at 0956-384-6204 / 0917-848-0929 or call 02-8929 4186. Their menu is also available through delivery platforms such as GrabFood and FoodPanda. 

Social Media Pages

Are you a fan of Xocolat’s delectable treats and savory delights? Then you won’t want to miss out on their latest menu items. Head on over to Xocolat to discover their newest creations and indulge in their mouth-watering offerings. Plus, by following and liking their page, you’re not only showing your support for your favorite cafe, but you’ll also be the first to know about their latest promotions and exciting events. Whether it’s a limited-time offer or a special menu item, you’ll always be in the loop with Xocolat. So what are you waiting for? Follow their page now and satisfy your cravings while staying up-to-date on all things Xocolat.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/luvXOCOLAT

Instagram: https://instagram.com/xocolat.ph


The Xocolat menu is created like art as it has an amazing presentation and delicious taste. Some of its dishes are notable for their special cacao-based marinade and special rub that gives a distinctive taste. The cuisines that it offers have a rich and deep flavor that will make your dining experience special. They are committed to meeting the expectations of their diners to make them come back for more. 

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