The Little Joy Bakery Menu Prices

The Little Joy Bakery’s menu is filled with an assortment of freshly baked goods and treats that are able to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Its menu ranges from artisanal bread and pastries to custom cakes and confections which is why the bakery itself could be considered as one of the best there is in Metro Manila. So whether you are craving a buttery croissant, a decadent cake, or a flavorful loaf of bread, their menu is designed to bring a little taste of joy to every bite.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of The Little Joy Bakery menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Party Bear Cake988
Red Choco Cake878
Ube Party Cake988
Strawberry Shortcake988
Nutty Chocolate Caramel Cake1098
Maple Walnut Cake898
Blueberry Cake1098
Twinkle Caramel Cake1098
Mini Strawberry Shortcake438
Mini Twinkle Caramel Cake438
Mini Ube Party438


Plain Bagel (4 Pcs)163
Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Loaf174
Ciabatta (5 Pcs)218
Cranberry Walnut108
Cream Cheese Walnut185
Croissant (4 Pcs)108
Mini Croissant (6 Pcs)163
Multigrain Pan Bread108
Pandesal (6 Pcs)163
Premium Pan Bread273
Raisin Bread108
Ube Pandesal (6 Pcs)185
Ube Pandesal With Halaya And Cheese (6 Pcs)207
Sourdough New108
Italian Panini (2 Pcs)119
White Loaf Bread119
Dinner Roll (12 Pcs)141
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel (4 Pcs)218
Custard & Cranberry Bagel (4 Pcs)218
Pain Au Chocolat (2 Pcs)207
Cheesy Ensaymada108
Pita Bread (4 Pcs)141
Bite Size Garlic Croissant (10 Pcs)168
Mocha Raisin Bun78
Mini Cinnamon Croissant X10168

Whats NEW

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Spread299

Muffins & Other Pastries

Blueberry Muffin (4 Pcs)218
Cream Cheese Muffin (4 Pcs)218
Cookies & Cream Muffin (4 Pcs)218
Chocolate Chip Cookie108

DOM Drink Of The Month

Iced Vanilla Latte With Coffee Jelly138
Taro Cooler With Nata De Coco Bits108
Dirty Matcha148


I Love You Candles198
Number Candle "1"68
Number Candle "2"68
Number Candle "3"68
Number Candle "4"68
Number Candle "5"68
Number Candle "6"68
Number Candle "7"68
Number Candle "8"68
Number Candle "9"68
Number Candle "0"68

Macaron de Paris

Assorted Macaron (6 Pcs)383


Wintermelon Cooler With Coffee Jelly128
Hot Cafe Americano128
Iced Cafe Americano128
Iced Cafe Latte148
Iced Cafe Mocha198
Iced Caramel Mocha198
Iced Caramel Macchiato198
Iced Chocolate Latte148
Iced Matcha Latte98
Winter Melon Ice Cooler108

About The Little Joy Bakery

The Little Joy Bakery is a popular bakery that is known for its delicious baked goods and treats. This bakery is committed to both quality and taste and only offers the highest quality freshly baked items with enough variety so that it could cater to different preferences and occasions. Overall, The Little Joy Bakery is a charming destination where you can indulge in a delicious and wide variety of baked creations that will surely make you want to come back for more.

The Little Joy Bakery Menu Best Sellers

This menu is made up of a few items that are considered to be The Little Joy Bakery’s best-selling products.

Nutty Chocolate Caramel Cake – it is a decadent treat that combines the rich flavors of chocolate and caramel, and is topped with nuts, adding a satisfying crunch to each bite. The combination of the velvety chocolate and the gooey caramel results in a blend of textures and flavors that people with a sweet tooth would love.

Nutty chocolate caramel cake Pin
Photo Credits: The Little Joy Bakery Facebook Page

Cranberry Walnut – This treat has a balance of tangy cranberries and earthy walnuts with the cranberries giving it a burst of tartness, while the walnuts provide a satisfying crunch to it. This combination menu of The Little Joy Bakery is covered in a soft and fluffy pastry which makes it an excellent treat that is perfect for breakfast or a quick snack.

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Cream Cheese Walnut – This pastry is a treat that combines the creamy richness of cream cheese with the nuttiness of walnuts with the flaky pastry encasing the luscious cream cheese filling, while the walnuts add a delightful texture and flavor. 

Strawberry Shortcake – The Little Joy Bakery’s strawberry shortcake is a sponge cake that is beautifully moist, complemented by layers of fresh strawberries and airy whipped cream. The sweetness of the strawberries blends perfectly with the creaminess, creating a refreshing and delicious dessert that is perfect for any occasion.

