Nikkei Nama Bar Menu Prices

Looking for a Japanese restaurant with a twist? Did I get an idea, why not recommend a place that not only offers Japanese cuisine but also Peruvian cuisine and Japanese-Peruvian fusion dishes? Sounds interesting right? Nikkei Nama Bar is a place that offers a lot of different delicious dishes which yes Japanese Peruvian cuisine. If you are interested in our topic for today we are going to get to know this place more and we will take a closer look at their menu and best sellers, and of course, the prices of the foods that they are offering so that if after this article and it happens that I actually convinced you on trying this place at least you’ll have an idea about the place. Let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Nikkei Nama Bar menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Traditional Japanese Sashimi

Salmon 300

Traditional Japanese Nigiri

Salmon 220
Salmon Skin150
Unagi 220

Traditional Japanese Makis

Salmon 180
Salmon Skin140

Traditional Japanese Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi Sushi795

Traditional Japanese Chirashi Bara

Chirashi Bara595

Nikkei Cuisine - Small Plates

Kakiage Tempura265
Agedashi Tofu220
Truffled Edamame300
Spicy Fried Cashews265
Flamed Edamame300
Kurobuta Gyoza380
Calamares With Potato Strips450
Chipirones Fritos520

Nikkei Cuisine - Sushi Rolls (5pcs/10pcs)

Tuna Mango Roll220/430
Miso Salmon Roll220/430
Smoked Salmon Roll210
Spicy Tuna Roll210/415
Tataki Roll335/660
Ceviche Roll300/595
Unagi Asparagus Roll335/660
Soft Shell Crab Roll300/595

Nikkei Cuisine - Mains

Saba Shioyaki695
Salmon Teriyaki595
Fideo Saltado595
Lomo Saltado595
Tempura Moriawase475
Kakiage Bao265
Char Siu Bao (Chifa Bao)340

From Our Robata Grill

Chicken Yakitori Platter480
Chicken Yakitori220
Chicken Teriyaki475
Gyu Anticucho595
Pollo Anticucho265
Iberico Pork Ribs550
Unagi Kabayaki680
Ikayaki (Grilled Squid)595

Nama Bowls

Pollo Saltado Donburi380
Salmon Belly Bowl475
Blackened Salmon Bowl660
Seared Skirt Steak Bowl795
Unagi Don620
Ikayaki (Grilled Squid) Bowl595
Buta Bowl475

Nikkei Cuisine - Ceviche

Classic 420
Nikkei Ceviche 380
Ceviche Mixto475


Tempura Bento595
Teriyaki Bento520
Sushi Bento595
Salmon (Shake) Bento595
Maguro Bento550
Iberico Bento595
Peruvian Robata Bento595
Saba Bento595
Chicken Yakitori Bento550

Nikkei Cuisine - Extras


Nikkei Cuisine - Desserts

House-Made Ice Cream Combination350
House-Made Ice Cream Ginger 110
House-Made Ice Cream Wasabi110
House-Made Ice Cream Sesame 110
House-Made Ice Cream Matcha180
Tres Leches350

Beverages - Coffee

Syphon (16oz/20oz)180/250
Drip Pour Over 12oz165
18 Hr Cold Process Iced Coffee 16oz150

Iced Espresso Beverages

Iced Salted Caramel Latte220
Iced Peruvian Mocha220
Iced Latte220
Iced Vanilla Latte220

Beverages - Specialty Drinks

Strawberry Basil Lemonade160
Mr. Ozaki160
Nikkei Mojito160
Okinawa Lady140

Beverages - Iced Teas

Passion Berry Black125
Organic Nikkei Green125
Passion Fruit Tisane125
Bergamot Black Iced Tea125

Beverages - Loose Leaf

Japan Sencha Tea145
Rooibos Bourbon145
Japan Coconut Ginger Green145
Eve's Rose Petals Herbal Tea145
Organic Lavender Earl Grey145
Passion Fruit Tisane145
Lemon Chamomile145

Beverages - Other Items

San Pellegrino220
Evian Mineral Water135
Coke Regular, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Sprite80

Craft Cocktails

Machu Picchu250
Sleepless In Shinjuku295
Gone Geisha295
Sake Sangria295
Spicy Sake Martin295
Ruby Sake Soda295
Olmeca Mojito350
Umeshu Sour495
Ume Old Fashioned495
Shiso Elderflower Gimlet495
007 Martini495
Tokyo Mule395


