Fukudaya Menu Prices

Experience the finest flavor of Japanese cuisine that caters to all of your various cravings in this restaurant that I will recommend today. Introducing Fukudaya! The home of your favorite Japanese food. From its famous Tonkatsu Set to their Ala Carte appetizers, this restaurant deserves to be added to your next Japanese restaurant hopping adventure. Let us take a wonderful voyage in this menu collection that is coming right up!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of their menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Lunch Menu

Tonkatsu Set620
Hamburger Steak Set670
Mount Fuji Roll600
Kakiage Tem Don420
Hiyashi Curry Don400
Beef Curry550
Fukudaya Gozen750
Ebi Tempura Gozen670
Nigiri Gyozen720
Saba Shioyaki Gyozen700
Beef Steak Kamameshi700
Chirashi Suhi700

A La Carte - Hot Appetizer

Deep Fried Chicken in Honey Chili...450
Fried Tofu with Eggplant in Miso...350
Simmered Beef and Cabbage in Sp...550
Crab Cream Croquettes370
Fluffy Baked Egg Custard300
Deep Fried Pork Belly360
Japanese Omelette390
Deep Fried Color Vegetables and...390
Fried Sukiyaki Spring Roll with...320
Steamed Squid Dumplings with...380
Simmered Radish with Foie-Gras...680
Grilled Squid in Teriyaki Sauce...450
Grilled Chicken Sansyo Flavor490
Grilled Pork Belly in Ginger Sauce420
Japanese Style Fried Potato...230
Grilled Salmon Belly in Teriyaki...570

A La Carte - Hot Appetizer

Seared Spanish Mackerel with...490
Sea Urchin with Tofu in Dashi...460
Soba Noodles with Aromatic...350
Sake Lees Dip with Crackers240
Aji Sashimi with Aromatic...450
Marinated Tuna, Tomato and...420
Deep Fried Sardine with...300
Salmon Carpaccio with...450
Potato Salad with Soft Boiled...290
Marinated Cheddar Cheese in...230
Fresh Cucumber with Spicy...280
Chinese Cabbage Salad in...290
Spicy Tuna with Crispy...490
Boiled Sliced Pork Belly...390
Marinated Duck Breast in...550


Grilled Salmon with Vinegar...680
Pan Fried Coated Tuna with...700
Cutlass Fish Kabayaki590
Grilled Spanish Mackerel...700
Grilled Mackerel with...530
Grilled Salmon Head with...590
Gindara Teriyaki1280


Assorted Seafood Tempura600
Seafood Kakiage400
Shrimp Tempura (3pcs)390
Shrimp Tempura (6pcs)720
Assorted Vegetable Tempura400

Rice & Noodles

Garlic Rice in Iron Kama Pot460
Udon Noodles in Fish Broth...550
Sesame Marinated White Fish...580
Soba Noodles with Assorted...580
Japanese Steamed Rice and...180
Japanese Seafood Fried Rice480
Salmon Flakes on Rice in...320
Udon Noodles with Pork...590
Garlic Rice180

A La Carte Sashimi

Tuna Sashimi500
Horse Mackerel Sashimi450
Salmon Sashimi550
Mackerel Sashimi450
Lapu-Lapu Sashimi550
Sea Urchin Sashimi480
Squid Sashimi450
Octopus Sashimi450
Sweet Shrimp Sashimi1480

Assorted Sashimi

Assorted Sashimi (9 Kinds)2400
Assorted Sashimi (5 Kinds)980
Assorted Sashimi (3 Kinds)620


Simmered Beef Sukiyaki880
Teriyaki Chicken Soaked...490
Wagyu Hamburger Steak...690
5-Hour Simmered Pork Belly...580
Australian Wagyu Steak...1,780


Tekka Maki250
Kappa Maki120
Kanpyo Maki160
Salmon Maki270
Gari-Saba Maki200
Kanikama Maki140
Umekyu Maki190
Oshinko Maki160

Sushi Rolls

Assorted Fresh Seafood Roll680
Torched Salmon Roll650
California Roll570
Fukudaya Roll780
Roast Beef Roll with...650
Ebi-Mayo Roll580
Spicy Tuna Roll590
Shrimp Tempura Roll550
Tuna-Mayo Roll400


