Shawarma Gourmet Menu Prices

The Shawarma Gourmet menu consists of authentic and delicious cuisine from the Middle East. It serves appetizers, rice meals, salads, dips, regular wraps, premium wraps, platters, pizza, and combo meals. Arabic Desserts, sauces, and beverages. Falafel, hummus, kunafa, and shawarma are the main dishes that it provides. The premium beef shawarma that is offered by this restaurant is what set them apart from others as this dish comes with a special Tahini sauce. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Shawarma Gourmet menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Chicken Musakhan (2 pcs)109
Chicken Musakhan (4 pcs)219
Cheese Sambousek (3 pcs)119
Cheese Sambousek (6 pcs)229
Beef Sambousek (3 pcs)129
Beef Sambousek (6 pcs)259
Kibbeh (Beef & Lamb) (2 pcs)159
Kibbeh (Beef & Lamb) (4 pcs)299
Falafel (4 pcs + Sauce)219
Falafel (4 pcs Jalapeno)339
Falafel (4 pcs Cheesy)339
Spiced & Crispy Fries (Solo)129
Spiced & Crispy Fries (Good for 4)499

Rice Meals

Chicken Shawarma Rice (1 cup)179
Beef Shawarma Rice (1 cup)199


Tropicale (Regular)199
Tropicale (Large)389
Watermelon With Feta & Labneh (Regular)199
Watermelon With Feta & Labneh (Large)349
Tabbouleh (Regular)199
Tabbouleh (Large)349
Fattoush (Regular)199
Fattoush (Large)349


Baba Ganoush w/ Arabic Croutons or 2 pcs of Pita Bread299
Chicken Hummus with 2 pcs Pita Bread379
Beef Hummus with 2 pcs Pita Bread419
Hummus Regular with Arabic Croutons or 2 pcs of Pita Bread299

Regular Wraps

Chicken Shawarma (Regular)159
Chicken Shawarma (Large)179
Chicken Shawarma (Brown L)199
Beef Shawarma (Regular)179
Beef Shawarma (Large)199
Beef Shawarma (Brown L)219
Beef/Chicken/Falafel (6 inches)399

Premium Wraps

Chicken Taouk Wrap 329
Kebab Wrap 329
Falafel Wrap 269
Veggie Wrap 269

Platters (To Share)

Shawarma Platter (D.I.Y) (Chicken w/ 2 Pita Bread, Pickles, Large Tahini or Garlic Sauce, French Fries or Rice)549
Shawarma Platter (D.I.Y) (Beef w/ 2 Pita Bread, Pickles, Large Tahini or Garlic Sauce, French Fries or Rice)549
Shawarma Platter (D.I.Y) (Mix Meat w/ 2 Pita Bread, Pickles, Large Tahini or Garlic Sauce, French Fries or Rice)549
Taouk Platter (Chicken w/ 2 Pita Bread, Vegetables, Pickles, Garlic Sauce, and French Fries)559
Kebab (Beef & Lamb w/ 2 Pita Bread, Vegetables, Pickles, Large Tahini Sauce, & French Fries)559

Manakish (Pizza)

Chicken Shawarma Pizza 299
Beef Shawarma Pizza329
Sujuk (Lebanese Chorizo)329
Chef Style (Labneh/Olives/Veggies)299
Labneh (Strained Yoghurt)229
Zaatar (Thyme-Oregano)229
Cheese 249
DIY (Combined *** above)249


Combo 1 Chicken Shawarma (Regular Chicken Shawarma, Regular Spiced Fries, 16oz house blend ice tea, Garlic Dip-Small)359
*Upsize Option (Regular to Large Shawarma )20
*Upsize Option (To Large Brown Saj Wrap)40
Combo 2 Beef Shawarma (Regular Beef Shawarma, Regular Spiced Fries, 16oz house blend ice tea, Garlic Dip-Small)389
*Upsize Option (Regular to Large Shawarma )20
*Upsize Option (To Large Brown Saj Wrap)40
Combo 3 (Chicken Shawarma Rice) (1 cup chicken shawarma rice * 16oz house blend ice tea)259
Combo 4 (Beef Shawarma Rice) (1 cup beef shawarma rice & 16oz house blend ice tea)279

