Ristorante Bigoli Menu Prices

Good food brings people together and gives them special and unforgettable memories with the ones they love. One of the dishes that captivates the palate of Filipinos is Italian cuisine, as it consists of good food commonly served on different occasions. If you are looking for a place to enjoy excellent Italian cuisine, I recommend Ristorante Bigoli, as its menu offers delicious and appealing dishes that will surely appeal to your palate. 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Ristorante Bigoli menu prices. 

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Dessert Pizza (Slice)129
Dessert Pizza (Whole Pizza 12'')560
Dessert Pizza (Whole Pizza 15'')760
Four Cheese Deluxe (Slice)120
Four Cheese Deluxe (Whole Pizza 12'')500
Four Cheese Deluxe (Whole Pizza 15'')690
Hawaiian (Slice)115
Hawaiian (Whole Pizza 12'')460
Hawaiian (Whole Pizza 15'')650
Pepperoni (Slice)115
Pepperoni (Whole Pizza 12'')460
Pepperoni (Whole Pizza 15'')650
Supremo (Slice)125
Supremo (Whole Pizza 12'')515
Supremo (Whole Pizza 15'')695
Wagyu Cheeseburger (Whole Pizza 12'')550
Wagyu Cheeseburger (Slice)130
Wagyu Cheeseburger (Whole Pizza 15'')725

Pasta (Solo Serving)

Linguine Carbonara 195
Primo Lasagna 235
Spaghetti Al Pesto 195
Spaghetti Bolognese 175
Tour of Italy 360

Create Your Own Meal (w/ 12 oz. drink)

Pasta & Chicken (1 pc)215
Pasta & Chicken (2 pcs)275
Pasta, Chicken & Stromboli 275
Pizza & Pasta 215

Chicken Meals (comes w/ Italian rice & 12 oz. drink)

Garlic Parmesan (1 pc)165
Garlic Parmesan (2 pcs)250
Italian Chicken (1 pc)150
Italian Chicken (2 pcs)220

Chicken Platters

Garlic Parmesan Chicken (4 pcs)450
Garlic Parmesan Chicken (6 pcs)650
Italian Chicken (4 pcs)390
Italian Chicken (6 pcs)560

Primo Rice (comes w/ 12 oz. drink)

Pancetta al Balsamico 285
Wagyu Beef con Aglio 225
Wagyu Beef con Aglio & Chicken 250

Party Trays

Al Pesto (Good for 4-5 pax)600
Bolognese (Good for 4-5 pax)500
Carbonara (Good for 4-5 pax)600
Primo Lasagna (Good for 3-6)800

Anti Pasti

Potato Basket 150
Stromboli Bacon 185
Stromboli Pepperoni 185

Panini Italiani

All Meat Beef Pastrami (Combo)330
All Meat Beef Pastrami (Solo)230
All Meat Paprika Mortadella (Combo)320
All Meat Paprika Mortadella (Solo)220
Beef Pastrami (Combo)280
Beef Pastrami (Solo)180
Kielbasa (Combo)310
Kielbasa (Solo)210
Paprika Mortadella (Combo)260
Paprika Mortadella (Solo)160

Sides & Beverages

Breadsticks (10 pcs)65
Iced Tea (16 oz)55
Soda in Can 60

Quarter Pounder Burgers (Single Patty)

Classic Burger 185
Classic Burger Combo w/ Fries and Drink 265
Bacon Cheese Burger 215
Bacon Cheese Burger Combo w/ Fries and Drink295
Bleu Cheese Burger 215
Bleu Cheese Burger Combo w/ Fries and Drink295
Double Classic Burger 295
Double Classic Burger Combo w/ Fries and Drink 375
Double Bacon Cheese Burger 335
Double Bacon Cheese Burger Combo w/ Fries and Drink415
Fries 95
Iced Tea (16 oz)55
Soda in Can 60
Bottled Water 50

