Sushi Nori Menu Prices

Welcome back, buddy! What a tiring and exhausting day right? Why don’t we make a memorable meal today? I crave something raw and fishy, want to join me in my Japanese cuisine? Then hop in and we’ll start our journey toward the promised land of Sushi Nori! Sushi Nori managed to establish a total of nine branches across the land of the Philippines. You can locate them at Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4, Rockwell, SM Aura, SM Mall of Asia, W City Center BGC, SM Megamall, Up Town Center, and General Luna – Siargao. Walking towards the counter to order my set of meals, I noticed that the Sushi Nori menu screams the Japanese tradition. I can’t feel my jaw anymore due to the amusement that I have felt. From the bamboo furniture up to its fragile platting, I can clearly say that Sushi Nori is indeed a down-to-earth restaurant where you can be with nature.

I have this wonderful experience at Sushi Nori, want to know what I ordered? Then stay tuned and try to order Sushi Nori online while you continue your reading! Enjoy your meal and enjoy reading buddy!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Sushi Nori menu prices.

MenuPrice (PHP)

Ala Carte

Chahan Fried Rice169
Ebi Tempura (3 pcs) 299
Gyoza (3 pcs)149
Kani Cheese Tempura (3 pcs)229
Karaage Ala Carte229
Miso Soup89
Salmon Skin Chips Spicy89
Salmon Skin Chips Teriyaki 89
Wagyu Kushiyaki (per stick)189
Wakame Salad189

Bento Box

Aburi Mix Bento399
Classic Mix Bento399
Salmon Overload Bento449
Tuna Overload Bento449

Donburi Bowls

Chahan Fried Rice169
Chicken Currydon299
Chicken Katsudon299
Chicken Teriyaki299
Karaage Spicy Teriyaki299
Karaage Teriyaki299
Pork Currydon299
Pork Katsudon299
Salmon Oyakodon299
Salmon Teppan299
Salmon Teriyaki299
Wagyu Poké399
Wagyu Teppan Donburi399


Bottled Water65
Coke Zero85
Cucumber Green Tea99
One Cup Ozeki Sake299
Peach Yuzu Tea99

Oishii Box

Aburi Oishii Box (slassic)899
Aburi Oishii Box (spicy)899
All Sashimi Box (available in salmon or tuna)999
Kani Oishii Box (classic)799
Kani Oishii Box (spicy)799
Square Nori Sheet Pack70

Party Platters

Basic Party Platter1499
Deluxe Party Platter1899
Poké Party Platter2299
Premium Party Platter2299

Poke Bowls

Aburi Poké Bowl369
Chirashi Poké Bowl449
Classic (half) Poké Bowl389
Classic (salmon) Poké Bowl389
Classic (tuna) Poké Bowl389
Dreams Poké Bowl369
Samba (salmon) Poké Bowl389
Samba (tuna) Poké Bowl389
Sweet & Spicy Poké Bowl369


Buttercorn Tonkotsu339
Chashu Tantanmen339
Chashu Tonkotsu339
Ebi Shoyu Ramen349
Gyu Shoyu Ramen349

Sashimi / Nigiri

Kani Aburi (2 pcs)149
Kani Nigiri (2 pcs)129
Salmon Aburi (2 pcs)189
Salmon NIgiri (2 pcs)169
Salmon Sashimi (6 pcs)289
Tamago Aburi (2 pcs)139
Tamago Nigiri (2 pcs)119
Tamago Sashimi (6 pcs)19
Tuna Aburi (2 pcs)189
Tuna Nigiri (2 pcs)169
Tuna Sashimi (6 pcs)289


Aburi Sauce50
Japanese Mayo30
Spicy Mayo30
Teriyaki Mayo30
Teriyaki Sauce30

Sushi Cakes

Classic Sushi Cake1499
Gold Candle20
Happy Birthday Gold Topper60
Spicy Sushi Cake1499
Sushi Rose Sushi Cake1599
Veggie Sushi Cake1299

Sushi Rolls

Aburi Roll289
Ay Caramba Roll289
BNY Roll199
Bonito Roll199
California Roll199
Chicken Winner Roll289
Cloud 9 Roll369
Crazy Kani Roll199
Cucumber Roll99
Dragon Roll499
Fireball Roll369
Firecracker Roll289
Godzilla Roll499
Guardian Roll289
Kani Roll149
Lava Roll369
Ninja Roll289
OG Roll369
Okonomiyaki Roll199
OMG Roll369
Salmon Roll189
Spicy Kani Roll229
SS Roll369
Sunshine Roll499
Sushi Dreams Roll289
Tamago Roll149
Tuna Roll189
Wakame Roll149

