Kandle Café Menu Prices

Another day, another food kiosk to review! Are you curious about what restaurant or food stall did I visit today? Hmm, I’d like you to guess which restaurant I visit. It has a water-fall-like structure exterior design. You won’t believe it was a coffee shop unless you enter its glamorous door. If the image that I’m trying to create is still blurry. Then I’ll cut this short because I would like to formally introduce to you the Kandle Café and its menu. 

The Kandle Café offers a variety of foods which you would certainly be enticed to. It has a wide selection of side dishes, appetizers, and drinks that you can choose from. I swear you will never lose food combinations in this Café!

Huh? You don’t have any idea what and where Kandle Café is located, buddy? Then I would be your perfect guide in accomplishing your journey toward the great and vibrant vibe at Kandle Café. I suggest that you should continue reading buddy to learn about their offers and food.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kandle Cafe menu prices.

MenuPrice (PHP)


Brainstorm Ipa195
Magma Bock185
Pinatubo Craft Beer195
Sunrise Wheat195
Sunset Wheat195


Cheese Ensaymada70
Ube Ensaymada80


Cheesy Hot Choco160
Hot Choco150
Iced Choco160

Coffee (Blended)

Chocolate Truffle160
Dark Mocha200
Earl Grey160
Hot Milk90
Iced Matcha Latte170
Iced Milk100
Java Chip160
Salted Caramel160
Toffee Latte200
White Mocha200

Coffee (Hot)

Café Latte145
Caramel Latte150
Dark Mocha160
Flat Black150
Flat White145
Pour Over130
Toffee Latte160
White Mocha160

Coffee (Iced)

Cold Brew160
Iced Americano140
Iced Café Latte150
Iced Dark Mocha170
Iced Flat Black160
Iced Salted Caramel Latte150
Iced Toffee Latte170
Iced White Mocha170


Cold Brew140
Hazelnut Latte140
Matcha Latte140
Peppermint Latte140
Salted Caramel Latte140
Toffee Nut Latte140
Vanilla Latte140

Food menu

Beef Caldereta350
Chicken Adobo300
Chicken Curry350
Kalderetang Kambing380
Pork Adobo300
Pork Humba320


Apple Juice170
Carrot Apple155
Dalandan Juice110
Fruit Juice125
Fruit Shake140


Beef Sirloin280
Lamb Chop315

House blend teas

Blue Pea (3) bottles110
Mango Earl Grey145
Peachee Rose145
Raspberry Earl Grey145

Meats and Seafood

BBQ Chicken325
Pork Tonkatsu370
Porter House520
Salisbury Steak360
Stuffed Chicken360


Matcha Kitkat190


Chilean Mussel380
Fried Chicken Adobo310
Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta310
Seafood Marinara440


Fresh Salad335
Pomelo and Shrimp Salad360
Spicy Squid Salad360

Sandwiches and Wraps

Bulgogi Sandwich270
Cheesy Piggy270
Kandle Burger325
Kani Tortilla Wrap225
Kimchi Tortilla225


Butter Corn60
Kamote Fries90
Mixed Green Salad90
Picnic Fries100
Plain Rice35
Potato Wedges120


Prawn Soup185
Seafood Chowder180


Black Calamares390
Cheezy QC Maki295
Paella Croquettes290

Tea (Da.u.de)

Kape Rice150
Lemon Ginger150
Minty Lemon150
Pina Rose150

Tea (Latte)

English Breakfast160
Matcha Latte160
Moroccan Mint160

Tea (TWG)

Chocolate Earl Grey (Hot)195
Chocolate Earl Grey (Iced)210
Festive Night (Hot)195
Festive Night (Iced)210
Pink Flamingo (Hot)195
Pink Flamingo (Iced)210


Montrogue Cabernet Sauvignon870
Montrouge Chardonnay920
Montrouge Merlot870
Montrouge Sauvignon Blanc920
Queen Adelaide Moscato870

About Kandle Café

Kandle Café was established recently but already attracted the eyes of Filipino residents. Due to the comfortable and pleasant ambiance that Kandle Café radiates, I cannot agree more that it is the best third-wave destination coffee shop that is worth visiting.

YouTube video

It is founded by four siblings namely: Khryss, Don King, Leslie, and Eli. Their initials already speak the idea behind the name of the said café. This café is a hidden gem that can be found at the heart of Quezon City. The exact address of Kandle Café is: 113 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila. You can actually visit their Facebook Page to have a more detailed address and how to visit them.

This coffee chain isn’t your typical coffee shop, as you walk on its isle where water seems to fall over you, a glimpse of perfect nature can be felt the moment you step foot in its vicinity. Kandle Café is indeed a place where comfort and relaxation can be found, I believe it is the perfect place for those individuals who want to have a little escape from their exhausting life.

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Kandle Café Menu Best Seller

I have enlisted different menus which I sought and thought to be the best-selling dish at Kandle Café. Below is your best guide in knowing, what are the best-of-the-best dishes that I have tasted and can be purchased at Kandle Café.

Photo Credit: Kandle Cafe FB Page

Toffee Nut Latte – What I enjoy about this latte is the idea of putting a nutty flavor in every sip in the Kandle café cup. I can literally feel the nutty taste of this cup of coffee combined with the creamy flavor of organic milk. Be wary that you should not buy this cup of latte if you have allergens over nuts, but above all, it is indeed a perfect coffee for rainy weather.

Cheese Ensaymada – The fluffy and creamy cheese ensaymada still lingers in my mouth while doing this review. My taste buds can still feel the fluffy texture of the bread topped with creamy cheese!

