Wasshoi Yakiniku Menu Prices

Japanese restaurants are really popular nowadays, popping up all over the country. But here’s something interesting I want to share: Wasshoi Yakiniku. It’s only in BGC, so if you’re in the metro, this might catch your interest. Wasshoi Yakiniku offers authentic Japanese cuisine that everyone will love. In this article, we’ll discuss their menu and, of course, the prices. So, let’s dive in!

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Rice Bowl

Oyako Don390
Yakiniku Don470
Gyu Don430
Una Ju900
Katsu Don430
Ten Don470
Chicken Teriyaki Don390
Tekka Don450
Kaisen Don980
Salmon/Ikura Don640
Negitoro Don800
Uni/Ikura Don680
Salmon Don480
Uni Don580

Grilled Seafoods

Kokusan Kakiyaki190
Tokudai Kakiyaki350
Shiro Hamaguri160
Sazae Tsuboyaki150
Uni Yaki 330
Ebi Yaki310

Grilled Fish

Hokke Yaki380
Shishamo Yaki320
Ika Maruyaki350
Sanma Shio Yaki350
Salmon Harasuyaki380
Saba Shio Yaki350


Caesar Salad260
Seafood Salad340
Spicy Tuna Salad300
Baribari Cabbage170
Tuna Salad260
Crab Salad280
Genki Salad180
Potato Salad150


Kalbi Soup280
Yasai Soup180
Miso Soup70
Tamago Soup180
Wakame Soup150


Furutu Moriawase250

Fried Food

Kisu Tempura 260
Kakiage Tempura 240
Kaki Fry380
Tonkatsu 300
Chicken Katsu260
Kisu Fry300
Tempura Moriawase 400
Chikuwa Isobeage220
Chicken Isobeage330
Ebi Fry360
Ninniku Maruage140
Potato Fry180
Ebi Tempura 360
Kawaebi Karaage180
Chicken Nanban320
Tori Karaage 280
Tako Karaage260


Yasai Itame260
Chicken Teriyaki 280
Liver Nira Itame330
Eringi To Aspara Butter 300
Aspara Bacon280


Chanja Yakko220
Maguro Nattou300
Ikaw Nattou300
Edamame 150
Kimchi 150
Korea Seaweeds120
Tsukemono Moriawase 150
Dashimaki Tamago220
Shirasu Oroshi130
Agenasu Oroshi Ponzu130


Maguro Tataki320
Maguro Sashimi320
Spicy Tuna Sashimi300
Maguro Yukke340
Ika Sashimi280
Sashimi Goten Mori680
Sashimi Santen Mori450
Salmon Sashimi 340
Spicy Salmon Sashimi 300
Aburi Salmon Sashimi 340
Lapu Lapu Sashimi 300
Amaebi Sashimi380
Aji Sashimi260
Aji Namerou240
Ikura Sashimi500

Rice And Noodles

Yukke Bibimbap580
Ishiyaki Bibimbap480
Ishiyaki Yukke Bibimbap680
Karubi Guppa420
Kaisen Sauce Yakisoba260
Kaisen Shio Yakisoba260
Kaisen Ankake Chahan320
Shoyu Ramen380
Tonkotsu Ramen420
Spicy Beef Ramen400
Spicy Kaisen Ramen400
Kaisen Okonomiyaki 320
Yaki Onigiri160

Rice Bowls

Oyako Don350
Yakiniku Don420
Katsu Don360
Gyu Don390
Una Ju800
Ten Don420
Tekka Don420
Negitoro Don400
Kaisen Don500
Uni/Ikura Don600
Salmon Don420
Salmon/Ikura Don580
Uni Don560

Sushi Options (1pc Per Order)

Maguro 70
Aburi Salmon80
Ikura 180

Sushi Set And Maki

Omikase Nigiri Nami620
California Maki280
Tekka Maki240
Nattou Maki160
Spicy Tuna Maki300
Salmon Tuna Maki300
Kappa Maki150
Ehi Tempura Maki300
Salmon Mayo Maki320
Spicy Salmon Maki300
Torotaku Maki280
Negitoro Maki260
Inari Sushi120
Maguro Avocado Maki330
Salmon Avocado Maki330

Grilled Japanese Beef

Wagyu Kalbi1500
Wagyu Roast1300
Wagyu Harami1500

Grilled Beef

Special Kalbi640
Special Tanshio540
Special Roast560
Special Harami520
Jou Negi Tanshio560

Yakiniku Combo

Combo A1200
Combo B1200

Grilled Meat

Ton Toro380
Ton Tongue 440
Chicken Momo280
Atsugiri Bacon350
Saikoro Steak480
Yaki Yasai Moriawase 280


Liver Sashimi580
Atsugi Shirokoro400
Motsu Nicomi300
Wagyu Shimachou480
Special Mino450
Wagyu Marucho580
Buta Motsu400


Saba Yaki Teishoku320
Hokke Kai Teishoku400
Sanma Yaki Teishoku320
Aji Yaki Teishoku300
Harasu Yaki Teishoku 340
Sashimi Teishoku 460
Salmon Sashimi Teishoku 360
Tempura Teishoku 340
Ebi Tempura Teishoku 380
Chicken Teriyaki Teishoku 360
Tonkatsu Teishoku 340
Chicken Katsu Teishoku 300
Tori Karaage Teishoku 320
Karubi Teishoku500
Roast Teishoku480
Harami Teishoku460
Tempura/Sashimi Set640
Temoura/Sushi Set720

About Wasshoi Yakiniku

Wasshoi Yakiniku Restaurant is a known Japanese restaurant that is located in BGC Taguig. This business is categorized as a Japanese restaurant. They serve dine-in and take-out orders. This traditional Japanese restaurant serves tasty meat dishes, vegetables, and even hard liquors. This place always serves fresh items of great quality. If you want to experience good food, amazing ambiance, and great customer service Wasshoi Yakiniku is the place to be.

