Caerus Coffee Menu Prices

Are you ready for a new aromatic experience as we savor a flavorful coffee? Well, brace yourself because today is another level of romance to our love for coffee. Introducing Caerus Coffee, where they deserve not just a cup of coffee but a cup of art. They are committed to serving you the finest and artistic flair of coffee from their artisanal roasting to their Diverse Coffee collection. Here is the menu of Caerus Coffee and let’s take that boost for your day.

Below, you’ll find their updated list of menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Cold Kitchen

Mixed Vegetable Salad In Season350
Tuna Nicoise Salad400
Mania Hotel Caesar Salad450


Wonton Noodle Soup280
Cream Of Mushroom Soup330


Tuna Or Chicken Sandwich400
Kani-Fresh Mango Wrap400
Chicken Shawarma Wrap450
Grilled U.S Beef Burger In Sesame Bun600
Manila Hotel Club Sandwich600


Whole Wheat Penne Primavera450
Spaghetti Carbonara450
Spaghetti With Meat Balls500
Spaghetti All' Amatriciana500


Pizza Hawaii500
Pizza Bello Giardino500
Pizza Manila Hotel550

Local Delights

Pancit Bihon Or Canton450
Pancit Malabon450
Sinigang Na Baboy550
Sinigang Na Salmon600
Sinigang Na Sugpo650
Beef Steak Tagalog600
Chicken And Pork Adobo600
Crispy Pata980

Healthy Options

Organic Grilled Chicken Breast550
Grilled Norwegian Salmon750
Pan-Fried Ostrich Medallion1300

Kiddie Meals

Tooth Fairy220

Sweet Temptation

Ice Cream200
Halo Halo Manila Hotel300
Seasonal Fresh Fruits With Lemon Sherbet320
Crepes Samurai400
Japanese Cheese Cake With Pineapple Compote220
Gelato Ice Cream Cake350

Native Rice Delicacies

Puto Bumbong180

Package Menu

Pagtitipon (Good For 4 Persons)4000
Salo-Salo (Good For 4 Persons)4600
Handaan Espesyal (Good For 5 Persons)5500
Fiesta (Good For 6 Persons)6500

Buffet Rates

Breakfast Buffet1550
Dinner (Sunday-Thursday/Friday-Saturday)2725/3320

About Caerus Coffee

Caerus Coffee specializes in Specialty Coffee that highlights various collections of coffee blends, teas, Smoothes, Juices, and Ice creams. Aside from these beverages, they take great pride in their savory menu such as their All Day Breakfast Collection, Mains, Filipino grilled, and enticing appetizers. You will surely have a wonderful experience in this restaurant so treat yourself to something you deserve like Caerus Coffee.

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Caerus Coffee Menu Best Seller

Classic Kare-Kare – This well-beloved Filipino dish highlights an extra savory bite here at Caerus Coffee. It features a carefully cooked savory stew that offers a bite of oxtail and triples that are tasty and juicy. It is also served with various vegetables giving you an elevated style of your dish.

Classic kare-kare Pin
Photo Credits: Caerus Specialty Coffee + Bistro

Cappuccino – Savor the lightness this cappuccino gives in every sip of this delightful drink that features a shot of espresso and steamed milk on a generous layer of frothed foam milk on top.

Chocolate Ice Cream – Indulge in every refreshing bite of this delightful chocolate ice cream that features the finest cocoa and chocolate flavors that will surely satisfy your ice cream cravings.

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AmericanoAmericano is a timeless classic favorite coffee has been serving romantic goodness since then. It is also a highly recommended drink if you want to take a bold and robust coffee flavor with the right intake of espresso kicks.

Americano Pin
Photo Credits: Caerus Specialty Coffee + Bistro

Roasted Beef in Truffle Cream -This dish exudes sophistication with the luxurious truffle cream sauce that features the right level of earthy aroma that perfectly complements the Beef.

