The Nautilus Menu Prices

As one of the few restaurants that prioritize inventive dishes inspired by flavors and techniques from around the world, The Nautilus menu holds a unique position. It presents a varied and delectable range of dishes that captivate not only through taste but also their visually appealing presentation. Therefore, if you’re in search of an unforgettable experience that encompasses both exceptional cuisine and a distinct ambiance, The Nautilus should be your destination.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of The Nautilus menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Bar Chou

Atlantis chicken tenders295
Charcuterie Board105
Cheese Platter545
Cheesy Fries305
Fried Tofu and Pork365
House Buffalo Wings310
Salpicao Tenderloin385
Sizzling Gambas375
Trident Nachos365
Truffle Sisig355
Chicken Wings in BBQ255
Truffled Wedges320
Wagyu Cubes495
Sausage Platter465
Spam and Fries275


Baked Oyster360
Mozarella Sticks330
Calamares Fritos310
Fried Gamberetti365
Buttered Corn with Bacon Bits155


Mege Spanish Sardines Pasta295
Shrimp Marinara355
Mega Tuna and Mushroom Pasta295
Chicken Mushroom Alfredo325
Pesto Sardines Pasta310
Spaghetti Vongole325
Pasta Diablo355
Pasta Pescatore335

Main Course

Baked Norwegian Salmon495
Babyback Ribs475
Tenderloin Steak810
Shawarma Rice285
Buttered Chicken595
Nautilus Crispy Pata1200
Grilled Pork Belly325
Country Fried Chicken325

Local Beers

San Mig Apple95
San Mig Lemon95
San Mig Ligh90
San Mig Pilsen90
Super Dry105
Red Horse115

Imported Beers

Stella Tsing Tao195
Pilsner Urquell210

Whiskey Cocktails

3 Wise Men320
Amaretto Sour300
Mint Julep295
Old Fashioned300
Whiskey Sour300

Juices and Sodas

Bottled Water55
Ginger ale160
Juices 130
Soda Water100
Red Bull120


Black Russian160
Cuba Libre150
Gin Tonic150
Jager Bomb210
Long Island Iced Tea195
Lychee Martini170
Midori Sour170
Nautilus Sling295
Sex on the Beach210

About The Nautilus

The Nautilus is a restaurant located in the Philippines that provides its diners with an immersive culinary experience with the unique flavors and artistic presentation of their dishes. The Nautilus is fully dedicated to providing customers with an exceptional dining experience that comes from the combined innovation and tradition making their food items both visually stunning and delicious as well.  From its various locations around Metro Manila, The Nautilus invites guests to try and explore diverse cuisines that are born from multiple cooking techniques from around the world.

Cocktails Pin
Photo Credits: The Nautilus Whiskey Bar FB Page

The Nautilus Menu Best Seller

This menu is filled with different kinds of offerings that are born through The Nautilus’ hard work and dedication to creating unique and delicious dishes.

Baked Norwegian Salmon – This is a mouthwatering dish that showcases the flavors of high-quality salmon that are cooked to perfection resulting in a salmon dish that is both tender and moist, with a beautiful flaky texture. The dish is accompanied by a medley of fresh vegetables and a savory sauce that complements the fish wonderfully giving way for the salmon’s natural flavors to shine through.

Baby Back Ribs – These ribs are slow-cooked to perfection, resulting in meat that falls off the bone effortlessly, paired with a rich and smoky flavor of the barbecue sauce that enhances the taste of the tender meat, creating a mouthwatering and addicting combination.

Babyback ribs Pin
Photo Credits: The Nautilus Whiskey Bar FB Page
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Tenderloin Steak – This dish is a treat for all steak lovers, made with tenderloin steak that is grilled to the customer’s preferred level of doneness. The rich flavors of the beef are enhanced by the expert seasoning and grilling techniques of The Nautilus’ chefs, resulting in a dish that is incomparable in terms of quality and taste.

Buttered Chicken – It is a comforting and flavorful dish that captures the essence of home-style cooking, made with tender pieces of chicken cooked to perfection and then coated in a buttery sauce. The dish strikes a perfect balance between rich flavors and tender meat which makes it a classic option for those that are looking for a satisfying and familiar taste.

Bar Chou

This menu is filled with different snack items that would fare well with the different variety of beverages that The Nautilus offers.

Atlantis Chicken Tenders – These crispy and tender chicken tenders are coated in a flavorful batter that provides the perfect crunch with every bite. The chicken is cooked to perfection, ensuring a juicy and flavorful interior, and then served with the customer’s choice of dipping sauces.

