Japonesa Poblacion Menu Prices

Poblacion is a place known for bars, inuman with friends, and fun however I found out that this place has now changed into a food haven though there are still existing bars in the area. New food establishments made this place active during the daytime as well. Are you looking for a good place to go for your next eat-out with your family or Barkada? Look no more I found a place for you so I got you on this one. One of my recent discoveries is Japonesa in Poblacion. The Japonesa Poblacion menu has a lot of different choices of yummy foods and I’m pretty sure that you’ll love what they have on their menu.

Have you tried eating in Japonesa? Japonesa offers fusion dishes Japanese and Peruvian and alcoholic beverages. Are you interested in our topic? If yes then stay with me here as we are going to talk about Japonesa best sellers, prices, and something about them. Let’s go! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Japonesa Poblacion menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)






Bomba Camarones545
Coliflor Frito545
Kamote Frito195
Entero Shimeji395
Shishito Pimiento195
Sake Tartare545
Maguro Tartare495
Tartare Dos845


Lengua Katsu975
Pollo Mostaza595
Sake Aji Verde795
Lomo Saltado1195
Maguro Gremolata695
Pescado Y Gambas Al Ajillo1075


Pollo Negi220
Anticuchos De Lomo765

Sushi / Sashimi

Norwegian Sake195

Japonesa signatura

La Japonesa645
Rainbow Roll645
Mango cruijente245


California Roll395
Spicy Maguro Roll495
Spicy Sake Roll545
Sake Roll395
Maguro Roll345
Unagi Roll395
Shrimp Tempura Roll520


Chicken Katsu Curry395
Pork Katsu Curry475
Pork Katsudon445
Prawn Katsudon475

Signature cocktails

Watermelon Basil Mash Tub1895
Dragon Flight2745
Pisco Sour545
White Rabbit595
Pineapple Hai-Ball395
Watermelon Hai-Ball380
Grapefruit Hai-Ball395
Genmaicha Negroni575
Japanese Slipper475
Peruvian Sour595
Matcha Rose345
Tokyo Mule420


Yuki Otoko (Yeti) - Junmai5245
Zaku Blessing Wisdom - Junmai Ginjo5245
Pink Label - Junmai Daiginjo6995
Tsuru Ume - Yuzu5245
Tsuru Ume - Sour Plum4495
Tsuru Ume - Cloudy Plum4495
Imperial (Yamadanishiki)795
Gekkeikan Traditional Shot195

Classic Cocktail

Amaretto Sour395
Old Fashioned595
3 Olive Martini595

Wine (glass/bottle)

Glenelly Chardonnay Estate Reserve2995
Tonon Rosso Del Camul2995
Villard Grand Vin Pinot Noir 895/4995
Beaumont Hope Marguerite895/4995
Clos De Luz Arao495/2895

Wine (glass/bottle)

Glenelly 'Glass Collection' Chardonnay445/2595
Catayano La Seca495/2095
Altado Verdejo395/1895
Ganoux Meursalt 'Clos De Tavaux' Monopole 201210495
Michael Ecard Savingy 1ER Cru "Les Gravinas" 20177375
J Lohr Flume Crossings 2021595/2975

Japanese whiskey (glass/bottle)

Yamazaki 1234995
Suntory Hakushu Single Malt Whiskey21445
Nikka Samurai Whiskey1195/17995
Chita Whiskey845/12445
Matsui Single Malt The Peated695/9995
Matsui Single Malt Sakura Cask695/9995
Nikka from the Barrel Whiskey745/7495
Suntory Kakubin Whiskey195/2445
Dewars Japanese195/2495

Japanese spirits (glass/bottle)

Ki No Tou Gin695/11495
Ki No Bi Gin695/10995
Roku Gin345/5995
Haku Vodka295/4495

Non alcoholic beverages

Japonesa Iced Tea185
Pineapple Cucumber Juice295
Watermelon Ginger295
Genma Soda245
24 Carrot275
Red bull195
Soda Water, Ginger Ale145
Ginger Beer, Grapefruit Soda245

About Japonesa Poblacion

At the corner of Jacobo Street and Don Pedro Street in Poblacion, Makati you will find a Japanese-Peruvian-themed restaurant named Japonesa. Luis Higa a Japanese who has lived in Peru for many years and CEO James Thomas combined their idea of having a restaurant and Japonesa was born. Higa is also the head chef of Japonesa as well. This place offers an intimate and warm interior and a very cozy atmosphere inside with warm lights. The whole restaurant is actually Instagramable, to be honest. There are long tables and comfortable seats for a large group of people and also they have the best alcoholic beverages stocked and ready for a long night.

