Akamon Ramen Bar Menu Prices

Get ready for a taste adventure at Akamon Ramen Bar! They have a menu full of delicious foods from Japan. Imagine enjoying yummy ramen, tasty donburi, sushi rolls, and more. But that’s not all! They also have something super special called the Akamon Bento meal. It’s like a treasure box of flavors with rice, crispy karaage, yummy tempura, tasty gyoza, dashi, sushi maki, and healthy veggies. All of these foods are made with special ingredients from Japan to make them really tasty.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Akamon Ramen Bar menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Miso (Regular Ramen) (Half Size)160
Miso (Regular Ramen) (Full Size)300
Shoyu (Regular Ramen) (Half Size) 160
Shoyu (Regular Ramen) (Full Size) 300
Tan-Tan Men (Regular Ramen) (Half Size) 190
Tan-Tan Men (Regular Ramen) (Full Size) 325
Tonkotsu (Regular Ramen) (Half Size)160
Tonkotsu (Regular Ramen) (Full Size)300
Tori Paitan (Regular Ramen) (Half Size)160
Tori Paitan (Regular Ramen) (Full Size)300
Premium Curry Tonkotsu (Half Size)230
Premium Curry Tonkotsu (Full Size)415
Premium Miso Tonkotsu (Half Size) 230
Premium Miso Tonkotsu (Full Size) 415
Premium Shoyu Tonkotsu (Half Size) 230
Premium Shoyu Tonkotsu (Full Size) 415
Premium Spicy Tonkotsu (Half Size) 230
Premium Spicy Tonkotsu (Full Size) 415
Premium Tonkotsu (Half Size)230
Premium Tonkotsu (Full Size)415


Buta Tama Don 195
Chasu Don 210
Gyu Tama Don 230
Oyako Don 210

Rice Bowl

Chicken Teriyaki Don 235
Yakiniku Don 260

Sushi Roll

Akamon Maki 195
California Maki 220
Crunchy Maki 220


Akamon Salad 195
Chicken Katsu 180
Chicken Teriyaki Don 180
Curry Karaage (3 pcs)165
Curry Karaage (6 pcs)275
Gyoza (3 pcs)165
Gyoza (6 pcs)230
Karaage (3 pcs)130
Karaage (6 pcs)230
Okonomi Yaki (Japanese Pizza) 235
Spicy Karaage 275
Tempura Shrimp (3 pcs)170
Tempura Shrimp (6 pcs)310


Akamon Bento 530

Cold Noodles

Hiyashi Tan-Tan Men (Cold Noodles)325
Rei-Men (Cold Noodles) 285


7-Up 50
Mirinda 50
Mountain Dew 50
Pepsi 50

About Akamon Ramen Bar

Akamon specializes in serving ramen and other Japanese dishes with a delicious and authentic taste. It has an excellent and cozy ambiance that matches well with the cuisines it serves, giving diners a pleasing Japanese dining experience. This restaurant is located in SM Strata, so people can conveniently visit it, and it has delivery service through its partnered platforms.   

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Akamon Ramen Bar Menu Best Seller 

Akamon is well-known for the Japanese-inspired cuisines it offers. Some of the best-selling dishes that always impress the palate of its patrons and have authentic and distinctive flavors are tonkotsu, karaage, gyoza, and miso. 

Tonkotsu (Regular Ramen) – It is a delicious ramen where noodles are cooked in a pork bone broth and topped with pork, egg, wood ear, spring onions, and bean sprouts. This ramen is one of the go-to food of its patrons as it is filling, hearty, and comforting. 

Premium Spicy Tonkotsu – If you want a spicy and more filling tonkotsu, this premium spicy is an excellent choice. It is flavored with a special spicy powder and contains more toppings than regular ones. 

Premium spicy tonkotsu Pin
Photo Credits: Akamon Ramen Bar FB Page

Karaage – Karaage is one of the comfort foods many love as it has a gratifying taste. It is a Japanese-style fried boneless, bite-sized fried chicken flavored with curry spices. This karaage menu from Akamon Ramen Bar is served with shredded cabbage and mayonnaise, making it more eye-catching and appetizing. 

Gyoza – Gyoza is a Japanese dumpling commonly served in ramen restaurants, as it is one of the dishes that pair perfectly with this noodle. It is juicy inside, and its dough is soft and tender on top and crispy on the bottom. 

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Miso (Regular Ramen) – The ramen noodles are cooked in a miso broth and topped with pork, egg, corn, bean sprouts, and spring onions. Its miso broth has an umami flavor profile that complements well with the other ingredients, resulting in a savory dish. 


The ramen menu served by Akamon Ramen Bar consists of tonkotsu, spicy tonkotsu, miso, shoyu, tan-tan men, tori paitan, and curry tonkotsu, available in regular and premium. These noodles are perfect during cold weather as they are heartwarming and flavorsome. 

Shoyu (Regular Ramen)Shoyu ramen is a famous Japanese noodle cuisine flavored with highly palatable soy sauce. The half-boiled egg, Chinese cabbage, chasyu or pork, and spring onions are arranged creatively on its top, giving it an appealing presentation. 

Tan-Tan Men (Regular Ramen) – Tan-ten men are adapted from the Sichuan ramen noodles that originated in China. The rich, creamy, spicy broth is made with sesame paste, chili oil, and other secret ingredients. It is bursting with flavors as it comes with chasyu, egg, kikurage or ear mushroom, spring onions, and bean sprouts. 

