Kimono Ken Menu Prices

There are a lot of restaurants that offer Japanese cuisine and I found one at an affordable price, yes you are right, this Japanese restaurant offers authentic and Japanese-inspired dishes at a more affordable price. Aside from that Kimono Ken menu has a lot of yummy Japanese dishes and im sure you’ll love it here. Have you heard about them? Or maybe passed by their restaurant? If not please stay with me in this article so next time maybe you’ll consider trying out their food. I will introduce them to you guys about how they started, what kinds of foods are they offering, what are the must try’s and best sellers, and of course their price per food. Without further ado let’s start! 

Below, you’ll find the updated list of Kimono Ken menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrice (PHP)


Tamago soup101.00
Miso soup60.00
Tonjiru soup72.00


Chicken teriyaki salad 295.00
Kani salad228.00
Spicy fresh maguro salad323.00
Crispy shake salad333.00
Hiyashi veg salad280.00
Kimono ken salad351.00
Unagi salad450.00
Seafood salad351.00
Gyu hire salad303.00

Ala carte

Tofu steak251.00
Sukiyaki 351.00
Crunchy chicken teriyaki 221.00
Nippon hamburger steak260.00
Fried shishamo206.00
Chicken cheese roll202.00
Agedashi tofu163.00
Crunchy wasabi wanton178.00
Potato croquette 182.00
Kani fry200.00
Ika fry190.00
Ebi fry295.00
Chicken karaage 203.00
Chicken katsu221.00
Tuna tataki301.00

Sashimi (fresh seafood)

Creamy spicy tuna282.00
Tekkadon with miso soup380.00
Tekka shakedon with miso soup398.00
Shakedon with miso soup421.00
Sashimi moriawase 440.00
Ebiko sashimi173.00
Ika sashimi295.00
Chirashidon with miso soup492.00


Spicy maguro162.00
Sushi moriawase with miso soup397.00
Ika sushi153.00
Spam misubi173.00
Spicy shake185.00
Ebiko sushi120.00


Spicy maguro173.00
Spicy shake187.00
California 143.00
Kappa 127.00


California maki 163.00
Futo maki232.00
Ebi tempura maki273.00
Kani salad maki173.00
Spicy maguro roll203.00
Philadelphia roll283.00
Kimono roll270.00
Sakura roll296.00
Mount fuji roll272.00
Cowboy roll190.00
California fry maki192.00
Chicken teriyaki roll 202.00
Tokyo sunrise roll296.00
Dynamite maki320.00
Tekka maki161.00
Unagi maki322.00
Shake maki200.00
Crunchy kani maki181.00
Kani maki150.00
Tamago maki163.00
Crazy maki282.00
Spicy kani salad maki173.00
Spam maki153.00


Bacon asparagus maki240.00
Seafood teppan460.00
Rib eye (u.s angus)561.00
Chicken teppan251.00
Ika teppan298.00
Sakana teppan272.00
Yasai teppan160.00
Salmon teppan420.00
Pork teppan242.00
Moyashi teppan151.00
Tuna teppan353.00
Ebi teppan421.00
Gyu hireniku463.00


Ebi tempura 298.00
Kani tempura200.00
Kisu tempura182.00
Mixed tempura sampler271.00
Kakiage tempura 203.00
Asparagus bacon tempura241.00
Kakiage tempura special 281.00


Omu curry rice203.00
Omu rice191.00


Chicken teriyaki 241.00
Beef teriyaki 297.00
Grilled salmon387.00
Unagi kabayaki553.00
Gindara teriyaki 580.00
Grilled shishamo 207.00
Pork teriyaki 242.00


Asparagus mayo spaghetti250.00
Uni spaghetti250.00
Moyashi ramen231.00
Niku udon/soba283.00
Shoyu ramen253.00
Gomoku ramen331.00
Miso ramen250.00
Negi ramen280.00
Ebi tempura udon/soba350.00
Hiyashi ramen salad273.00
Seafood yaki soba331.00
Zaru soba241.00
Curry udon280.00


Kani tamadon221.00
Chicken teridon262.00
Chicken katsudon252.00
Beef teridon260.00
Pork shogadon230.00
Soboro pork220.00
Ebi katsudon296.00
Soboro chicken 221.00

Curry rice

Beef curry 281.00
Chicken curry 261.00
Ebi katsu380.00
Chicken katsu300.00
Pork katsu302.00
Pork curry 263.00

Sushi platter

Cherry blossom 1453.00
California rolls1052.00
Rainbow platter 1451.00
Spicy lover's platter 1800.00
Oishi platter1402.00
Mixed sushi platter1252.00
Deluxe sushi platter1481.00
California royal platter1302.00
Kimono ken platter1302.00


Fruit platter 301.00
Mango tempura ala mode161.00
Coffee jelly 121.00
Ice cream78.00
Green tea jelly 150.00
Banana tempura ala mode121.00
Mango ala mode103.00


Kimono ken's special 82.00
Fresh fruit shakes90.00
Soft drinks in can57.00
Bottled water 41.00
Iced tea61.00
Bottled sake351.00
Iced coffee90.00
Beer 82.00
Kirin beer113.00

About Kimono Ken 

Kimono Ken is a restaurant that is known for its unique menu items and authentic Japanese dishes that over time customers learn to love. They have captivated the Filipino tastebuds and because of that their customers become their regulars. Kimono Ken promises to “Entice Japanese food For less” They are serving authentic and one-of-a-kind Japanese delicious dishes for a very customer-friendly and affordable price.