Their dining place is large enough to cater to 82 persons making their place a perfect location for family and friends. The main highlight of this place is their 14-seater custom-made dining area. It is inspired by Japanese kintsugi art which is a technique that repairs broken pottery and patches the broken area with gold resin. The table has a golden resin in the entire crack surface which gives a luxurious character to the piece. Aside from that their complete stack of liquors is also something that customers keep on coming back and try their high quality alcoholic drinks. This place is always a special place whether you’re going for the food or for the drinks.

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Japonesa Poblacion Menu Best Sellers 

I tried visiting Japonesa with one of my friends during lunchtime and since I already had the opportunity I asked their crews about their best-selling products. Here’s the list. 

Bomba Camarones

Bomba Camarones is made with shrimp with aioli. Their bomba camarones are garlicky, crispy, and a little bit spicy. I like how fresh it tastes, Bomba Camarones is one of the best items that I ordered at Japonesa. The added spiciness gives a kick in every bite, the Bomba Camarones is also one of their top-selling products and a must-try. 

Bomba camarones Pin
Photo Credits: Japonesa Poblacion Official Facebook Page

Salmon Tartare

This menu of Japonesa Poblacion is also pretty delicious. The salmon is fresh and since it is fresh the full flavor of the salmon is noticeable and goes so well with the avocado. Though I’m not a fan of this kind of dish I actually enjoyed it. Salmon tartare is one of the best items that you can enjoy on their menu. Salmon tartare is also a must-have item I want you guys to try this. 

Entrejo Shimeji

Shineji mushroom is one of the base ingredients of their entero shimeji. Also, I am not a fan but to be honest I also enjoyed this one since my friend loves this and who am I to refuse her request for me to try this item? At first, I felt kind of weird flavor on this one but eventually, it all came off and it tasted great. This is also included in the Japonesa Poblacion’s top-selling menu.

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Entrejo shimeji Pin
Photo Credits: Japonesa Poblacion Official Facebook Page


This has a subtle sweetness, Yes their peruano is actually a bit sweet which I think the miso-marinated salmon is the reason. This also has cucumber, avocado, and crispy shallots. It also has added texture because of the crispy potato shreds for you to enjoy in every bite. Peruano tastes good too, you don’t want to miss this item I swear. Better try this menu if you’re planning to go and visit the Japonesa Poblacion anytime soon. 

La Japonesa

La Japonesa is also another favorite on my list of Japonesa Poblacion items on their menu. It has a crispy rice exterior on the sushi roll. This has the right spiciness from the green chilis and spicy tuna. Actually one of the items that I will keep on ordering again and again since I love spicy foods. If you’re not a fan of spicy food this is not for you but if you dare to try you’ll be convinced of what I’m saying. 

La japonesa roll Pin
Photo Credits: Japonesa Poblacion Official Facebook Page

Japonesa Poblacion Menu Delivery

Getting your hands on the delightful dishes from Japonesa Poblacion has become an absolute breeze, ensuring a stress-free experience for you. To savor your favorite Japanese from this restaurant food menu, simply pick up your phone and dial 09171682024 for a direct line to place your delivery order. Whether you’re craving their scrumptious sushi rolls, tempting tempura, or savory ramen bowls, this straightforward process makes it a piece of cake to enjoy a flavorful meal from Japonesa without any hassle.

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Geisha - classic bloody mary Pin
Photo Credits: Japonesa Poblacion Official Facebook Page

Japonesa Social Media Pages

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Poblacion, Makati, then Japonesa is the place to be. Follow their social media pages, you can stay updated on their latest menu offerings, promotions, and events. I highly suggest that you do so you can show your support for their restaurant.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaponesaPoblacion

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/japonesapoblacion


What time are the opening hours in Japonesa?

Japonesa Poblacion is open from 11:00 in the morning until 1:00 midnight on Sunday to Thursday, and 11:00 in the morning until 3:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Where is Japonesa location?

Japonesa is located at 5856 Jacobo Street Baranggay Poblacion in Makati City.

Do I need reservations at Japonesa?

All of their guests are encouraged to make a reservation before visiting the restaurant. Though walk-in customers are all welcome the service will be subject to table availability. 

How to make a reservation in Japonesa?

You can book a reservation simply by messaging their social media Facebook or on their Instagram page.

Is Japonesa halal certified?

No. Japonesa is not halal-certified since it offers alcoholic beverages. 


I had a really good experience at Japonesa Poblacion. I really enjoyed their great food and good ambiance. Their staff are very accommodating and fast too, and they are pretty knowledgeable about their products since they answered all my questions about the food that was served on our table. The Japonesa Poblacion menu has a lot of delicious options so if you love to try Japanese-Peruvian dishes this is the best place to go. Highly recommend it to my co-foodies who love to try different cuisines and restaurants. Thumbs up isn’t enough for this place. 

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