Tokusen Nigiri1480
Assorted Tuna Nigiri1680
Hand Roll Sushi Tuna & Salmon360
Tokujyo Nigiri980
Jyo Nigiri780


Coffee Jelly Infused...290
Raindrop Cake with...220
Deep Fried Rice Cake with...290
Sake Lees Cheesecake...290
Ice Cream190

Drinks - Syochu

Sweet Potato 60 ml270
Barley 900 ml1500
Rice 60 ml130

Drinks - High Ball

Whiskey High Ball250

Drinks - Red Wine

La Vielle Ferme Recolt Rouge 20141150
Argento Cabernet Sauvignon 20141150
Canyon Road Merlot1300

Drinks - White Wine

La Vielle Ferme Recolte Blanc 20151150
Argento Chardonnay 20141,150

Drinks - Fruit Liquor

Choya/ Choya Umesyu150
Aragoshi (Puree) Umesyu180
Gekkeikan Peach180
Aragoshi (Puree) Momosyu180

Drinks - Japanese Whiskey

Hibiki 12 Years650
Hakusyu 12 Years400

Drinks - Cocktail

Nigori Pineapple200
Sake Tonic250

Drinks - Additional

Cut Lemon (4pcs)200

Drinks - Sapporo Draft Beer

Sapporo Draft Beer220

Drinks - Bottled Beer

San Miguel Light110
San Miguel Pale Pilsen120


Iced Tea90
Orange Juice90
Four Season Juice90
Guyabano Juice90
Bottled Water90
Brewed Coffee110


Coke in Can90
Coke Zero in Can90
Coke Light in Can90
Sprite in Can90
Royal in Can90
Schweppes Tonic Water in Can90
Schweppes Soda in Can90

Japanese Rice Wine

Gekkeikan Sake280
Hakkaisan Sake400
Gekkeikan Unfiltered Japanese Rice Wine500
Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai Japanese Rice Wine500
Hakkaisan Ginjo650
Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Honjozo500

Tasting Hakkaisan Set

Hakkaisan Ginjo/Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai/ Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Honjozo400


Fukudaya is the go-to place if you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable place to eat authentic Japanese delicacies. From their Exceptional Japanese Cuisine to their fresh and high-quality ingredients that highlight the authentic flavors of Japan, this Japanese restaurant has so much to offer and I am sure that you will love every bit of it. Another thing to love in this restaurant is their Sushi Mastery which is prepared with utmost precision and passion and features a variety of fresh and other seafood options.

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Fukudaya Menu Best Seller

Prepare yourself to be wowed with these best-selling dishes from Fukudaya that showcase the utmost precision and burning passion of cooking to serve you the finest collections and flavorful options for your dining.

Assorted Fresh Seafood Roll – Fukudaya’s Assorted Fresh Seafood Roll is a masterpiece of taste and texture. It features a medley of tuna, salmon, and white fish that are expertly rolled in this delightful roll. 

Seafood roll Pin
Photo Credits: Fukudaya Philippines FB Page

California Roll – This California Roll at Fukudaya is a must-try for a flavor combination that is as refreshing as it is delicious. The sharpness of Cucumber, the sweetness of Mango, the richness of Egg, the savory overtones of Tuna, and the pleasant pop of Tobiko mix in this roll.

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Fukudaya Roll – This signature role offers you popping and extravagant visuals that will give you a tantalizing experience from its fusion of Egg, Spicy Salmon, Shrimp, Spicy Tuna, Squid, Crab Stick Salad, Sea Urchin, Roast Beef, Torched Mackerel.

Teriyaki Chicken Soaked in Ponzu – This savory Teriyaki Chicken is perfectly soaked in ponzu that is generously topped with homemade teriyaki sauce. It offers you a delectable harmony of sweet and savory flavors.

Assorted Sashimi (9 Kinds) – If you’re a fan of sashimi, Fukudaya’s Assorted Sashimi platter is something you should not miss here. It is an experience where you will take a deep dive into this ocean’s bounty that features Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, Squid, Salmon, White Fish, Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe, Sweet Shrimp, and Tuna.

Assorted sashimi (9 kinds) Pin
Photo Credits: Fukudaya Philippines FB Page

A La Carte Sashimi

Let’s take a deep dive into this one’s treasure that features a well-curated selection of pristine slices. You will surely be delighted in this especially if you are a seafood enthusiast.

