Ka Tunying’s Menu Prices

Are you craving some Filipino food but you want to find a new restaurant to try their products? Look no more I got you since I have a place to recommend for your Filipino food cravings and the best part is their food items are affordable since they serve in great amounts. Have you heard about a restaurant named Ka Tunying’s? If not yet or you already bump into one of their locations but haven’t tried their products stay with me in this article to know further. Ka Tunying’s menu offers a variety of Filipino favorite dishes so I’m pretty sure one of your favorites will be on their menu. Let’s get to know them more, let’s dive deeper into their menu and of course the price of their products. Without any further talking since I already talked a lot. Let’s go! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ka Tunying’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Monggo with tinapa flakes245
Sinigang na baboy420
Chicken sopas250
Lumpiang shanghai 320
Fried boneless bangus430
Bulalo ala tunying595

Umagahang kay ganda

Chicken tocino310
Longsilog - recado360
Longsilog - batutay385
Chicken adobo 425
Pandesal platter 355
Almusal gang835

Bwelo ka muna

Crispy tawilis330
Kalabasa ukoy355
Lumpiang shanghai 320
Tokwa't baboy335
Tinapa rolls270

Seafood & Veggies

Bangus sisig430
Caesar salad375
Fried boneless bangus430
Ginataang gulay330
Gising ala nueva375
Monggo with tinapa flakes245
Sinigang na hipon at bangus490
Steamed Pampano In Light Soy Sauce645
Tortang talong330

Pork & Chicken

Chicken caldereta400
Classic pork kare-kare500
Crispy pata1230
Manok ni tunying580
Pork sisig450
Pata tim1285
Pork humba475
Roasted lechon belly 585
Sinigang na baboy420
Sinampalukang manok385


Bulalo ala tunying595
Beef caldereta 530
Classic beef kare-kare530

All day merienda

Tinapa carbonara335
Daing pesto pasta375
Pancit cantonio taberna335
Pansit ni nanay benny385
Chicken sopas250
Arroz ala tunying250
Ginataang bilobilo245
Tsamporado with tuyo flakes215
Adobo flakes burger255
Longganisa burger255
Pork sisig burger255
Arroz adventure overload495
Bulalove ala sopas495
Batako N'roll tsamporado495
Rainbow bilo bilo495

Pastries & bread

Coffee bun220
Spanish bread 8s145
Banana loaf221
Cheese bread220
Monggo loaf175
Regular pandesal125
Wheat bread78
Whole wheat cinnamon 220
Cheese pandesal 8s117
Cheese loaf170
Cheesy ube ensaymada230
Cheese cupcake box390
Cheese cupcake 6s195
Brownies pouch149.5
Choco marble pouch165.5
Crinkles pouch135

Group & Party Package

Bangus sisig1685
Chicken caldereta1465
Classic beef kare-kare1945
Classic pork kare-kare2075
Beef caldereta 2595
Pork sisig1810
Flakes tuyo rice975
Tinapa rice845


Bangus + Monggo + Rice385
Pakbet + Lechon Kawali + Rice405
Pinoy Style Spaghetti + Chicken Wings + shanghai360
Plain rice60
Garlic rice245
Tinapa rice290
Kalamansi juice165
Fiesta gulaman160
Citrus iced tea160
Mango madness 170
Royal 100

About Ka Tunying’s

Ka Tunying’s started in Nueva Ecija where the family created memories by simply preparing good food. The family also loves bread so they opened a small bakery and named it Tunying’s Bread. They named it after Antonio Taberna Sr. who is the father of Anthony Taberna or Ka Tunying a well-known broadcaster and radio commentator. Their Tunying’s bread was a hit and started to attract customers who love their items like Spanish bread and crinkles. Their simple bakery eventually expanded into a restaurant and started opening branches in Manila and nearby town just like their branch in Tagaytay City.

Their mission is to satisfy customers with their delectable and mouthwatering food products. In their stores, they treat customers as if they are family since their core values are empathy and family and they know that their customers played a big role in their success. Now after years of serving delicious foods, they still continue to absorb innovative ideas combined with tradition to serve their customers better.

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Ka Tunying’s is under A. Taberna Foods Inc. providing to go and food delivery services to spread the goodness of their panlasang makabayan to as many families as possible, especially during lockdown when the country is facing a pandemic despite the situation they continue on sourcing their ingredients from our local farmers all over the country. Ka Tunying’s also look out for their customer’s health simply by serving fresh food with little to no MSG for better and healthier food options. As of today, Ka Tunying’s continues with its commitment to providing excellent products and services for its customers and its goal is to reach as many Kababayans nationwide. 

