Daimasu Menu Prices

Ready for the sensation you never had before from the taste, experience, and loving atmosphere brought to you by Daimasu. It is a Japanese restaurant that takes your delightful journey of Japanese cuisine to great heights. You will surely experience excellent dining with a variety of authentic sushi and an elegant ambiance. I am sure we are all excited to discover something new today and we never get wrong with Japanese restaurants! so here is the Daimasu menu collection and its prices.

MenuPrice (PHP)


Vinegared Dish450
Vinegared Unagi700
Chopped Fish with Sesame Sauce550


Assorted sashimi (7pcs/5pcs/3pcs)5500/3800/2800

Grilled dish

Unagi Kabayaki4000
Buri Yuannyakki1000
Saikyo yaki1100

Simmered dish

Figure Boil Serenade3000
Simmered head1000
Boiled radish 800

Deep fried dish

Assorted tempura 1200
Tatuta age850

Steamed dish


Meat dish

Roast beef 1700
Chicken teriyaki 900
Wagyu steak2700


Assorted Hot Vegetables550
Unagi Roll700
Dashimaki Tamago350


Koshihikari Rice300
Kaisen Kamameshi1350
Tori Gomoku-Kamameshi750
Grilled Rice balls (Chazuke)450
Sushi [Zenl Jo-Neta3000
Sushi [Fuku] Tokujo-Neta3800


Akadashi Miso Soup330


Assorted Fruits330
Green Tea Pudding330
Ice cream200

Set course

Kaede Kaiseki8000
Sakura Kaiseki12000
Sushi Kaiseki Special10000
Sushi Kaiseki8000

About Daimasu

Daimasu will open your eyes to a new world filled with authentic taste and great flavors. It allows you to savor the variety of special cuisine from their sushi set course and ala carte. Every bite is a celebration of flavors and will truly give you an experience you never had before. I am sure you will be delighted with their premium collection highlighting their finest curated food that will elevate your dining experience.

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Daimasu Menu Best Seller

It tastes only the best here at Daimasu. They offer a variety of flavorful delights from iconic Japanese cuisine and outstanding courses that are perfect to share with your friends and family.

Nigiri Sushi Set – Savor the finest flavor here with their best-selling Nigiri sushi set! It features a delightful assortment of nigiri sushi that is packed with freshness and expertly crafted bites for you to indulge in.

nigiri sushi set Pin
Photo Credits: daimasu_makati IG Page

Irodori Set – I am sure you will be delighted with this irodori set that includes Sensai (seasoned vegetables), plain rice, Today’s Takawase (vegetables simmered in broth), miso soup, assorted tempura, mini sashimi set, Chawan Mushi (savory steamed egg custard), salad, and vegetable pickles.

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Kani Don – This delicious rice bowl features generous portions of succulent crab that are served over a bed of perfectly seasoned rice. It promises you a delightful combination of flavors of textures.

Botan Ebi Don – A rice bowl that highlights an exquisite botan ebi or spot prawn. It allows you to enjoy a symphony of flavors that are sweet and tender prawn igniting the flavors atop of bed of rice.

Hokkai Don – A delightful assortment of seafood that is served over rice is all we have here in their favorite Hokkai Don. It is a celebration of ultimate flavors creating a harmonious balance for a fulfilling meal.


There is so much more to love in this restaurant and we are just off to a good start. Savor the finest flavors of Japan here in their iconic and well-known cuisines.

Tako – This Daimasu menu is a tender octopus that is prepared in a delightful way to give you a juicy burst in flavors of bite-sized octopus slices.

Tamago Egg Roll – A rolling in goodness is all we have here in this Japanese omelet roll. It showcases a master of craft featuring its pillowy texture that you will really love.

Ebi tempura – This slightly battered deep-fried shrimp will provide a crisp and great contrast to the tender shrimp that will give you the absolute goodness within.

Ebi tempura Pin
Photo Credits: daimasu_makati IG Page

Salmon Roe – A flavorful, salmon roe is on the way to give you a burst with a pop of oceanic taste! This delicate and delectable dish is something to never miss here at Daimasu.

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Set Course

Are you up for an extra magnifying experience of flavors and Japanese flavors? well, I got you covered! you can savor the utmost favors here with their recommended sets that are bursting with flavors and enjoyable textures.

special set Pin
Photo Credits: www.daimasu.ph/menu.php

Kaede Omakase Set – A seasonal delight featuring a three-piece assortment of clear soup, grilled fish, sashimi, tempura, crab vinegar, yosenabe, red miso soup, sushi, and anmitsu. A comprehensive and curated culinary journey.

Bara Chirashi Set – A vibrant dish featuring mixed, bite-sized seafood, rolling egg, cucumber, salad, miso soup, chawanmushi, and vegetable pickles. A vibrant and satisfying option for seafood lovers.

Grilled Fish Set – Today’s grilled fish takes center stage, accompanied by salad, plain rice, miso soup, chawanmushi, and vegetable pickles. An enjoyable and wholesome meal.

grilled fish set Pin
Photo Credits: daimasu_makati IG Page

Tendon Set – Deep-fried shrimp, green beans, and white fish join forces in this set, accompanied by salad, miso soup, chawanmushi, and vegetable pickles. A crispy and scrumptious indulgence.

Daimasu Menu Delivery

Unfortunately, Daimasu does not offer any food delivery at the moment because they are focusing on the entire dining experience of their customers that can only be offered and experienced firsthand in their store. I am sure you will be delighted to visit Daimasu at its peakest beauty from the variety of course set to the diverse collection of finest food in this fine dining restaurant.

Connect with Daimasu Online

Their social media pages are your one-stop destination for all things Daimasu. Get a sneak peek of their mouthwatering dishes, learn about our latest promotions, and connect with fellow food lovers from around the globe.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daimasu.ph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daimasu_makati

Website: https://daimasu.ph

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of cuisine does Daimasu offer? 

Daimasu allows you to indulge in the ultimate textures and flavors of Japan with its diverse sets and wide range of Ala Carte.

What is Daimasu known for?

Daimasu is commonly known as the home of sushi! They take great pride in their sets but they indeed have a quiet reputation when it comes to their finest sushi.

What are the operating hours of Daimasu?

Indulge in the enchanting flavors of Daimasu Restaurant from 11:30 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 11 PM, Tuesday through Sunday. Please note that they are closed on Mondays.

Where is Daimasu located in the Philippines?

If you are planning to make an enchanting visit to Daimasu, you can find them at Allegro Center ON, 2284 Chino Roces Avenue Unita-1/2/3 Grand Floor, Chino Roces Ave, Makati, 1231 Metro Manila.


In conclusion, Daimasu invites you to enjoy a culinary journey filled with authenticity and innovation. It offers you a diverse menu featuring meticulously crafted sushi with a flavorful rice bowl and a comprehensive set course. Every dish is a celebration of Japanese culinary artistry and the inviting ambiance they offer is another point why this restaurant is one of the must-visit restaurants we have at the metro. Whether you are enjoying a nigiri sushi set or you are exploring the promising flavors of sushi and sides, Daimasu has so much to offer. I am ultimately delighted with my visit, and I am excited for my next visit here.

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