Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe Menu Prices

A step into the world of Korean Sweet Bliss is all we have here in the restaurant that we are going to talk about today. Introducing Hobing Korean Dessert. A restaurant that offers a wide range of Korean Desserts such as the iconic Bingsu will surely satisfy your sweet cravings. They take pride in utilizing the freshest and the highest quality ingredients in every Korean indulgence they offer for you. Here is the updated menu of Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe and their prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Egg Ramyeon150
Add On: Mozzarella60

Toasts & Breads

Injeolme Toast160
Cheese Injeolme Toast180
Choco Toast190
Honey Butter Toast190
Add On: Cheese30


Kiwi Bingsu240
Mango Bingsu195
Mango Cheese Bingsu260
Matcha Bingsu250
Milk Kiwi Red Bean Bingsu195
Mix Berries Bingsu290
Injeolme Bingsu195
Cheese Bingsu230
Caramel Coffee Bingsu290
Cookies and Creme Bingsu260
Chocolate Cookie Bingsu230
Chocolate Brownie Bingsu250
Chocolate Banana Bingsu290
Chocolate Choco Pie Bingsu230
Black Sesame Bingsu260
Banana Mango Bingsu280
Blue Berry Bingsu250
Banana Bingsu190
Blue Berry Banana Bingsu290
Banana Berry Bingsu270
Berry Berry Cheese Bingsu290
Strawberry Bingsu260
Strawberry Cheese Bingsu280

Ice Blended

Cookies and Cream Ccino140
Mocha Ccino140
Caramel Ccino140
Plain Yogurt Ccino140

Yogurt Smoothies

Mango Smoothie140
Strawberry Smoothie140
Blueberry Smoothie140
Plain Yogurt140

Hot Beverages

Yalmu Tea120
Honey Citron Tea120
Peppermint Tea100
Green Tea Jasmine100
Black Tea Sunny Lemon100
Black Tea Forest Fruit100

Iced Beverages

Brown Sugar Milk Tea140
Iced Tea120


Rice Juice80
Choco Pie40

About Hobing

Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe is a casual dining restaurant that allows you to have a flavorful escape to the sweet world of Korea. It transports you to the wide array of Korean delicacies and desserts such as Korea’s favorite Bingsu and other Ice Blended Drinks and Yogurt Smoothies. Aside from the delightful desserts, they also offer a savory bowl of Noodles and delightful breakfast toast and bread. I am sure every visit is a visit of pleasurable dining and enactments so add this now to your list of must-visit restaurants and I will give you more of these reasons with the menu best sellers that I will provide next.

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Hobing Korean Dessert Menu Best Sellers

Savor the coolest and freshest collection of Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe highlighting their iconic bestseller from their delightful collections.

Mango Bingsu – Enjoy this delightful treat featuring a mango bingsu that allows you to enjoy shaved ice fresh mango cubes and mango syrup that is packed with richness and sweetness.

mango cheese bingsu Pin
Photo Credits: Hobing Bingsu Café SM Megamall Facebook Page

Mix Berries Bingsu – This delightful Mix Berries Bingsu will transport you to a heavenly combination of various berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and more deliciously assorted over shaved ice and syrups.

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mix berries bingsu Pin
Photo Credits: Hobing Bingsu Café SM Megamall Facebook Page

Cookies and Creme Bingsu – A fusion of classics and favorites is here in their best-seller cookies and creme bingsu. It allows you to enjoy a delicious combination of crushed cooked and cream that is served in bed with shaved ice.

Caramel Coffee Bingsu – Next on the list of Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe is this iconic Caramel Coffee Bingsu menu. It is a combination of rich and aromatic flavors of coffee and a sweet caramel that is generously coated on shaved ice.

caramel coffee bingsu Pin
Photo Credits: Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe Facebook Page

Blueberry Smoothie – This bingsu features a harmonious balance of blueberry flavors featuring its natural flavors. It is topped with flavored shaved ice that is definitely a must-try at Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe.