Gruppo Meal

Gruppo Quattro Fiesta 1399
4 pcs Italian Chicken
Spaghetti Bolognese
Pepperoni or Hawaiian Pizza
4 servings of Iced Tea
Freshly Baked Breadsticks (Good for 4)
Gruppo Pasta & Chicken Festa 1499
Spaghetti Bolognese
6 pcs Italian or Garlic Butter
Parmesan Chicken
16 oz. Single Serve Drinks
Freshly Baked Breadsticks (Good for 6)
Gruppo Pasta & Pizza Festa 1499
Spaghetti Bolognese
Choice of Whole Classico Pizza
16 oz. Single Serve Drinks
Freshly Baked Breadsticks (Good for 6)
Abbondanza Gruppo Festa 2899
Bigoli's Supremo Pizza
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Al Pesto
10 pcs. Italian Chicken
2 Potato Baskets
Rice Platter
16 oz. Single Serve Drinks
Freshly Baked Breadsticks (Good for 10)

About Ristorante Bigoli 

Ristorante Bigoli is a well-known restaurant that serves various Italian cuisines that Filipinos love. Since its inception, it has catered to the different dining needs of its customers by offering delicious dishes, such as pizza, pasta, chicken, rice, antipasti, sides, and burgers. The stores of this restaurant are primarily located in shopping malls in the Philippines, making them accessible and convenient to access. 

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Ristorante Bigoli Menu Best Seller 

These are some of the best-selling dishes of Ristorante Bigoli with an authentic taste of Italy, giving diners an Italian dining experience, as the dishes combined in these meals match harmoniously and are made using the restaurant’s choice of ingredients. 

Pasta and Chicken – Create your own meal by choosing your preferred pasta type and chicken flavor. It also comes with potato chips, breadsticks, and a 12 oz drink. The pasta and chicken in this meal match perfectly, making it one of the popular combinations loved by its patrons. 

Pasta, Chicken, and Stromboli – If you want a more filling meal, this pasta and chicken with Stromboli is perfect. The stromboli are rolled-up pizza versions filled with sauces and special ingredients, and people love it, as it is one of the convenient ways of enjoying pizza. 

Stromboli Pin
Photo Credits: Ristorante Bigoli Official FB Page

Pasta and Pizza – Pasta and pizza are the two iconic Italian cuisines known worldwide, which is why they are one of the most popular menu of Ristorante Bigoli loved by their customers. The pizza choices in this meal are Pepperoni, Hawaiian, and Four Cheese, while the pasta choices are Al Pesto, Spaghetti Bolognese, and Fettuccine Carbonara. 

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Wagyu Beef con Aglio – The white steamed Italian rice is topped with premium beef smothered with garlic. It has a perfect balance of tender texture, juiciness, and garlicky taste, making customers happy and satisfied. This simple yet filling and flavorful meal will impress your taste buds with every bite. 

Tour of Italy – Experience the taste of Italy on one plate with the symphony of four signature pasta dishes served in this meal. It comes with primo lasagna, linguine carbonara, spaghetti al pesto, and spaghetti Bolognese. 

Tour of Italy Pin
Photo Credits: Ristorante Bigoli Official FB Page

Ristorante Bigoli Pizza Menu 

The pizza offered by Ristorante Bigoli consists of classic and innovative Pepperoni, Four Cheese Deluxe, Hawaiian, Wagyu Cheeseburger, and Supremo that are available in slice and whole servings of 12’’ and 15’’ inches. 

Supremo – A supreme pizza where all your favorite pizza toppings are laid on a hand-stretched and freshly baked dough. It consists of ground meat, ham, pepperoni, mushroom, olives, bell pepper, and onions, which is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings. 

Wagyu Cheeseburger – It is a special pizza created by Ristorante Bigoli where the items stuffed in Wagyu cheeseburger are used as pizza toppings. The signature crust of the restaurant is topped with cheese, greens, wagyu beef, and other choice ingredients and garnished with a special sauce. 

Wagyu cheeseburger pizza Pin
Photo Credits: Ristorante Bigoli Official FB Page

Pepperoni – Pepperoni is one of the most popular pizza flavors that consistently fascinate customers. The special sauce, cheese, and pepperoni create a wonderful combination of salty, spicy, and tangy flavors. 

Ristorante Bigoli Menu Pasta 

Ristorante Bigoli offers hearty pasta cuisines, such as lasagna, Bolognese, carbonara, and al pesto, in solo servings and pasta trays. These flavorful pasta dishes are cooked and topped with flavorful sauces made with the best ingredients. 

Al Pesto – Enjoy the hearty spaghetti cooked in herbaceous and fresh basil pesto sauce. It is notable for its refreshing green color and rich, earthy, and savory flavors. This is a must-try pasta dish, as it consistently amazes customers with its simplicity and great taste.

