Escalera Cafe Menu Prices

Elevate your coffee experience with every sip of the passionate cup of coffee here at Escalera Cafe. A wonderful delight is here for you to savor from the amazing collections of aromatic coffee to their delectable pastries, pasta, and all-day breakfast. One of the highlights of their collection is their House specialty which offers a magnifying goodness of juicy texture to excellent taste. Here is their wonderful menu for you to check out.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of their menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Escalera's Favorite749
Caprese Salad635
Honey Mustard Salad450


Nachos Supreme465
Fries Overload425
Chicken Tenders & Fries399


Aligue Pasta449
Truffle Cream Pasta499
Shrimp Scampi489
Bolognese Pasta489
Creamy Carbonara479


Mushroom Truffle Pizza899
Hawaiian Pizza849
Pepperoni Pizza849
Four-Cheese Pizza899

All-Day Breakfast

Swiss Rösti with Smoked Salmon675
Escalera Benny570
Shrimp Scramble595
Chicken & Waffles420
Sausage & Egg399


Bagnet & Bagoong Rice399
Cheesy Beef Caldereta499
Bistek Tagalog499
Rosemary Chicken399
Chicken Inasal399


Choco Dome Mousse349
Cheesecake Parfait
Nutella French Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream440
Chocolate Walnut Cookies180
Brownies Ala Mode210

Coffee Classics

Café Latte195
French Vanilla195
Caramel Macchiato195
White Chocolate Mocha195


Matcha Latte195
Hot Chocolate195
Bottled Water55


House Blend Iced Tea195
Dalandan Iced Tea195
Kiwi Guava230
Hibiscus Guyabano230
Mango Passion Fruit230

Signature Frappes

Blueberry Yogurt230
Strawberry Yogurt230

About Escalera Cafe

Escalera Cafe is here to showcase its house specialty which features traditional Filipino dishes and highlights your favorite texture of bagnet and bagoong rice. Aside from that, they offer their all-day breakfast which highlights a perfect meal that can give you an extra boost to start your day. Of course, this won’t suffice without a delicious cup of their coffee and I am going to show you more of that with the best seller that is coming next!

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Escalera Cafe Menu Best Seller

Prepare to be dazzled with these best-selling items from Escalera Cafe which has been receiving a huge amount of love from its customers since then.

Swiss Rosti with Smoked Salmon – The smokey experience starts here in this dish that features smoked salmon with potato pancakes and caviar served with a perfectly poached egg.

Bagnet & Bagong Rice – This deep-fried pork is perfectly free to perfection to give you the utmost crispiness you will surely enjoy. It is served with vinegar and bagoong rice and a scrambled egg on the side.

Aligue Pasta -Starting this pasta collection with this iconic truffle cream pasta. It features a linguine pasta filled with shrimp and a fine texture of creamy crab fat sauce and is served with garlic bread.

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Aglio olio pasta Pin
Photo Credits: Escalera Café Facebook Page

Mushroom Truffle Pizza – This iconic pizza is boastful of its red sauce and button. It is generously topped with shiitake mushrooms along with mozzarella cheese and a final touch of truffle sauce.

Cafe Latte – This timeless coffee creation embraces the elegance of perfectly brewed espresso with velvety milk that is steamed and gently poured over an espresso. It has a delicate yet burst of flavor.

Caramel Macchiato Pin
Photo Credits: Escalera Café Facebook Page

Escalera Cafe House Specialties Menu

Savor these special dishes that Escalera Cafe takes great pride in. It focuses on various traditional Filipino favorites that are famous for their savory and smoky flavors.

Bistek Tagalog – A magnifying goodness is here to serve you a thinly sliced sirloin that is perfectly braised in soy sauce. It features calamansi and fluffy rice as well as onion rings as toppings on this bowl.

Rosemary Chicken – An aromatic kick you don’t want to miss is here to show you the perfectly rosemary-infused chicken with rice and delightful corn and carrots as a side.

Rosemary chicken Pin

Chicken Inasal – A smokey flavor that you will surely love is here in their famous chicken inasal. It features a marinated to-perfection quarter chicken with calamansi and soy sauce. It also has lemongrass and fluffy rice.

Cheese Beef Caldereta – A cheesiness on another level is here for you on a savory bowl of their famous Cheese Beef Caldereta. It features a cheesy beef stew with savory tomato sauce. Of course, the iconic liver paste is added to make it your favorite caldereta but with cheese.

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Savor the delightful pasta with these people’s actions that feature various tastes, textures, and flavors.

Truffle Cream Pasta – An undeniable truffle goodness is here to serve you in this pasta that features penne, fresh mushrooms, parmesan, and creamy truffle sauce. It is also served with garlic bread on the side.

Truffle cream pasta Pin
Photo Credits: Escalera Café Facebook Page

Shrimp Scampi – Savor the classic flavor of this spaghetti that features shrimp and capers. It is savory with the flavorful delight of seafood. It is also served with garlic bread for an extra enticing experience.

Bolognese Pasta – This pasta menu of Escalera Cafe highlights your favorite linguine pasta with meat sauce and parmesan cheese. It is also served with garlic bread just like the rest of the pasta they serve in this collection.

Creamy Carbonara – A classic pinoy style carbonara that highlights crispy bacon with the juiciness of mushrooms along with delicious parmesan cheese. it is also served with garlic bread.

Creamy carbonara Pin
Photo Credits: Escalera Café Facebook Page

Escalera Cafe Menu Delivery

I am sure you are fully ready to take that dreamy and exciting experience at Escalera Cafe. As of now, Escalera Cafe is not offering delivery service as they focus more on the exciting experience of their customers at their store. I am one hundred percent sure that visiting their store is worth it from their staff up to the interior decoration that exudes sophistication but still has the cozy vibe you need to enjoy your food at the greatest comfort. Let us take that heavenly dining into reality at Escalera Cafe!

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Social Media Pages

Join them on a quest for the perfect brew by following Escalera Cafe’s social media pages! Get ready for exclusive access to their barista secrets, delightful promotions, and maybe even some special surprises brewed just for you!




What type of cuisine does Escalera Cafe offer? 

Escalero Cafe offers a delightful creation of coffee and other savory collections such as their famous pasta, pizza, breakfast, and all-star house specialties.

What is Escalera Cafe known for?

Escalera Cafe is known for its coffee but they are also widely recognized for their flavorful collection of pasta and pizza.

What are the operating hours of Escalera Cafe?

Escalera Cafe operates from 11 a.m. until 12 Midnight.

Where is Escalera Cafe located in the Philippines?

If you are interested and planning to visit their store, it is located at Eastridge Ave, Binangonan, Philippines.


My experience at Escalera Cafe is something that I will truly cherish from the well-crafted collection to the quality of dining they offer to their customers. I am certain that visiting their stores is one of the best ways to spend your weekend or a perfect place to celebrate your winnings in life. I love how well curated their menu collections are so it is not overwhelming but still able to sufficiently serve and satisfy various cravings among the needs of the customers. I love how they also never stop innovating and continuously improving their meals by launching new items to add to their menu which are all posted on their Facebook account. They are really making a great effort to use social media as a great avenue for marketing and I truly praise them for that.

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