Uno Seafood Wharf Palace Menu Prices

The Uno Seafood Wharf Palace menu has a wide range of dishes, from classic Chinese favorites to more unique dishes. It also features a variety of hot pot options and seafood dishes like steamed crabs and abalone. When it comes to seafood, Uno Seafood Wharf Palace’s menu does not pale in comparison to many other restaurants that also serve seafood dishes. They are the most often go-to place for people who are craving delectable seafood dishes.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Uno Seafood Wharf Palace menu prices.

Menu ItemPrice (PHP)

Roast and Soy Specialties

Seaweeds with Century Egg190
Soy Pork Tongue190
Fried Pork Intestines200
Assorted Soy Cold Cuts210
Soy Beef Kenchi240
Soy Chicken250
Barbeque Asado250
White Chicken250
UNO Crispy Lechon300
Assorted Cold Cuts320
Roast Duck Cold Cuts400
Suckling Pig Cold Cuts550
Peking Duck660
Hong Kong Roast Duck600
UNo Suckling Pig1400

Shark's Fin Soup

Braised Shark's Fin with Superior Soup950
Braised Shark's Fin950
Braised Shark's Fin with Shredded Chicken1100
Braised Shark's Fin with Crab Meat1200
Braised Shark's Fin with Crab Roe1300
Braised Shark's Fin with Assorted Seafood1500


Chicken Soup in Coconut Shell250
Eight Treasure Beancurd Soup280
Wintermelon with Bamboo Fungus Soup280
Beef Parsley Soup300
Eight Treasure Wintermelon Soup300
Sliced Pork with Mustard and Salted Egg Soup300
Braised Fish Maw (Lip) with Assorted Meat Soup300
Seafood Spinach Soup300
Chicken Asparagus Soup300
Bird's Nest with Quail Egg Soup300
Sweet Corn with Crabmeat Soup300
Pumpkin Seafood Soup320
Seafood Hot and Sour Soup320
Dried Scallop Wintermelon Soup350
Sinigang Suahe Soup350
Shell Abalone with Native Chicken Soup400

Hot Pot

Fish Head Ginger Onion Hot Pot280
Chicken Taro Hot Pot300
Minced Pork Eggplant Hot Pot300
Spareribs Taro in Hot Pot300
3 Cups Wine Chicken300
Lechon with Beancurd in Hot Pot320
Beef Brisket in Hot Pot320
Fish Fillet Beancurd Hot Pot350
Taopao Sotanghon in Pot400
Seafood Beancurd Hot Pot400
Assorted Seafood with Cheese in Pot400
Sate Seafood Sotanghon Hot Pot450

UNO Special Hot Pot

Prawn / Lobster100
Steamed Prawns in Garlic Suahe100
Fried Prawns with Salt and Chili100
Pan Fried Prawns100
Baked Prawns with Butter and Cheese100
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts350
Shrimp in Sze-Chuan Style380
Crystal Prawn400
Fried Shrimp Balls450
Shrimp with Toasted Bread450
Hot Prawn Chicken Salad450
3 Kinds of Prawn580
Fried Taro Prawn600


Steamed Crabs with Garlic Sauce
Baked Crabs with Ginger Onion Sauce
Baked Crabs with Chili Taosi Sauce
Fried Crabs with Toasted Chili Garlic
Steamed Crabs in Twin Tone Egg
Steamed Crabs with Sticky Rice
Fried Crabs with Toasted Chili Garlic
Braised Crabs with Coconut Cream
Steamed Crabs in Twin Tone Egg
Braised Crabs with Coconut Cream
Braised Crabs with Noodles
Braised Crabs with Curry Sauce


Fookien Fried Oyster Cake280
Fish Head with Beancurd in XO Sauce300
Sauteed Squid with Celery300
Fried Spinach Pizza Pie320
Crab Meat Fuyong320
Crab Meat with Seasonal Vegetables350
Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper380
Fried Seafood Roll380
Broccoli Flower with Seafood400
Minced Seafood with Lettuce400

Sea Cucumber / Scallops / Abalone

Family Luck with Abalone150
Steamed Egg with Minced Pork and Dried Scallop300
Sauteed Local Scallops with Vegetables350
Braised Sea Cucumber with Seasonal Vegetables450
Braised Sea Cucumber with Black Mushroom450
Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish Lips480
Braised Sea Cucumber with Pork Tendon480
Braised Sliced Local Abalone with Seasonal Vegetables600
Braised Sliced Local Abalone with Black Mushroom600
Braised Local Abalone with Vegetable Oyster Sauce650
Sauteed Imported Scallop in XO Sauce750


Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce300
Fried Fish Fillet with Beancurd Taosi Sauce300
Fried Fish Fillet with Lemon Sauce300
Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet Corn Sauce300
Steamed Fish Fillet with Ham and Black Mushroom350
Fish Fillet with Seasonal Vegetables350
Steamed Fish Fillet in Soy Sauce350
Steamed Fish Fillet in Garlic Sauce350
Steamed Fish Fillet with Taoso350
Fried Crispy Eel380
Fish Fillet Sauteed in XO Sauce400

About Uno Seafood Wharf Palace

Uno Seafood Wharf Palace is a seafood restaurant located in Pasay City, Philippines. The restaurant is well-known for offering a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes that are not only delectable but also budget-friendly. This restaurant is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike, with a spacious and comfortable interior and a casual yet elegant ambiance. Aside from their dine-in and delivery options, they also offer catering services for special events such as weddings, birthdays, and more.

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Uno Seafood Wharf Palace Menu Best Seller

This menu consists of dishes that are frequently ordered by guests who visit Uno Seafood Wharf Palace and those who avail of their delivery services.