Charcuterie Board – This dish features an assortment of carefully curated cured meats, cheeses, and accompaniments which makes it truly a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Each element in this board is thoughtfully selected to complement one another, creating an excellent balance of salty, savory, and creamy flavors.

Cheese Platter – This elegantly presented platter features a selection of artisanal cheeses that showcase different textures and tastes. The cheese variety that makes up this menu ranges from creamy and mild to bold and pungent, each one of them offering a unique experience. 

The Nautilus Appetizer Menu

Their appetizer is filled with unique dishes that would ready your palate.

Baked Oyster – These oysters are carefully baked to maintain their natural tenderness, and the topping, which includes ingredients like cheese, garlic, herbs, and breadcrumbs, adds a satisfying contrast in texture and a burst of umami flavor. 

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Baked oysters Pin
Photo Credits: The Nautilus Whiskey Bar FB Page

Mozarella Sticks – These sticks feature gooey and stretchy mozzarella cheese coated in a crispy breadcrumb layer and are served with a dipping sauce making for an irresistible choice for most cheese lovers and anyone who is simply looking for excellent finger food.

Calamares Fritos – The calamari rings are coated in a light and crispy batter, resulting in a satisfying crunch with every bite, and then served with a dipping sauce or a simple squeeze of lemon, adding a tangy and zesty element that complements the natural flavors of the seafood. 


The pasta menu of The Nautilus boasts a diverse array of pasta dishes, each presenting a distinctive fusion of flavors and ingredients. The dedication to precision is evident in every preparation, as each pasta dish is expertly cooked to perfection and generously adorned with delectable sauces. Indulge in options like the Mege Spanish Sardines Pasta, where the richness of Spanish sardines harmonizes with pasta goodness, or savor the ocean-inspired delight of Shrimp Marinara. Delve into the Mega Tuna and Mushroom Pasta, a hearty union of tuna and mushrooms in every bite, or relish the creamy luxury of Chicken Mushroom Alfredo. For those who seek a medley of flavors, the Pesto Sardines Pasta is a treat, while the Spaghetti Vongole offers the elegance of clams. Experience a fiery kick with Pasta Diablo or savor the seafood symphony of Pasta Pescatore, promising a pasta experience that’s truly exceptional.

Pasta pescatore Pin
Photo Credits: The Nautilus Whiskey Bar FB Page

Main Course

The main course from The Nautilus presents a diverse selection of dishes that capture the essence of what the restaurant is all about. The menu showcases a balance between land and sea, offering options like the juicy and flavorful Tenderloin Steak and the indulgent Buttered Chicken.

The Nautilus Menu Delivery

Unlocking a world of unique flavors, The Nautilus’ menu delivery brings its exceptional offerings directly to your doorstep. This thoughtful service ensures that the distinct culinary wonders of The Nautilus are within easy reach for a wider audience. With this convenient option, you can relish your beloved dishes from the comfort of your own home, simply by placing orders through delivery platforms like FoodPanda or GrabFood. Taste the extraordinary without leaving your haven, as The Nautilus’ flavorsome creations arrive to make every mealtime an unforgettable experience.

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Social Media Pages

Let’s set sail on a journey of taste and togetherness, one tantalizing post at a time. Your decision to follow and support The Nautilus goes beyond enjoying delectable dishes, it’s about supporting a culinary haven that thrives on creativity and exceptional hospitality.




What is The Nautilus, and what type of cuisine does it offer?

The Nautilus is a unique restaurant in the Philippines that offers an extraordinary experience combining a wide range of dishes and an underwater-themed ambiance.

Does The Nautilus have a delivery service for its food orders?

This restaurant has a delivery service and takes food orders from their customers’ homes.

What are some of the most popular dishes on The Nautilus menu?

Some of The Nautilus’ popular dishes are their babyback ribs, tenderloin steak, buttered chicken, and its different variety of seafood dishes.

Can I make reservations for dining at The Nautilus in advance?

Although reservations are not needed at The Nautilus as it operates on a walk-in basis, you can still make reservations at The Nautilus.

Is The Nautilus family-friendly and suitable for large groups?

Yes, The Nautilus is generally family-friendly and can accommodate large groups of visitors. 


In conclusion, The Nautilus is a go-to restaurant in the Philippines for those who are looking for unique and innovative dishes for a memorable dining experience. The Nautilus captures the essence of different types of cuisine that features a fusion of innovative and traditional cooking techniques with its wide range of dishes that they offer. The cozy ambiance and commitment to quality and innovation make The Nautilus a welcoming and satisfying choice for many food lovers in the Philippines

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