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Are you living near the Antipolo area and you’re looking for a great place to go and satisfy your hunger? Look no more I already found the perfect spot for you so if you’re interested in our topic for today hold on. Have you heard about Yellow Bird Cafe located In Antipolo? The Yellow Bird Cafe menu offers a lot of delicious light meals for your merienda or picka meal cravings. This place is really awesome that is why I’m pretty excited about our topic for today. To be honest this is the first time that I’ve been to their place and I can tell you that everything is really good plus they have the nicest staff out there. Let’s get to know this place a little bit more and let’s take a look at its menu and of course its prices. Let’s begin!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Yellow Bird Cafe menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Homemade Beef Tapa265
Excellente Tocino275
Tinapa Belly255
Calumpit Longganisa245


Classic Potato Salad265
Caesar Salad235
French Onion Soup185
Mushroom Soup185
YB Nachos280
Crunchy Okoy235
Potato Wedges190
Sriracha Wings275

YB Signature

8 Hour Baby Back Ribs620
Wagyu Flat Iron Steak650
Wagyu Burger Steak595
Chicken Cordon Bleu545
Seared Salmon620


Chicken Pesto (single, family)320/615
Shrimp Scampi (single, family)315/605
Seafood in Olive Oil (single, Family)325/625
Seafood Arrabbiata (single, family)330/635
Creamy Garlic, Pesto & Shrimp (single, family)330/635
Smoked Salmon & Cream (single, family)330/635
Bacon & Mushroom (single, family) 315/605

YB Classic

Pork and Squid Adobo385
Chicken Pastel415
Stir-Fried Veggies215
Sinigang na Baka445
Sinampalukang Manok405
Lumpiang Shanghai295
Pancit Canton255


Chicken Pesto on Ciabatta275
Double Wagyu Cheeseburger395

For the kids

Salisbury Steak280
Spaghetti Meatball295
Beef Bulgogi Rice Bowl295

Rice and extras

Cup of White Rice55
Cup of Garlic Rice60
Cup of Herbed Rice85
One Piece Egg35
Two Strips of Bacon55
House-Made Garlic Aioli45
Cheese Sauce45
Two Baguette Slices85

Coffee (hot)

Cafe Latte170
Cafe Mocha190
Salted Caramel190
Macadamia Nut190

(over ice)

Plain Latte180
Salted Caramel195
Peppermint Mocha195

(ice blended)

Java Chip230
Double Chocolate230

Non Coffee (hot)

Jasmine Green Tea85
Lychee Tea85
Mint Tea85
Hot Chocolate140

(ice blended)

Perfect Matcha230
Very Strawberry230
Vanilla Bean230
YB Cookie Dough240

(over ice)

Jasmine Passion Fruit Tea140
Lychee Passion Fruit Tea135
Mint Passion Fruit Tea135
Green Apple140
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade140


Bottled water 55
Soda in can 75

About Yellow Bird Cafe

Somewhere in Antipolo, you can find a refreshing and great escape from the metro and that’s Yellow Bird Cafe. This place is a homegrown cafe that serves delicious foods perfect for your family and barkada eatouts. It is easy to find but somehow overlooked since there are a lot of cafes and commercial establishments mushrooming in the area as of today. They are located at Mission Hills Subdivision in the town of San Roque in the upper part of Antipolo. The owner of this cafe is Emmanuel Ramos this entrepreneur sells burgers, nachos, milk teas, and other delicious items in his cafe.

He gathered his ingredients from the locals to help him with the production of his cafe however due to the increasing price of raw ingredients he decided to buy his cafe’s raw materials from Divisoria. He the owner maximized the value of his products by only using quality ingredients that they carefully picked while reducing the cost for his beloved customers that’s why foods that are served in Yellow Bird Cafe are affordable. This place has a spacious parking space while outside of the cafe has green scenery making the place inviting for those who love nature. They also have al fresco dining space for a more relaxed atmosphere. 