Soy Chicken – This dish is made up of marinated chicken that is both flavorful and aromatic. The meat is juicy and tender which makes it a perfect dish for those who are looking for a lighter alternative to the usual chicken dishes.

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Barbeque Asado – This dish features thin slices of grilled pork belly that are tender, succulent, and have a nice charred flavor. It is served with a sweet and savory barbecue sauce which makes it perfect for those looking for an appetizing meat dish at Uno Seafood Wharf Palace.

Spareribs Taro in Hot Pot – It is a great choice for those who like a hearty and filling dish. This dish is composed of spare ribs and taro, which adds a nice flavor to the dish. The dish is savory, crunchy, and lightly sweet due to the taro and other vegetables that are added to it.

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Roast and Soy Specialties

This menu is made up of specialty dishes from Uno Seafood Wharf Palace that are all delicious and satisfying.

Soy Pork Tongue – This is a standout dish at Uno Seafood Wharf Palace for those who enjoy pork tongue. The slices of pork tongue are marinated in a savory soy sauce that perfectly complements the tender meat. The texture of the meat is slightly chewy but not that tough, making it a satisfying dish to savor. The soy sauce flavor is not too overwhelming, allowing the natural flavor of the pork to shine through.

Fried Pork Intestines – This dish uses pork intestines as its main ingredient. The intestines have a nice crispy texture due to being deep-fried. It is seasoned with salt just enough to bring out the flavors of the pork intestines. Served with vinegar dipping, this dish immediately becomes a crowd favorite at Uno Seafood Wharf Palace.

Assorted Soy Cold Cuts – This dish is made up of mixed cold cuts of pork and chicken that are marinated in soy sauce and carefully arranged on a platter. The soy gives this dish a savory flavor that is sure to wake up your appetite! This dish is a great option for those looking to try a variety of Uno Seafood Wharf Palace’s soy specialties in one dish.

Uno Seafood Wharf Palace Shark’s Fin Soup Menu

This dish is made up of a different variety of shark fin soup, all of which are braised, making them more flavorful and hearty!

Braised Shark’s Fin with Superior Soup – This dish features tender pieces of shark fin braised in a rich, flavorful broth made with high-quality ingredients. The dish is presented with green vegetables and garnished with a sprinkling of scallions, adding color to the dish.

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Braised Shark’s Fin – This dish is a simpler version of the Braised Shark’s Fin with Superior Soup, but this doesn’t make it any less delicious. The broth in this dish has a slightly sweet and savory flavor that complements the delicate flavor of the shark’s fin. It’s a great choice for those who want to enjoy the taste and texture of shark fin without any heavy seasonings.

Braised Shark’s Fin with Shredded Chicken – This dish combines tender, shredded chicken with savory, braised shark fin, which results in a dish that’s both hearty and flavorful. The chicken adds a meaty texture to the dish, while the shark’s fin provides a delicate, subtle flavor. 

Hot Pot

This menu is made up of hot pot dishes that will surely warm the guest’s appetite and are one of the must-try menus at Uno Seafood Wharf Palace.

Fish Head Ginger Onion Hot Pot – The fish head in this dish is cooked to perfection, while the ginger onion broth gives the soup a fragrant and comforting taste. The broth is not too heavy, so you can enjoy the natural sweetness of the fish without feeling overwhelmed. This hot pot is a great choice for seafood lovers. 

Chicken Taro Hot Pot – This dish uses chicken as its main ingredient, while the taro adds a nice, starchy flavor to the dish. The broth is not too heavy but has a rich, savory taste that complements the chicken and taro well. 

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Minced Pork Eggplant Hot Pot – It is made of minced pork that is well-seasoned which adds a nice, savory flavor to the dish. The broth itself is spicy but not overpowering, and goes well with the minced pork and eggplant.


Uno Seafood Wharf Palace offers a wide range of prawn and lobster dishes on its menu. These dishes may use the same ingredients, but they are prepared in different ways with various seasonings. The prawns and lobsters are high-quality to ensure the best taste and freshness. This menu is a must-try for prawn and lobster lovers or those that still haven’t tried them.

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This menu features a different variety of crab dishes that are mostly braised, steamed, baked, or fried. Each of them is cooked to perfection, with their meat being sweet, succulent, and most of all, full of flavors. This menu is highly recommended for seafood lovers, especially those who enjoy the taste of fresh, juicy crabs.

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Sea Cucumber/Scallops/Abalone

Uno Seafood Wharf Palace boasts a delectable array of menu that showcases some of the ocean’s most sought-after delicacies, including sea cucumber, juicy scallops, and tender abalone. These treasures from the sea are skillfully prepared in a variety of ways, such as in rich soups, bubbling hot pots, and slow-braised dishes. Every dish is crafted using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, ensuring that each bite bursts with flavor and leaves a lasting impression on the palate.

Uno Seafood Wharf Palace Menu Delivery

Uno Seafood Wharf Palace offers easy delivery choices for people wanting to relish their tasty dishes at home. Clients can effortlessly order through different methods like the restaurant’s website, phone, messaging app, or delivery apps like FoodPanda and GrabFood. This variety lets customers pick the most suitable way to order, making it simple for them to enjoy delightful seafood meals.

Social Media Pages

Visit Uno Seafood Wharf Palace’s social media page from time to time to know their latest menu items. You can also opt to follow their Facebook pages to stay up to date with their latest promotions and other events.



Uno Seafood Wharf Palace’s menu specializes in Chinese cuisine, particularly seafood dishes. They offer a variety of dishes, including traditional Chinese soups, hot pots, cold cuts, and unique dishes like shark fin and sea cucumbers. The restaurant’s interior is spacious, which helps guests be more comfortable. They also have a private dining area that provides guests with a way to have a more intimate and exclusive dining experience.

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