All-Day Breakfast 

Strike your day with this All-day Breakfast menu option from Caerus Coffee that will give you the energy for your entire day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so treat yourself for something that will leave you on a full stomach.

Classic Beef Tapa – This classic Filipino staple highlights the magnifying goodness of Classic Beef Tapa which consists of thinly sliced marinated beef that is carefully cured and pan-fried.

Our Longganisa – Make some way for the classic Filipino favorite breakfast! This longganisa is proud to share with you the perfect fusion of savory and sweet kicks. It is perfectly seasoned with various spices and seasonings.

Our longganisa Pin
Photo Credits: Caerus Specialty Coffee + Bistro

Honey Cured Tender Chicken – Another day filled with juicy and succulent chicken bites that will turn your mood on a brighter die. This dish features a honey-cured chicken that is gazed generously offering you the sweetness and the glossy touch of chicken with savory irresistible bites.

Ube Champorado – Now to our childhood favorite but on a Ube Flavor. This flavorful Ube champorado highlights the sweet goodness of sweet rice porridge with a delicious fusion of purple yam or known as ube. It is delightful and has the right level of sweetness perfect for breakfast

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Ube Champorado Pin
Photo Credits: Caerus Specialty Coffee + Bistro


This collection is dedicated to you to savor the immense goodness of winder and pasta specials from Caerus Coffee.

Shrimp and Bacon Pasta – This pasta features a whole level of meatiness with juicy bacon and succulent shrimp. It has various textures of crispness with the finest texture of mustard cream in linguine pasta.

Truffle Mushroom – Savor the absolute goodness of this delicious pasta menu of Caerus Coffee that highlights a linguine pasta on cream truffle sauce that is generously topped with mixed mushrooms.

Bolognese -This flavorful tomato-based spaghetti offers you a meaty bolognese sauce that is generously topped with your favorite cheddar cheese.

My Carbonara – A high level of creaminess is what you should expect in this dish that highlights an amazing fusion of bacon, and mushrooms with seared chicken tenders and asparagus that are generously topped on this carbonara.

My Carbonara Pin
Photo Credits: Caerus Specialty Coffee + Bistro

Caerus Coffee Delivery

Do you want to have an extra flavorful and aromatic day, but you don’t have the time to go to the Caerus coffee shop? Chill because I got you! You can order this iconic breakfast or mains along with their specialty coffee through online delivery services such as GrabFood PH. Enjoy a hassle-free transaction and a smooth experience at Grab Food.

Social Media Pages

Expect secret menu items, exclusive coffee art tutorials, and even the chance to name their next specialty blend. Plus, the #CoffeeWithCaerus campaign connects you with fellow coffee enthusiasts for virtual brew sessions. Follow Caerus Coffee today for your passport to the caffeinated cosmos!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Caerus Coffee offer? 

Caerus Coffee offers you the magnifying goodness of their favorite coffee drinks along with their dairy meals which makes a perfect option to start your day.

What is Caerus Coffee known for?

Caerus Coffee is famous for its Coffee Blends and its All Day Breakfast collection that highlights various favors that have been well-loved among Filipinos.

What are the operating hours of Caerus Coffee?

They operate from 9 AM until 12 AM from Monday to Sunday.

Where is Caerus Coffee located in the Philippines?

Caerus Coffee has several branches located nationwide. You can check this link to see all of the locations of their store and savor the finest meals and premium blends of their coffee drinks.


This coffee shop is not just the regular and usual coffee shop you think it is; it is a home of varieties of flavorful delight that features your favorite coffee and your favorite Filipino meals and foreign cuisines. Their collections of the past are something that you need to check along with their uxorious mains and their iconic All Day Breakfast. I love how they established a website that entails much information about the stores such as their branches, meals, and the various collections they offer, including the Caerus Coffee menu. It is not the regular coffee shop you thought, as it is also home to a variety of cuisines and premium-quality coffee. It was a satisfying experience for me, and I would surely note this as one of the top-rated coffee shops I have ever visited at the Metro.

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