Blake’s Wings & Steaks Menu Prices

Wings and steaks are the most popular items on Blake’s Wings & Steaks menu. It also offers starters, soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, ribs, rice meals, sides, desserts, and beverages. Its diners love these comfort foods as they have generous servings, delicious taste, and reasonable prices. Most cuisines it offers are suitable for sharing and will surely be loved by every group member.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Blake’s Wings & Steaks menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)

Stuffing Starters

Blake's Nachos 405
Loaded Pulled Pork Wedges 435
Mozzarella Sticks 295
On-and-on Strings 315
Shrimp Popcorn 435
Sriracha Calamari Bites 345
Truffle Chips & Dip 345

Soup-er Douper

Clam Chowder 255
Cream of Salmon with Dill 255
French Onion Soup 245
Shrimp Bisque 225

Mad for Salad (Serves 2-3 People)

Garden Salad 375
Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast 415
Grilled Steak Salad with Asian Dressing 435
Kani Mango Salad 375

Sandwich of These

Blake's Bacon Cheeseburger 395
Buffalo Chicken Fillet Burger 375
Classic Chicken Fillet Burger 345
Shrimp Po Boy 385
Truffle Honey Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup 395

Pasta Paradise (Serves 2-3 People)

Bird's Eye Carbonara 395
Classic Beef Spaghetti 375
Penne Garlic Pesto with Grilled Chicken Breast 375
Shrimp Scampi 425
Spaghetti with Dried Tuyo in Olive Oil 395
Spicy Salmon with Basil Pasta 415
Truffle Cream Pasta 425
Truffle Mac & Cheese 395

Hearty A La Carte

Baby Squid in Olive Oil 465
Beef Salpicao (Sharing)465
Beer-Battered Fish & Chips 455
Buttermilk Calamari 455
Spicy Garlic Shrimp 495

Filling Favorites

Baked Salmon 565
Beef Salpicao (Solo)435
Buttermilk Fried Chicken 435
Crispy Fish Fillet in Cornflakes 435
Grilled Salmon Steak 545
Salisbury Steak 385

Wicked Wings (For Sharing)

BBQ (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
BBQ (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Garlic Parmesan (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Garlic Parmesan (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Sweet & Spicy (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Sweet & Spicy (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Honey Garlic (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Honey Garlic (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Korean Snowing Cheese (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Korean Snowing Cheese (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Lemon Pepper (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Lemon Pepper (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Spicy Honey (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Spicy Honey (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Taco (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Taco (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Honey Chiptotle (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Honey Chiptotle (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Truffle Parmesan (1/2 kg) (12 pcs) 465
Truffle Parmesan (1/2 kg) (24 pcs) 835
Buffalo (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Buffalo (1 kg) (24 pcs)835
Buffalo Extra-Hot (1/2 kg) (12 pcs)465
Buffalo Extra-Hot (1 kg) (24 pcs)835

Dibs on Ribs (For Sharing)

Blake's Signature Pork Ribs (1/2 kg) (4 pcs)845
Blake's Signature Pork Ribs (1kg) (8 pcs)1425
Classic Baby Back Ribs (1/2 kg) (4-5 pcs)845
Classic Baby Back Ribs (1 kg) (8-10 pcs)1425

Winner Steaks it All

Flat Iron Steak (Hickory BBQ)515
Flat Iron Steak (Honey Mustard)515
Flat Iron Steak (Original with Herbed Butter)515
Flat Iron Steak (Original)515
Porterhouse Steak (Hickory BBQ)465
Porterhouse Steak (Honey Mustard)465
Porterhouse Steak (Original with Herbed Butter)465
Porterhouse Steak (Original)465
T-Bone Steak (Hickory BBQ)445
T-Bone Steak (Honey Mustard)445
T-Bone Steak (Original with Herbed Butter)445
T-Bone Steak (Original)445

Mine All Mine

Chicken Tenders Solo 435
Chicken Wings Solo 435
Ribs Solo 485

Blake's All-In Platter (Good for 5 people)

Blake's All-In Platter (Good for 5 people)2615

Set Meals

Wings Set Meal for 5 2453
Wings Set Meal for 105995
Ribs Set Meal for 5 3095
Ribs Set Meal for 107235

Side by Sides

Butter Garlic Rice 65
Buttered Corn 85
Java Rice 65
Mashed Potatoes 85
Potato Wedges 85
Steamed Rice 55
Truffled Corn 125


House Blend Iced Tea 85
Lemonade 105
Coke Regular (330 ml)80
Coke Light (330 ml)80
Coke Zero (330 ml)80
Sprite (330 ml)80
Royal (330 ml)80
Pineapple (249 ml)75
Pineapple Sweetened (249 ml)75
Orange (249 ml)75
Mango (249 ml)75
Pineapple Orange (249 ml)75
Bottled Water (500 ml)55
Brewed Coffee 90
Hot Milk 95
Iced Milk 95
Hot Chocolate 145
Iced Chocolate 145
Hot Tea (Twinnings)135
Hot Calamansi Juice 70
Blake's Lemongrass Iced Tea 95
Sarsi (330 ml)80

