Purple Oven Menu Prices

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes that offer good baked goodies, especially cakes but are you wondering where could you get good homemade bread and cakes at a more affordable price? Great news since I found a place for you to try that has a lot and the great news is they offer quality baked goods at affordable prices. I want to introduce you guys to something worth trying, ever heard about Purple Oven? Well, the Purple Oven menu has a lot of delicious cakes and pastries so if you’re looking for something new maybe you should give them a try. Here we are going to talk about their food items, something about them, and of course their pricing. So stay with me in this one and let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of their menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Classic sans rival990
Dark mocha sans rival1100
White chocolate sans rival1100
Rustic chocolate torte1100
Merry cherry torte1100
Mango walnut torte1100
Lemon torte1100
Honeycomb crunch cake1040
Pistachio stardust 1040
Chocolate honeycomb crunch cake1040
Strawberry kisses1100

Chocolate cakes

Classic chocolate cake 820
Grandma's chocolate cake 850
Chocolate dome cake850
Chocolate campfire940


New York Cheesecake 1250
Blueberry cheesecake1250
Oreo cheesecake 1250

Tub Desserts

Tiramisu 1470
Strawberries and cream1470


Apple crumble pie950
Banoffee pie930


Banana loaf410
Carrot walnut loaf410
Orange almond loaf440
Pistachio lime loaf440
Chocolate banana walnut loaf440


Reese's peanut butter chip cookie 75
Double chocolate chip cookie 75
Chocolate macadamia cookie 75
Chocolate dipped cookie 75
Oatmeal raisin cookie 75
Chocolate crinkles 410
White chunk chocolate cookie 450


Mango bars410
Lemon bars410
Double chocolate brownies410
Fudge brownies410
Food for the Gods410
Chocolate rebel bars 410

Sweet breads

Honey glazed donut45
Chocolate dipped donut50
Sugar raised donut45
Ensaymada 85
Cheese roll70
Soft cinnamon rolls85


Butter croissant 70
Chocolate croissant 80
Ham and cheese croissant 100

Savory buns

Pork asado bun75
Corned beef bun75
Floss bun75
Tuna bun75
Ham and cheese bun75
Sausage bun75
Bacon and egg bun 75

Puff pastries

Spinach danish90
Chili con carne turnover90
Salmon and egg turnover90
Chicken curry turnover90
Tuna turnover90
Sausage puff90
Chorizo roll95


Quiche Lorraine110
Quiche tinapa110
Broccoli and cheese quiche 110
Salmon and leek quiche 130


Cinnamon raisin pretzel90
Parmesan pretzel90

Little cakes and pies

Little carrot cake150
Chocolate lava cake150
Little apple crumb pie185
Little banoffee pie150

Artisan bread

Sourdough 195

About Purple Oven 

The Purple Oven was Established in the year 1999, this local bakery named Purple Oven offers tasty cakes and pastries served in Starbucks here in our country. However, the information was spread to the customers that they are the supplier of some of the most popular items in the popular cafe so customers soon purchase on Purple Oven itself and get those pastries and cakes directly from the source.

Purple Oven and Starbucks already parted ways eventually then Purple Oven opened some branches to be able to reach customers easily and for everyone to try their delicious pastries and cakes. Mayank Gopaliya is the founder of this awesome shop and as of today they already have 9 branches, though the pandemic happened recently Purple Oven surpassed those obstacles and now remains as strong as ever and continues its job to provide delicious pastries and cakes for its customers. 

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Purple Oven Menu Best Seller

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Here are some of the purple oven’s best-selling food items. These items are a must-try as well. 

Classic Sans Rival – Purple Oven’s version of Classic Sans Rival has layered cake alternating between meringue, cashew, and buttercream. This cake has cashews and butter flavor and is good. The texture is chewy as well. This one is a good choice, especially for occasions with families. The cake is not too sweet that’s why it’s chosen by customers who don’t like overpowering sweetness on their cake. 