Croissant – It is a classic favorite in any country that is sure to satisfy anyone that would have a taste of it. Each bite from this popular pastry would reveal layers of buttery, flaky pastry that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. 

Croissant Pin
Photo Credits: The Little Joy Bakery Facebook Page


Cakes from The Little Joy Bakery menu present a delightful selection of diverse cake options, each boasting its own distinct blend of flavors and textures that make them truly special.

Party Bear Cake – This charming cake features an adorable bear design, making it a perfect centerpiece for birthdays and special occasions. Beneath the whimsical exterior lies a moist and flavorful cake that is generously layered with frosting. 

Party bear cake Pin
Photo Credits: The Little Joy Bakery Facebook Page

Red Choco Cake – This cake is a beautiful blend of velvety red velvet layers and decadent chocolate goodness. The cake’s deep red color is visually striking, and the combination of flavors makes it a match made in dessert heaven.

Ube Party Cake – The vibrant purple color of this cake makes it eye-catching, while the flavor is uniquely delicious. The cake’s moist and tender texture is complemented by the earthy and slightly sweet taste of ube making it a standout choice for those who are looking to try a classic Filipino dessert.


The Little Joy Bakery’s bread menu is made up of a different variety of bread that ranges from classic ones to a more modern option.

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Plain Bagel (4 Pcs) – The round and chewy treats are baked to perfection until it has a perfect golden color with a slightly crisp exterior while keeping their doughy interior soft and full. Plain bagels are a versatile type of bread that could be enjoyed on their own or paired with different spreads and toppings.

Plain bagel Pin
Photo Credits: The Little Joy Bakery Facebook Page

Baguette – The crusty exterior of the baguettes from The Little Joy Bakery gives them a satisfying crunch, while the inside remains soft and light giving them a unique contrast in texture. Whether used to create sandwiches, dipped in soups, or simply enjoyed with butter, the baguette is a popular bread that is sure to satisfy anyone.

Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Loaf – This loaf is made with a blend of fragrant garlic and rich cream cheese, creating a symphony of savory and creamy notes with every bite. The soft and fluffy texture of the bread perfectly complements the bold flavors, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a unique twist on a classic loaf.

Muffins & Other Pastries

Muffins of The Little Joy bring a delightful assortment of charming and delightful baked goods that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Bakery’s other treats in terms of flavor and taste. Indulge in the goodness of Blueberry, Cream Cheese, and Cookies & Cream Muffins, each available in a set of four. Plus, there’s also the scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookie to add a bit of extra sweetness to your day.


The Beverages of The Little Joy offer a range of drink options that cater to various preferences, from warm Cafe Americano to refreshing Iced Macchiato. This menu boasts a selection of delightful choices, including the Winter Melon Ice Cooler that comes with coffee jelly, as well as an assortment of colas. Whether you’re in the mood for a hot pick-me-up or a chilled and flavorful indulgence, these drinks are here to satisfy your thirst and add a touch of joy to your day.

Hot americano Pin
Photo Credits: The Little Joy Bakery Facebook Page

The Little Joy Bakery Menu Delivery

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With The Little Joy Bakery’s menu delivery, you can place orders right from your cozy home, making life incredibly convenient. This is a fantastic choice, especially for those with busy schedules who are yearning for the delightful baked treats from The Little Joy Bakery.

Social Media Pages

Embark on a delicious journey filled with the magic of freshly baked treats like you’ve never tasted before. Keep in touch with The Little Joy Bakery’s delightful story by following their social media pages.






What type of cuisine does The Little Joy Bakery specialize in?

The Little Joy Bakery specializes in a wide range of baked goods, including bread, pastries, cakes, and other sweet treats.

Where are the different The Little Joy Bakery locations?

They have multiple branches set up in different parts of Metro Manila.

What are some signature dishes at The Little Joy Bakery?

Strawberry Shortcake, Nutty Chocolate Caramel Cake, Cranberry Walnuts, Cream Cheese Walnuts, and Croissants are some of the items that could be considered The Little Joy Bakery’s signature dishes.

Does The Little Joy Bakery cater for events or parties?

The Little Joy Bakery does provide catering services for a variety of events and parties.

Are there any promotions or discounts available at The Little Joy Bakery?

Yes, The Little Joy Bakery oftentimes provides promotions and discounts to always keep their customers engaged.


The Little Joy Bakery’s menu is made up of an assortment of freshly baked goods and treats that are popular for their affordability and quality. It is a must-visit destination for bakery and cafe lovers that are looking for an accessible bakery that has a diverse menu filled with delicious bread and pastries. So, if you are looking for a cozy and satisfying bakery in Metro Manila, there is no perfect place to visit other than The Little Joy Bakery.

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