Baked Lasagna – There is an Italian goodness in every layer of this baked lasagna filled with ground meat, cheese, and special seasonings. It is one of the finest pasta dishes offered by Ristorante Bigoli that will surely tickle your palate. 

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Spaghetti Bolognese – The classic pasta dish is known by people of all ages, as it is commonly served in restaurants and different celebrations. It is made with spaghetti pasta topped with beef crumble in tomato sauce and garnished with special seasonings. The solo serving of this meal comes with a luscious breadstick. 


The chicken served by Ristorante Bigoli comes in two flavors, such as Italian and Garlic Parmesan, available in rice meals and platters. These chicken dishes are made by coating juicy and tender chicken in breading, deep-frying it to an ideal state, and dousing it with a special sauce.

Italian Chicken – The chicken served with it is doused in special Italian sauce and served with the restaurant’s version of Italian rice. From its glossy and mouthwatering appearance to its delicious taste in each bite, you will savor the goodness of its distinctive Italian taste. 

Garlic Parmesan – A rice meal that will stimulate your appetite, as it comes with garlic parmesan chicken. It is one of the popular chicken flavors people seek as it has a perfect blend of incredibly delicious flavors. 

Chicken Platters – It is a good-for-sharing chicken meal that comes in four and six pieces. These chicken platters will turn your meal with your loved ones into a simple and joyful celebration, as everyone will enjoy it from the first bite to the last bite. 

Primo Rice 

Ristorante Bigoli offers rice meals served with 12oz of drink. The meals it provides consist of Wagyu Beef con Aglio, where rice is topped with delicious wagyu beef, and Wagyu Beef con Aglio & Chicken, where your favorite rice meal is paired with beef and chicken. If you prefer pork over beef, it also offers Pancetta Al Blasamico, consisting of three slices of seasoned pork belly flavored with BBQ Sauce, paired with pineapple tidbits, tomatoes, and onions. 

Pancetta al balsamico Pin
Photo Credits: Ristorante Bigoli Official FB Page


Ristorante offers antipasti that consists of light and bite-sized small portions, perfect for appetizers. It offers Stromboli in pepperoni and bacon varieties, stuffed with mozzarella cheese, and served with sauce. There is also a Potato Basket where crispy potato slices are flavored with honey mustard. 

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Potato basket Pin
Photo Credits: Ristorante Bigoli Official FB Page

It also offers Italian Subs, also known as Panini Italiani, in solo and combo meals. Paprika Mortadella, Beef Pastrami, and Kielbasa are the paninis offered by Ristorante Bigoli. These cuisines are available in solo or a la carte and combo meals with fries and iced tea. 

Ristorante Bigoli Menu Delivery 

The Italian cuisines of Ristorante Bigoli are available for delivery with only a few clicks away. You can message them on their Facebook Page for in-store delivery or order through its partnered delivery platforms, such as GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Social Media Pages

Their social media pages are a great way to stay updated on their latest offerings, promotions, and events. By following Ristorante Bigoli on social media, you will be the first to know about their new menu items, seasonal specials, and exclusive discounts.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RistoranteBigoli

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ristorantebigoliph

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bigoli_Official


What type of cuisine does Ristorante Bigoli offer? 

Italian is the type of cuisine offered by Ristorante Bigoli. 

What are some of the popular dishes at Ristorante Bigoli? 

Some of the popular dishes at Ristorante Bigoli are Pasta, Pizza, Wagyu beef con Aglio, Chicken, and Lasagna. 

Where are the branches of Ristorante Bigoli located? 

The branches of Ristorante Bigoli are located in Ayala Feliz, SM Lucena, SM Rosario, SM Sta. Rosa, and SM Southmall. 

Do all Ristorante Bigoli stores offer dine-in, takeout, and delivery services? 

Yes, all stores of Ristorante Bigoli offer dine-in, takeout, and delivery services, except for its food trailers, that does not have dine-in service. 

Does Ristorante Bigoli offer special promotions? 

Yes, Ristorante Bigoli offers promotions where you can enjoy freebies and special deals. 


The Ristorante Bigoli menu consists of a wide array of Italian cuisines that will bring you closer to Italy. Its simple and creative dishes showcase Italy’s uniqueness and vibrant culture. Most customers love its “Create Your Own Meal” concept, allowing them to customize and pick the meal combination that suits their preferences and satisfies their cravings. 

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