Arabic Desserts

Kunafa 399
Baklava (200g)550


Garlic (Small)39
Garlic (Large)69
Tahini (Small)49
Tahini (Large)79
Garlic Chili Special (Small)49
Garlic Chili Special (Large)79


Chicken (on wrap or rice)69
Beef (on wrap or rice)79
Oriental Spiced Rice 69
Saj Bread Regular 8''39
Saj Bread Large 10''49
Arabic Croutons 59
Pita Bread 35
Veggies (on wrap or rice)39
Veggies on Plate (Cabbage, Onion, Tomato, Pickles)79

Soft Drinks (in CANS)

Coke, Zero, Sprite, Royal 75
Nature Spring (Regular)25
Nature Spring (Sparkling)80
Ginger Ale (Canada Dry)99


Pale Pilsen 89
San Mig Light 89
Red Horse 89
Apple Beer89
Bucket of 4 + 1429
Heinecken (Imported)99

House Blends (All Fresh)

16 oz89
Fresh Fruit Smoothies (24oz)199
Ayran/Laban (Yoghurt Drink)159
Lebanese Coffee + Dates179
Arabic Tea Collection 139

About Shawarma Gourmet 

Shawarma Gourmet is a restaurant in Cebu that was founded in 2015 by Monsour, a Lebanese national. He is committed to providing quality dishes and excellent customer service. Since its inception, it received a lot of local and international awards that prove the quality of its dishes. It is known for offering authentic Lebanese comfort foods and halal-certified dishes. 

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Shawarma Gourmet Menu Best Seller 

These are the best sellers of Shawarma Gourmet that are popular and highly recommended by its customers. 

Falafel – Spiced chickpeas are formed into and deep-fried. Each serving consists of four pieces and the restaurant offers three options. Customers can choose from 4 pieces + sauce, Jalapeno, and Cheesy. 

Photo Credits: Shawarma Gourmet Facebook Page

Beef Shawarma Rice – A rice bowl meal where slices of beef and other vegetables are laid on top of rice. It is served in a cup so it can be conveniently enjoyed anytime wherever you are. 

Kunafa – This Shawarma Gourmet menu is an Arabic dessert that is made up of phyllo dough, cheese, sugar-based syrup, and other special ingredients. This well-known dessert in the Middle East is crunchy on the outside and has gooey cheese on the inside. Its sweetness, creaminess, and authenticity make it one of the best-selling dishes of Shawarma Gourmet. 

Photo Credits: Shawarma Gourmet Facebook Page

Chicken Shawarma ComboChicken shawarma is the most loved wrap of its diners. This combo consists of regular chicken shawarma, regular spiced fries, 16oz house blend iced tea, and a small garlic dip. Shawarma Gourmet also offers an option to upsize this combo meal to make it more satisfying. 

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Baklava – This is another Arabic dessert of Shawarma Gourmet. It consists of layers of nuts, spices, and sweeteners that are stuffed in phyllo dough. The sweet and rich flavor, uniqueness, and authenticity of this dessert will satisfy sweet tooth cravings. 

Photo Credits: Shawarma Gourmet Facebook Page


Kick off your meal with these appetizers that will boost your appetite. The authentic flavors of these dishes will make you look forward to the other dishes offered by this restaurant. 

Chicken Musakhan – Shredded chicken, onion, spices, and other ingredients chosen by the restaurant are wrapped in flatbread. These rolls are loved by people of all ages as it is flavorsome and every bite is gratifying. 

Cheese Sambousek – A delicious appetizer where ground meat, cheese, and other spices are stuffed in the dough. It has a savory and cheesy flavor and crispy texture that will impress cheese lovers. 

Beef Sambousek – It is a pastry made with spiced minced beef that is wrapped in dough. The garlic sauce that is served with this menu of Shawarma Gourmet complements well with beef sambousek. If you want a meaty and appetizing sambousek, this is an ideal dish for you as it is packed with the goodness of beef and special spices. 

Kibbeh (Beef & Lamb) – Make your meals more exciting with these Lebanese meatballs served with garlic sauce. This classic dish that is famous in Lebanon is packed with delicious flavor making every bite gratifying. 

