Elephant Grounds Menu Prices

Step into the world of culinary excellence here at Elephant Ground. They offer an exquisite collection of international cuisines and specialized coffee highlighting cultures and culinary artistry. They are known to source the finest and freshest ingredients that are bursting out of flavors and textures in your mouth. This is Elephant Grounds and join me in this another delightful journey as we savor their finest menu collection.

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Elephant Grounds menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)

Light Bites

Coconut Chia Pudding345
Acai Yogurt345


Thai Shrimp Salad350


Ao Nori Skinny Fries250
Smoked Gouda and Truffle Fries330
Furikake Fries240


Avocado Pesto Toast (Seasonal)395
Yuzu Salmon Eggs Benny485
Bacon-Steak and Eggs with Sourdough440


Corned Beef Buns125
Chicken Curry Buns125


EG Angus Sourdough Burger565
Gruyere Grilled Cheese Sandwich490


Shrimp-Pea Croquette280
Smoked Ba-Corn Croquette220
Creamy Crab Croquette420

Small Plates

Layu Paprika Shrimp with Sourdough485
Baby Squid Aglio Olio with Garlic Confit460

Rice Bowls

Tapa Donburi410
Prawn Paste Chicken350
Bacon-Steak and Eggs Donburi375
Salmon Mentaiko475
Karaage Don350
Nasi Goreng375


Bacon-Steak and Eggs Waffle520
Classic Belgian Waffle280

Homemade Ice Cream

Cookies N' Cream180
Toasted Rice180
Acai Mixed Berry180
Asap Rocky Road180


Nutella Cheesecake280
Molten Lava Cake Ala Mode235

Brown Butter Cookies

Dark Chocolate Chip135
Dark Chocolate Chip Box of 6680
Dark Chocolate Walnut150
Dark Chocolate Walnut Box of 6770
White Chocolate Macadamia150
White Chocolate Macadamia Box of 6770

Brew Bar

Single Origin210
Cold Brew150

Espresso Bar

Black Tie170
Long Black140
Flat White180

Signature Lattes

French Vanilla205
Salted Caramel205
Swiss Mocha190
Swiss Chocolate180

Tea Bar

Masala Chai Latte160
Yamamasa Matcha Latte180
Thai Milk Tea160
Sunset Iced Tea130
Yuzu Oolong Iced Tea160
Berry Fields Iced Tea160
Arnold Palmer Iced Tea130

Hot Tea

Osmanthus Oolong / Chamomile / Red Jade120


Sangria by the Glass300
Sangria Carafe1,100


Bottled Water50
Coke Regular80
Coke Zero80

San Miguel Beer

Light / Pale Pilsen125

Happy Hour

Salt Lick City385
Jungle Juice415

About Elephant Grounds

Elephant Grounds is a famous shop that offers specialty coffees and a wide array of delicious food and quality beverages. It is famous for its freshly brewed coffee and Asian comfort food cuisines with a touch of Western style. There is so much to enjoy in this restaurant aside from its menu, one thing to also acknowledge is its cozy atmosphere and inviting environment. So there is no doubt that you will surely enjoy your coffee and ice cream sandwiches.

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Elephant Grounds Menu Best Seller

Now for the main pride of the restaurant! These 5 best-selling cuisines are what Elephant Grounds takes great pride in. Check these 5 menu best sellers before visiting the shop for an extra flavorful experience.

Macchiato – Start your elephant Ground experience with their famous coffee that offers you a delightful blend of espresso topped with a fine froth steamed milk giving you a well-balanced goodness of bold and creamy flavor.

Shrimp-Pea Croquette -Experience a heavenly crisp in every bite of this shrimp pea croquette. This cuisine is perfectly fried until golden brown highlighting its irresistible creaminess of shrimp and pea. 

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Shrimp-pea croquette Pin
Photo Credits: Elephant Grounds Manila FB Page

Dark Chocolate ChipFor your sweet tooth, this menu is the perfect chip you will surely love at Elephant Ground. It has a velvety dark chocolate and a special crunch of a cookie chip that bursts in the mouth flavorful experience.

Cookies N’ Cream – You will surely be delighted with this cookie-filled ice cream dessert. It features a luscious ice cream that is perfectly swirled in chunks of chocolate cookies. 