Tuna Sashimi – Experience authentic and 100% pure tuna with this fresh and tender tuna sashimi. Its luscious slices are worthy of appreciation and it’s famous for the buttery texture it gives in every bite.

Horse Mackerel Sashimi – A pure gem in this sashimi collection! This horse mackerel offers you a very delicate sweet taste with its delightful texture that you will surely love.

Salmon Sashimi – Embark on a culinary adventure with the Fukudaya menu and experience an unmatched level of creaminess in the rich goodness of salmon sashimi. This distinct dish is renowned for its exquisite flavors and velvety smooth texture, making it a classic and a top favorite among sashimi enthusiasts.

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Salmon sashimi Pin
Photo Credits: Fukudaya Philippines FB Page

Mackerel Sashimi – Experience the bold and burst of flavors in this famous mackerel sashimi. Its pronounced taste and succulent texture are one of the reasons that make it a very exciting choice in this selection.


Still haven’t made your choice? Well, I got you! Here is a list of my recommended sushi collection menu that offers various textures and bold flavors giving you a very unforgettable experience at Fukudaya dining.

Tokusen Nigiri – For your ultimate sushi experience, try this Tokujyo Nigiri. This 10-piece ensemble features Salmon Roe, Horse Mackerel, White Fish, Tuna, Egg, Dried Gourd Roll, Squid, Sea Urchin, Roast Beef, and Salmon. It’s a gastronomic journey through an array of flavors, textures, and culinary artistry.

Chirashi sushi Pin
Photo Credits: Fukudaya Philippines FB Page

Assorted Tuna Nigiri – Indulge in six pieces of sheer tuna perfection. This assortment includes atty Tuna x 2 pieces, Medium Fatty Tuna x 2 pieces, and Lean Tuna x 2 pieces. It’s a celebration of tuna in all its glorious variations, from lean to luxuriously fatty.

Tokujyo Nigiri – Experience the ultimate sushi journey with this 10-piece ensemble. It includes Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Squid, Horse Mackerel, Octopus, Dried Gourd Roll, and Egg. Each bite is a divulgence of diverse flavors, textures, and culinary excellence.

Jyo Nigiri – With eight carefully crafted pieces, the Jyo Nigiri showcases Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Squid, Horse Mackerel, Octopus, Dried Gourd Roll, and Egg. Every bite is a delightful exploration of the sushi variety, offering a taste of Japan’s diverse culinary traditions.

Jyo nigiri Pin
Photo Credits: Fukudaya Philippines FB Page

Fukudaya Menu Delivery

Now you have reached this part of the article I have some good news for you! You can order your favorite Fukudaya cuisines through an online food delivery service by calling 0927-2640171 or 800-3563. You can also reach them through Messenger at Fukudaya Philippines. For an extra smooth transaction, you can also check the availability of Fukudaya through FoodPAnda delivery service and GrabFood PH.

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Social Media Pages

Get your cameras ready because they’re about to turn your Instagram feed into a masterpiece. Their social media is a visual delight, showcasing artful plating, enticing textures, and vibrant flavors that’ll leave their followers craving for more.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FukudayaPhilippines

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fukudaya.ph

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Fukudaya offer? 

Fukuday is a famous Japanese restaurant that offers the finest flavors of Japanese cuisine from its sushi to its various savory collections.

What is Fukudaya known for?

This restaurant is known for its Sushi and Sashimi Mastery, you can try their recommended California maki and Assorted fresh Seafood Rolls.

What are the operating hours of Fukudaya?

Fukudaya has generally followed operating hours that start from 11 AM to 3 PM and 5 PM to 10 PM.

Where is Fukudaya located in the Philippines?

If you are planning to visit Fukudaya you can find them at Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway cor 8th Ave., BGC.


Fukudaya emerges as a haven of culinary tales, showcasing unwavering dedication to the artistry of cooking. This Japanese gem unfolds a tapestry of diverse textures and flavors, inviting you to embark on a food journey. Whether you crave the melt-in-the-mouth allure of tuna sashimi or the diverse symphony of assorted nigiri, the Fukudaya menu ensures a delightful experience for every palate. Particularly noteworthy is their exquisite sashimi collection, a testament to the authenticity of Japanese flavors meticulously crafted into each sushi, defining the essence of Japanese cuisine. For everyone who is seeking authentic and unforgettable Japanese dining, this restaurant is something you need to consider.

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