Presotea Menu Prices

The Presotea menu consists of invigorating beverages such as teas and juices. It offers a wide array of milk, fresh, and fruit teas. This shop also serves tea latte perfect for those who want to try a version of cafe latte, where tea is used as an ingredient instead of espresso. The toppings that customers can add to their favorite drinks to make them more filling and delicious are black pearl, white pearl, grass jelly, coconut jelly, cheese macchiato, pudding, aloe vera, and red bean. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Presotea menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Tea Latte (Hot and Cold)

Black Tea Latte (Medium)100
Black Tea Latte (Large)110
Brown Sugar Latte w/ Black Pearl (Medium)110
Brown Sugar Latte w/ Black Pearl (Large)120
Matcha Latte (Medium)125
Matcha Latte (Large)135
Matcha Latte w/ Red Bean and White Pearl (Medium)140
Matcha Latte w/ Red Bean and White Pearl (Large)150
Royal Earl Grey Tea Latte (Medium)105
Royal Earl Grey Tea Latte (Large)115
Signature Tea Latte (Medium)110
Signature Tea Latte (Large)120
Signature Tea Latte w/ Pearls (Medium)120
Signature Tea Latte w/ Pearls (Large)130

Fresh Tea

A-Li-Shan Iced Tea (Medium)90
A-Li-Shan Iced Tea (Large)100
Camellia Green Tea (Medium)80
Camellia Green Tea (Large)90
Japanese Genmaicha (Medium)90
Japanese Genmaicha (Large)100
Premium Ceylon Tea (Medium)80
Premium Ceylon Tea (Large)90
Roasted Oolong Tea (Medium)80
Roasted Oolong Tea (Large)90
Royal Earl Grey Tea (Medium)80
Royal Earl Grey Tea (Large)90
Supreme Jasmine Green Tea (Medium)80
Supreme Jasmine Green Tea (Large)90
White Peach Oolong Tea (Medium) 90
White Peach Oolong Tea (Large)100

Milk Tea (Hot/Cold)

Black Pearl Dark Cocoa (Medium)100
Black Pearl Dark Cocoa (Large)110
Japanese Genmaicha Milk Tea w/ Red Bean (Medium)120
Japanese Genmaicha Milk Tea w/ Red Bean (Large)130
Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato w/ Red Bean (Medium)140
Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato w/ Red Bean (Large)150
Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Medium)100
Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Large)110
Panda Milk Tea (Medium)130
Panda Milk Tea (Large)140
Pearl Milk Tea (Medium)90
Pearl Milk Tea (Large)100
PPJ Milk Tea (Pearl, Pudding, Jelly) (Medium)140
PPJ Milk Tea (Pearl, Pudding, Jelly) (Large)150
Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea (Medium)100
Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea (Large)110
Santa Cruz Dark Cocoa (Medium)90
Santa Cruz Dark Cocoa (Large)100
Signature Milk Tea (Medium)110
Signature Milk Tea (Large)120
Winter Melon Milk Tea (Medium)120
Winter Melon Milk Tea (Large)130


Apple Passion Yakult (Medium)100
Apple Passion Yakult (Large)115
Honey Aloe Vera (Medium)95
Honey Aloe Vera (Large)105
Iced Shaken Honey Lemonade (Medium)90
Iced Shaken Honey Lemonade (Large)100
Iced Shaken Lemonade Yakult (Medium)95
Iced Shaken Lemonade Yakult (Large)110
Lemon Dalandan (Medium)90
Lemon Dalandan (Large)100