Drinks (Café)

Americano 130
Cappuccino (Hot)155
Chai Chocolate 165
Chai Latte 145
Espresso (Hot)120
Flat White 155
Latte 155
Mocha 155


Blueberry Cheesecake 195
Bro-vel a la Mode 245
Carrot Cake 195
Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream 295
New York Cheesecake 185
Strawberry Bro-vel ala Mode 265
Tablea Cake 195
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake 195


Blake's Brown Butter Double Chocolate Chip Cookie - Single 155
Blake's Brown Butter Double Chocolate Chip Cookie - Box of 2310
Blake's Brown Butter Double Chocolate Chip Cookie - Box of 4620
Blake's Brown Butter Double Chocolate Chip Cookie - Box of 6930

About Blake’s Wings & Steaks 

Blake’s Wings & Steaks is a casual dining restaurant founded by Joana Manalo to serve the favorite cuisines of her mother in one place. She named it after Blake, the Siberian Husky of their family. This restaurant has an “eat well, feel good” mantra that promises to give customers good memories through its good food, service, and ambiance. 

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Blake’s Wings & Steaks Menu Best Seller 

The Blake’s Wings & Steaks restaurant is known for its signature wings, steaks, and other dishes. These are some of Blake’s Wings & Steaks’ best-selling dishes that consistently impress and satisfy guests. 

Buffalo Wicked Wings – Wings are one of the restaurant’s specialties, and the classic buffalo variant is the crowd’s favorite. It is coated with a special breading mix, deep-fried expertly, and seasoned with the restaurant’s signature spices. These wings are served with the customer’s preferred dipping sauce. 

Buffalo wicked wings Pin
Photo Credits: Blake’s Wings & Steaks FB Page

Original Porterhouse Steak – A delicious steak where tender beef cuts are grilled masterfully and seasoned with unique spices. This steak is served with corn & carrots, mashed potatoes, and special gravy. 

Blake’s Bacon Cheeseburger – It is made with a 1/3 lb Angus beef burger patty with lettuce, cheese, bacon, and tomatoes. These ingredients are doused with the restaurant’s special secret sauce and truffle mayo. The potato chips served with it complete this meal. 

Blake’s Nachos – The crispy tortilla chips are topped with flavorful minced beef, garden-fresh lettuce, and diced tomatoes. It is garnished with special garlic sauce and melted cheddar cheese. 

Blake’s Signature Pork Ribs – These fall-off-the-bone pork ribs of Blake’s Wings & Steaks are rubbed with special savory spices and homemade hickory BBQ sauce. The sauce gives a glossy appearance that makes it mouthwatering. 

Blake’s Wings & Steaks Menu Stuffing Starters 

Blake’s Wings & Steaks offers good for-sharing starters perfect for every family member. It serves nachos, truffle chips & dips, mozzarella sticks, pulled pork wedges, calamari, shrimp popcorn, and on-and-on strings. 

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Truffle Chips & Dip – This truffle and dips are available in thinly sliced potato crisps and skinny fries varieties. These chips are deep-fried until it achieves the desired consistency and garnished with truffle oil. The truffle aioli dipping sauce served with it boosts its flavor, making it more delicious. 

Mozzarella Sticks – Mozzarella cheese is coated with a special batter mixture and deep-fried until its outside layer becomes crispy. Each bite of this delicious appetizer is satisfying as the gooey and creamy cheese inside complements well with the crunchy texture of the batter. It comes with homemade tomato salsa dipping sauce that enhances its taste. 

Loaded Pulled Pork Wedges – The crispy potato wedges are topped with signature shredded pork ribs. It is garnished with hickory barbecue sauce, loads of cheese, and special garlic sauce. This is also one of the favorite appetizers of its patrons as it is cheesy and packed with gratifying flavors. 

Soup-er Dupers Menu

The soups offered by Blake’s Wings & Steaks include clam chowder, shrimp bisque, French onion, and cream of salmon with dill. These creamy, flavorsome, and comforting soups are distinctive as they are served in a bread bowl. 

Clam Chowder – This menu of Blake’s Wings & Steaks is a classic soup well-loved by its customers, as the succulent chunks of clams, bacon bits, and potatoes go perfectly with the creamy soup. This is a heartwarming soup that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

Shrimp Bisque – The succulent fresh shrimp is simmered in a flavorful soup. It is drizzled with a delicious cream and special herbs that blends perfectly with other ingredients. This seafood soup has a bold flavor that will make you crave more. 

French Onion Soup – Sauteed onions are cooked in a flavorsome beef broth and topped with a thick layer of gruyere cheese and the restaurant’s choice of special ingredients. This soup’s hearty taste and appetizing aroma are the features loved by diners. 

French onion soup Pin
Photo Credits: Blake’s Wings & Steaks FB Page

Sandwich of These

The sandwiches served by Blake’s Wings & Steaks consist of a bacon cheeseburger, chicken fillet, shrimp po boy, and truffle honey grilled cheese paired with a side dish such as potato chips and soup. 

