Scout’s Honor Menu Prices

Craving for something to eat but actually doesn’t have any idea what to eat? That happens all the time but since I can relate to your frustrations about where to go I have a great recommendation for you. Scout’s Honor is my go-to food when I can’t think of anything to eat, it’s like my salvation all the time so I want you guys to have an idea about them so next time maybe you’ll consider trying their food. Scout’s Honor menu has a lot of delicious food items to offer and to be quite fair everything is so good, wanna know more? Then let’s start and get to know this place more! Dont want to delay much as I am really excited about this, let’s go! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Scout’s Honor menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Milk Chocolate Chip Troop Bucket365
Scout's Buttermilk Fried Chicken Rice plate295
Dark Chocolate Chip Troop Bucket365
Spinach Cheese Pockets325
Creamy Pesto295
Cream Cheese Bacon Carbonara295

Scout huddle meals

Beef Tapa & Bacon Tocino Breakfast combo295
Baked Parmesan Chicken & Tocino breakfast combo295
Roast Beef & Buttermilk Chicken Meal combo395
Salisbury Steak & Garlic Shrimps Meal combo395


Corn Soup225
Caesar Salad265
Asian Salad345
Mushroom Soup175

Small plates

Calamari & Chips325
Spinach Cheese Pockets325
Mini Corn Dogs275
Fully Loaded Camp Fries325
House fries195

Rice plates

Scout's Buttermilk Fried Chicken Rice plate295
Baked Parmesan Chicken Rice Plate435
Tapsilog Rice Plate385
Bacon Tocilog Rice Plate315
Salisbury Steak Rice Plate495
Garlic Shrimps Rice Plate495
Roast Beef Rice Plate495
Thick Cut Bacon Rice Plate425
Chicken and Waffle335
USDA Beef Adobo475
Fish and Chips395


Roast Beef And Truffle Mashed Potato545


Craft Your Own Mac & Cheese325
Creamy pesto295
Cream Cheese Bacon Carbonara295
Chili Garlic Seafood Linguine495
4 Cheese Ravioli395
Grilled Chicken And Truffle Cream425
Pasta Bolognese345
Truffle Cream Pasta325
Cannelloni Bolognese475


Scout's Burger335
Crispy Chicken Sandwich285
Spicy Chicken Sandwich325


Bacon 45
Mushroom 45
American cheese 30
Fried egg35
Plain rice 40
Garlic rice35

1 Bite 2 Bite Cookies

Dark Chocolate Chip Troop Bucket365
Milk Chocolate Chip Troop Bucket365
Peanut Butter Fledge Troop Bucket380
Double Chocolate Cookie Troop Bucket380


Ube chiffon (slice)230
Mocha Praline Cake (Slice)255
Original Basque Cheesecake (Slice)305
Original Basque Cheesecake (Whole)1450
Strawberry Shortcake (Slice)205
Chocolate Mallow Cake (Slice)170
Mango Shortcake (Slice)210
Classic Chocolate Cake (Slice)190
Classic Chocolate Cake (Whole)1000
Classic Chocolate Mini Roll200
Dulce De Leche Mini Roll250
Cafe Latte Mini Roll255
Pandan kaya mini roll320
Ube White Chocolate Mini Roll275

Scout's pantry

Dark Chocolate S'mores Bark Troop bucket435
White Chocolate S'mores Bark Troop bucket435
Matcha S'mores Bark Troop Bucket520
Original Chips Troop Bucket165
Teriyaki Chips Troop Bucket165

Dog Cookies

Dog cookies 150

Craft milk

Ovaltine 175
Strawberry 175


Espresso 140
Americano 150
Cafe latte180
Cappuccino 180
Brewed coffee 130
Milo dinosaur 190
Chocolate milkshake 185
Cookies & Cream Milkshake185
Strawberry milkshake 185
Vanilla milkshake 185
Lemonade 135
Iced tea95
Bottled water 50
Coke Zero 90
Royal 90
Sprite 90
Earl grey tea120
Ceylon black tea120

Troop Trays

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Troop Tray1300
Baked Parmesan Chicken Troop Tray1300
Breaded Pork Belly Troop Tray1600
Roast Beef Troop Tray1600
Salisbury Steak Troop Tray1200
Creamy Cheese Carbonara Troop Tray980
Creamy Pesto with Grilled Chicken Troop Tray1260
Chili Garlic Seafood Linguine Troop Tray1550

About Scout’s Honor 

Scout’s Honor opened their doors to customers back in 2014. Chef Miko Aspiras is the person behind this place, they are offering different kinds of delicious treats that are hard to ignore especially their cookies with different varieties of flavors. The interior of their place is quite good though the place has a limited capacity, despite that their place is a bit small than usual the ambiance inside of their restaurant is adorable and you will feel comfortable with a homey atmosphere. When it comes to the dishes that they serve Scout’s Honor has a lot to offer through their menu however most items that they focused on are breakfast items, pastas, sandwiches, and their deliciously made cookies. 

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Scout’s Honor Menu Best Seller

Here are samples of the best-selling items on their menu. 

The Buttermilk Chicken – This one is really delicious and for sure if you’re a fried chicken person you’ll approve this one. The chicken is tender and really juicy inside, it is cooked perfectly and doesn’t have any trace of uncooked parts, the outside is crunchy but not hard just right, and not greasy. And when it comes to the taste this one is skin deep which really surprised me as I am not expecting this to be that tasty. The marinade or the batter made this chicken so good so a piece is surely not enough, this one is a must-try. 

