True Boss Menu Prices

Energize your senses with the True Boss menu, an exquisite collection of revitalizing beverages that boast delectable flavors, ranging from the soothing essence of milk to the invigorating appeal of tea and enzymes. This menu stands out for its signature enzyme drinks, a culinary marvel available in an array of delightful variations including fruit-infused, basil seeds-enriched, aloe vera-enhanced, tea-infused, sparkling delights, and the probiotic richness of Yakult. The beverages offered here are a true testament to uniqueness, not only in taste but in the ingredients used in their creation. From the luscious pearls to the freshly plucked fruits, the velvety cheese milk foam to the meticulously steeped teas, each component is SGS certified, ensuring an unparalleled blend of quality, authenticity, and flavor.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of True Boss menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Signature Drinks

Berry Berry Good (Medium)140
Berry Berry Good (Large)155
Brown Sugar Berry (Medium)155
Brown Sugar Berry (Large)180
Hot Plum Power (Medium)155
Keep Calm & Kiwi On (Medium)155
Keep Calm & Kiwi On (Large)175
Mango Cheese Milk Foam (Medium)165
Peach Perfect (Medium)140
Peach Perfect (Large)155
Strawberry Cheese Milk Foam (Medium)165
Strawberry Slush (Medium)180
Strawberry Slush (Large)200
Summer Sparkler (Medium)200
Yakult Enzyme Aloe (Medium)165

Fruit Enzymes

Apple Enzyme (Medium)120
Apple Enzyme (Large)135
Apple Enzyme (Hot)120
Cranberry Enzyme (Medium)120
Cranberry Enzyme (Large)135
Cranberry Enzyme (Hot)120
Grape Enzyme (Medium)120
Grape Enzyme (Large)135
Grape Enzyme (Hot)120
Peach Enzyme (Medium)120
Peach Enzyme (Large)135
Peach Enzyme (Hot)120
Plum Enzyme (Medium)120
Plum Enzyme (Large)135
Plum Enzyme (Hot)120

Enzyme wit Basil Seeds

Apple Basil (Medium)120
Apple Basil (Large)135
Cranberry Basil (Medium)120
Cranberry Basil (Large)135
Peach Basil (Medium)120
Peach Basil (Large)135
Plum Basil (Medium)120
Plum Basil (Large)135

Enzyme with Aloe Vera

Cranberry Aloe (Medium)135
Cranberry Aloe (Large)165
Grape Aloe (Medium)135
Grape Aloe (Large)165
Peach Aloe (Medium)135
Peach Aloe (Large)165

Enzyme & Tea

Apple & Black (Medium)115
Apple & Black (Large)145
Apple & Black (Hot)115
Cranberry & Oolong (Medium)115
Cranberry & Oolong (Large)145
Cranberry & Oolong (Hot)115
Peach & Alpine (Medium)115
Peach & Alpine (Large)145
Peach & Alpine (Hot)115
Peach & Green (Medium)115
Peach & Green (Large)145
Peach & Green (Hot)115
Plum & Green (Medium)115
Plum & Green (Large)145
Plum & Green (Hot)115

Sparkling Enzyme

Sparkling Apple Enzyme (Medium)180
Sparkling Cranberry Enzyme (Medium)180
Sparkling Peach Enzyme (Medium)180

Enzyme Yakult

Apple Yakult 135
Cranberry Yakult 135
Peach Yakult 135

Classic Tea

Alpine Tea (Medium)75
Alpine Tea (Large)85
Alpine Tea (Hot)75
Black Tea (Medium)75
Black Tea (Large)85
Black Tea (Hot)75
Green Tea (Medium)75
Green Tea (Large)85
Green Tea (Hot)75
Oolong Tea (Medium)75
Oolong Tea (Large)85
Oolong Tea (Hot)75

Cheese Milk Foam on Tea

Alpine Tea (Medium)135
Alpine Tea (Large)145
Black Tea (Medium)135
Black Tea (Large)145
Green Tea (Medium)135
Green Tea (Large)145
Oolong Tea (Medium)135
Oolong Tea (Large)145


Kiwi on Oolong Tea (Medium)140
Kiwi on Oolong Tea (Large)155
Mangoes on Alpine Tea (Medium)120
Mangoes on Alpine Tea (Large)140
Strawberries on Green Tea (Medium) 120
Strawberries on Green Tea (Large) 140