Fruit Tea

Blueberry Aloe Vera (Medium)125
Blueberry Aloe Vera (Large)140
Calamansi Green Tea (Medium)95
Calamansi Green Tea (Large)105
Green Tea Yakult (Medium)95
Green Tea Yakult (Large)110
Iced Shaken Black Tea Lemonade w/ Coconut Jelly (Medium)125
Iced Shaken Black Tea Lemonade w/ Coconut Jelly (Large)135
Iced Shaken Green Tea Lemonade w/ Aloe Vera (Medium)125
Iced Shaken Green Tea Lemonade w/ Aloe Vera (Large)135
Iced Shaken Tea Lemonade (Black/Green) (Medium)110
Iced Shaken Tea Lemonade (Black/Green) (Large)120
Lemon Green Tea Yakult (Medium)110
Lemon Green Tea Yakult (Large)120
Lemon Winter Melon Tea (Medium)110
Lemon Winter Melon Tea (Large)120
Mango Green Tea (Medium)110
Mango Green Tea (Large)120
Passion Fruit Green Tea (Medium)95
Passion Fruit Green Tea (Large)105
Passion Fruit Pineapple Tea (Medium)120
Passion Fruit Pineapple Tea (Large)130
Peach Fruit Tea w/ Peach Wedges (Medium)120
Peach Fruit Tea w/ Peach Wedges (Large)130
Plum Green Tea (Medium)100
Plum Green Tea (Large)110
QQ Passion Fruit Tea (Green/Black) (Medium)130
QQ Passion Fruit Tea (Green/Black) (Large)150
Signature Fruit Tea Fusion (Medium)130
Signature Fruit Tea Fusion (Large)150
Winter Melon Tea w/Grass Jelly (Medium)120
Winter Melon Tea w/Grass Jelly (Large)130

Additional Toppings

Aloe Vera 20
Black Pearl 15
Cheese Macchiato 30
Coconut Jelly 15
Grass Jelly 20
Pudding 20
Red Bean 20
White Pearl 20

Sugar Options

Liquid Stevia (Sugar Free - Zero Calorie Sweetener)30

About Presotea 

Presotea is a brand that originates in Taiwan and has stores in different parts of the world, including the Philippines. The beverages it offers are inspired by Eastern Tea culture, prepared using an espresso machine known as Teapresso, and brewed upon ordering to make them fresh and flavorful. This shop prides itself on being a tea specialist, as it has years of experience and broad knowledge in producing top-notch teas. 

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Presotea Menu Best Seller 

Presotea is known for its freshly brewed beverages made with its customized machines. These are some of the best sellers of Presotea that you should try, as they are revitalizing, delicious, and packed with nutritional properties. 

Signature Tea Latte w/ Pearls – It is made with a roasted oolong tea latte and steamed milk. This is a version of a cafe latte; the only difference is that this tea latte is made with oolong tea instead of espresso. 

Matcha Latte w/ Red Bean and White PearlMatcha latte is well-loved for its sweet nuttiness, rich earthy and vegetal notes, and appealing bitter undertones. The addition of red bean and white pearl makes it more flavorsome and irresistible, which is why it is one of the most-loved combinations of its patrons. 

Matcha latte with red bean and pearl Pin
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PPJ Milk Tea – If you want something filling and delicious, this milk tea with pudding, pearl, and jelly is ideal. The pearl and jelly impart a chewy and soft texture, and the pudding gives a spongy, soft, and thick texture making this beverage appealing to the senses. 

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Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato w/ Red Bean – The creaminess of this Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato is one of its characteristics that makes it yummy. This milk tea is suitable at any time of the day as it is available in hot and cold variations. 

A-Li-Shan Iced Tea – A-Li-Shan tea is known for its complex, fruity, and slightly sweet notes and long-lasting aftertaste. This iced tea is loved by its customers as it has a floral and herbal fragrance of this tea and is packed with essential nutrients. 

Presotea Menu Tea Latte 

The tea latte menu comprises delicious beverages where tea and milk are combined expertly. Presotea offers royal earl grey, matcha, black tea, brown sugar with black pearl, and their signature tea latte made roasted oolong. 

Royal Earl Grey Tea Latte – Royal Earl Grey is a popular black blended tea with well-balanced citrus notes and smooth flavors. It is also infused with bergamot oil and citrus fruits that balance perfectly with the rich taste of milk. 

Brown Sugar Latte w/ Black Pearl – This brown sugar latte suits those not into caffeinated drinks or who want a tea-less beverage. The brown sugar gives this latte a visually appealing and luxurious look. It is topped with black pearls, adding a chewy texture and delicious taste to this latte. 

Brown sugar latte with black pearl Pin
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Black Tea Latte – It is a simple and flavorful tea latte with surprising goodness, as black tea’s bold and robust flavor blends perfectly with milk. This drink’s rich taste and velvety smooth texture give customers a delicious drink. 

Presotea Fresh Tea Menu

Presotea offers fresh tea known for its refreshing and nutritional properties that can make you feel good. It serves white peach oolong, camellia, Alishan, royal Earl grey, roasted oolong, premium Ceylon, and jasmine green teas. 