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Buttermilk chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Scout’s Honor Facebook Page

Cream Cheese Bacon Carbonara – This one got my attention after realizing the words cream cheese. And as a cheese lover, I got excited to try their cream cheese bacon carbonara. It has a milky taste and creamy texture which I found delicious, im not into carbonara since I want my pasta with red sauce but this one got me. Im not sure if you guys will like this version of Carbonara but for us that already tried it, it’s a big yes for us. Bacon is pretty obvious sauce is tasty and the pasta is al dente. 

Creamy Pesto with Grilled Chicken – To be honest, this is my order when I can’t think of anything to order. Seriously, for me, this menu of Scout’s Honor was a lifesaver and every time the experience is satisfying. I highly recommend their creamy pesto with grilled chicken if you have no idea what to order and I swear that you can never go wrong with this one not unless you hate basil. Their creamy pesto with grilled chicken is a complete meal that is satisfying plus the taste is amazing. 

Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Fusilli – I have to warn you that this one is a bit salty but if you love salty food then go for it. The taste is very simple however we love this one. The flavors of garlic and mushrooms combined are perfect for those who love strong flavors. This one is also something that will remind you about Scout’s Honor.

S’mores Tag Along – This one has a lovely meringue on top that is a bit burned on a buttery shortbread. The meringue on top is what made their s’mores tag alone stand out. It has a beautiful texture with a lovely caramel flavor on it and it’s absolutely gorgeous, I highly suggest you guys try this one and also the gooey ube. 

Scout’s Honor Menu Scout Huddle Meals

Scout huddle meals mean convenient meals that are already packed and ready to eat. This includes side dishes and mains. on this menu is they have  Beef Tapa & Bacon Tocino Breakfast combo, this one has pork bacon tocino, Beef tapa, egg, garlic rice, Caesar salad, and atchara to balance the taste. They also have a Baked Parmesan Chicken & Tocino Breakfast combo which is made with Baked Parmesan chicken, bacon tocino, egg, rice, Caesar salad, and atchara. Other options are Roast Beef & Buttermilk Chicken Meal and Salisbury Steak & Garlic Shrimps Meal. 

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Garlic shrimp meal Pin
Photo Credits: Scout’s Honor Facebook Page

Scout’s Honor Starters Menu

On their starters menu they have 4 items to offer. The first one is their Corn Soup which is Creamy corn soup with kernels & croutons, this one is my favorite. Next is their Caesar Salad which is made with Romaine lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan, & caesar dressing. They also have Asian salad and mushroom soup. 

Small Plates

Small plates are like appetizers but actually not. On this menu, they have 5 delicious items to try. The first one is their Calamari & Chips which is Crispy calamari tossed in barbecue spice and potato chips. Spinach Cheese Pockets are also included on this menu. Mini Corn Dogs is also present on this menu and this one is made with Cocktail hotdogs coated with cornmeal batter. Other items are Fully Loaded Camp Fries and house fries. 

Fully loaded camp fries Pin
Photo Credits: Scout’s Honor Facebook Page

Rice Plates

If you’re looking for a heavier meal then Scout’s Honor rice plates menu is the perfect menu for you. On this menu they have Scout’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken from Rice Plate and Baked Parmesan Chicken Rice Plate if you’re looking for chicken dishes and Roast Beef Belly Rice Plate Pares and Roast Beef Rice Plate if you’re in the mood for beef. They also have Filipino silogs on their rice plates menu like Tapsilog Rice Plate and Bacon Tocilog Rice Plate. And if you’re looking for a truly Filipino dish you can try their USDA Beef Adobo. Other options are Salisbury Steak Rice Plate, Grilled Pork Chops Rice Plate, Thick Cut Bacon Rice Plate, chicken and waffles, and meatballs.

Pancakes & Waffles

Scout’s pancakes and waffles menu consists of different pancakes that are definitely a treat. The first item on this list is their classic pancakes this one is for those who like it plain with only pancake flavor to enjoy. They also have a banana pancake and chocnut pancakes if you want to enjoy a mildly sweet treat. Ube pancake is a great option as well. They also have chocolate chip pancakes and creme brulee pancakes for sweet tooths out there who love their pancakes extra sweet.

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Chocnut pancake Pin
Photo Credits: Scout’s Honor Facebook Page

Scout’s Honor Menu Delivery

Upon carefully checking, it appears that Scout’s Honor is yet to launch its dedicated delivery website, but fear not, as you can easily gratify your taste buds by placing an order for their delectable array of food items through the user-friendly platforms of Grab Food and FoodPanda.

Social Media Pages

With Scout’s Honor, every visit is a delightful treat for the senses. So, come on over, follow them online, and let the cookie cravings begin! Join the online community of cookie enthusiasts, share your love for Scout’s Honor, and indulge in the sweet moments of life.





What is Scout’s Honor known for?

Scout’s Honor is popular for their delicious cookies and baked item treats and also for their delicious sandwiches, pasta, and breakfast items. 

Where are the Scout’s Honor stores located?

Scout’s Honor is located in National Capital Region. You can find them in Makati, Taguig, San Juan and Quezon City. 

What types of cookies does Scout’s Honor offer?

Scout’s Honor offers different kinds of delicious cookies. Sample flavors are cashew macadamia and dark chocolate, matcha white chocolate, gooey ube, and rocky road.

Does Scout’s Honor offer customization options for cookies?

Yes, they actually offer to make your own cookie for you to customize your own cookies. 


This is a perfect go-to place if you’re craving something sweet like cookies and something to eat when there’s nothing on your mind. They actually have it all when it comes to light meals and even breakfast items so this place is truly an amazing and cool place. Scout’s Honor menu is a friendly menu where you can just pick whatever while not worrying about how it will taste because everything is so good. The place is nice and comfortable as well and their service personnel are polite, have great customer service experience, good food, affordable meals. 

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