Milk Tea

Pearl Milk Tea (Medium) 125
Pearl Milk Tea (Large) 135
Pearl Milk Tea (Hot) 125
Roasted Pearl Milk Tea (Medium)125
Roasted Pearl Milk Tea (Large)135
Roasted Pearl Milk Tea (Hot)125

Specialty Drinks

Mango Slush (Medium)180
Mango Slush (Large)200
Strawberry Slush (Medium)180
Strawberry Slush (Large)175
Berry Berry Sorbet (Medium)145
Berry Berry Sorbet (Large)175
Peach Mango Sorbet (Medium)145
Peach Mango Sorbet (Large)175
Brown Sugar Milk (Medium)120
Brown Sugar Milk (Large)120
Brown Sugar Pearl (Medium)135
Brown Sugar Pearl (Large)160
Brown Sugar Pearl (Hot)135
Taro Fresh Milk (Medium)160
Taro Fresh Milk (Hot)160
Taro Milk Pearl (Medium)180
Taro Milk Pearl (Hot)180

Add Ons

Aloe Vera 20
Apple 20
Basil Seed 20
Cheese Milk Foam20
Kiwi 20
Mango 20
Pearl 20
Strawberry 20

About True Boss 

True Boss is a brand that originates in Taiwan, known for the unique fruit enzyme drinks it offers. It is the first shop in the Philippines that offers fruit enzyme specialty drinks. This shop has a sole mandate of offering healthy beverages, which is why they use fresh, high-quality, and SGS-certified ingredients. 

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True Boss Menu Best Seller 

True Boss is known for offering invigorating drinks like enzymes, milk, and teas. Here are some of the best-selling beverages of True Boss you should not miss out on, as they are packed with delicious flavors and essential nutrients. 

Peach Perfect – It is one of the signature drinks of True Boss, made with peach enzymes and mangoes. The peach enzyme added to this beverage can prevent skin breakouts and improve health. This peach perfect has sweet and sour flavors and is highly recommended for first-time customers. 

Peach perfect Pin
Photo Credits: True Boss PH 醋頭家 Facebook Page

Berry Berry Good – This is an excellent choice for those who love berries, as it is made with cranberry enzymes that taste like real cranberries. It is topped with delicious strawberry and mango that enhances its fruity flavor. 

Cheese Milk Foam on Tea – Level up your tea experience with this drink from True Boss, where the freshly steeped tea is topped with signature cheese milk foam. This unique and refreshing tea is available in Green, Alpine, Black, and Oolong variations. 

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Brown Sugar Pearl – One of the specialty drinks of True Boss, this brown sugar pearl has a rich flavor profile that is pleasing to the palate. This hearty and tasty beverage is made with a delicious combination of milk, brown sugar, and chewy pearls.  

Brown sugar fresh milk with pearl Pin
Photo Credits: True Boss PH 醋頭家 Facebook Page

Mango Cheese Milk Foam – A crowd-pleasing drink where fresh-cut mangoes are mixed with alpine tea. Each sip of this drink is satisfying as the cheese milk foam on its top enhances its taste and texture. 

True Boss Menu Signature Drinks 

The signature drinks of True Boss are well-loved by its patrons as each drink is prepared using quality ingredients such as fresh-cut fruits, signature cheese foam, and enzymes. The ingredients of these beverages are mixed meticulously to make them visually appealing. 

Keep Calm and Kiwi On – This enjoyable drink comprises peach enzyme topped with fresh kiwi and mango. The refreshing goodness of this beverage will energize and inspire you to keep calm and carry on, making your day brighter and better. 

Summer Sparkler – A tasty drink where you will feel the radiance of summer in every sip as it consists of apple enzyme packed with antioxidants and provides health benefits such as improving digestion. It has a milder taste of an apple cider that complements the flavor of mango toppings and extra-added frizz. 

Brown Sugar Berry – Enjoy the flavorful taste of this beverage with fresh milk, brown sugar, and chewy pearls. The fresh-cut strawberries topped on it make it eye-catching and boost its flavor. 

Enzyme Drinks 

The enzyme drinks menu offered by True Boss are popular for their special flavor and numerous health benefits. This shop’s unique products will make you happy and refreshed with every sip. 