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Yellow Bird Cafe Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some examples of Yellow Bird Cafe best selling products. 

Potato Wedges – Yellow Bird Cafe’s version of potato wedges is made by deep frying thick wedge-shaped potatoes that they seasoned with salt and some peppers. This one is also served with truffle banana ketchup which is really perfect with their potato wedges. This one is also great for sharing and quite affordable but if you can finish one order I won’t judge. The potato wedges are crispy and really flavorful this is a great starter as well. 

Potato wedges Pin
Photo Credits: Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen FB Page

YB Nachos – Yellow Bird Cafe’s version of nachos is made with toasted and crispy nachos then drizzled generously with their creamy melted cheese and finally topped with green onions, some diced tomatoes, sauteed and flavorful beef, and finished with parmesan cheese. Their nachos are overloaded with toppings and for sure you’ll enjoy their version of nachos. This menu of Yellow Bird Cafe is also a great starter before enjoying heavier meals and also a must-try. 

YB Nachos Pin
Photo Credits: Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen FB Page

Club Sandwich – The Yellow Bird Cafe club sandwich menu is made from layers of sliced chicken and ham. It also comes with fresh lettuce and sliced tomatoes. The dressing in between the slices of toasted bread is creamy and delicious, I honestly enjoyed their club sandwich with their overload nachos. This is a great pick if you want a lighter meal or don’t have any idea what to order. Their club sandwich is really good. 

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Wagyu Cheeseburger – Their version of the Wagyu cheeseburger is actually my personal favorite since I’m into any burger. This is made from a thick wagyu beef patty that they grilled and then topped with some melted cheese. If you think that’s already good they also put sliced tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce for a more satisfying experience. The sauce is really good as well and the buns that they used in making their Wagyu cheeseburger are proudly homemade. They serve their wagyu cheeseburger with nachos as sides.

Wagyu cheeseburger Pin
Photo Credits: Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen FB Page

Grandma’s Chocolate Cake – If you’re looking for a delicious dessert then their Grandma’s Chocolate cake is the best to order. chocolatey, decadent, and very rich. This is absolutely a great treat for those who love chocolate and have a sweet tooth. Inside the cake is a sponge cake covered in their delicious chocolate icing then topped with chocolate shavings which I believe they use dark chocolate and a thin layer of caramel sauce inside.

Yellow Bird Cafe Menu Delivery

Yellow Bird Cafe is offering delivery to selected areas in Antipolo. To order simply call their Landline number at 8760310 or their Mobile number at 09257155287 or 09178907594 for your orders. They are accepting orders daily from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. 

Cappucino Pin
Photo Credits: Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen FB Page

Social Media Pages

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Jump into the Yellow Bird Cafe’s social media to explore delicious food and a friendly atmosphere. See tempting treats like fresh-baked pastries and special coffees. Follow along online to discover new dishes, behind-the-scenes fun, and lots of foodie happiness. Come join the tasty adventure!




Yellow Bird Cafe: Are they halal certified?

No. Yellow Bird Cafe serves pork products making them a non-halal certified cafe. 

What are the operating hours for Yellow Bird Cafe?

Their operating hours are from 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM

How to contact Yellow Bird Cafe?

You can contact Yellow Bird Cafe through their mobile numbers at 0923-966-5050 / 0917-812-0826 or through their social media accounts. 

Does Yellow Bird Cafe offer delivery?

Yes, Yellow Bird Cafe is offering delivery services in selected areas in Antipolo. 

Does the restaurant have a reservation service?

No need for a reservation you may just walk in. 


From their glass-walled building to the beautiful decorations inside of their place this place really stands out. You’ll definitely love the atmosphere of this place and when it comes to the food they are actually outstanding and affordable at the same time. The Yellow Bird Cafe menu has a lot of great options for your unforgettable dining experience. They are also one of the cleanest places that I’ve been to plus their staff are the most friendly and fast to be fair. They offer the best customer service not to mention their gorgeous location. Great experience and highly recommended for everyone to try. 

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