Photo Credits: Pixabay.com

New York Cheesecake – This masterpiece has very simple ingredients but when it comes to the taste this is the bomb. This cheesecake has an awesome texture and flavor. It has a slightly tangy flavor as well maybe because of the cream cheese and the lemon but overall this is so good. The flavor of their version of New York Cheesecake is just right but has everything you need in a cheesecake. Plain in sight but the flavors are bursting. 

Blueberry Cheesecake – This Purple Oven version of a blueberry cheesecake menu has a slightly tangy base that compliments well with the sweet blueberry compote topping. If you don’t want the New York Cheesecake and still looking for sweetness then this is the right cake for you. This delicious and simple cake is one of the best choices if you can’t decide which one to order. This blueberry cheesecake has the right sweetness as well but not overpowering the taste of its base. 

Photo Credits: Pixabay.com

Carrot Walnut Loaf – The Carrot Walnut Load of Purple Oven is very delicious. This awesome load has flavors from cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, ginger, and of course carrots. They put Ginger to add flavor to the cake but at the same time make sure that it isn’t overpowering at all. The loaf has this firm texture but is not dry, this is delicious and perfect with tea or brewed coffee. 

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Photo Credits: Purple Oven Instagram Page

Cheese roll – You know you’re getting good quality cheese roll if you order it from Purple Oven, not to be biased or something, and though their cheese roll is a bit more expensive than the leading brands Purple Oven has already proven that they produce no-fail desserts. Their cheese roll has that buttery flavor and very fluffy texture. The cheese inside that they used has good qualities that’s why their cheese roll is so good. It also has sugar toppings that add crunch to every bite. 

Cakes Menu

Purple Oven is known for its delicious cakes, they have 11 cake flavors to choose from and everything is delicious. Starting at Classic sans rival which is also included in their best seller. Then dark mocha sans rival if you want another level of a sans rival. They also have white chocolate sans rival if you’re not a fan of mocha. They also have 4 kinds of tortes, those are rustic chocolate, merry cherry, mango walnut, and lemon torte. Honeycomb crunch cake and chocolate honeycomb crunch cake are also included in their cake options as well as pistachio starburst and strawberry kisses. 

Photo Credits: Pixabay.com

Chocolate Cakes 

The Purple Oven has 4 chocolate cake menus to choose from. The first on their chocolate cake list is their own version of classic chocolate cake, which is so good and very chocolatey. Next is their grandma’s chocolate cake it’ll sure bring back memories because this is also good. Another on their chocolate cake menu is the chocolate dome cake and lastly their version of chocolate campfire cake. Every chocolate cake has its unique flavor but all are very chocolatey and delicious. 

Photo Credits: Pixabay.com

Purple Oven Menu Delivery

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If you want to order the purple oven all you have to do is to call the number of the Purple Oven branch near you after that arrange delivery via delivery services like Lalamove, Angkas, or Grab. After Ordering 

Payments are made online through bank transfer or GCash. Then after that, all you have to do is wait for your order to arrive!

Here’s the phone number of their branches.

Scout Rallos – 09177103227

Alabang – 09198576504

San Antonio – 02-86314221

Legaspi Village – 02-86314221

Sacred Heart – 02-86314221

Santa Rosa – 02-86314221

Portico – 02-84004351

San Juan – 02-86314221

Temple Drive – 02-86314221

Social Media Pages

Stay in the know about Purple Oven’s exciting and scrumptious menu updates by keeping up with them on social media. Give their Facebook pages a thumbs up to ensure you don’t miss out on any of their mouth-watering deals, limited-time offers, and special events. By following their social media presence, you’ll also get a glimpse into their delicious world of baking, and discover new ways to enjoy their delightful creations. Purple Oven is just a click away from keeping you informed and satisfied with their latest culinary adventures!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100054553625241 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/purpleovenofficial


This shop always serves the best cakes and pastries, their quality is very consistent and always delicious and it’s true that when it comes to desserts you can never go wrong with Purple Oven. Every item on the is delicious. You have a lot of choices on the Purple Oven menu to make sure that everything that you need is already on their option. The place is good as well I want to mention the crew on their counter she’s nice. I highly recommend you guys try the purple oven, it’s worth it. 

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