Fruit Enzyme – The fruit enzyme beverages of True Boss are known for the health benefits they provide. It comes in different flavors like apple, cranberry, grape, peach, and plum. These wholesome drinks are available in hot and cold variations, so they can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

Fruit enzyme Pin
Photo Credits: True Boss PH 醋頭家 Facebook Page

Enzyme with Basil Seeds – This enzyme drink is available in peach, cranberry, apple, and plum flavors. The fiber-boosting properties of basil seeds added to these drinks make them healthy. 

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Enzyme & Tea – Fruit Enzymes and teas are combined in this drink, resulting in a unique and healthier drink. The combinations offered by this shop consist of Peach & Green, Plum & Green, Peach & Alpine, Apple & Black, and Cranberry & Oolong. 

Tea Drinks 

The tea drinks of True Boss consist of classic, cheese milk foam on tea, mangoes on alpine tea, strawberries on green tea, kiwi on oolong tea, and pearl milk tea. These beverages are made with freshly steeped teas that give them an authentic and delicious flavor. 

Classic Tea – This menu of True Boss is one of the favorite drinks of its returning customers as its classic taste and refreshing goodness are unbeatable. It is made with loose-leaf tea steeped just right, and its flavors are green, apple, black, and oolong. 

Strawberries on Green Tea – It has a distinctive flavor as the green tea is topped with freshly cut strawberries. The strawberry imparts a wonderfully sweet and slightly sour taste, making it unique and gratifying. 

Roasted Pearl Milk Tea – A must-try milk tea made with fresh milk blended with freshly steeped oolong tea and chewy pearls. This roasted pearl milk tea can be consumed anytime, as True Boss offers it in hot and cold varieties.  

Roasted pearl milk tea Pin
Photo Credits: True Boss PH 醋頭家 Facebook Page

Specialty Drinks 

True Boss serves specialty drinks menu such as slush, sorbet, brown sugar, and taro. The luscious slush beverages it offers consist of Mango and Strawberry flavors that have an appealing taste. Regarding sorbet drinks, it serves Berry Berry made with cranberry enzyme and strawberry, and Peach Mango made with peach enzyme and mango fruit. 

Berry berry good Pin
Photo Credits: True Boss PH 醋頭家 Facebook Page

Its brown sugar drinks include milk and pearl variation, well-loved by customers for their rich taste. For those who want a taro-flavored drink, True Boss offers Fresh Milk and Milk pearls that can be enjoyed in hot and cold. 

Add Ons 

Customize your favorite beverage and make it more flavorful with these additional ingredients on your drinks. The add-ons that this shop offers include mango, kiwi, apple, strawberry, enzyme shot, pearl, aloe vera, and basil seed. These items will give you a wonderful experience as they enhance the texture and taste of your well-loved drinks. 

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True Boss Menu Delivery 

Indulge in the delightful and revitalizing beverages offered by True Boss, savoring their refreshing flavors at your convenience through a range of partnered delivery platforms, including trusted names like Pick-A-Roo, GrabFood, Foodpanda, and bXtra. Embracing modern convenience, these collaborations ensure that your favorite drinks are just a few taps away, delivered directly to your doorstep. For a seamless ordering experience, you can also explore their official website at, where a world of thirst-quenching choices awaits, ready to be enjoyed at your own pace.

True Boss Social Media Pages

Let their online presence be your gateway to savoring the true essence of flavor and innovation. Engage with their social media pages to stay in the loop about the latest creations, exciting promotions, and the unique stories behind every drink.





Where is True Boss Philippines located? 

The stores of True Boss Philippines are located in the following areas: 

  • Manila (1294A Masangkay Street, Tondo, Manila) 
  • Pasay (Unit 115, Shore 2 Residences, Pasay City) 
  • Quezon City (949 St., Brgy. Manresa, Quezon City) 
  • Quezon City (E. Rodriguez, corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City) 
  • SM Mall of Asia (2nd Floor, South Entertainment Mall) 

What sets True Boss Philippines apart from other similar establishments? 

The enzyme drinks that consist of fermented fruits are the thing that sets True Boss Philippines apart from other similar establishments. 

What types of beverages does True Boss Philippines offer? 

Enzyme, Milk, and Tea are the types of beverages offered by True Boss Philippines. 

Can I customize the sweetness level of my drink? 

Yes, they allow their customers to customize the sweetness level. 


The True Boss menu is well-known for its healthy drinks, such as enzymes, milk, and tea. The enzyme drinks that it offers are the items that you should not miss out on, as they are delicious, refreshing, and nutritious. You can customize your drinks by adding your favorite toppings and choosing your preferred sugar level that suits your taste. 

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