Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Menu Prices

When you want to indulge yourself or rejoice, a big, juicy steak works wonders. When prepared properly, steak is among the splurge-worthy most luxurious foods available, especially when chic restaurant ambiance and white tablecloths are present. In Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse menu, you will surely satisfy your steak cravings and many more.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Fresh Frozen

Beef Ground Kabab430
Lamb Ground Kabab520
Chicken Ground Kabab380
Motabal (regular)300
Motabal (large)400
Chicken Barbecue300
Lamb Chop720
Hommus (regular)270
Hommus (large)370
Samosa veg. w/ keema200
Samosa Spinach230
Pita Bread100
Beef Patty350
Cchicken Patty250


Eggplant with egg200
Spinach with egg220
Eggplant with whey sauce220
Zucchine with yoghurt230
Appetizer Platter550


Purred Jute Soup100
Thick Lentil Soup150
Chunky Tarragon Infused Vegetable Soup170




Chicken Chelo Kabab200
Chicken Special Chelo Kabab210
Beef Chelo Kabab210
Beef Special Chelo Kabab250
Lamb Chelo Kabab220
Lamb Special Kabab350
Mixed Special Choice240
Chicken Ground130
Beef Ground140
Lamb Ground160
Chicken Shish140
Beef Shish200
Lamb Shish240


Chicken Ground150
Beef Ground160
Lamb Ground180
Chicken Shish155
Beef Shish220
Lamb Shish250


Vegetable Korma250
Chicken Korma260
Fish Korma270
Beef Korma280
Shrimp Korma290
Lamb Korma380


Stuffed Bellpepper220
Spinach with Yoghurt220


Sizzling Kangkong with Beans165
Chicken burger200
Beef Burger215
Lamb Burger235
Sizzling Keema with Eggplant230
Sizzling Chicken Fillet240
Sizzling Keema240
Sizzling T-Bone360
Tenderloin Tips320
Sizzling Lamb Chop480

From the Grill

Grilled Tomato and Onion60
Chicken Liver110
Grilled Fish Fillet210
Chicken Barbecue240


Potato Cutlet125
Keema with Eggplant155
Chicken Liver Dish180
MK Fried Chicken190
Spicy Spinach with Egg205
Fried Boneless Bangus210
Shawarma Plate235
Pan Fried Saffron Fish230
Pan Fried Saffron Chicken250
Shrimp and Mushroom250
Beef Abgousht270
Classic Cheese Pizza300
Spicy Vegetable Keema Pizza320
Beef Salami Pizza350


Pita Bread25
Fried Egg20
French Fries70
Plain Yoghurt80
Korma Sauce90


Bottled Water35
Iced Tea50
Softdrink in Can50
Pineapple Juice50
Fresh Coconut Water50
Yoghurt Shake70
Cucumber Shake70
Cucumber Yoghurt Shake90
Fresh Fruit Shake80
Fresh Fruit Shake with Yoghurt90
Brewed Coffee50
Pot of Tea60


Plain Rice (solo)50
Plain Rice (sharing)120
Basmati Rice (solo)80
Basmati Rice (sharing)210
Biryani Rice (solo)60
Biryani Rice (sharing)160
Upside Down180
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About Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Ruth was committed to giving her family a better life. Even when a fire forced her to relocate, Ruth’s excitement and tenacity enabled her goal to come true this time, with Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse bearing her name on the door.

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Ruth’s Chris has grown from modest beginnings to become one of the most renowned steakhouses in the world. To keep the restaurant open after a kitchen fire damaged Chris Steakhouse in 1976, Ruth was compelled to move it. Ruth changed the name of the establishment to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse with little notice and a sly smirk. That moniker with a tongue twister was created because it worked.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Menu Best Steak

Perhaps a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth cut is what you’re after, or perhaps a savory cut with marbling is more your style. Continue reading to discover more about the various steak cuts available at Ruth’s Chris and what makes them special. Additionally, the softness and taste of each cut they provide are significantly influenced by their exclusive method for maturing the steaks.

Ribeye – This Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse menu is called marbling when a steak has streaks of fat expertly incorporated into the lean portions, and the ribeye is renowned for it. Many steak enthusiasts like Prime ribeyes because of the flavorful quantity of marbling in them. The fat contributes significantly to the steak’s uniquely rich taste, which may further be improved by the maturing and cooking processes.

New York Strip – Enjoy it as a 19 oz. bone-in specialty cut, as Ruth favored, or as a 16 oz. boneless strip steak. The latter choice is even more flavorful since the bone and its marrow give the meat more flavor while it cooks at high temperatures, such as those found in our 1800-degree broiler.