Ube Ensaymada – Together with cheese ensaymada, ube ensaymada can literally overwhelm your taste buds due to its strong winged yam (ube yam) flavor. Ube ensaymada is best with Toffee Nut Latte because of its combination of rich flavors.

Kandle Café Menu Best Coffee

Many of us don’t crave something specific, we just want to eat what is the best food or the best meal that every restaurant can serve. Kandle Café as a majestic coffee shop who don’t want to lose to its competitor also had the best and most popular dishes that customers made fond of them. Below is the list of popular dishes that I have personally tried and I literally recommend that you should try them too!

Photo Credit: Kandle Cafe FB Page

Amerikano – If you love to level up your coffee experience and wanted to taste something strong, then the classic Amerikano is still your best cup! Combined with the freshly brewed shots of espresso that are made into perfection, Kandle Cafe Amerikano can go beyond what the standard Americano tastes like.

Peppermint Latte – With the strong taste of peppermint pulped into a cup of drink, Kandle Café offered us their Peppermint Latte as a tribute to those individuals who love to have a different coffee experience. The kick of peppermint on your palate is definitely soothing if you love the taste of minty and creamy drinks.

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Cold Brew – Of course, we always don’t find hot coffee attractive, the idea of Cold Brew is indeed helpful to our buddies out there who love cold coffee.

Kandle Café Menu Dessert

Since there are individuals who crave something sweet and salty, Kandle Café made a special set of desserts that you may find amusing. Why? Because there is no dessert menu at all! There is just a set of cheesecake, strawberry leches, and a lot more. If you are confused, then below is a list of desserts that you can order at Kandle Café.

Cheesecake (Blueberry, Mocha, Caramel, Crème Brulee, Ube, Oreo, and Mango)Servings: Whole: 2,250 | Slice: 225
Choco (Choco fudge, Salted Caramel, Matcha Boston, Bonfire)Servings: Whole: 1,800  Slice: 180
Mousse (Praline)Servings: Whole: 2,250 | Slice: 225
Mousse (Matcha Oreo)Servings: Whole: 1,900  Slice: 190
Mousse (Pink Lemonade)Servings: Whole: 1,900  Slice: 190
Mousse (Tiramisu)Servings: Whole: 1,900  Slice: 190
Tres LechesServings: Whole: 1,800  Slice: 180
Strawberry LechesServings: Whole: 1,800  Slice: 180
Strawberry ShortcakeServings: Whole: 1,900  Slice: 190

Kandle Café Wedding

The idea of having a wedding inside a cafe is indeed out of the ordinary. The combination of dark and brown themes can make your special day more memorable, here at Kandle Cafe your extraordinary wedding can be extra if you wish to celebrate it with us. Wedding sceneries at Kandle Cafe started in the year 2018 when Sue and Vinci decided to choose Kandle Cafe as their reception.

At Kandle Cafe, the management already provides the venue, the viand and snacks, and the wedding cake. The intimate celebration is indeed worth celebrating at Kandle Cafe. If you wish to set up a celebration at Kandle Cafe, you can just dial their number and set your reservations with them.

Kandle Café Menu Delivery

The idea of menu delivery has become rampant due to the threat of Covid-19 and other diseases. Since Kandle Café blossomed at the heart of Quezon City, most Filipino loved to try their set menu, however, they don’t have immediate access to their place.

With that, food service emerged and Kandle Café hopped on the trend of delivering food at the convenience of our own customers. They enlisted Kandle Café at food panda and Grab food. This action which has been done by the management is indeed helpful to both parties. So, if you would like to taste the set menu that Kandle Café offers, then I practically advised you to just order through online platforms.

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Who Owns Kandle Cafe?

Kandle Café is owned by four gorgeous ladies namely: Khryss, Don King, Leslie, and Eli. Two of the said ladies are chefs that’s why I cannot argue that their meals are indeed on a different level. The mastery of these two ladies can be seen in every dish that Kandle Café presents.

Does Kandle Cafe Offer Takeout?

Just like any other food stall, Kandle Café also offers a takeout meal. If you don’t feel to dine in their peaceful place and want to enjoy your ordered meal on your own comfortable dining, then you can practically have your take-home meal.

On the counter, you should state that you will be having your takeout meal and they will be the ones who will pack it for you. If you don’t like to come and visit their location because it is far from your home, then you can just order online. You can download food panda or grab food, place your order and wait for your purchased order to arrive. Happy eating buddy!

Social Media Pages

If you like the Kandle Cafe menu and would like to check them for more updates, you can visit their social media pages. We highly encourage you that you start following them so that you will always get the latest news about their current trends, promos, and pricing. If you have no idea where to look, don’t worry because you can simply click the following links below and you will be redirected to their official social media pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kandlecafe/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kandlecafe/


The scenery, the ambiance, and the overall experience at Kandle Cafe are indeed worth it. I had fun with their set of meals which I found amusing; since they offer a wide variety of meals, I can make my own combination of platters which I found enticing. Having this freedom to choose your own combination is rare due to the idea of marketing specialists that most restaurants applied.

In a nutshell, Kandle Café is a hidden paradise that sits in the heart of Quezon City. This paradise of joy with a waterfall-like isle is not your typical cafe as it can be a reception for any occasion. Kandle Cafe is here to serve every age, every gender, and every people; with the idea of great innovations, I believe that this cafe will become one of the best cafes someday. The aforementioned Kandle Café menu is indeed mouthwatering. So if you like to experience one-of-a-kind coffee dining, then visit Kandle Cafe before you lose your chance.

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