Wingers Unlimited Menu Prices

A lot of places offer delicious flavored fried chicken and if you are looking for a great place I have a recommendation for you. Wingers Unlimited menu offers delicious flavored chicken for you to enjoy, they have a lot of flavors to choose from and will surely satisfy your chicken cravings as soon as you try their products. Have you heard about them? If yes have you tried their products? If not and you’re interested then this is the right article for you since we are going to know them a little bit more, we are going to know which items are their best sellers, the prices of their food per order, and also some of their other products. Ready? If yes then let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Wingers Unlimited menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Ice Tea41
Cucumber Lemonade41
Mountain Dew38
Bottled Water25

Chicken wings

Sgt. Garlic Pepper (Wings)300
Col. Sweet Mustard (Wings)300
Maj. Barbecue (Wings)300
Private Plain (Wings)300
John Doe - Mystery Sauce (Wings)300


Combat Ration399
Ready to Cook Wingers Experience750

Winger saver meals

Wing Ranger Solo109
Wing Ranger Meal 1119
Wing Ranger Meal 2149
Army Solo 189
Army Solo 2152
Army Meal 1105
Army Meal 2168

Ala carte sauces

Extra Sauce John Doe Large70
Extra Sauce Col Sweet Mustard Large70
Extra Sauce Maj Barbecue Large70
Extra Sauce Sgt. Garlic Pepper Large70
Extra Sauce John Doe Small35
Extra Sauce Col Sweet Mustard Small35
Extra Sauce Maj Barbecue Small35
Extra Sauce Sgt. Garlic Pepper Small35

Rice meal

John Doe Rice Meal125
Major Barbecue Rice Meal125
Sgt. Garlic Pepper Rice Meal125
Col. Sweet Mustard Rice Meal125

Add Ons


Flavored fries

Fries Barbecue111
Fries Cheese111
Fries Sour Cream111

Army Cuts

Sgt. Garlic Pepper (Cuts)420
Col. Sweet Mustard (Cuts)420
Maj. Barbecue (Cuts)420
Private Plain (Cuts)420
John Doe - Mystery Sauce (Cuts)420

About Wingers Unlimited

Wingers Unlimited is a place that offers delicious chicken. This concept was started by 5 man team which are also brothers-in-law who shared the same interest, a love for chicken! Inspired to make a business out of the same interest they created the 5 brads dragon food corporation. Their first business is the New York Buffalo Brad’s Hot Wings which is located at Cebu I.T. Park.

But since this place is a bit upscale they decided to create another business where everyone could afford their products and that’s the start for Wingers Unlimited to take place. They started this in July of 2017. For a very affordable price, you can enjoy their unlimited chicken wings, fries, drinks, and rice. They also have local beers sold separately if you want to match your chicken wings with an ice-cold beer.

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You can choose from their variety of flavors like Private Plain, John Doe, Sgt. Garlic Pepper, Col. Sweet mustard, and Major Barbecue while every month they release a monthly mystery flavor so customers can expect a new flavor every month. One of the best things about Wingers Unlimited is that you can have as much as you want just make sure that you won’t leave any leftovers.

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This place is also trying to lessen waste usage and use iPads to take orders instead of writing them on paper. Go and get your chicken wings cravings fixed and try visiting them especially if you are residing in the Cebu area since all of their branches are in Cebu only. 

Wingers Unlimited Menu Chicken Wings

Major Barbecue – The major barbecue chicken wings of Wingers Unlimited are my top choice when it comes to their chicken wings. This has that savory barbecue flavor with a slight saltiness and sweetness combined. Their major barbecue tastes really good plus the chicken wings are crispy but not overly cooked, it is still juicy and tasty even on the inside. The major barbecue flavor of Wingers Unlimited is also one of their customer’s top choices and also a must-try. 

Orange barbecue Pin
Photo Credits: Wingers Unlimited Official FB Page

Sgt. Garlic and Pepper – The Sgt. Garlic and Pepper menu of Wingers Unlimited taste delicious, this one is what I can recommend for those who don’t want sweet-flavored chicken wings. Their Sgt. Garlic and pepper have a strong taste of garlic and pepper but are not too overpowering since you can still enjoy the taste of their chicken, and just like their other chicken wings the chicken is tender and crispy at the same time, it is juicy on the inside with garlicky flavor into it, maybe they marinated the chicken wings into a brine solution just a guess. This flavor is also one of their most ordered flavor on the list. 

Col. Sweet mustard – A lot of people including myself don’t like the taste of plain mustard but the variation of Wingers Unlimited’s Col. Sweet mustard will surely change your mind just like I did. This one taste gorgeous it has a sweet and mustardy flavor that will surely give your tastebuds a satisfying taste. Col. Sweet mustard isn’t really too sweet just right. The flavor of the mustard is actually a bit strong but it is definitely delicious. 

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Colonel sweet mustard Pin
Photo Credits: Wingers Unlimited Official FB Page

John Doe – This Wingers Unlimited menu is a combination of sweet and spicy flavor that you will definitely love. It has its super delicious mango sriracha that will surely give a little spicy and sweet kick to every bite. If you love the combination of sweet and spicy at the same time then this is the perfect chicken wings flavor for you. This is actually my personal favorite aside from major barbecue since it has all the right flavors that I am actually looking for a chicken wings. You have to try this one if you don’t want to miss out. 

John doe in teriyaki sauce Pin
Photo Credits: Wingers Unlimited Official FB Page

Private Plain – Wingers Unlimited’s Private Plain is another great choice. I honestly thought that their Private Plain was just plain fried chicken that’s why I didn’t try it at first, luckily my friend who was with me at that time ordered this one and asked me to try it, at first I was a bit hesitant since I do not want a plain chicken honestly however I found out that it was plain chicken but drenched in butter. Yes, drenched in butter that’s why it’s really tasty. Lesson learned not to judge easily before tasting it first. This one is really good. 

Private plain Pin
Photo Credits: Wingers Unlimited Official FB Page

Wingers Unlimited Menu Delivery 

Wingers Unlimited branches offer delivery for their Pag-asa branch all you have to do is to call 09052532797 and for their Mango branch, you may call 09453481288. Delivery is available through Grab and Lalamove, charges depend on these delivery platforms. You can also use Foodpanda. 

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Social Media Pages

To stay updated on Wingers Unlimited’s latest chicken wing menu and promotions, make sure to follow their social media pages. You’ll be able to see their delicious wings and stay updated on their latest promotions.






What are Wingers Unlimited business hours?

Wingers Unlimited’s business hours may vary depending upon their branches, though the opening hours are around 10:30-11:00 AM the closing time could be as early as 8:30 PM or 10:00 PM. 

Does Wingers Unlimited have a parking space?

Yes, if you are going to visit them no worries, parking space is available. 

What are the payment methods available at Wingers Unlimited? 

Wingers Unlimited is now accepting major credit cards for payments only for dine-in and take-out orders. You may now enjoy the easier and more convenient way to pay. Also, they are accepting cash payments. 

Are they halal-certified?

Wingers Unlimited serves alcoholic beverages therefore Wingers Unlimited is a non-halal certified establishment. 


I recommend Wingers Unlimited to any food lovers or anyone who definitely loves chicken, especially chicken wings. The Wingers Unlimited menu has a lot of different flavors of chicken wings to choose from. The place is great and the ambiance is cozy inside. They have great customer service. Pay them a visit and satisfy your chicken wings cravings. Their products are absolutely delicious and irresistible. Overall experience with this place is awesome, with delicious foods and affordable meals all in one place. 

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