Spiced & Crispy Fries – Fries are an all-time favorite appetizer or snack as it is regarded as one of the hyper-palatable foods. The spices of these fries and their crispiness makes them pleasurable to eat. A free garlic dip is served with fries to enhance its flavor. 


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Shawarma Gourmet provides three kinds of platters that consist of meat and other side dishes that go well with each other. These great and hearty Lebanese platters are well-crafted giving diners a fulfilling dining experience. 

Photo Credits: Shawarma Gourmet Instagram

Shawarma Platter (D.I.Y.) – Create your meal combination with this shawarma platter. The meat options are chicken, beef, and mixed meat. This platter includes 1 cup of your preferred meat, pita bread, pickles, large garlic or tahini sauce, and French fries or fries. 

Taouk Platter– This platter consists of chicken, vegetables, pita bread, pickles, French fries, and garlic sauce. The plating presentation and color of the foods on this platter make it interesting. 

Kebab (Beef & Lamb) – The kebab that is served on this platter consists of beef and lamb meat. The other dishes that come with it are pita bread, vegetables, pickles, French fries, and tahini sauce. 

Shawarma Gourmet Regular Wraps Menu

Shawarma is a dish that originates in the Middle East. This is commonly sold as street food and its aroma encourages passersby to stop and try it. Here are the regular wraps offered by Shawarma Gourmet. 

Chicken Shawarma – Chicken Shawarma is the wrap that always impresses the crowd with its delicious taste. It is available in regular, large, and brown large. This shawarma is the one that makes people come back. 

Beef Shawarma – Slices of tender and juicy beef are marinated in fragrant spices of shawarma. The aroma of this dish makes it mouthwatering and encourages customers to try it. The delicious flavors of this shawarma will burst on your palate with each bite. 

Beef/Chicken/Falafel – This is a perfect choice for those who want to try the three delicious shawarma of this restaurant. It is composed of beef, chicken, and falafel shawarma that are 6 inches in length. 

Premium Wraps

The premium wraps offered by Shawarma Gourmet are available in large sizes. It offers Chicken Taouk Wrap, which is made up of chicken breast meat marinated in yogurt and spices; and Kebab Wrap, a shawarma that is composed of mixed lamb and beef meats. The restaurant also served Falafel Wrap and Veggie Wrap which are created for vegetarians and those who want a healthier meal. These premium wraps will level up your shawarma experience as they are packed with goodness making every bite pleasurable. 

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Photo Credits: Shawarma Gourmet Facebook Page


Manakish is a pizza that is well-known in Middle Eastern cuisine. Shawarma Gourmet serves Chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Sujuk (Lebanese Chorizo), Chef Style (Labneh/Olives/Veggies), Labneh (Strained Yoghurt), Zaatar (Thyme – Oregano), and Cheese menu. DIY pizza is also provided that allows diners to combine their favorite toppings. These pizzas have a thin crust and generous toppings that will satisfy the cravings of pizza and shawarma lovers. 

Photo Credits: Shawarma Gourmet Instagram

Shawarma Gourmet Menu Delivery 

The delicious offerings of Shawarma Gourmet can be brought right to your doorstep, allowing you to savor genuine Arabic cuisine within the cozy confines of your own home. To place an order for delivery, simply get in touch with them by sending a message or giving them a call at these numbers: 0995-4567628 or 032-2661149. Rest assured, they are open and ready to cater to your cravings every single day, operating from 10:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. Experience the delightful flavors of their menu and indulge in a satisfying meal without having to step outside your house.

Social Media Page

To stay up-to-date on the latest menu items, promotions, and events, be sure to follow our social media pages. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to our restaurant, our social media channels are the perfect way to stay connected with the Shawarma Gourmet community.




The Shawarma Gourmet menu showcases the culture of the Middle East with its original and delicious dishes. The owner of this restaurant is Lebanese which is why the cuisines that it serves have an authentic taste. It is one of the restaurants that you should try when you visit Cebu as its dishes will satisfy your cravings. This restaurant is perfect for people from different walks of life as it serves vegetarian, halal-certified, and kid-friendly meals. 

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