Classic Chicken Fillet Burger – The perfectly toasted delicious buns are stuffed with crunchy, juicy, and flavorful chicken fillet. It is also filled with fresh lettuce and slices of tomatoes paired with classic garlic ranch. The thinly sliced potato chips on its side make it more pleasurable. 

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Truffle Honey Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup – This menu of Blake’s Wings & Steak consists of a satisfying sandwich where bread is garnished with butter, stuffed with cheese, and baked expertly. The homemade truffle honey is drizzled on it to make it more flavorsome. The hearty tomato soup pairs perfectly with it, giving diners a gratifying meal. 

Truffle honey grilled cheese with tomato soup Pin
Photo Credits: Blake’s Wings & Steaks FB Page

Shrimp Po Boy – Shrimps are coated with a special batter, cooked masterfully, and stuffed in butter-toasted bread rolls. It is also stuffed with lettuce and slices of tomatoes and drizzled with spicy sriracha mayo. The crispy potato chips served on it are seasoned with special spices that match well with the sandwich. 

Hearty A La Carte Menu

Blake’s Wings & Steaks restaurant serves a flavorsome and hearty a la carte menu that is suitable for sharing. The Beef Salpicao made with tender beef cuts with a delicious flavor of garlic, butter, and paprika, and the Spicy Garlic Shrimp made with succulent shrimp tossed in garlicky and spicy sauce are the two of the favorites a la carte cuisines of its diners. It also offers Beer-battered Fish & Chips, Buttermilk Calamari, and Baby Squid in Olive Oil, which are well-loved for their delicious taste. 

Winner Steaks It All 

Steaks are one of the popular items on the Blake’s Wings & Steaks menu. It offers T-Bone, Porterhouse, and Flat Iron steaks that are flavorsome and tender. These steaks are available in original, herbed butter, hickory bbq, and honey mustard flavors. The choices for steak’s doneness are medium-well and well-done. These steaks are paired with corn & carrots, mashed potatoes, and your choice of gravy, such as original, mushroom, or pepper mushroom. 

Signature baby back ribs Pin
Photo Credits: Blake’s Wings & Steaks FB Page

Wicked Wings Menu

Blake’s Wings & Steaks offers delicious chicken wings coated with special batter, deep-fried, and seasoned with the restaurant’s special mixture of spices and sauces. Blake’s favorite flavors are buffalo, garlic parmesan, honey garlic, Korean snowing cheese, and truffle parmesan. The other flavors of its wicked wings are bbq, sweet & spicy, honey chipotle, buffalo extra-hot, lemon pepper, spicy honey, taco, and truffle parmesan. 

Blake’s Wings & Steaks Menu Delivery 

Visit to order your favorite dishes from Blake’s Wings & Steaks. Its menu is also available on the website and application of GrabFood, so you can enjoy its cuisines wherever you are.

Social Media Pages

Stay connected with them by following their social media pages to discover a world of mouthwatering wings and sizzling steaks. Get exclusive updates on new menu items, promotions, and events, and be the first to know about special discounts and limited-time offers.

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Where are the branches of Blake’s Wings & Steaks located? 

The branches of Blake’s Wings & Steaks are located in the following areas: 

  • Ayala Malls Feliz (Level 5, Ayala Malls Feliz, Marcos Highway, Brgy. dela Paz, Pasig City)
  • Ayala Malls TriNoma (Level 1, Garden Restaurants, TriNoma, EDSA, cor North Ave, Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City)
  • Katipunan (186 Katipunan Ave., Brgy. Blue Ridge A, Quezon City)
  • Makati (Unit G-1 Ground Floor, Salcedo One Center, 170 Salcedo Street., Legazpi Village, Makati City)
  • Marikina (Gil Fernando Ave., cor. Sta. Ana Ext., Midtown Subdivision, Barangay San Roque, Marikina City)
  • SM Baguio (Level 3, Sunrise Terraces, SM City Baguio, Baguio City, Benguet 2600)
  • SM Fairview (Upper Ground Level, The Parkway, SM City Fairview, Quirino Highway cor. Regalado Ave., Brgy. Greater Lagro, Quezon City)
  • SM North EDSA (Upper Ground Floor, SM City North EDSA, Main Building, Brgy. Bago Bantay, Quezon City)

What types of wings do they offer? 

The types of wings offered by Blake’s Wings & Steaks are: 

  • BBQ
  • Buffalo
  • Buffalo Extra-Hot
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Honey Chipotle
  • Honey Garlic,
  • Korean Snowing Cheese
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Spicy Honey
  • Sweet & Spicy
  • Taco
  • Truffle Parmesan

What are their signature steak dishes? 

T-Bone, Porterhouse, and Flat Iron Steak are its signature steak dishes. 

Is Blake’s Wings & Steaks halal-certified? 

No, Blake’s Wings & Steaks is not a halal-certified restaurant. 


The Blake’s & Wings Steaks menu is well-crafted to ensure that customers will enjoy their meals and make them feel good. It offers a wide array of comfort foods, giving diners different dishes to try each time they dine in or order. This restaurant is highly recommended by its guests as it offers hearty cuisine, a pleasing ambiance, and excellent customer service. 

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