Umeshu Spritz495
Aperol Spritz395


Heineken 165
Tiger Crystal Light150
Tiger Black150
Draft Beer - Sapporo180
Stella Artois180


Mars Iwai Blend350
Chita Suntory Whisky680
Nikka Premium Blend 12750
Nikka Taketsuru 212700
Hibiki Harmony995
Nikka Yoichi 151850

Whisky - Single Malt

Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask720
Macallan 12680

Spirits - Vodka

Tito's Handmade210
Beluga Noble Russian Vodka450

Spirits - Gin

Bombay Sapphire160
St George Botanivore450
Roku Gin350
Monkey 47650

Spirits - Brandy

Pisco Porton495

Spirits - Cognac

Hennessy Vs250

Spirits - Tequila

Patron Silver360
Jose Cuervo180

Spirits - Rum

Sailor Jerry150
Pyrat Xo Reserve Rum350
Don Papa 7yrs260
Havana Club 3 Yrs120

Spirits - Whiskey

Monkey Shoulder320
Johnnie Walker Gold350
Glenmorangie 10350
Bulleit Bourbon300
Jack Daniels180

Spirits - Liqueurs

Bailey's Irish Cream180
Chase Elderflower350
Yamazaki Umeshu400

Sake List

Ozeki Karatamba (Hyogo)650/2500
Hakushika Ginjo Namachozo850
Gekkeikan Nigori (Kyoto)950
Gekkeikan Horin Junmaidaiginjo (Kyoto)1625
Den En Barley Gold Label Shochu200/1895
Kubota Junmaidaiginjo1200
Kubota Senjyu850

White Wine

Soleca Reserva Sauvignon Blanc250/1200
Vitral Reserva Chardonnay1350
Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc1350
Finca Las Moras Sauvignon Blanc220/995
Matua Sauvignon Blanc1200

Red Wine

Finca Las Moras Malbec220/995
Campo Viejo Tempranillo320/1350
Poggio Della Quercia Sangiovese Rubicone995
Rothbury Estate Shiraz Cabernet995
Vitral Reserva Syrah1350
George Wyndham Bin 444 Cabernet Sauvignon1350
George Wyndham Bin 888 Cabernet Merlot1350
Pebble Lane Pinot Noir1995
Terrazas Delos Andes Reserva Malbec1995
Brancott Estate Pinot Noir1995
Genesis Sauvignon Blanc220/995
Genesis Sauvignon Blanc220/995
Genesis Carmenere220/995

About Nikkei Nama Bar

Peru is a place with a lot of dishes influenced by different cultures from different parts of the world, one of those is Japan. Nikkei Nama Bar is a place that serves Japanese-Peruvian fusion dishes and culinary cultures. Nikkei Nama Bar is located in Bonifacio Global City or BGC, they also have branches in Rada Street, Makati, and Ortigas.

They continue to introduce Peruvian Japanese dishes for those who love to explore their appetite. Nikkei actually has a diverse meaning, it’s like what the Peruvians call Japanese migrants in their country. And since there are a lot of Japanese living in Peru they started to adapt the cooking style of the country and that’s when the Japanese Peruvian cuisine was born. This Japanese Peruvian cuisine over the years has evolved and that’s what Nikkei Nama Bar highlights.

Meanwhile, the word nama in nikkei nama means fresh representing the light ingredients that the restaurant uses. First opened their restaurant in 2018, Nikkei Nama Bar is trying their best to give new flavors to their patrons and they are only serving dishes that you can find on their specific branch. 

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Nikkei Nama Bar Menu Best Sellers 

List below are some samples of Nikkei Nama Bar best selling items on their menu. 

Iberico Pork Ribs – This one is a must-order, delicious! Iberico pork ribs are roasted in a charcoal oven giving them a smokey flavor. The pork ribs are actually marinated into a miso paste, oyster sauce, and hoisin, with okra and corn. The meat is really tender and easy to chew, it also has a sweet taste. One of the popular items on their menu. 