White Peach Oolong Tea – Experience the refreshing and satisfying goodness of this white peach oolong tea of Presotea. The sweet taste and appealing aroma of peach complement well with oolong tea. 

Premium Ceylon Tea This drink is one of the finest teas people love, as it has a strong flavor and well-balanced taste and texture. Aside from its premium and unique taste, it also provides numerous health benefits that are good for the body, especially when consumed frequently. 

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Supreme Jasmine Green Tea – The scent of jasmine blossoms harmoniously works with the enchanting aroma and enticing taste of jasmine green tea. It is one of the popular teas as it is packed with essential nutrients that can make you healthier and feel better. 

supreme jasmine green tea Pin
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Milk Tea 

The milk tea offered by Presotea menu comes in different varieties, such as their signature milk tea, royal Earl grey, Okinawa brown sugar, winter melon, Santa Cruz and black pearl dark cocoa, panda, pearl, PPJ, Japanese Genmaicha, and Japanese Macchiato with red bean. 

Winter Melon Milk Tea – It is a popular variant of milk tea, commonly served in different bubble tea shops. This sweet and refreshing milk tea has vegetal and mild grass-like notes, making it an ideal beverage during hot weather. 

Black Pearl Dark Cocoa – This luscious and comforting drink is known for its rich and smooth texture. The nutritional properties and delicious taste of dark cocoa make it an appealing drink among all age groups. 

Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea – The Okinawa brown sugar is the highlight ingredient of this drink that makes it special. This brown sugar has a rich caramel flavor that matches well with the sweetness and creaminess of the milk. 


Presotea serves various kinds of juice drinks menu, excellent for those who are not a fan of teas or caffeinated beverages. The apple passion Yakult it offers is the most-sought juice drink as it has a unique taste that satisfies cravings. It also provides ice-shaken honey lemonade, ice-shaken lemonade Yakult, honey aloe vera, and lemon dalandan. The ingredients of these flavorful juices are blended perfectly, resulting in refreshing drinks.

Fruit Tea 

The invigorating fruit teas of Presotea come in different varieties, giving customers many options. It offers Iced Shaken Tea Lemonade available in black and green tea variations, Ice Shaken Green Tea Lemonade with Aloe Vera, and Ice Shaken Black Tea with Coconut Jelly. The green teas of this shop consist of passion fruit, mango, plum, and calamansi flavors. 

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Presotea also serves Signature Fruit Tea Fusion, Green Tea Yakult, Passion Fruit Pineapple Tea, Lemon Winter Melon Tea, Blueberry Aloe Vera, QQ Passion Fruit Tea (Green/ Black), Peach Fruit Tea with Peach Wedges, Wintermelon Tea with Grass Jelly, and Lemon Green Tea Yakult. 

Signature fruit tea fusion Pin
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Presotea Menu Delivery 

Contact the nearest branch to your location to know if they deliver in your area. For inquiries, you can contact some of its branches, such as Robinsons Magnolia at 0917-627-9433 / (02) 8564-4674 and SM City North Edsa at 0995-131-9133. 

Social Media Pages

Be the first to sip on the latest concoctions, bursting with natural flavors and brewed to perfection. Show off your Presotea experiences by tagging and joining their tea-loving community! Follow them now and let’s steep in the joy of tea together!




Where can I find Presotea stores in the Philippines? 

The stores of Presotea Philippines are located in various malls, such as Robinsons Magnolia, SM Cherry Shaw, SM Marikana, and SM City North Edsa. 

What types of tea does Presotea offer? 

Tea Latte, Fresh Tea, Milk Tea, and Fruit Tea are the types of tea offered by Presotea Philippines. 

What makes Presotea’s tea unique? 

The specially customized espresso-type machines and the conventional method of brewing tea are the things that make the tea from Presotea unique. 

Are there options for non-tea drinkers at Presotea? 

Yes, Presotea offers juice drinks suitable for those non-tea drinkers. 


The Presotea menu is popular for its freshly brewed and unique tea beverages made with the finest tea leaves. It offers a wide array of drinks, so you will always have something new to try whenever you visit its stores. Customers love the freshness of its teas as they are brewed upon order, and its natural goodness as the restaurant uses quality tea leaves and does not add any artificial flavorings. 

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