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If ever you’re going to visit Manila and looking for a Korean restaurant without having to grill I have a recommendation for you so look no more. You should see and try Red Table, a fast-casual Korean restaurant located at SM Manila. The Red Table menu offers a lot of Korean favorite foods that are delicious and healthier options compared with fast foods.

They are also one of the most affordable Korean restaurants so expect shoppers, students, and other customers to be in their restaurant enjoying their food. Interested in our topic for today? If yes then please lend me a couple of your minutes and let’s get to know Red Table more. Let’s see what other foods can they offer, their best sellers, and the price per item. Let’s start!

Below, you’ll find the updated list of this restaurant’s menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Samgyupsal 270
Kimchi jjigae255
Original bibimbap250
Chadol dwenjang270
Sundubu jjigae260
Bulgogi gimbap205


Original Ramyun190
Haejang Ramyun195
Creamy Ramyun199
Kimchi ramyun220


Yeontan Samgyupsal280
BBQ Samgyupsal 1285
BBQ Samgyupsal 2290
Garlic Samgyupsal290


Original Gimbap190
Kimchi Gimbap195
Bulgogi Gimbap205
Cheese Gimbap220
Salad Gimbap220


Pork Gochujang Bulgogi240
Chicken Bulgogi250
Bulgogi Sizzling Pan270
Ttukbaegi Bulgogi270
Osam Bulgogi280
Samgyupsal Bulgogi280


Kimchi jjige255
Sundubu jjige260
Chadol Dwenjang270


Original Bibimbap 150

Special item

Two Org. Bibimbap480




Bibim Mandu 1260
Bibim Mandu 2280
Bibim Mandu 3280


Yangnyum Fried Chicken830


Bulgogi Salad210
Chicken salad210
Dubu salad205

Group meals

Friend Pack1399
Family pack1699
Premium pack2150


Plain rice platter 195
Fried rice platter 250


Fresh Kimchi(290g)119
Fresh Kimchi(500g)195


Coke Zero 75

About Red Table

Red Table is a Korean restaurant that serves a lot of delicious Korean dishes. Their main branch is located at RCBC plaza podium, they have been operating business in our country since 2013. This fast-casual restaurant offers food at a reasonable price that they serve with soup and kimchi as sides. You can still enjoy a great meal at Red Table at a very affordable price.

They also offer group meals if you’re coming with a group of friends or family and their premium pack which includes their best sellers is great for 4-5 persons. Taste-wise, their items are really good and taste authentic, good thing their owner is Korean and regularly checks the quality of their products.

The variety of dishes in this place is really wide so for sure you’ll find whatever you like. The interiors of their restaurants are very casual as well, simple, and customer-friendly. Additionally, they also have desserts like ice cream sandwiches and popsicles from Korea, which are hard to resist. 

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Red Table Menu Best Sellers 

Here are some best-selling items at the Red Table. 

Original Ramyeon – Original ramyeon is my kind of noodle since this one is spicy. This one is a fulfilling bowl of spicy soup ramyeon with egg for added flavor and texture. This one is also served with kimchi.  Original ramyeon is one of my go-to Korean dishes, especially on cold and rainy days. The soup though it is spicy is really tasty and delicious while the noodles are firm. This is also one of their top-selling items. 

Original ramyeon Pin
Photo Credits: Red Table Restaurant FB Page

Seafood Guksu – Seafood Guksu, this one is a very flavorful thin noodle dish in a clear broth with seafood and nori. It has a firm thin noodles and also serves with some kimchi. Seafood guksu should be your order if you’re a seafood lover and are looking for a good noodle dish. 

Bibimbap – Bibimbap is already quite popular in our country and the Red Table’s version of bibimbap is cheap and customizable. You can actually choose what toppings you want; you can choose from dubu, tuna, chicken, bulgogi, and vegetables. Aside from that you can also choose the sauce of your bulgogi. Items are hyeoja dwenjang, ssamjang, hot gochujang, and sesame soy sauce. Bibimbap is one of Red Table’s top-selling items and a must-try because you can’t miss something as good as this. 

Bibimbap Pin
Photo Credits: Red Table Restaurant FB Page

Bulgogi Deopdap – Bulgogi Deopdap is a dish that is sweet, the quality and the serving of their bulgogi seopdap actually exceeded my expectations. Their bulgogi deopdap is perfect with anything even the ramyeon. 

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Red Table also has a gimbap menu. They actually have 5 delicious types of gimbap to choose from. The first item is their Original Gimbap which is made with Egg, ham, cucumber, yellow radish & carrot. They also have Kimchi Gimbap this one is made with Egg, fried kimchi, cucumber, yellow radish, and carrot. If you’re looking for something meaty and flavorful try their Bulgogi Gimbap, this one is made with Egg, fried kimchi, cucumber, yellow radish, and carrot as well but this tastes better.

Cheese gimbap Pin
Photo Credits: Red Table Restaurant FB Page

Aside from those items if you’re a fan of cheese they also have Cheese Gimbap. This is made with Egg, cheese, ham, cucumber, yellow radish, and carrot. And lastly, their Salad Gimbap is made from Crab meat, lettuce, sesame leaf, egg, and cucumber. 


Jjigae menu of Red Table serves jjigae soup with less water and lots of solid ingredients that they also serve with kimchi. Kimchi jjigae is the first item on this menu this one is a spicy stew that is made with ripened kimchi. They also have Sundubu jjigae, this one is a Spicy Korean soft tofu stew.

Kimchi jjigae Pin
Photo Credits: Red Table Restaurant FB Page

Chadol Dwenjang can also be found on this menu, this one is made with Soybean paste stew with sliced beef brisket. Kalbitang is a clear soup dish that you can also try on this menu kaibitang is made with short rib soup and glass noodles. And lastly, their dakgaejang, this one is a spicy soup made with chicken. 

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Chadol dwenjang Pin
Photo Credits: Red Table Restaurant FB Page

Red Table Menu Delivery

Upon checking they don’t have a delivery service available however you can still order your favorite Red Table Korean dishes using third-party food delivery services like Grabfood and Foodpanda. 

Social Media Page

Elevate your dining game with Red Table! We’re flipping the script on how you experience food by inviting you to be a part of their vibrant online foodie community. Connect with them, and you’ll unlock a world of exclusive content – from behind-the-scenes kitchen adventures to irresistible weekly specials.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are they halal-certified?

No. Red Table is not a halal-certified restaurant since they use and serve ingredients that are not suitable for our Muslim friends. 

What are the payment methods in the Red Table?

Red Table accepts cash payments. 

What are Red Table’s business hours?

Red Table Korean Restaurant is open from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

How many branches does the Red Table have?

They have 2 branches one in RCBC Plaza Makati and another one in SM Manila. 


Red Table Korean Fast Casual restaurant menu offers a wide variety of delicious and mouthwatering dishes that you will enjoy without spending too much. This place is actually affordable though some items are pricey but that’s understandable. The quality of their food is superb plus the service is excellent since their staff are friendly and quick to serve. The place is well-maintained too and comfortable. Highly recommended for everyone who loves Korean foods. 

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