This cozy Japanese restaurant has been serving for years now and customers started to notice them because of the great food that they serve. As of the moment they are still improving their already perfect menu and creating new and innovative dishes to serve with their customers. 

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Wasshoi Yakiniku Best Sellers Menu

Here are some samples of Wasshoi Yakiniku best selling items that you should try. This list is for your reference only. 

Beef Gyudon – The beef gyudon version of Wasshoi Yakiniku is a Japanese bowl of beef with thinly sliced beef that is fatty and some onions cooked in a mixture of sou sauce and mirin. This dish is slightly sweet because of the onion but still beefy in taste. Beef gyudon tastes amazingly delicious with the rice, this one is also great with any alcoholic beverages available on their menu. 

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Chicken Katsudon – Chicken katsudon is a very simple dish made with fried crispy chicken cutlets that simmered with onions and beaten eggs in a broth with a soy sauce base. They serve this on top of rice, this dish doesn’t use any alcohol but it is really good with all the umami taste that you are looking for a great meal. Also, one of their best sellers and a must-try item. 

chicken katsudon Pin
Photo Credits: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1758900-d23531207-Reviews-Wasshoi_Yakiniku_Restaurant-Taguig_City_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html

Yakiniku Don – Yakiniku don a version of Wasshoi Yakiniku is a Japanese grilled meat that is served with sauce and then topped with rice. The meat is tender and really flavorful on this one plus the sauce is not so thick just right. It is really perfect with the rice. Meaty delicious and a must-try item on their menu. 

California Maki – This inside-out sushi roll is made with vinegar rice it also contains nori sheets and some crab meat, cucumber, and avocado. California maki is also one of the most ordered items at Wasshoi Yakiniku. This one tastes fresh and really good. A lot of restaurants offer California maki and so far their version of California maki is one of the best that I tried so far. 

Grilled Meat

Grilled meat menu of Wasshoi Yakiniku 6 items to choose from. They have ton toro which is a Japanese fatty pork this one tastes amazing, and the combination of fats and meat is great. They also have a ton tongue this one is a Japanese pork tongue, this one is meat and tender as well.

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grilled meat choices Pin
Photo Credits: Wasshoi BGC Facebook Page

Chicken momo is a chicken thigh while atsugiri bacon is a thick slice of bacon. They also have saikoro steak this one is cut of beef with a dice-like shape. They also have sausage on this menu and lastly, their yaki yasai moriawase which is assorted grilled vegetables. 

Photo Credits: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1758900-d23531207-Reviews-Wasshoi_Yakiniku_Restaurant-Taguig_City_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html

Grilled Fish

The grilled fish menu of Wasshoi Yakiniku has 6 delicious items to choose from. The first one on this menu is their hokke yaki which means grilled atka mackerel. They also have shishamo yaki, this one is a grilled smelt. They also have sanma shioyaki, this one is grilled saury with salt, I like this one.

Aside from those items they also have salmon harasukiyaki which is a grilled salmon belly, this one is also good. Saba shioyaki can also be found on their menu, this one is a grilled mackerel. Last but not least is their ika maruyaki, this one is actually a grilled squid. 

grilled mackerel Pin
Photo Credits: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1758900-d23531207-Reviews-Wasshoi_Yakiniku_Restaurant-Taguig_City_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html

Wasshoi Yakiniku Menu Delivery 

Since Wasshoi Yakiniku doesn’t offer delivery you can order their food items simply by using third-party delivery services that are available in the market these days such as Foodpanda, Grab, and Lalamove. 

Social Media Pages

Want to stay updated on their latest food menu offerings? I recommend giving them a follow on their Facebook page. This way, you can also check out any exciting promos they might have. So, follow Wasshoi Yakiniku on Facebook today and start planning your next yakiniku feast!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amiyakiwa


How to contact Wasshoi Yakiniku? 

You may contact Wasshoi Yakiniku simply by calling them on their phone number at +63 2 8808 7608

Where can I find Wasshoi Yakiniku restaurant?

Wasshoi Yakiniku’s address is Unit 4 Ground floor “The Fort Strips building” 7th Avenue Corner Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila. 

What are the business hours of Wasshoi Yakiniku Japanese restaurant?

It is open from 11 in the morning until 10 in the evening from Monday to Sunday. 

What are the payment options accepted at Wasshoi Yakiniku?

This restaurant accepts major credit cards and debit cards and also cash payments. 

Wasshoi Yakiniku: Is this place halal-certified or not? 

Wasshoi Yakiniku is a non-halal certified restaurant that serves alcoholic beverages which is haram without Muslim friends. 


Wasshoi Yakiniku restaurant is a great restaurant if you’re looking for great food and ambiance at the same time. The interior inside the restaurant is similar to the Japanese restaurants that you can find in Japan. Their prices are affordable and some are reasonably priced. Their staff are also very accommodating and really nice it’s easy to deal with them, to be honest. The place is well-maintained clean and has very comfortable seats as well. Their serving of food is generous and the presentation looks great too. Overall a good place that serves authentic Japanese dishes. Best place to go. 

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