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Ka Tunying’s Menu Bestsellers

Here are samples of Ka Tunying’s best-seller items on their menu. 

Batutay or Nueva Ecija Longganisa – if you’re looking for a great-tasting Longganisa then Ka Tunying’s Batutay or Nueva Ecijan Longganisa could be what you’re looking for. This Batutay Longganisa is different than the usual longganisa that we’re familiar with since batutay longganisa is made with ground beef instead of pork. This kind of longganisa also has a sweeter taste, it has a balance of sweet and savory in one. Ka Tunying’s Batutay Longganisa is one of their best sellers and a must-try. Love it with garlicky vinegar and chili. 

Batutay rice meal Pin
Photo Credits: Ka Tunying’s Facebook Page

Classic Kare-Kare – In Ka Tunying’s they make sure that their dish is made with fresh and natural ingredients as possible. Their version of classic kare kare is really delicious it has a nutty flavor with mild sweetness because of the peanut and the sauce is really flavorful. Made with mixed vegetables like pechay, eggplant, string beans, and banana heart assembled and topped with crispy pork which I think is the belly part. Classic kare kare of Ka Tunying’s is a simple and delicious dish that anyone will surely enjoy. This one is also a must-try. 

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Arroz ala Tunying – Ka Tunying’s arroz ala Tunying menu is a Filipino comfort food made with ginger some garlic and flavorful chicken, this one is also served with hard-boiled egg and fried garlic. This one is really good, especially on rainy days but of course you can enjoy this any time of the day. The Arroz ala tunying has just the right amount of thickness that everyone loves in a good Arroz caldo. Also, one of their best sellers and a must-try as well. 

Arroz ala tunying Pin
Photo Credits: Ka Tunying’s Facebook Page

Bwelo Ka Muna 

Bwelo ka muna menu is Ka Tunying’s menu for appetizers, on their bwelo ka muna menu they have 5 items those are crispy tawilis which is a delicious Filipino dish that features small freshwater fish named tawilis and fried until crispy. They also have kalabasa ukoy this one is made with squash. You can also find Lumpiang shanghai on this menu, other items are tokwa’t baboy and tinapa rolls. 

Lumpiang shanghai in tinapa flavor Pin
Photo Credits: Ka Tunying’s Facebook Page

All Day Merienda

All day merienda menu of Ka Tunying’s refers to those light meals that we Filipinos enjoy for hours after breakfast or lunch or even night snacks. On this menu they have 4 kinds of pasta dishes those are tinapa carbonara, daing pesto pasta, pansit cantonio taberna, and pansit ni Nanay Beny.

They also have chicken sopas, arroz ala tunying, ginataang bilo-bilo, and tsamporado with tuyo flakes if you like soupy snacks. They also have an adobo flakes burger, longganisa burger, and a pork sisig burger. They also serve 1L that they called tubs of happiness, they have Arroz Adventure Overload, Bulalove Ala Sopas, Barako N’ Roll Tsamporado, and Rainbow Bilo-Bilo. 

Pork sisig burger Pin
Photo Credits: Ka Tunying’s Facebook Page

Ka Tunying’s Menu Delivery 

If you want to order your favorite Ka Tunying’s dishes all you have to do is to go to their website at https://katunyings.com/ or if you’re residing in Tagaytay City you can call directly their restaurant at Ka Tunying’s Tagaytay (0917 1790721) aside from those you can also use other third party delivery services that are available in your location just like grab food and food panda. 

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Social Media Pages

Follow them on social media and join their community of food enthusiasts as we celebrate the rich tapestry of Filipino cuisine at Ka Tunying’s. Be the first to know about their exclusive specials and limited-time treats!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katunyingsph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katunyingsph

Website: https://katunyings.com/pages/contact

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@katunyingsph


Does Ka Tunying’s restaurant offer discounts or special promotions? 

Yes, Ka Tunying’s offers special promos and discounts like 15% off and such however their promotions have limited time only, and following their social media accounts is the best example to be updated on their latest promotions. 

Is Ka Tunying’s halal?

No. Ka Tunying’s is not halal certified restaurant since they are serving pork dishes.

Does Ka Tunying need a reservation?

The answer is no. You can just walk in, in any of their outlets however if there’s a lot of customers and there’s no available table you will have to wait however if you booked your visit that circumstances will not happen.


Great place to go if you’re looking for a good Filipino-themed restaurant. Ka Tunying’s menu offers delicious and appetizing food items that are really hard to resist. The place has a great ambiance and is comfortable plus it is regularly maintained so the place is really clean. Their service personnel are accommodating and polite, and the customer service inside the place is excellent. I highly recommend this place for every one of you who’s looking for a great place to go get your Filipino food cravings. 

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