Khaleb Shawarma Menu Prices

Craving for some shawarma? No worries I got you on this one. The Khaleb Shawarma menu has different varieties of food that you will surely enjoy, plus their price is very affordable for everyone so if you’re looking for a homegrown version of shawarma Khaleb Shawarma is the place to go especially if you are living in the metro. In this article, we are going to dive deeper into Khaleb Shawarma’s were about, their products, menu prices, and some details about them so if you’re up for some shawarma goodness this is the right article for you. This is taking too long so without any further ado let’s start. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Khaleb Shawarma menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Beef shawarma combo

Khal pita combo108
Khal pita solo84
Khalee rice combo143
Khalee rice solo119
Baked shawarma rice combo179
Baked shawarma rice solo155

Double pita pocket

Beef kebab pocket 108
Pita chips and fries48
Chicken pita pocket 108

Big time kebab meal

BTK meal263
Khalee rice 227

Rice bowl

Beef kebab rice bowl84
Chicken rice bowl84



Make your own

Myo beef shawarma - khal pita 600
Myo beef shawarma - khalee rice650
Myo beef kebab - khal pita 600
Myo beef kebab - khalee rice 650
Myo tuna - khal pita600
Myo chicken - khal pita600


Khaleb iced tea 500ml36
Khaleb apple juice 350ml24
Khaleb water 500ml24
Coca-Cola 295ml24

About Khaleb Shawarma

Khaleb shawarma started their humble business in 2003 when back in the day shawarma is not that popular in our country. In a very competitive food industry nowadays Khaleb Shawarma proved that they can last simply because their foods are delicious and affordable and that’s what customers want.

When shawarma becomes popular in our country they are already in business and that’s their advantage because they already mastered the art of making delicious shawarma over the years. From their first branch in Manila, they now have over 100 branches nationwide, they have branches in our leading Malls, transport terminals, and supermarket where customers can find them easily.

YouTube video

As of now, Khaleb shawarma is still expanding via franchising, their brand ambassadors are the famous singers and actresses Alex and Toni Gonzaga. They already perfect the supply chain while keeping their products fresh. Marlene B. Vasquez, the president and CEO of Khaleb shawarma is behind the making of this business successful and possible. 

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Khaleb Shawarma Menu Best Seller

According to our research and crew’s interview, these on the list are their best sellers and crowd favorites that you should try. 

Beef Shawarma Pita – This Khaleb Shawarma menu is made with beef marinated in seasonings and spices that give complex flavors actually tangy and warm and that’s their beef shawarma pita, is very flavorful and actually delicious, the pita bread is great as well, the soft sliced beef and some veggies and spices are perfectly combined and wrapped into the pita bread, not too spicy for me but I enjoyed it with extra hot sauce since I like spicy foods. 

Photo Credit: Khaleb Shawarma-Puerto Princesa FB Page

Kebab Shawarma Pita – Usually shawarma and kebab are often described as the same due to their almost same taste but kebab is a little different from shawarma for all we know. Kebab consists of ground meat not sliced just like shawarma and is often mixed with some vegetables, Khaleb shawarma’s version of kebab is really good and appetizing as you look at their servings and presentation. 

Pitazza – If you can’t decide on what to eat whether its pizza or shawarma why not try their pitazza? This is actually a shawarma that looks like a pizza or a pizza that tastes like shawarma, their pitazza is one of the Khaleb Shawarma menu best seller best ellers, and also really good. Very tasty to be honest and we like how soft and tasty their dough is. Pitazza is a whole new level of shawarma experience that you should try. 

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Beef Shawarma Rice – If you want their beef shawarma for sure you’ll like their beef shawarma rice as well. It’s the shawarma filling less than the pita bread but replaced with rice. Great flavors can be found in their beef shawarma rice, which has Filipino touch because of the rice. This innovative way of enjoying shawarma is something new and since we love rice, why not? Personally, I love this Khaleb Shawarma menu.

Go Combo

On their go combo, you will get to enjoy their beef shawarma or beef kebab with 350ml of Khaleb apple juice for as low as 80php only. They also have a combo for Khalee rice combo with 350ml of Khaleb apple juice for only 110php, 

Double Deal Pita Pocket

Khaleb shawarma offers double-deal pita pockets for as low as 90pho you’ll have 2 pita pockets. You’ll get to choose between 2 beef kebab or chicken at a very affordable price, great for customers who are not satisfied with just one order or if you like sharing it with your loved ones. 

Photo Credit: KHALEB FB Page

Big Time Khaleb Meal

Their big time khaleb meals are good for sharing it is actually good for 2-3 people or if you’re not a heavy eater could feed four persons. They have BTK meal which is actually baked shawarma and double deal pita pockets for as low as 263php and khalee rice for as low as 227php. 

Make your Own

The Khaleb Shawarma make-your-own menu consists of ingredients that you will choose to create your own food item. On their make your own they have Myo beef Shawarma – khal pita, Myo beef shawarma – khalee rice, Myo beef kebab – khal pita, Myo beef kebab – khalee rice, Myo tuna – khal pita and lastly their Myo chicken – khal pita. Everything on their make-your-own menu costs 600php aside from Myo beef shawarma – khalee rice which will cost you 650php. You can also order for extra sauce, their barbecue sauce costs 150php and their garlic sauce which is also 150php. 

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Khaleb Shawarma Menu Delivery

Khaleb shawarma is available thru food panda if you want to order all you have to do is to go to the FoodPanda website and then search for it. Or you can also order thru Grab Foods if you want to use it instead.

If you’re residing in the northern part of Luzon like Dau, Angeles, San Fernando, or Bataan you can use for delivery, all you have to do is to go to their website by clicking the link that we provided.

Social Media Pages

If you’re wondering if Khaleb shawarma has social media pages well yes they have. You can follow their social media pages if you want to be updated about their latest product and discounts. Here are their links. 




Affordable and yet very delicious shawarmas and kebab. I personally want to recommend this place because everything on their menu is delicious and very affordable. Their servings are somehow good and the quality of their food is excellent. Great place as well and has fast and friendly crews. If you are looking for authentic shawarma express, the Khaleb Shawarma menu has everything that you need. It’s the place that you should go and visit.

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