Taste of Joy Menu Prices

The Taste of Joy menu is made up of classic Filipino dishes that make for a delicious and filling meal. And because they serve Filipino dishes like Pork BBQ, Chicken Inasal, Lumpiang, Shanghai, and more, these dishes give diners a sense of familiarity and nostalgia while they are dining at Taste of Joy’s restaurant. Their menu is divided into three sections which are all-time favorites, super saya meals, and favorite joys.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Taste of Joy menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

All-Time Favorties

Pork BBR156
Chicken Inasal196
Lumpiang Shanghai60
Lumpiang Hanoi120
Pork Siomai60
Fried Chicken w Gravy312
Chopsuey 165
inihaw na Liempo220
Crispy Pata Large698
Lechon Kawali319
Puto with Cheese156
Selecta Ice Cream285
Halo Halo with Ice Cream89
Banana con yelo59
Mais con yelo65

Super Saya Meals

Spaghetti + 1BBQ119
1 BBQ + 2 Lumpia + Bihon139
1 BBQ + 2 Lumpia + Rice + Chopsuey145
1 Fried Chicken + Rice + Chopsuey153
Lechon Paksiw + Chopsuey + Rice + Pichi189
Inihaw na Liempo + Chopsuey + Rice + Pichi189
1 BBQ + 1 Fried Chicken + Chopsuey + Rice + Pichi pichi cheese199

Taste of Joy

Spaghetti + 1BBQ170
Pancit Puti 190
Chap Chae205

About Taste of Joy

Taste of Joy has multiple branches scattered across Metro Manila that offer delectable dishes that provide nourishment for both the body and soul. The restaurant has a nice ambiance that makes diners relaxed and comfortable while they are waiting for their meal. Aside from their delicious food and comfortable place, they also have a friendly and attentive staff that will complete your dining experience at Taste of Joy.

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Taste of Joy Menu Best Seller

This menu is made up of the most popular dishes at Taste of Joy and is the most ordered by guests that visit the place or by their delivery service.

Fried Chicken w Gravy – This is a classic comfort dish for many Filipinos on any occasion. The chicken is marinated in a flour mix and then deep-fried until it becomes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Overall, this is a very satisfying dish and is on the radar of many guests that visit Taste of Joy, especially the children.

Pork BBQ – This dish is a classic Filipino dish made from marinated pork that is skewered on a bamboo stick and grilled over hot charcoal. It is served with a sweet and savory BBQ sauce, making it perfect as a main dish or a side dish, depending on the occasion.

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Photo Credits: Taste of Joy Facebook Page

Canton – It is a type of egg noodle dish that is stir-fried with a variety of vegetables and meat tossed with it in a wok. It is made with a variety of ingredients resulting in a delicious taste because of the combination of flavors. One bilao of Canton is proven to be able to hold a large number of people.

Lumpiang Shanghai – This is a type of spring roll that is very famous in the Philippines. The Lumpiang Shanghai is made from ground pork and mixed vegetables that are diced, then rolled in a thin wrapper. The spring rolls are then deep-fried until they are perfectly crisp and golden brown in color.

Photo Credits: Taste of Joy Facebook Page

Taste of Joy All-time Favorites Menu

This menu is made up of a diverse range of Filipino and Asian dishes that are sure to satisfy any guest’s palate and cravings.

Chicken Inasal – Similar to Pork BBQ, this is a popular Filipino grilled dish that is made from a whole chicken. The chicken is first marinated in a blend of vinegar, soy sauce, calamansi juice, and a variety of species. The whole chicken is grilled until it becomes tender and juicy and then served with rice for a complete, filling, and satisfying meal!

Photo Credits: Taste of Joy Facebook Page

Lumpiang Hanoi – This is a unique variety of spring rolls that originated in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is made with rice paper that is filled with vegetables, vermicelli noodles, and oftentimes pork or shrimp. It is a very healthy and satisfying dish that is perfect for those who are watching their diet.

Photo Credits: Taste of Joy Facebook Page

Pork Siomai – This is a type of dim sum dish, which is a steamed dumpling made from ground pork, water chestnuts, and other seasonings. This has a soft and fluffy texture that makes it even more mouthwatering and tempting to taste.

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Super Saya meals

This Taste of Joy menu offers a variety of Filipino combo meals that are very popular with guests of all ages.

Spaghetti + 1 BBQ – This meal is made up of a serving of spaghetti, which is a pasta dish made with tomato sauce, and one BBQ skewer. The BBQ skewer is made from marinated pork that is grilled over an open flame that perfectly complements the spaghetti, making this item a complete and filling meal.

1 BBQ + 2 Lumpia + Bihon – This meal is made up of one BBQ skewer and two Lumpiang Shanghai. This combo meal is perfect for those who are looking for a light but satisfying meal at Tears of Joy. Of course, the taste of this meal is not any less than that of the other items that the restaurant offers.

1 BBQ + 2 Lumpia + Rice + Chopsuey – This is a very filling meal that is made up of 1 BBQ skewer, 2 lumpia of your choice, a bowl of rice, and chop suey on the side. This meal is perfect for those who are looking to have a 

Favorite Joys

This menu of Taste of Joy offers a variety of noodle dishes that are considered a staple in Filipino cuisine.

Bihon-Canton – This is a classic Filipino noodle dish that combines two types of noodles, a bihon, which is a thin rice noodle, and a canton, which is a slightly thicker egg noodle. Both of these noodles are stir-fried in a wok with a variety of vegetables and meat tossed in it.

Photo Credits: Taste of Joy Facebook Page

Miki-Bihon – This is another classic Filipino noodle dish that also combines two different noodles, miki and bihon. Miki is a noodle that is slightly thicker than bihon bihon and is typically made with wheat flour. This noodle dish, like the first one, is also stir-fried with vegetables and meat tossed in the wok.

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Palabok – This is a very popular Filipino noodle dish that is bursting with flavor! It is made with rice noodles, shrimp sauce, pork, and a variety of toppings, such as boiled eggs, and crushed chicharon.

Photo Credits: Taste of Joy Facebook Page

Taste of Joy Menu Delivery

Taste of Joy has recently introduced menu delivery to provide its valued customers with a hassle-free dining experience. Customers can now conveniently order their favorite dishes from Taste of Joy at any time and from anywhere they choose, thanks to the availability of third-party delivery services such as FoodPanda and GrabFood.

The addition of menu delivery services not only offers customers greater accessibility and convenience but also provides a safe and efficient way to enjoy the delicious delicacies of Taste of Joy. Whether it’s a quick lunch at the office or a cozy dinner at home, customers can indulge in the delectable flavors of Taste of Joy without having to leave their premises. So, why wait? Order your favorite dishes from Taste of Joy today and savor the goodness in the comfort of your own space.

Social Media Pages

To stay up-to-date on their latest offerings and promotions, make sure to follow their social media pages. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your fill of delicious and affordable Filipino cuisine—follow Taste of Joy today.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/tasteofjoy.ph/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tasteofjoy.ph/


Taste of Joy’s menu is made up of a mix of Filipino and other Asian countries cuisines. The dishes that they serve are not only of high quality, but the taste is nothing less than superb! The delectable dishes, paired with a cozy and comfortable dining environment, make for the perfect dining experience. Hence, the reason for their popularity and the high number of people that frequent Taste of Joy.

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