Lolo Claro’s Menu Prices

I am very excited about our topic for today because the place that I am going to introduce is a place that I and my family used to go to every time since I grew up in a town away from fast food and restaurants but that was before since now we have that establishment’s already. When you say Maragondon Cavite people think about mountains and nature well of course in this article, I am not going to discuss mountains! That’s a different story but I want to introduce a place where they say going to Maragondon wouldn’t be complete without trying this restaurant (their mother branch). Have you heard or watched a food blog about Lolo Claro’s? I’m sure some of you already have since they’ve been a topic in numerous blogs. Lolo Claro’s menu has a lot to offer and if you’re somehow able to go to Maragondon, Cavite this is the perfect spot for great food. Dont want to delay and I’m really excited about this so let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Lolo Claro’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Claro's Combo Meal

Selecta 1 130
Selecta 2 130
Selecta 3 130
Selecta 4 130
Selecta 5 130
Selecta 6 160

Rice Platters

Plain Rice 75
Garlic Rice135
Fried Rice 135
Sisig Rice150
Binagoongan Rice150
Beef Rice180
Shanghai Rice180

Rice Meals (With Free Iced Tea)

Chow Fan65
Sisig Rice65
Binagoongan Rice65
Beef Rice90
Shanghai Rice90

All Day Breakfast

Quarter Chicken Meal100
Tocilog 70
Burger Steak70
Hotsilog 65


Plain Rice25
Garlic Rice35
Fried Rice 35

Specialty Of The House

Claro's Fried Chicken Regular Half145
Claro's Fried Chicken Regular Whole 280
Claro's Fried Chicken Oversized Half160
Claro's Fried Chicken Oversized Whole 310

Soups And Appetizers

Cream Of Mushroom 50
Crab And Corn50
Hototay 150
French Fries 50
Mashed Potato 50
Green Mango With Bagoong75


Hamburger 60
Hamburger With Cheese 75
Ham And Egg75
Chicken Sandwich 75
Toasted Bread With Butter 25


Fresh Lumpiang Ubod60
Lumpiang Shanghai 120


Pancit Canton120
Pancit Bihon Guisado120
Bihon Canton Guisado120

Budget Meals

Bm1 Burger Steak With Rice70
Bm2 Burger Steak, Rice, Lumpiang Shanghai With Iced Tea100
Cm1 Chopsuey With Rice 85
Cm2 Chopsuey, Rice, Lumpiang Shanghai With Iced Tea100

Barkada Meals


Claro's Favorites

Nilagang Baka200
Sinigang Na Baka200
Beef Steak200
Beef Salpicao 200
Ampalaya Con Carne200
Shrimp Gambas190
Calamares 190
Sinigang Na Hipon190
Sinigang Na Baboy190
Sinigang Na Isda190
Sinigang Na Tiyan Ng Bangus190
Boneless Tiyan Ng Bangus Steak190
Pritong Isda With Enseladang Manga190
Halabos Na Hipon190
Liver And Gizzard Adobo190
Chopsuey 190
Lechon Kawali190
Crispy Pata Small450
Crispy Pata Large550
Crispy Sinigang 190
Crispy Kare Kare 600

Pansit Sa Bilao (S,M,L)

Bihon 250/350/500
Spaghetti 300/400/600

Group Meals

Group A 2150
Group B2150
Group C2350


Bottled Softdrinks 20
Soft Drinks In Can40
Softdrinks Litro 1.570
Iced Tea Shakes 60
Fresh Mango Shake60
Green Mango Shake 60
Pineapple Juice 60
Four Season Juice60
Coffee With Cream25
Calamansi Juice35
Pitcher Lemon/Iced Tea180
Bottled Water 25
San Mig Light60
Guyabano Shake60
Fresh Lemon Juice 60
Cookies And Cream Shake175


Frozen Fruit Salad50
Halo Halo Regular 50
Halo Halo Special75
Maiz Con Hielo 50
Ice Cream50
Leche Flan150

About Lolo Claro’s

Lolo Claro’s has been around since forever, kidding aside I can still remember that when I was younger this place is where we go if our family wanted a great meal and a family bonding. Many hikers and bikers know this place, it’s a decent restaurant that offers great food for a very reasonable price, and of course, they also have budget meals. Lolo Claro’s restaurant has 3 branches the main restaurant is located in Maragondon Cavite while other branches are located in Naic and Trece Martires both in the province of Cavite as well. Their story started when Bernie Ilagan and his wife resigned from their previous work at Max’s restaurant way back in 1999.

They decided to create their own business a year after and started a noodle business but unfortunately, it did not prosper. The couple then started another business using what they are already familiar with and that’s how Claro’s fried chicken was born. They use Bernie’s grandfather’s name to name their business to honor him. It was never an easy task selling fried chicken since they are just starting so they decided to give free samples of their chicken to selected known people and relatives and surprisingly those that tried their product was amazed at how good it was. The business then started to prosper and over time they decided to add other food items to their menu. 