Still, haven’t found the one? Well, I got you because you can savor the finest flavors of Bingus here in the list that I also curated for you.

Kiwi Bingsu – Fan of kiwi? Well, I got you! This kiwi bingsu menu of Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe allows you to transport yourself to a flavorful tangy kiwi fruit. It has layers of shaved ice that are delightful accompanied with kiwi syrup.

Matcha Bingsu – For matcha lovers! enjoy this earthy and slightly bitter bingsu with a real essence of matcha with a sweet hint of BIngsu. It is the perfect choice for every Matcha lover out there!

Chocolate Cookie Bingsu –  Enjoy this iconic Chocolate Cookie Bingsu. It features the rich chocolate goodness of crushed cookies that is elevated with chocolate sauce and ice cream.

chocolate cookie bingsu Pin
Photo Credits: Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe Facebook Page

Chocolate Brownie Bingsu –  A combination of decadent flavors is here in their other must-try bingsu. It is a sweet and indulgent treat for everyone who is a fan of chocolate and brownies and indulges in the cooling goodness of Bingsu.

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Aside from dessert, Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe has also a savory collection menu that allows you to enjoy delightful flavors of Noodles featuring the iconic Egg Ramyeon and Tteokbokki.

Egg Ramyeon –  This Egg ramyeon is fulfilling to the core with its Korean spices and authentic flavor. It features an egg that is garnished and poached to this iconic egg Ramyeon noodles.

Tteokbokki – Next on our list is this classic and popular Korean street food that is known for its chewy texture. This Tteokbokki allows you to indulge in savory fish cakes and spicy flavors.

Rabokki – This Rabokki is a fusion of tteokbokki and ramyeon. It is a delightful combination of chewy rice cakes that feature spicy sauce and ramen noodles. 

rabokki Pin
Photo Credits: Hobing Bingsu Café SM Megamall Facebook Page

Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe Menu Delivery

I am sure you are now craving for these amazing delights from Hobing Cafe. However, I understand that sometimes we don’t have the energy or the time to go out and visit them to have their delightful collections at their store. That is why I am here to let you know that they are also available for food delivery services such as Foodpanda or GrabFood. Treat yourself to something refreshing and great with their collection of Bingsu and smoothies!

Social Media Pages 

For a closer look at their delectable creations, exclusive promos, and exciting updates. Be sure to tag them in your photos and share your Hobing experiences with the world!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hobingkoreandessertcafe

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hobingkoreandessertcafe

Twitter / X: https://twitter.com/HobingSANLAZARO


What type of cuisine does Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe offer? 

Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe allows you to savor the ultimate flavors of Korea with its iconic collections of savory dishes and delightful Bingsu.

What is Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe known for?

It is famous for its well-known Bingsu which are served in a variety of flavors and delightful styles.

What are the operating hours of Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe?

Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe welcomes you every day with operating hours that start from 10 AM until 6 PM. 

Where is Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe located in the Philippines?

There are several branches of Hobing Cafe available in various areas in the Philippines. However, you can also check them out at LG/F, 30 Meralco Ave, Ayala Malls The 30th, Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila.

How can I reach Hobing Korean Dessert Staff?

You can reach out by hopping a call or sending your inquiry through SMS with the provided contact number below: 

Contact Number : (02) 7958-3871 (0995) 660-8300


Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe is a fusion of Korean flavors and sweet indulgence. It is a restaurant that will certainly transport you to the magnifying taste bus of a world filled with culinary delight. Their heavenly Bingsu menu will bring a range of special freshness from their iconic Mango Bingsu to the rich decadence of Chocolate Bingsu. Their mouthwatering dishes such as their Ttekokkia and Rabooki are another must-try in their Noodles selections which is a perfect way to savor with your choice of Bingsu. I love how they pay attention to every bingsu they serve which offers beauty and magnifying flavors that are waiting for you to unveil in every scoop of it.

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