Craft Coffee Revolution Menu Prices

Looking for an interesting cafe that offers delicious light meals? I have bumped into one and I wanna share it with you so look no more I have an interesting recommendation. The Craft Coffee Revolution menu offers great food choices like pasta, pizza, sandwiches, coffee, and many more. They have a lot of options and for sure you will eventually find what you like. Have you heard about Craft Coffee Revolution or have you seen any of their branches? If you’re already interested in our topic today just stick with me through this article. We are going to get to know craft coffee more and we are going to dive to dive on their menu, their most popular products, and of course the prices of the foods. And by the way, this place is affordable so if you wanna know more let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Craft Coffee Revolution menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Bolognese 195


Hawaiian 300
Four cheese 380


Croque Madame185
Craft club house 210
Grilled cheese 160


Red velvet 130
Carrot cake150
Macadamia sansrival170
Blueberry cheesecake 150
Frozen brazo160
Choco fudge150
Caramel cake150
Banana walnut crunch cake150
Purple yam150
Chocolate lava150


Beef 130
Sausage 130


Chicken 80


Espresso 90
Long black100
Machiato 120
Piccolo latte 120
Magic 120
Cappuccino 120
Latte 140
Flat white140
Cafe mocha 160
Brewed coffee 160
Red eye180

Drinks - Cold

Iced americano 100
Iced latte 140
Iced cappuccino 140
Iced mocha 160
Iced pour-over160
Cold brew180

Drinks - Hot

Hot tea 120
Hot chocolate 120

About Craft Coffee Revolution 

Craft Coffee Revolution first opened its doors to customers in the year 2012. Raymond So, Peter Ong, and Sly Samonte are the founders of this coffee shop, They have a vision of opening a business that could educate consumers and help them appreciate the wonders and versatility of good quality coffee. Craft Coffee Revolution is actually the first independent coffee shop in Manila with a quality focus and also the first step of business towards specialty coffee in the country. Their place can be found in New Manila surrounded by bookstores, undiscovered restaurants, and music venues.

This espresso bar forces its consumers to just enjoy and get cozy with their neighboring establishments. The low ceiling of their place creates a warm atmosphere perfect for relaxation while just enjoying the vibe though they have a second floor it is dedicated to public cuppings and workshops regarding coffee. They are a place that is meant to make coffee to be enjoyed. They have a great selection of coffee beans that they roasted at the right temperature before brewing that why customers get a distinct flavor of coffee that is pleasant to the mouth.

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This place looks forward to serving customers with great quality coffee right at their table. Craft Coffee Revolution also has a micro roastery where they roast coffee beans from around the world. Aside from importing they are also known supporters of local farmers from Benguet and North Luzon. 

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Craft Coffee Revolution Menu Best Sellers 

Iced Mocha – The iced mocha of Craft Coffee Revolution is made with milk chocolate, some fudge, and espresso. This one is really good and refreshing, for me this is not too sweet. The taste of combined chocolate and espresso plus the creaminess of the milk made this drink really special and delightful.

Iced mocha is one of the best sellers of Craft Coffee Revolution and this is also worth trying. I really enjoyed this iced mocha of Craft Coffee Revolution since it has all the right flavor that you might be looking for in a drink I think it’s the chocolate fudge or something I am actually not sure but this one really hits differently. 

Iced mocha Pin
Photo Credits: Craft Coffee Revolution PH Facebook Page

Cappuccino – The cappuccino version of Craft Coffee Revolution is also a great choice if you are looking for creamy coffee. This tastes like cafe latte but in comparison, their cappuccino is creamier and has a more intense flavor of coffee. The milk foam I think is the reason why this is so creamy.

The cappuccino maintains a strong coffee flavor though it is milky and sweet. I honestly don’t order cappuccino since I am enjoying the other flavors but I asked one of their staff about their best sellers and recommended this so I tried and yes their cappuccino is so good and made me relax. This also goes well with any of their pastry. 

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Bacon Chocolate Cake – If you are looking for something different then maybe the bacon chocolate cake menu of Craft Coffee Revolution is the right choice for you. This might sound weird but it’s weirdly delicious. The sweet and salty flavors combined are perfect the texture of the cake and frosting is also good and the bacon bits are heavenly. This one is really worth trying though not recommended for those who are on a diet. The bacon chocolate cake of Craft Coffee Revolution is definitely a treat. 

Craft cheesecake medley Pin
Photo Credits: Craft Coffee Revolution PH Facebook Page

Carbonara – Craft Coffee Revolution is also serving pasta and their version of carbonara is also included in their best sellers and I am not surprised about it. Their carbonara is creamy and delicious to be honest I really don’t like white sauce spaghetti that much but their carbonara is exempted. The pasta is al dente the sauce is not too overpowering just right. 

Signature spaghetti Pin
Photo Credits: Craft Coffee Revolution PH Facebook Page


There are six items on the espresso menu of Craft Coffee Revolution the basics cafe latte and cappuccino are included on this menu. They also have cafe mocha and white chocolate mocha if you want your drink with whipping cream. Also, they have vanilla latte and caramel macchiato. 

Cafe latte Pin
Photo Credits: Craft Coffee Revolution PH Facebook Page

Lovely Sweets

The lovely sweets menu has 2 options. The first one is their Pastel Custard Cream Latte. This drink looks gorgeous by the way and their Creamy Soda with Crystals is also one of my favorites. This one is sweet and very addictive. 

Craft Coffee Revolution Menu Delivery

If you want to order your favorite Craft Coffee Revolution food items and drinks all you have to do is to call their phone number at 09688956988 or you can also use other platforms such as those delivery services like Foodpanda and grabfood. You can also message them on their Facebook messenger. 

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Chicken pesto burger Pin
Photo Credits: Craft Coffee Revolution PH Facebook Page

Social Media Pages

Follow their social media pages to stay updated on their latest menu offerings, learn about their commitment to sustainability, and connect with a community of coffee enthusiasts.







Craft Coffee Revolution: Are they halal certified?

Craft Coffee Revolution is a non-halal-certified establishment.

What are the operating hours for Craft Coffee Revolution?

8 AM until 11 PM is the operating hours of Craft Coffee Revolution. 

Does Craft Coffee Revolution serve pizza?

Yes, they actually have 3 flavors of pizzas which are pepperoni, Hawaiian, and four cheese. 

Do we need a reservation at Craft Coffee Revolution?

No need for reservations, you can just walk in at Craft Coffee Revolution. 


Craft Coffee Revolution is a great choice if you are looking for something different than usual. Their products are really good and the desserts are definitely a treat. Craft Coffee Revolution menu has a lot to offer not just coffee since they also have cakes, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, and many more. The place looks great too it has a cozy ambiance and relaxing atmosphere plus the place is clean and well maintained and also comfortable. When it comes to their crews it is also okay they are nice and very appropriate. My overall experience with Craft Coffee Revolution is so good I really want to recommend them to all the coffee lovers out there who are interested in trying craft coffee while enjoying the place. 

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