Oishi Batchoi Menu Prices

Have you heard about Batchoi? Well, if you are not yet familiar with this iconic cuisine, this article will surely help you out as we are going to talk about this favorite Asian cuisine. Today we are going to talk about Oishi Batchoi! A restaurant that serves a work of art culinary masterpiece featuring this hearty batchoi that will give you a flavorful kick to the finest flavors of Japan. Let us continue this chit-chat later as I am going to show you the finest menu collections they offer for you.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Oishi Batchoi menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Kani Salad281
Kaizen Salad331

Ippin Ryori

Chicken Teriyaki Plain369
Gomoku Umani306
Chicken Platter 5 Pcs438
Salmon Sashimi 10 Slices481
Chicken Platter 3 Pcs256
Salmon Sashimi 5 Slices281
Buta Yaki Niku369


Super Batchoi319
Original Miso Batchoi294
La Paz Classic Batchoi294
Seafood Miso Batchoi306
Beef Hot Pot306

Donburi & Rice

Gohan Platter188
Salmon Chahan313
Gomoku Chahan313


California Maki149
Crunchy Maki 5 Pcs156
Chicken Maki 5 Pcs200
Beef Maki 5 Pcs200
Rainbow Maki 8 Pcs300
Ebi Tempura 5 Pcs499
Ebi Tempura 3 Pcs311

About Oishi Batchoi

Oishi Batchoi offers a delightful bowl of these noodles that highlights a savory and sweet flavor of pork that is both rich and comforting, giving you the warmth that defines culinary excellence. Aside from flavorful Batchoi noodles, this restaurant also offers a flavorful collection of salad, Ippin ryori, Donburi and rice, and outstanding sides to surely give you an enticing adventure as you savor the finest bites here at Oishi Batchoi.

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Oishi Batchoi Menu Best Seller

Experience the umami and comforting favor of this best-selling collection from Oishi Batchoi that is here to give you the warmth you need that will ray as sunshine to your day.

Katsudon – Indulge in this Japanese comfort food that features a crispy perfect pork cutlet that is delightfully breaded and fried to golden texture. It is topped with a flavorful sauce that is both sweet and sour.

katsudon Pin
Photo Credits: Chef Benjie-san’s Oishi Batchoi FB Page

Gyudon – Another day for classics is what you have here in this iconic Gyudon. It features tender slices of simmered beef that highlight an umami flavor with its rich and hearty taste.

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Original miso Batchoi – This best-selling noodle features an authentic flavor of rich miso broth with a harmonious flavor with finely textured noodles and a medley of veggies.

Gyoza – An enticing appetizer is what you can expect in this best-selling gyoza that offers a delightful crunch of pan-fried gyoza infused with ground meat.

Seafood Miso Batchoi – Make some way for seafood lovers because this best-selling batchoi noodle is for them. It features another level of richness and flavor with its brimming in the flavors of the sea featuring perfectly made noodles laden with various seafood treasures.

seafood miso batchoi-ramen Pin
Photo Credits: Chef Benjie-san’s Oishi Batchoi FB Page

Ippin Ryori

This Ippin Ryori menu is a selection of a diverse array of Japanese dishes highlighting the tender meat with flavorful and aromatic spices that are one of the must-tries here at Oishi Batchoi.

Chicken Platter – This chicken platter offers you a delightful arrangement of chicken dishes featuring tender and juicy bites that are the perfect option to share with your family.

Chicken Teriyaki Plain – Savor the blazing flavor of Chicken Teriyaki featuring its succulent ices of chicken that are delightfully glazen in this classic teriyaki sauce.

Garlic Chili Tofu – A harmony of flavors that you can have here at Garlic Chili Tofu that features silky and soft tofu that is finely coated with savory garlic chili sauce.

garlic chili tofu Pin
Photo Credits: Chef Benjie-san’s Oishi Batchoi FB Page

Salmon Sashimi – Experience the simplicity and sophistication here at their plate of Salmon Sashimi. This sashimi features a delicate slice of lemon that is served with soy sauce to fully elevate the flavorful bite that you will surely love.

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Donburi & Rice

A section that offers a wide array of comforting Japanese rice plates featuring the brimming in flavor Chickendon and other familiar dishes that are considered safe options for your first-time dining.

Chahan – Starting this collection with this iconic Japanese fried rice. It has the fluffy texture of rice giving you a savory blend of ingredients and spices. A perfect rice for all of their entrees.

Chickendon – The comfort this Chickendon can give is something you need to try especially if you are looking for a fulfilling meal. It has tender pieces of chicken that are served on top of steaming in an aromatic bed of rice.

chickendon Pin
Photo Credits: Chef Benjie-san’s Oishi Batchoi FB Page

Salmon Chahan – You will surely be delighted with this delightful twist of seafood meal that features fried rice with a richness of flavor of salmon giving you the right aroma and flavors. A perfect dish for every seafood enthusiast.

Gomoku Chahan – This fried rice is packed with a medley of veggies made without roasted pork. It is a very ideal option for everyone who is looking for a healthier way of eating.

Gomoku chahan Pin
Photo Credits: Chef Benjie-san’s Oishi Batchoi FB Page

Oishi Batchoi Menu Delivery

Craving for these Japanese delights but you don’t have the luxury of time to have it your way out and visit the store? you can enjoy this delightful collection in the utmost comfort of your bed, you can order this through their third-party delivery apps such as FoodPanda or GrabFood. You can check at FoodPanda if you are part of the selected areas they are available and you can also check at Grabfood for long-distance areas.

Social Media Pages

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Join them in the world of unforgettable flavors at Oishi Batchoi. Follow their social media pages for a daily dose of deliciousness that will leave you craving more.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OishiBatchoi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oishibatchoiofficial

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does the Oishi Batchoi offer? 

Oishi Batchoi offers an enticing Japanese collection featuring the finest flavors of their Noodles and Donburi rice bowls. They also offer Ippin Ryori collections as well as their exciting appetizers.

What is the Oishi Batchoi known for?

Oishi Batchoi is famously known for their iconic Original Miso Batchoi as well as their Katsudon and Gyudon which are some of the reasons why people kept coming back for more.

What are the operating hours of Oishi Batchoi?

Oishi Batchoi is at your service from 11 AM until 8 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Where is the Oishi Batchoi located in the Philippines?

Oishi Batchoi is available in selected SM Malls such as SM City Sta. Rosa, and at Level 3 3062 1 2 Festival Mall Corporate Avenue FCC Alabang 1st District, 1781 Muntinlupa City.


In conclusion, Oishi Batchoi is more than just your typical Japanese restaurant, it is a celebration of authenticity and tradition. I love how their menu collections are not the type of meals you can commonly see in every Japanese restaurant. Their collection of Ippin Ryori and Noodles is definitely one of the trademarks of the restaurant, not to mention the savory and familiarity the Donburi & rice offer. One of their main bestsellers is Katsudon and Gyudon which comes with no surprise as they offer the authentic and comforting bite you need that will surely make your day. Aside from the food they do provide a welcoming space for your date, gatherings, and family dining. 

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