Tapa Donburi – Now for an all-star experience! This tapa donburi is a savory rice bowl that features marinated beef that is re-cooked in tender perfection. It is a well-balanced meal with well-balanced flavors of both savory and sweet bites.

Tapa donburi Pin
Photo Credits: Elephant Grounds Manila FB Page

Rice Bowl

Now for a full experience, you will never leave Elephants Ground with a dissatisfied stomach if you will savor these rice bowl collections!

Prawn Paste Chicken – Experience the savory sensation of this Prawn Paste Chicken which features a very succulent chicken that is intricately marinated in aromatic prawn paste. It is then deep-fried until it exudes the absolute crispy texture it needs to be.

Bacon-Steak and Eggs Donburi – For those who have an extra appetite, the Bacon-Steak and Eggs Donburi menu of Elephant Grounds is the perfect rice bowl for you. It is a flavorful combination of juicy bacon and savory steak with eggs on top of the bed of rice.

Bacon steak and eggs donburi Pin
Photo Credits: Elephant Grounds Manila FB Page

Salmon Mentaiko – Take a deep dive into the oceanic flavors of this Salmon Mentaiko. It features a tender salmon that is topped with creamy and delicate spicy mentaiko sauce.

Espresso Bar

For the coffee enthusiast! Experience the heavenly bliss of this variety of classic coffees here in this Espresso Bar collection.

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Espresso – For an extra kick of your day, this Espresso is a perfect way to start your day. This Elephant Grounds menu has intense and bold flavors giving you a pure coffee experience.

Latte – If you want to make your morning extra lighter, this latte is perfect for you. It has a creamy and very comforting blend of espresso and freshly steamed milk.

Latte Pin
Photo Credits: Elephant Grounds Manila FB Page

Cappuccino – A good balance of flavors of espresso and steamed milk with a velvety foam is what you will expect in this very comforting drink.

Affogato – This delightful dessert is poured with espresso and vanilla ice cream giving you a harmonious flavor of sweetness and a bitter hint.

Elephant Grounds Menu Delivery

Elephant’s Grounds services do not offer a menu delivery at the moment as they are designed to make a great wonderful experience in excellent dining and quality food they serve on their table. They offer Dine-In and Take-out options if you want to enjoy this flavorful meal in the comfort of your home.

Ricotta peach mango toast Pin
Photo Credits: Elephant Grounds Manila FB Page

Social Media Pages

Prepare to embark on a coffee odyssey that will awaken your senses! Follow and like Elephant Grounds’ social media pages today to unlock a world of handcrafted brews, mouthwatering bites, and exclusive offers that will redefine your cafe experience.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElephantGroundsPH

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elephantgroundsph

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elephantgrounds

Website: http://www.elephantgrounds.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What type of cuisine does Elephant Grounds offer? 

Elephant Grounds offers you a well-curated menu collection that ranges from Light Bites, Salad, Sandwiches, Rice Bowls, croquettes and so many more.

What are Elephant Grounds known for?

Elephant Grounds is famous for its specialty coffee, flavorful Asian cuisines, and Western delicacies.

What are the operating hours of Elephant Grounds?

This restaurant is ready to offer you its finest collections of meals and coffee beverages as early as 8 AM until 9 PM from Monday to Sunday.

Where is Elephant Grounds located in the Philippines?

The exact location of Elephant Grounds in the Philippines is at lower Ground Floor, One Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines 1630

How can I book a reservation?

You can reach them and book a special reservation via these numbers at +63 9056377181. Although booking a reservation is not actually necessary, it is advised to experience smooth dining at Elephant Grounds.


To conclude my overall experience here at Elephant Grounds, I can say that it is actually something that you can recommend to your friends but not for everyone. It has a distinct taste of exquisiteness from the various collections on its menu that are perfect for people who love Thai dishes and other flavorful Asian cuisines. But what I love in this restaurant is their diversity in curating well-crafted meals that feature Western cuisines so you will never run out of options in what to eat according to your mood and vibe. What I also lobe in this restaurant is they have a website that is very accessible and easy to navigate for people who want to know more about them, their address is even displayed on their website along with the contact number you can call for reservations and inquiries. I think that sums up my entire experience and it was a fun and adventurous time I had here at Elephant Grounds.

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