Iberico pork ribs Pin
Photo Credits: Nikkei Nama Bar FB Page

Blackened Salmon Bowl – Blackened salmon bowl is something that you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning on visiting Nikkei Nama Bar. This has salmon, peanuts, Tokyo slaw, Tamago, and nori tempura. The salmon is actually coated with togarashi and has a balanced savory with peppery flavor. This is perfect as a main course. So, if you are looking for something delicious this is the one that you are looking for. 

Ceviche Mixto – Ceviche Mixto of Nikkei Nama Bar is made with generous crab meat, chili, cilantro, dalandan leche de tigre, onion, cherry tomato, peanuts, cancha, lettuce, and potato chips. This will surely catch the eye of those healthy eaters customers since this is way nutritious. This is also a Peruvian popular dish, so if you’re a health consideration or just trying to eat healthy this one is for you. 

Ceviche mixto Pin
Photo Credits: Nikkei Nama Bar FB Page

Soft Shell Crab Roll – The soft shell crab roll menu of Nikkei Nama Bar is a sushi dish that is made with soft shell crab tempura, sesame seeds, cucumber, and yuzu. This also has lightly torched mango on top for added flavor. This one tastes amazing and is a must-try if you don’t want to miss out on something good. 

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Soft shell crab roll Pin
Photo Credits: Nikkei Nama Bar FB Page

Iced Espresso Beverages

Just when you thought that Nikkei Nama Bar only serves Japanese cuisine and alcoholic beverages they also have iced espresso beverages. On this menu they have an Iced Salted Caramel Latte, this one is an Espresso mixed over their house caramel and some textured milk on top with a sprinkle of sea salt.

They also have Iced Peruvian Mocha, This is an Espresso with Peruvian dark chocolate and textured milk. They also have an Iced Latte, made with Espresso and textured milk then topped with foam. Lastly is their Iced Vanilla Latte, which is an Espresso poured over their house Madagascar Vanilla with textured milk and then topped with foam. 

Nikkei Cuisine Ceviche

Nikkei Cuisine Ceviche menu offers 3 delicious items to choose from. The first one is their Classic, this one is actually made with Whitefish, Cilantro, rocoto, red onions, Canchita, and glazed sweet potatoes. They also have Nikkei Ceviche, a dish is tuna with red chili, tamarind leche de tigre, onion, cilantro, calamari, and glazed sweet potato. Lastly their Ceviche Mixto, this one is a mix of everything like leche de tigre, lettuce, whitefish, prawns, cilantro, squid, onion, chili, cancha, and glazed sweet potato. 

Classic ceviche Pin
Photo Credits: Nikkei Nama Bar FB Page

Nikkei Nama Bar Menu Delivery 

Upon checking if you want to order your favorite Nikkei Nama Bar dishes you may order at Foodpanda, Grab, and Pickaroo. However, if you’re location is not serviceable by those third-party channels you may call directly their branch for delivery. 

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Nikkei Nama Bar (BGC): 0966 533 7573

Nikkei Social Media Pages

Follow them on social media, and you’ll unlock a gateway to exclusive delights, creative fusion, and unforgettable experiences. So, don’t just follow; savor the flavors, savor the moments, and savor the journey with Nikkei Nama Bar!





Where is Nikkei Nama Bar located?

Nikkei Nama Bar is located at 2nd flor One Bonifacio High, 28th street BGC, Taguig. 

What are Nikkei Nama Bar’s contact numbers?

You may contact Nikkei Nama Bar at (02)77539212 or 09665337573

What are Nikkei Nama Bar’s business hours?

Nikkei Nama Bar is open from 11:00 in the morning until 10:00 pm

Does Nikkei Nama Bar have social media pages?

Yes. Check out the links on the Social Media Pages section for Nikkei Nama Bar social media pages. 

How many branches does Nikkei Nama Bar have?

Nikkei Nama Bar has 3 branches, one in Rockwell, another one in Legaspi village Makati, and lastly their Podium branch in Mandaluyong. 


Great place to go if you’re looking for a Japanese restaurant that offers Japanese cuisine and Nikkei which is a Peruvian dish with a big Japanese influence. Nikkei Nama Bar menu offers a wide selection of delicious and fusion dishes plus they also have alcoholic drinks to enjoy anytime. This place looks so good plus the ambience of their place is cozy and customer friendly. The crew is nice and fast, I honestly can’t complain about them, such friendly people. Highly recommended for everyone who loves to discover delicious foods while enjoying a great night. 

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