Kimono which is the name of the restaurant is a Japanese word that means excellent personal service in English while ken means kitchen. Kimono Ken can be translated to excellent service and satisfaction straight from the kitchen. Dining with them will satisfy your hunger because of those delicious items on the menu and also satisfy your pocket since you don’t have to spend too much. That is the reason why since kimono ken opened its first branch in 2003 they continue to capture the taste buds of its customers who comes back for more after tasting the food that they offer. 

Their interiors have a warm, relaxing, and inviting mood, making their dishes more appetizing to eat. Kimono Ken takes pride in their contemporary and fusion menu items. 

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Kimono Ken Menu Best Seller

After some research and compiling all the information we have that we gather here is the list of kimono ken best-selling items that everyone should try. 

California Bake – this one is great for sharing. Kimono Ken’s version of California bake is so delicious you’ll get more and more of it. It has cucumber, Crabstick, mango, ebiko, quick melting cheese, and spicy dressing for additional flavor. Their California bake is one of the best-baked sushi that you will try. Great for small gatherings and get together. Every flavor is not overpowering the other. This is highly recommended and something that you shouldn’t miss. 

Photo Credits: Kimono Ken Facebook Page

Umami Salmon Sushi – Just like the previous best seller California Bake, Kimono Ken’s version of umami salmon sushi is really good. Different is this one is made with salmon. This is also great for sharing, good for getting together and small family or friends gathering. This has Cooked salmon, quick melt, cucumber, cream cheese, ebiko, teriyaki sauce, and spicy dressing. If you want something different or another option for your sushi bake party you should order this one along with the California bake. 

Kani Salad – Eating lighter and healthier is made easy and delicious by the Kimono Ken version of kani salad menu. This is made with fresh green lettuce, Crabstick, and cucumber with tobiko in delicious Japanese mayonnaise. You can share this since the serving size for their kani salad is quite huge. 

Photo Credits: Kimono Ken Facebook Page

Ebi Tempura – This classic Japanese dish is one of the most popular and favorite in our country. Kimono Ken’s version of ebi tempura is made with fresh shrimp I believe they are using tiger shrimp here, seasoned to taste, covered in a batter then deep fried until turn into a slightly golden color. They also serve this with dipping sauce and some condiments to add flavor to the sauce. 

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Gyu Hireniku – This one is the one that I can recommend if you are feeling fancy and wanted to try good beef. Their Beef Tenderloin Steak is marinated in spices like pepper and garlic before cooking, beef is tender and served sliced. They also serve this together with stir-fried vegetables to balance the dining experience. 

Photo Credits: Kimono Ken Facebook Page


Kimono Ken offers 3 kinds of soup, first, they have tamago soup which is a clear soup with egg and vegetables. Next is their miso soup this one is made with tofu and miso and is a classic soup. Lastly is their tonjiru soup, this one is made with soybean paste soup with vegetables and pork loin. 

Photo Credits: Kimono Ken Facebook Page


When it comes to salad kimono ken has 9 salad choices on its menu. Chicken Teriyaki salad is first on their list, made with boneless teriyaki chicken mixed with lettuce and mango. Second option is their kani salad, which is made with Crabstick, lettuce, cucumber with tobiko in Japanese mayonnaise. The next salad is their spicy fresh maguro salad, this salad is made with tuna sashimi with lettuce and their spicy dressing. Crispy shake salad is also included in their choices of salads, this is made with thinly sliced crispy salmon with lettuce. Hiyashi vegetable salad and kimono ken salad are also included on the menu. While unagi salad, seafood salad, and gyu hire salad are on the later part of the menu. 

Photo Credits: Kimono Ken Facebook Page
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Sashimi or Fresh Seafood

Sashimi or fresh seafood option is one of the best menus in Kimono Ken since you’ll get to find the freshest seafood of kimono ken. They have a lot of sashimi options like maguro, shake, kani, uni, and tamago. Aside from those I’ve mentioned they also have creamy spicy tuna, tekkadon with miso soup, shakedon with miso soup, sashimi moriawase ebiko sashimi, and a lot more fresh and delicious sashimi options. 

Kimono Ken Menu Delivery

If it happens that you just crave your favorite kimono ken dishes nothing to worry about since they are accepting online orders simply by going to their website at in this app you’ll be able to order your favorite food item’s as long as your place is serviceable. Aside from that you can also use those third-party delivery services that are available at your location. So better book your favorite courier. Please take note that products depend upon your location and availability. 

Social Media Pages

Visit Kimono Ken’s social media page regularly to stay up to date on its new menu items. You can also keep up with their latest promotions and events by liking their social media pages.





This is a great place, a very accessible location whether you go to their restaurant driving or commuting you will find them easily. The staff is attentive, the moment you enter their restaurant they will take care of you, they are friendly and hardworking. The food is superb I don’t have any complaints about their food because Kimono Ken’s menu has a lot of authentic Japanese food that im sure even first-timers will love. The place and restaurant itself are clean and well maintained, very comfortable, and have that customer-friendly vibe inside. I highly suggest this restaurant for those foodies out there, try them its good, and it’s very affordable. 

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