Photo Credit: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse FB Page

Porterhouse – The Porterhouse steak demonstrates that you can have your steak and eat it too by providing the best of both worlds. Consider purchasing the Porterhouse as getting a flavorful, bone-in New York Strip and a tender, bone-in Filet all in one magnificent steak. Come hungry and bring a companion because at Ruth’s Chris we offer a big 40 oz cut that’s intended for two.

Tomahawk Ribeye – There are a few significant variations between the Tomahawk Ribeye and the conventional Ribeye, despite the fact that they are virtually the same cut. The Tomahawk Ribeye is distinguished first and foremost by its long, French-trimmed bone with a handle-like form. The Tomahawk is sliced according to the thickness of the rib bone and is normally around 2 inches thick and weighs between 30 and 45 oz. This is the second key difference. When the highly marbled and incredibly tender steak is cooked, the intramuscular fat mixes with the nutrients released from the big bone to give it its flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth quality.

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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Best Dishes Menu

Veal Osso Buco Ravioli – But what really pulls out the taste in this meal is the veal demi-glace. It’s an enormously rich sauce that complements what would otherwise be a fairly light pasta so beautifully. Although you may not think to order this in a steakhouse, it is really something exceptional.

Photo Credit: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse FB Page

Petite Filet and Shrimp – Before you even sit down at the table when dining out, you could already be certain of your preferences. And for those like that, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse’s tiny filet and shrimp might not sound like the ideal choice. But for those of us who struggle to decide what to order, this could be the best option. You essentially get to sample two dishes when you order the tiny filet and shrimp.

Chocolate Sin Cake – It’s time to discuss the greatest dessert the restaurant offers. Take it from us: you must get the chocolate sin cake from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse menu when you visit them. It truly is sinfully delicious. Since this cake contains no flour, it is very moist; if you order this, you won’t have to worry about biting into a dry piece of cake. The cake gains a layer of richness and elegance with the addition of ganache, which also intensifies the chocolate flavor.

Best Drinks at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Menu

The Philippine branch does not provide a large selection of drinks, in contrast to other branches throughout the world. Only coffee and tea are available. Some of the top drinks are as follows:

Reyes Rita – It’s a beverage designed for summertime evenings out. The Reyes Rita is created with Patron Reposado, Ancho Reyes Original, and vanilla-jalapeno agave, and is exclusively available during this season. Tajin rim is used as a garnish.

Red Wine – Displaying wines made by some of the world’s top vineyards and wineries. White Wine – From light and fresh to crisp and dry, choose a white wine from their award-winning wine range or let them offer a suggestion based on your tastes.


Here are the available promotions of this restaurant, you can also check out different promos available on their website.

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FOUNDER’S FAVORITE – A perfect date night. Enjoy our Founder’s Favorite, which is only available for a short period of time: a sizzling New York Strip for two with two glasses of The Federalist Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – A superb wine combination at an alluring price. Drink some The Prisoner Red Blend. Try one of the three entrées. The finest times in life are experienced in this way.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Enjoy a 3-course, fixed-price dinner with a starter, entrée, personal side, and dessert of your choosing. obtainable for eat-in.

Ruth’s Chris Menu Delivery

Unlike most famous restaurants here in the Philippines, Ruth’s Chris cannot be found on typical delivery apps such as Foodpanda or Grab food. This is because this restaurant is not just about the taste of the food that you eat. It is more than the menu items. This restaurant is about the experience that you get. However, if you really cannot go to Ruth’s Chris you can always order via their website at


Can you wear sneakers to Ruth’s Chris?

Almost everything is acceptable. It’s OK to wear anything from casual to formal attire. There is no dress code, and anything you are wearing is comfortable there.

Can you wear shorts to Ruth’s Chris?

At Ruth’s Chris, we work to provide a relaxed, inviting environment for all guests. They encourage visitors to support this environment by refraining from donning exposed undergarments, tank tops, cut-off shorts, and shirts containing vulgar or insulting language. Simply said, only cut-off shorts are prohibited at this establishment.

Does Ruth’s Chris automatically add gratuity?

Unlike most restaurants in the region, Ruth’s Chris does not automatically include tips. As a result, many tables inadvertently commit stiffing. Your regulars fortunately keep you afloat. However, a lack of visitor communication on gratuities results in a high turnover rate.

Social Media Account

In order to make sure that you are getting the latest updates about the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse menu, prices, and promo, we encourage you to visit their website from time to time or subscribe to their social media pages.





Despite being a chain today, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse menu is a particularly fine one that serves its signature dishes well. At Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, you can get the ultimate steakhouse experience in Manila. Enjoy a bottle of wine from our acclaimed wine selection and a USDA Prime steak that is served sizzling on a 500° plate. This steakhouse in Manila offers a memorable dining experience for you and your guests with a roomy bar and numerous dining areas perfect for business meals, private gatherings, and romantic evenings.

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