Temaki Wraps

Ay Caramba Temaki229
California Temaki169
Crazy Kani Temaki169
Firecracker Temaki229
Okonomiyaki Temaki169
Sushi Dreams Temaki229

About Sushi Nori

The tropical land of the Philippines doesn’t only produces fresh and natural flavors, but they make special meals out of it. One of the herbs and spices that the Philippines offers is Nori. Though Nori authentically originated from Japan, our Filipino folks don’t stick to buying abroad, they managed to create their unique Nori just to satisfy their palate.

YouTube video

Sushi Nori is a feast and a sushi-to-go which is founded to serve all races a delightful and funky Japanese experience. The luxurious history of Japanese cuisine was made to perfection thanks to the innovation that Mika and Shiela Romero contained within their sets of sushi. Through its domination on the land of the rising sun, they managed to climb their way towards the pearl of the orient seas – the Philippines.

Sushi Nori is indeed a place for every occasion, whether it’s your birthday, simple family gathering, or any other celebration – Sushi Nori is certainly your best buddy. As a diverse restaurant, Sushi Nori managed to create nine strong branches across the Philippines, this branches now serve Filipinos the best Japanese experience that is worth sharing. Since my visitation here at Sushi Nori is perfectly rolled, I believe it is my time to share what I have eaten at Sushi Nori.  

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Sushi Nori Menu Best Seller

Settling from the best seller and best menu that each restaurant provide is what Filipino would love to try. There is this stereotyping with regards to menu best sellers, most of us believed that they are only included in the best seller section because it is the most pricy menu. However the case of Sushi Nori is indeed different, their set of bestsellers is literally the most loved sushi by the previous customers. Want to know what is the best-selling menu at Sushi Nori? Then below is a list of Sushi Nori best-selling meals that I have tried.

Photo Credit: Sushi Nori FB Page

Salmon Overload Bento – I really enjoy this bento box as it gives me a different flavor on a single platter. It somehow helped me to budget my money as I want to have a budget meal today. This 449 peso sushi is composed of 6 pieces of Salmon cream cheese, 2 pieces of Salmon Nigiri, and 6 pieces of Salmon Sashimi. What an overloaded Japanese experience right? That’s the main reason why I did order this meal!

Chashu Tonkotsu – this meal is a combination of boiled egg, chashu pork belly, lettuce, and the perfect ramen noodles. The reason why I ordered this ramen is due to the fact that I do not have any knowledge of what chashu tastes like. So based on my experience, chashu has a savory and juicy flavor that has an aroma of a combination of different spices, but what stands out is its salty and peppery scent.

Cucumber Green Tea – this 99 peso drink is indeed healthy, refreshing, and energizing. I love this green tea because it helps me to digest the sushi and sashimi that I have eaten. 

Sushi Nori Menu Platter

Sushi Nori now introduces its special menu platter! Savor the different Japanese flavors on a single platter. The enjoyment and the excitement that you can get from this box are indeed worth it. To know what are the inclusions on their menu platter, below is a list of Sushi Nori menu platters.

POKÉ PARTY PLATTER – PHP 22993 Mini Aburi Poké, 3 Mini Samba Poké and 3 Mini Classic Poké
PREMIUM PARTY PLATTER – 22996 pcs Sushi Dreams, 6 pcs Guardian, 6 pcs Fireball, 6 pcs Cloud 9, 6 pcs SS Roll, 6 pcs OG Roll and 6 pcs OMG Roll
DELUXE PARTY PLATTER – 18996 pcs Sushi Dreams, 6 pcs Crazy Kani, 6 pcs California, 6 pcs Guardian, 6 pcs Ninja, 6 pcs BNY and 3 pcs Tamago Nigiri
BASIC PARTY PLATTER – 149918 pcs California Maki, 12 pcs BNY, 3 pcs Tamago Nigiri and 3 pcs Kani Nigiri
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Sushi Nori Cake

Do you imagine having a sushi cake? I myself cannot accept the idea of sushi in an image of the cake, however, the innovations and the creativity of Mika and Shiela resulted in four different sushi cakes!