Tan tan men ramen Pin
Photo Credits: Akamon Ramen Bar FB Page

Premium Curry Tonkotsu – The broth of this ramen noodle is made with pork bone and curry. The toppings of this cuisine consist of spring onions, bean sprouts, egg, chasyu or pork, and wood ear or kikurage. 


Donburi is one of the iconic Japanese cuisines topped with toppings simmered together such as egg, meat, and vegetables. The donburi menu offered by Akamon Ramen Bar includes chasyu, gyu tama, buta tama, and oyako don

Chasyu Don – Egg and chasyu pork are the two special toppings of this yummy rice bowl. The chopped spring onions, special sauce, and half-boiled egg garnished on its top impart delicious flavors, making it more filling and pleasurable. 

Oyako Don – Oyakodon is a classic Japanese rice bowl and comfort food where tender pieces of egg and chicken are cooked in a delicious sauce and laid on top of rice. It is decorated with aromatic onions and fresh spring onions that boost its flavor. 

Gyu Tama Don – This Gyu Tama Don comprises a US Angus Beef omelet with an appetizing aroma and pleasurable taste, making it pleasing to the senses. It is decorated with onions and served with lime slices that make it mouthwatering. 

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Sushi Roll 

The sushi rolls offered by this restaurant consist of Akamon, California, and Crunchy Maki. These popular Japanese cuisines are well-rounded as they are appetizing, pleasing to the senses, and packed with essential nutrients. 

Akamon Maki – This menu of Akamon Ramen Bar is a special sushi roll of Akamon made with crab meat, egg, takuan (yellow radish), vegetables, and tuna mayo. The vibrant colors of its ingredients make it visually appealing. 

California Maki – It consists of mango, crab meat, masago or capelin fish roe, and vegetables. It is one of the popular sushi roll varieties loved by the crowd as it is great-tasting and simply gratifying. 

Crunchy Maki – A scrumptious maki that is remarkable for its satisfying crunch in every bite. It comprises crunchy crumbs, tempura shrimp, takuan (yellow radish), and vegetables. 

Crunchy maki Pin
Photo Credits: Akamon Ramen Bar FB Page

Akamon Ramen Bar Menu Specials 

Akamon serves special dishes consisting of light and flavorful Japanese cuisines that can be enjoyed on their own or paired with other items. It offers karaage in classic, spicy, and curry flavors that consistently satisfy the palate of people from different walks of life. This restaurant also serves Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Katsu, Gyoza, Tempura Shrimp, and Okonomi Yaki, or Japanese Pizza. For those who want a salad or healthier meal, it provides Akamon Salad made up of two kinds of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and crunchy crumbs and dressed with “wafu” or Japanese-style sweet and sour dressing. 

Curry karaage Pin
Photo Credits: Akamon Ramen Bar FB Page

Rice Bowl 

The rice bowls offered by Akamon include Chicken Teriyaki Don, which consists of boneless chicken thigh BBQ, and Yakiniku Don, made comprising of US Angus Beef BBQ. These rice bowls also include lettuce, bean sprout, kimchi, and a half-boiled egg. The original teriyaki sauce garnished on it complements well with the taste and texture of meat and other ingredients that come with these cuisines. 

yakiniku don Pin
Photo Credits: Akamon Ramen Bar FB Page

Akamon Ramen Bar Menu Delivery 

You know those yummy Japanese dishes they make? Well, you can actually get them delivered right to your door. It’s like magic! All you need to do is use some special websites or apps like GrabFood and FoodPanda. They’re like food fairies that bring the deliciousness straight to you. So, if you’re craving some amazing Japanese flavors without leaving your home, just hop onto those websites or apps and order away!

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Social Media Pages

If you follow Akamon Ramen Bar on their super fun social media pages, you won’t miss out on any of the hottest ramen news and amazing surprises. It’s like having a front-row seat to all the delicious action! When you hit that “follow” button, you’re signing up for updates and cool stuff right in your feed. You can keep track of what’s sizzling in the world of ramen and be the first to know about any mouthwatering surprises they have in store. Plus, you can share your own slurping adventures with them and join a big gang of ramen fans who really know their noodles. So, don’t wait – it’s like having a VIP pass to a virtual ramen party!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akamonramenbar/

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://gastro.ph/places/akamon-ramen-bar


What types of food does Akamon by Ramen offer? 

Ramen, Donburi, rice bowls, sushi roll, and other Japanese cuisines are the types of food that Akamon by Ramen offers. 

How can I order from Akamon through Foodpanda or GrabFood? 

Here are the steps on how you can order through Foodpanda or GrabFood. 

  1. Enter your exact location or delivery address. 
  2. Choose the restaurant (Search for Akamon Ramen Bar on Foodpanda and GrabFood). 
  3. Select the items you want and add them to the cart/basket. 
  4. Proceed to Check out and enter your details, such as phone number and payment method. 

Are there any special deals or promotions available at Akamon? 

There are no special deals or promotions available at Akamon. 

Can I customize my order at Akamon by Ramen? 

You cannot customize your order at Akamon by Ramen. 


The Akamon Ramen Bar menu is popular for its ramen noodles, as they are affordable, filling, and delicious. The ramen it serves is the dish you should not miss out on as it is one of the most-loved cuisines of its patrons that always satisfy them. Its customers highly commend its fast service, good ambiance, and heartwarming authentic cuisines. 

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