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Lolo Claro’s Menu Best Seller

Here are some samples of Lolo Claro’s best-selling items. 

Claro’s Fried Chicken – They are known for this, their claro’s fried chicken is one of the best chicken that I’ve tried and some say their chicken tastes like Max’s. Their fried chicken which is usually whole or half is not dry, it is not so tender but in a good way and that’s because it is fried. The chicken is really good without any sauce it is already tasty and delicious. Their chicken is one of the top-selling items on their menu and also their must-try product. 

Claro's fried chicken Pin
Photo Credits: Lolo Claro’s Restaurant FB Page

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod – Claro’s version of fresh lumpiang ubod is really good. I used to order this item for takeaways since I just can’t get enough of their lumpiang ubod. Fresh and really delicious, the sauce is sweet plus the grind nuts on top made their Fresh lumpiang ubod so delicious. The ubod inside is still crispy and not overcooked plus other vegetables are properly cooked. Fresh lumpiang ubod of Lolo Claro’s is also one of the best-selling item on their menu. 

Fresh lumpiang ubod Pin

Bihon Canton Guisado – Pancit will always be the favorite if you’re going to a Filipino restaurant. Lolo Claro’s version of Bihon Canton Guisado menu is packed with meat and vegetables. The noodles in this dish are not overcooked and the vegetables are still crispy. Their Bihon Guisado as I remember has all the right flavor that you might be looking for in a Pancit Guisado. Also, their Bihon Canton Guisado is one of the most ordered items on their menu along with their fried chicken. 

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Lolo Claro’s Menu All-day Breakfast

Lolo Claro’s all-day breakfast consists of 5 different items. Lechonsilog/chixsilog is the first one on this menu this one is quite big in serving and truly fulfilling. They also have 1/4 chicken with rice if you have a satisfying meal and wanted to try their chicken this is the one for you. Bangsilog is also present in this menu this one is a great choice if you want to rest with meat. Their other options ate tapsilog and tocilog. 

Claro’s Combo Meals

Lolo Claro’s combo meals have 6 different options. The first combo meal is their Selecta 1, this one consists of 1/4 fried chicken, rice, and pancit canton. The next combo meal is their Selecta 2, this one is 3 pcs of lumpiang shanghai, rice, and pancit canton. Selecta 3 consists of 1/4 fried chicken, rice, and chop suey. They also have Selecta 4, this one is lechon kawali, rice, and chop suey. Selecta 5 is 1/4 fried chicken, rice, and fresh or fried ubod. Last item o. This menu is their Selecta 6, this one consists of 1/2 fried chicken and garlic rice. 

Chicken combo meal Pin
Photo Credits: Lolo Claro’s Restaurant FB Page

Specialty of the House

The specialty of Lolo Claro’s is their famous fried chicken. They have two kinds of fried chicken on their menu. The first one is called Claro’s Fried Chicken Regular, and the second one is Claro’s Fried Chicken Oversized. You can choose to order either half a chicken or a whole chicken, and both are sure to be delicious! So, if you’re a fan of crispy and tasty fried chicken, Lolo Claro’s is the place to go and enjoy their mouthwatering chicken dishes!

Pancit canton guisado Pin

Lolo Claro’s Menu Delivery

Ordering your favorite dishes from Lolo Claro’s is really simple. You can do it in two easy ways. First, you can go to their Facebook page at There, you’ll find all the information you need to place your order. Second, if you prefer, you can also call their branch directly at 09195061837. Just give them a call, and they will take your order and help you out. So, whether you want to order online or by phone, Lolo Claro’s makes it easy for you to enjoy their delicious food!

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Social Media Pages

Follow their social media pages to embark on a gastronomic journey that celebrates the rich heritage and heartwarming flavors of Filipino cuisine. Share your delightful moments at Lolo Claro’s by tagging them through it they starting to expand their online community. Your support means the world to them!






Where is Lolo Claro’s located in the Philippines?

Lolo Claro’s is located in 3 different branches in the province of Cavite. Their main branch is located in Maragondon Cavite, another branch in Naic Cavite, and another one in Trece Martires City. 

What types of cuisine does Lolo Claro’s specialize in?

Lolo Claro’s serves Filipino dishes. They have loads of options for Filipino favorites. 

What are the signature dishes of Lolo Claro’s?

Lolo Claro’s is known for their fried chicken, some signature dishes are its pancit and also its fresh Lumpiang ubod. 

Does Lolo Claro’s provide delivery services?

Yes, Lolo Claro’s provide delivery service all you have to do is to call their branch for your order. 


Lolo Claro’s restaurant menu has a lot of different options of Filipino favorites that will surely satisfy your cravings. The place is quite spacious and also comfortable. Their service crews are polite and very approachable I am actually friends with one of their managers and other employees since I grew up in Maragondon, Cavite. One of the best places to visit if you’re going somewhere near their location. I highly recommend their restaurant for you guys to try their delicious products. 

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