Photo Credit: Sushi Nori FB Page

The selection of cakes includes Sushi Rose Sushi Cake, Classic Sushi Cake, Spicy Sushi Cake, and Veggie Sushi Cake. These cakes are indeed perfect if you would come here on your birthday! You can also buy their golden candle and their golden happy birthday topper which is impeccable for your chosen sushi cake.

Sushi Nori Menu Delivery

Due to the threat of the pandemic, Sushi Nori is accessible and offers nationwide delivery! Yes, you heard it right? Enjoy this fine dining experience with your loved ones at the convenience of your own comfortable and relaxing home! To purchase orders at Sushi Nori, you can try the local food servicing app just as FoodPanda, or GrabFood.

There would be instances when food panda and grab food would ask you for the pick-up site or the branch from which you wanted to place an order. So if you like to know the required details, then below is a summary of different Sushi Nori’s addresses, contact numbers, and business hours.

Alabang town Center

AddressGround Level, Cinema and Entertainment Complex, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang
Contact Number0966 990 3386
Business Hours10 AM to 10 PM

Glorietta 4

Address3rd Floor, Food Choices Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City
Contact Number0945 887 2763
Business Hours10 AM to 10 PM


AddressConcourse Level (The Marketplace) Rockwell, Power Plant Mall, Makati City
Contact Number0918 678 4948
Business Hours10 AM to 10 PM
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SM Aura

Address4th Floor, Food on Four, SM Aura, Taguig
Contact Number0997 660 0745
Business Hours10 AM to 10 PM

SM Mall of Asia

Address3rd Floor, MOA Food Hall, Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay
Contact Number0926 626 7902
Business Hours10 AM to 10 PM

W City Center BGC

AddressGround Floor, W City Center 7th Ave cor Lane Q, Fort Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig City
Contact Number0945 317 9912
Business Hours10 AM to 10 PM

SM Megamall

Address5th Floor, Mega Food Hall, Mega Fashion Hall Building, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
Contact Number0936 261 6991
Business Hours10 AM to 10 PM

Up Town Center

Address2nd Floor, Urban Turf, UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City, Quezon City
Contact Number0945 668 7055
Business Hours10 AM to 10 PM

If you would like to have an advanced reservation at Sushi Nori, you can visit their official webpage @ You can also make a reservation via phone call, you can dial: 0917 888 6674 and be thrilled with the Japanese experience that you are about to embrace!

Social Media Pages

In case you don’t want to miss any important Sushi Nori menu news, or announcements that they provided, you must make sure that you are connected with their social media pages. Whenever they posted something, you will always see it. To follow them, simply refer to the following links below:




The moment I entered Sushi Nori, I became the center of attraction as I can see the confused look of individuals standing outside the restaurant. I can clearly see their wrinkling forehead may be asking, “What can I eat at Sushi Nori”, and the like. To cut this short, I would like to list the following inquiries that people commonly asked via online and outside the store Sushi Nori.

What is Sushi Nori?

This sushi nori originates from the rich country of Japan and is used to wrap sushi rice. Furthermore, this dried and roasted seaweed has a strong ‘natural umami’ flavor; other than that, sushi nori can also be used in many different ways other than traditional sushi rolls. A simple way to level up your meal is by simply tearing this sushi nori apart and sprinkling it over your rice or your choice of viand. 

Who owns sushi nori?

The people behind the success of Sushi Nori are none other than Mika and Shiela Romero. Other than Sushi Nori, they also established Roku Sushi + Ramen which also made history not only in the Philippines but also across the world. 

Does nori taste fishy?

I personally tasted nori as I am a fan of sushi, however, I can’t clearly define what it tastes like. It has this unique taste that isn’t fishy or bland. The taste resembles seaweed perhaps, however its taste became much more different if you try to incorporate it with other meals just like your favorite bowl of ramen.


What a fruitful and knowledgeable review right? This Sushi store made me want to book a flight going to Japan! I want to taste the other staple food that I can buy at the land of the rising sun. I want to know how the same Japanese experience that Sushi Nori menu provided.

In a nutshell, Sushi Nori is the best place for those who seek to have a budget meal in a Japanese endeavor. You can literally buy everything on their meal due to their cheap pricing but quality sushi. It wouldn’t be my last visit to Sushi Nori, I believe there would be more visitations as they hooked my Japanese Craving.

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