Lola Cafe Menu Prices

lola cafe menu prices philippines

Craving for some traditional Filipino dishes that would make you feel nostalgic for your childhood? Visit Lola Cafe! This cafe’s menu focuses on serving customers comfort food that would make you take feel like you’ve traveled back in time. And, …

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Pancit Pancitan Menu Prices

pancit pancitan menu prices philippines

In a Filipino party like birthdays and other gatherings, pancit is one of the top favorite dishes. It is always present whatever occasion it is and a lot, if not all love the delicious pancit. I have a great recommendation …

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Purple Oven Menu Prices

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes that offer good baked goodies, especially cakes but are you wondering where could you get good homemade bread and cakes at a more affordable price? Great news since I found a place …

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Kalui Restaurant Menu Prices

kalui restaurant menu prices philippines

The Kalui Restaurant menu offers a variety of vegetarian options as well as traditional Filipino dishes made using local, fresh ingredients, most of which are seafood-based. Guests would particularly enjoy the restaurant’s fresh seafood dishes and their fresh smoothies not …

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Sweet Inspirations Menu Prices

sweet inspirations menu prices philippines

The Sweet Inspirations menu consists of baked goods and traditional Filipino cuisines. The baked goods that it offers are pastries, pies, cakes, and desserts. It also provides an Ala Carte menu that consists of appetizers, soups, an all-day breakfast, a …

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Fiery Meats Menu Prices

fiery meats menu prices philippines

The Fiery Meats most popular dishes on their menu include grilled pork belly, roasted beef ribs, and barbecued chicken. The meats are seasoned with herbs and spices to give them a smoky, spicy flavor. Side dishes such as garlic rice, …

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Lots’A Pizza Menu Prices

lotsa pizza menu prices philippines

Lots’A Pizza’s features Filipino-style pizza that we Filipinos would love! They serve many varieties of pizza, from the most classic Hawaiian pizza to a “4 in 1” pizza that has four different kinds of pizza in one. Lots’A Pizza menu …

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Ooma Menu Prices

Ooma Menu Price Philippines

Chef Bruce Ricketts of Mecha Uma alongside The Moment Group came up with the innovative idea for the Ooma Japanese Rice Bar. The Ooma menu strives to be a low-cost Japanese comfort food establishment with powerful tastes that Filipinos would …

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